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  1. Hello, @Mike John I understand this is a free app, but can you respond when possible plz
  2. i'm getting same on voucher purchase just thought of something.............. do we need to have this - for the purchase to show? @TheJackal84
  3. @tsdevelopment if you need acp access i will gladly give it to you, but would like for this to work right and show right via cloud users
  4. hi will this be updated to be stable with cloud users plz and thx
  5. One thing that would be super awesome for this,  but can you maybe think about adding in a way to enhance a block from 3rd party apps & system core app clubs (the club itself, not the posts) like for me, i would want to somehow use your file to enhance the blocks of Mike Johns Videos app, and Spanners Live Streams app? They both have a couple sidebar blocks that can be used either in sidebar or in main page columns
  6. Scratch this if it has already been posted Here's the "thing" We are trying our best to move away from "forum" style posting in our clubs 100% So an idea me and my staff have come up with, is how to make our "Game Groups" aka Clubs, be more social media like posting style https://www.fierceteam.com/clubs/ We want them to have more of the quick posting style, but not have that forum look the style we would like as a option, is to have the profile like posting/with replies.......this would bring in the all activity feed (only followed members posts seen) So when a person comes into the club, they see the posts tab, but it would only show them the members posts they follow globally but the main point is, to be able to have a option to either use forum style posting, or ........profile style posting added : It would be good to have a "trending tag widget" connected to this in a way (Side note:, **the plugin/app called quick post still has that "Forum" look - and turns into a forum style post after................and yes i fully understand that "clubs" are a community within a community......... BUT, IPS has given everyone the awesome power to make "clubs" into literally anything you want!.........like us, nothing but social game groups)
  7. Feeling real good RN!




  8. I don't know if IPS knows this........ But the new age of a advanced features Gaming Community/Gaming Clans/Gamer Social Networks = https://invisioncommunity.com i know i can only speak for/on a handful of them but you got some major communites out there now, using IPS look at - @ADKGamers @TAMAN - Hells Hammers @TimTheMiles - CGN for Social Network for Gamers @g1nt3r - A Division Game Community @JustHatched - For two very known name Games Gaming Communities and many more that don't even post on here but are using IPS software IMO only, i would make the switch, IPS has a converter type thing now that most ppl can transfer their already made Communities to here (As long as it's compatible with the converter or software..... if i have that part right?)
  9. @Fosters i have some members asking about the integration of your app with the sign up of Social Media option? can you maybe think about this mod for the app please, we have a lot of ppl who refer ppl thru social media and then they complain that they didn't get the referral due to the member signing up from one of the option login handlers
  10. WoW!!!! that is a lil harsh? (IMO) but on ours, we are focused on the Gaming Scene, so it only fits that we have members use their "Gamer" name and real name as a option but i do see business communities and "real life" situation communities maybe requiring the use of real names Very good topic @Joel R
  11. If you are a Gamer, Streamer, YouTuber, Game Dev and need a Gaming Community home that looks to the Future of longevity and Community First.......


    Then check us out at 


  12. Latest version of Chrome i think the new update for chrome has made a lot of websites look funky, and it may be as you say here is a video of what i see...........lol not disagreeing with you..........just want you to not see me as a "crazy" cliente lmao What is in the video is, the ticker has already started, but my arrow shows that when it reloads the info parts that it re-shows/reloads from the middle? isn't it supposed to start over from the end part? screencast-www.fierceteam.com-2019.04.20-12-45-26.webm
  13. Man you are doing numbers with the awesome updates and i especially appreciate it @TheJackal84 I hate to add to your ever growing feature list requests but can you consider this for a later or whenever update Somehow making the chat widget be able to produce the whisper option when it it is in a main column and not in the sidebar i ask this cause i use a main chat, as a widget, on our front page and on profile page, and it would be awesome to have the members be able to have this use I use the widget only in the main columns and none on sidebar......so if the whisper option will only show for that......can it work? example of how we use it on our frontpage (widget as main chat) - https://fierceteam.com
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