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  1. ... Yea agree, just seen this, the header is actually at the very bottom of the club (inside the club) and that is......well crazy, as the header should show first? In agreeance with you @Sonya*
  2. CiC user, no FTP access, but i would still test the mods if you can write it for upload new version tool in acp>applications It's driving me nuts, cause it's only twitter, Facebook that is doing this (Twitter being our most used way to sign up) Email for validation The double posting is only happening with social media sign up (twitter, Facebook) For me
  3. @TAMAN hopes it's ok to make a feature suggestion here Can you maybe think about a add on to this as a Leaderboard of some type?
  4. @Mike John can you consider adding integration with this plz
  5. @TheJackal84 any way you can make this integrate with 3rd party apps? I have a few members that are full time active and would like to see their info show on some of the non core apps we have Main apps members want their info on is: I have both of these and they run full force on the site
  6. Thank you for considering this will be highly usable for ppl like us (Gaming Communities)
  7. @SoftwareFactory am i missing something in the notifications settings? i currently don't see the ability to add when a new club is posted?
  8. Some things should come out the box with advanced options not hating on Club Enhancements > so don't take my above comment the wrong way...... Plz
  9. OMG yes, i totally agree with that way right there @opentype!! +1000 for that
  10. Thank you for this, i love how you and IPS along with @Joel R are always posting tips, tricks, better ways, and all that good awesome stuff, that guys like me (lil guys) still need to learn and get better with managing communities, or making them more user/member friendly By the end of this, i have gained knowledge on a few things that i was completely oblivious too
  11. Ok, then throw out "Topics" Then be able to have the option to make any tab available and auto show up when a member makes a club I say this as a acp club setting option due to when you, me, anyone, first makes a club, and then clicks saves, goes into the club..............lmao, all they see is overview and members tab? so as admin, owner, we could, should, suggesting, to have the option to have one more default tab show up on clicking save for a club to be made This setting should only be managed here > acp > to pick the tab or not pick one and just show the blank slate (Mine have been changed to Game groups aka clubs)
  12. I understand you 100% but i mean like in acp, when setting options for members to make clubs it would be good to be able to make a tab (topics seems more feasible) auto come out or show for the club to display just a suggestion and thought as a way to make clubs look more appealing when setting up for first time @Daniel F @Adriano Faria
  13. Even though a admin may have a nice FAQ on how to make a club, maybe a user may not want to look thru the FAQ at first. They might want to make the club first, then find out more what all they can do well (IMO) it makes since to have the Topics tab be a default tab like the overview and members tab, that way at least it gives the owner of the group a chance to play around with the topics, see what it can do, then have the "I want more" idea pop in there head and then click the manage club...or go finally read the FAQ? **I am half sure or pretty sure "Club Enhancements" doesn't do this (i may be wrong, but i look at settings and didn't see this option)
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