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  1. Hello James, Please make sure your bot's role is on the very top of your Discord role list, because otherwise it cannot assign any roles which are higher in hierarchy. If this doesn't help, check if the bot has Manage Roles and Create Invite permissions.
  2. Sure. Just tell those users to go to Account Settings, open Discord tab and click Login with Discord.
  3. AquilaTempestas, ZHP, Jordan, GillyMe - I have sent you PMs. I’m not exactly sure what do you mean. Could you elaborate? There is probably not much that could be done about this since this is a widget provided directly by Discord, but a custom widget could be made. Thanks for pointing this out.
  4. A lot. In fact, number of members should have (with currently available features) no impact on the app at all - whether you have 100 or 1,000,000 members, the app should work fine. If you have any other questions, please send me a private message. I'll be happy to answer all of your questions. There is no manual (yet!). However, if you have any questions, please send me a private message and I'll respond as soon as possible 🙂 I think this could be added in a future update. Thank you for the suggestion. Announcement Channels are an unrelated feature. If you want to set up your channels as Announcement Channels, refer to this Discord's help article. You can assign Discord roles to IPS groups by editing groups in ACP. Role and nickname synchronization works only from IPS to Discord and not the other way around. During synchronization: Member will be granted with all the roles assigned to all of their groups. If a member has a certain role on Discord that is assigned to at least one IPS group but they don't have any of these groups, the role will be revoked. If nickname synchronization is enabled, Discord member's nickname will be set to their IPS username (if their Discord and IPS usernames are different). If a member has a certain role on Discord that is assigned to at least one IPS group but they don't have any of them. A member is synchronized whenever: they link their Discord and IPS accounts, they use a Magic Invite, any change is made to the user's profile (say, you change their groups or username in ACP), when manually triggered in ACP on member's page, and possibly in the future: whenever their roles/nickname are changed manually on Discord. If you have any questions regarding this process, please let me know.
  5. Go to ACP > Brilliant Discord (the diamond icon) > Notifications. Click the Create New button and fill the form. Notice that the Topic type is for new topics, and Post is for new topic replies. You can setup both if you want to. If you have any other questions, please let me know. Make sure you don't use that specific bot identity for anything else than Brilliant Discord Integration. If it is caused by the app, here are all the reasons it may happen: They unlinked their Discord account. An administrator kicked them via ACP. They get banned on your website. There is not. Is there any specific reason not to request it? It could be possibly added as a feature in a future update. Seems like Discord drastically increased some of their limits. It will be fixed it in the next update. Thank you for reporting this and sorry for the inconvenience caused by this issue. Unfortunately it is not possible, but this is definitely something that could be available in a future update.
  6. 1. Maybe your users are just linking their Discord accounts and not trying to join the server. They need to do that via a Magic Invite (by default <your website url>/discord/invite/general). You can also use a widget to link to it. 2. The general role is given automatically when your members join the Discord server via a Magic Invite or if they are already there and link their accounts. 3. No. This is an issue on Discord’s end. We may provide an alternative version of the widget in the next update. As I promised, I will send you an example of a custom widget in a DM as a workaround. 1. Go to ACP > Login & Registration > Edit Discord method > the first setting is what you’re looking for. 2. The app has been built in a way that Guests can’t use Magic Invites. Maybe it will change in the future. 3. A link without the /discord part would still work, unfortunately Invision Community automatically redirects it to the full version.
  7. This usually happens if you have not added the Redirect URI to your Discord bot during configuration or changed your community URL. To obtain it, go to the app's configuration in ACP. Click Reconfigure and copy URL from the blue information box. You can close the tab. Now, you can add it in the Discord Developer Portal: Click the application you have created during configuration. Click the OAuth2 tab. Add your Redirect URI in the Redirects section. Save changes. You will probably need to make your own widget which would point to a standard Discord invite. This is not something that the app's widget was meant for. If you have the Pages application, it may be pretty straightforward process for you. You right click and copy the image source - as long as you don't change your Discord server, its link remains the same. If you need any further help with that or anything else - please drop me a private message 🙂 --- @kmk, please add me on Discord: Reedzev_#7245. I think it would be much easier and quicker to talk about all your issues there. Thank you and sorry for the whole inconvenience.
