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  1. I have answered your private message with the same content. We are currently working on another Brilliant application, but we may take a look on this idea in the future.
  2. It's great to hear that you like this application. You can also leave a review here if you want to do so. We will surely consider your ideas while working on future updates 🙂
  3. Don't modify it in lang.xml file. It is used during installation to insert default phrases into database. You need to edit language(s) in ACP.
  4. You need to add the correct Redirect URI to your Discord application. Here's how to do it:
  5. You can use Magic Invites to force user to create both - account on Discord and account on your website. I suppose you mean translatable. Although you can change name of the bot in Discord application settings, it's not technically possible to show a different name for different users. This will be probably changed in the nearest update, but you can always edit the language string "brilliantdiscord_login_discord" to fit your needs.
  6. It synchronizes nicknames from your site to Discord server and not the other way around.
  7. Of course, that's possible. Just go to Brilliant Discord > Notifications tab in ACP and create different notifications for different categories, with different webhooks.
  8. There is no such feature yet. However, we will surely take it into consideration while working on next updates. Could you create a temporary admin account on your site and send me its username and password in private message, please? I need it to check what causes such issue. Thank you and sorry for possible inconvenience.
  9. If you mean filtering content by tags - yes, we may consider adding such feature while working on future updates. Assuming you are talking about Clubs, yes, this is a planned feature. Yes, of course. However, please remember that you still need to assign roles to these groups (edit a group in ACP to do that).
  10. We may consider an update allowing sending notifications to multiple channels in the future. However, the "tag system" needs to be more specific before taking such solution into consideration. If you want to explain your idea with more details, please send me a private message.
  11. We are currently investigating this issue. Sorry for inconvenience. I'll contact you later in a private message about that. Moreover, I can say there is an update planned for the next week, with improved content formatting in embeds and some bugfixes 🙂
  12. Notifications from Clubs are a planned feature for future updates. However, Brilliant Discord Integration should be able to post notifications about content from many third-party applications, such as Videobox or Musicbox. That depends on how messages are implemented in this application. They'd need to be implemented as routed \IPS\Content\Item. You can ask author (@onlyME) about that.
  13. These posts are probably created using Post Before Register feature. If you don't want the bot to send messages about such posts before they're visible for normal users, you'll need to edit this notification and set its type to Late Notification.
  14. You need to enable server widget in your Discord server settings:
  15. Unfortunately it's not possible to add the bot to a Discord server without giving required permissions. Moreover, removing these permissions later will result in many errors being logged.
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