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  1. Please notice that it's not a chat application. It's an integration with a chat application.
  2. It's not yet a planned feature and we unfortunately can't promise it will ever be.
  3. Brilliant Discord Integration was designed to help communities that already use Discord and want to automatically manage members' roles, send notifications about new content from their sites or just easily prevent accessing their Discord servers by unauthorized people. People in communities like that know they need to open Discord (or, more often, they already have it opened as they are used to it). We are sorry if you think it's an useless app, but we are unfortunately unable to satisfy every need of our customers. However, as mentioned in the previous post, it doesn't mean that such feature will never be added to the application.
  4. Brilliant Discord Integration doesn't have such feature at the moment, but we may consider it while working on future updates. Application's description doesn't mention such feature, though we understand your dissatisfaction.
  5. The app doesn't launch Discord. It just adds members to the configured Discord server. Brilliant Discord Integration doesn't make the bot online. It just uses its identity to manage your Discord server. If you are unable to set up notifications properly, please contact us in a private message and include a more detailed description of your issue.
  6. Brilliant Discord Integration tries to prevent exceeding rate limits and we are still working on improving that. We would like to investigate your issue. Could you create a temporary admin account on your site and send me its details (username/email, password and your website address) in private message? Thanks in advance and sorry for inconvenience.
  7. We haven't received any bug report about this feature. I have tested it a while ago and it works. However, if you want me to do so, I can check if everything is OK with your configuration. Just create a temporary admin account and send me its details (username, password and your website address) in a private message. I'll take a look on it. Our team is currently investigating for a possible bug in configuration wizard that may take back to first step after finishing second step - sorry for possible inconvenience. You don't need to check any of these boxes. General role is a role that will be given to every Discord server member that has linked account with your website. If the box is empty, it means you don't have any role on your Discord server and you need to create one.
  8. Discord ban system is completely different from the one in Invision Community. We decided to only kick members that are banned on your website. You may keep your server free of banned members (and these that haven't registered on your site) by deleting basic Discord invites and using only Magic Invites (which is recommended). They won't allow guests and banned members to join your Discord server. In future there may be more options in such case.
  9. Rate limiting issues during configuration are usually caused by inaccurate server time. You can check it by running the support tool in ACP:
  10. Thank you for the detailed description. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to add such feature to this app, because the app is optimized for synchronizing data from your site, and not the other way around. Unfortunately I can’t find a possible cause of this issue. Could you create a temporary administrator account on your site for me to investigate this error and send me its details in private message? Sorry for possible inconvenience.
  11. Did you click the button before server name? I'm not sure what do you mean. Could you explain your idea with some more details? 🙂
  12. Could you create a temporary admin account on your site and send me its details (username and password) in private message? I'll check what may cause such issue. Sorry for possible inconvenience.
  13. I have answered your private message with the same content. We are currently working on another Brilliant application, but we may take a look on this idea in the future.
  14. It's great to hear that you like this application. You can also leave a review here if you want to do so. We will surely consider your ideas while working on future updates 🙂
  15. Don't modify it in lang.xml file. It is used during installation to insert default phrases into database. You need to edit language(s) in ACP.
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