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  1. Unfortunately it's not possible to add the bot to a Discord server without giving required permissions. Moreover, removing these permissions later will result in many errors being logged.
  2. Unfortunately it seems that there is no "Remember me" feature for external login handlers in Invision Community. He will still need to link his Discord account in such case. Partial clubs support may be added in future updates. However, multiple server support would require complete code rewrite of the app. This generation of Brilliant Discord Integration is just not prepared for such feature.
  3. Unfortunately, sending notifications from clubs is not yet possible. However, we will surely consider such feature while working on future updates 🙂
  4. Improved content formatting in embeds is planned for future updates. We will consider better quote formatting too. Bug with double notifications about new topics will be repaired in the next update. Our team is currently investigating these issues. For now we recommend you reinstalling the app. Sorry for possible inconvenience.
  5. The new update with a few bugfixes is now available 🙂
  6. There is no guide yet. However, you can always ask here (or in private message) if you have any problems with configuration. In the second step of configuration wizard there is a button named "Add new server". You will be moved to Discord website to select a server. We are aware of that bug. An update with a few bugfixes will be available soon (probably in up to 24 hours). Sorry for inconvenience.
  7. You need to add the Redirect URI to your Discord application:
  8. Instant Notification will be sent immediately for every content (also including content from Post Before Register). Late Notification will be sent: after content is approved (if approval is required), after author finishes registration (if content has been created before registration), or immediately. Also, Late Notification will never be sent if moderator (or another person that has permission to do so) has checked to automatically hide content after posting (look at the picture below).
  9. If you'd like it to be clickable, you need to assign an invite to that widget: You'll probably need to edit theme templates to do that. Such feature is not something that Activity Streams are designed for. Thank you for your bug report. It will be fixed in the next update. Sorry for inconvenience.
  10. New update: 1.0.8 New feature: Late Notifications Late Notifications allows you to decide when you want to send notifications about unapproved content - immediately (without approval) or after it's approved. Also, the app won't send a notification about a content created using Post Before Register feature until author finishes registration. You can enable it here: Fixed some minor bugs.
  11. We are aware of that issue and currently working on it. Sorry for inconvenience. Sorry, but I'm unsure what do you mean. In Fluid mode you need to move the widget under the category list:
  12. After a quick conversation, issue has been resolved 🙂
  13. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT ROLE SYNCHRONIZATION How the role synchronization works? The image above assumes that we're synchronizing a member that has Moderator and Member group and following roles are assigned: Administrator group: Admin, Staff Moderator group: Mod, Staff VIP group: VIP Member group: no assignments General role: User Another Questions & Answers How can I assign a role to a group? Just edit this group in your ACP. The group form contains "Discord Settings" tab where you can assign roles to that group. Why Muted role isn't removed? Application doesn't remove roles that aren't assigned to any group on your IPS installation. Can a single role be assigned to two different groups? Yes. When roles are synchronized? Every hour or if you have changed groups of your IPS site member. How can I manually synchronize a member? Go to member's page in ACP, and then click the "Synchronize server member" button: How can I manually run synchronization process for all members? Search for "tasklog" in your ACP, click the first result, then search for "runMassSync" in the table and click the (Run Now) button.
  14. We are working on that (and also on the problem with unapproved/hidden content) and it will be probably fixed soon. Sorry for inconvenience. This application was designed to provide one-way integration (from your site to Discord, and not the other way around).
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