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  1. That's a good question. Despite the fact role synchronization works only one-way, you can skip it and benefit from the following features: Possibility of setting up notifications on Discord about new content (like new posts, topics, blog entries, files, etc.) from your IPS website. This makes it easy to keep your community members up-to-date. Your members will be able to login (and optionally register) on your website with Discord, which is good as your community is Discord-based. You may still benefit from the general role setting. It is being automatically granted to everyb
  2. If you mean synchronization of website groups to Discord roles - it is possible. Just go assign roles to groups by in their settings in ACP. If you want to do that the other way around - it is not possible yet, but we are working hard to finally bring this feature to reality. I have to say that I have gotten confused myself when I saw that 😳 The list of content you can send notifications about is generated automatically from a list of searchable content types on your website. It turns out that Album\Item is for notifications about new albums. Certainly something needs to be d
  3. @David Lim since your bot is on 1M+ Discord servers (congratulations, by the way!), you would better create a separate bot for the website. Even if you would be able to specify discord server ID manually, you may experience 429s due to the fact two different applications share the identity, but they don’t exchange data about rate limits. Regarding the unverified user registration; I see your point. This has never been brought up before, but I will see if we can provide a setting for that. 1. Unfortunately not yet. 2. I am not exactly sure what do you mean by “album integratio
  4. Sure 1. I am not sure what do you exactly mean, but Brilliant Discord Integration can synchronize roles for both primary and secondary groups. 2. We will consider adding such feature in a future update. Thank you for your suggestion.
  5. I would love to tell you a little about the upcoming changes to Brilliant Discord Integration. Recently we announced Jimmy - a bot made to optimize synchronization and to make lots of new amazing features possible. Now, we want to make sure that Jimmy works fine before we make it available to the general public. And that's why before 1.1 we want to release 1.0.14, which will bring the following things: Jimmy role synchronization for Early Access Program members. We also want to make sure that the process of transition to Jimmy will be quick and smooth for everyone. This is why 1.
  6. 1. We are looking for ways to deliver a greater notifications customizability while making them even easier to configure. But the default notification setting will also get better in a future update. 2 and 3. I am pretty sure there are some bots out there that can do it for you.
  7. Try adding the following CSS to your theme: .bdi-fa-fab-discord:before { content: '\60' !important; } If it doesn't help, then yes, please send me a DM. Thank you. I have replied to your private message, again. You had wrote this review in a very similar time you had sent me another message. I have actually seen your second message before I saw the review. I have no idea how did this happen, but your first message was missed - and I am really sorry about that. Just for clarification: You had encountered an unusual issue that I have never heard of before, so I asked y
  8. Please send me your website URL in a private message. I’ll prepare a CSS code for you.
  9. By the way, I've got some exciting news for you 🥰 Brilliant Discord Integration has become one of the most popular third-party apps for Invision Community. It is currently responsible for managing hundreds of thousands members among hundreds of amazing communities. It was designed to synchronize roles from website to Discord and not the other way around. It was designed to support only a single Discord server. It was designed to notify only about content. Only new content. Only from website. But it was designed in 2018. It's time to move forward. Meet Jimmy To make Br
  10. Thank you for your feedback! Polls are just a part of a content item, but we'll see what we can do. This happens when Font Awesome 4 is replaced with version 5. You will unfortunately need to manually adjust your theme's CSS.
  11. Their account has probably been created with Discord. This is why disconnection is not possible in this case - if they do that, they would not be able to login anyhow. To disconnect their Discord account, they need to logout, click the "Forgot your password?" link in the login form, provide email address linked with their Discord account, set their password (by clicking on the link from the email) and then they can disconnect in their Account Settings. Sorry for the late reply here. If you have any other questions regarding this matter (or anything else), please let me know in a priv
  12. Have you assigned Discord roles to groups? You can do this in the Discord Settings tab when editing groups in ACP. At this moment, the app doesn't make the bot online because it's not connected to Discord servers all the time. The app just uses the bot's account to perform actions on your Discord server. This is not an issue with Brilliant Discord Integration directly. Maybe you don't have permissions to see this tab? Anyway, if you are not able to access this tab, you should probably contact IPS support. We managed to fix this issue. I'm afraid this is a pro
  13. You'll unfortunately need to wait until is approved (it has been submitted yesterday so I hope it will be approved this week). If you have installed the new version on 4.5, you'll need to disable the app and wait a little. We also added a temporary warning in the app description. Once again, I apologize for this inconvenience. This should never happen.
  14. First, for everyone who has not done that yet: don't install the new 1.0.13 update and wait for @JoshTX I have just sent you a PM. @Morrigan @Taylor M. Sorry for that; has just been submitted with a fix for that and it is waiting for approval. The problem is this may take a few days, and 4.5 will not let you install a new version manually so you will just need to wait. @ibinod Thanks for your purchase; I am afraid the best what you can do for now is to disable the app and wait until is available. @flashpoint I am sorry, but I am not able to help
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