  8. That's a good question. Despite the fact role synchronization works only one-way, you can skip it and benefit from the following features: Possibility of setting up notifications on Discord about new content (like new posts, topics, blog entries, files, etc.) from your IPS website. This makes it easy to keep your community members up-to-date. Your members will be able to login (and optionally register) on your website with Discord, which is good as your community is Discord-based. You may still benefit from the general role setting. It is being automatically granted to everybody on your Discord server who links their Discord account with your IPS website account (this happens automatically when signing up with Discord). Therefore, you can set the role to something like "Verified" or "Registered on website", to keep track of your Discord server members who have an account on your website. If you have any further questions, please let me know. --- @ErikC, I have answered your private message about that, but I'd love to answer it here, too. TL;DR: If a member has any Discord role that doesn't belong to any of his IPS groups and the role is assigned to any IPS group, then this role will be removed. If a Discord role is not assigned to any IPS group, it will be ignored by the app. The process of synchronization looks like this. Let's say that the app is synchronizing a member, John, with: Roles on Discord: Owner, Admin, Moderator, VIP, Member, Announcements, Verified. Groups on website: Owner (with Owner & Staff roles assigned), Member (with Member role assigned) App retrieves John's current role list on Discord. App collects roles that are assigned to any groups on the website. In our case, these roles will be: Owner, Admin, Moderator, Staff (assigned to three groups: Owner, Admin, Moderator) VIP, Member. Roles that aren't assigned to any groups on the website are ignored by Brilliant Discord Integration. App removes any of the roles collected in the 1st step from the list of John's roles. List: Announcements, Verified, removed: Owner, Admin, Moderator, VIP, Member App adds roles assigned to John's groups to the list List: Owner, Staff, Member, Announcements, Verified App makes sure that the general role (Verified) is present in the list It doesn't remove the general role in the 3rd step, because when somebody unlinks their account, they don't only lose the general role - they are kicked from the server. App replaces John's roles on the Discord server. Could you elaborate, please? Do you mean notifications about new messages? The Basic type does not really control that. The box with content that is embedded on Discord is just a side effect of sending a link in the message.
  9. If you mean synchronization of website groups to Discord roles - it is possible. Just go assign roles to groups by in their settings in ACP. If you want to do that the other way around - it is not possible yet, but we are working hard to finally bring this feature to reality. I have to say that I have gotten confused myself when I saw that 😳 The list of content you can send notifications about is generated automatically from a list of searchable content types on your website. It turns out that Album\Item is for notifications about new albums. Certainly something needs to be done about that. It’s really confusing. Thanks for pointing this out. I have replied to your private message.
  10. @David Lim since your bot is on 1M+ Discord servers (congratulations, by the way!), you would better create a separate bot for the website. Even if you would be able to specify discord server ID manually, you may experience 429s due to the fact two different applications share the identity, but they don’t exchange data about rate limits. Regarding the unverified user registration; I see your point. This has never been brought up before, but I will see if we can provide a setting for that. 1. Unfortunately not yet. 2. I am not exactly sure what do you mean by “album integration”. Could you elaborate, please? 3. This has been a popular request lately, and one will be released soon. For now, feel free to ask any questions. 4. Guess you have configured your website to disallow “#” in usernames. Search for “Allowed characters in display names” in ACP and modify that setting appropriately. 1. I will reach out to you in a private message in order to work with you to resolve it. 2. Go to the Groups page in ACP. When editing any group, you can assign the roles you want to in the Discord Settings tab. 3. You will probably need to manually enable the widget in your Discord server settings. You can enable it in its Widget section.
  11. Sure 1. I am not sure what do you exactly mean, but Brilliant Discord Integration can synchronize roles for both primary and secondary groups. 2. We will consider adding such feature in a future update. Thank you for your suggestion.
  12. I would love to tell you a little about the upcoming changes to Brilliant Discord Integration. Recently we announced Jimmy - a bot made to optimize synchronization and to make lots of new amazing features possible. Now, we want to make sure that Jimmy works fine before we make it available to the general public. And that's why before 1.1 we want to release 1.0.14, which will bring the following things: Jimmy role synchronization for Early Access Program members. We also want to make sure that the process of transition to Jimmy will be quick and smooth for everyone. This is why 1.0.14 will send data about your groups to our servers to make Jimmy available instantly with the 1.1 update - no matter if you have 100 members or 100,000 members. Enhanced support experience. Private messages (and a single support topic) are very limiting for us. We would like to bring support to a whole new level. We decided to move to Zendesk - a platform used by IPS, Discord and many others. You will be able to create a support ticket on our help center website or contact us via email. On the top of that, we are preparing many helpful guides for you. Unique community identifiers - they really simplify support for both you and us. To get your logs, we would only need to get your confirmation in ACP. Same goes with temporary admin accounts. And thanks to the new built-in marketplace, we are also able to completely kill piracy - your installation will be securely and privately linked to your account on invisioncommunity.com. This is game changing, because our new approach to piracy literally does not require you to do anything more than you would normally do with an app - no license keys or anything like that. Other minor improvements like (finally!) an option to disable logging in with Discord. If it turns out that there are no major issues with Jimmy, then quickly afterwards 1.1 will get released - with Jimmy available for everyone. At this point the app will be able to function without your own bot. Before we release 1.0.14, we will publish a document with details how Jimmy keeps you and your communities private and secure. This is as much important for us as it is for you. And that is just the very beginning. If you have any questions - feel free to ask! 🙂
  13. 1. We are looking for ways to deliver a greater notifications customizability while making them even easier to configure. But the default notification setting will also get better in a future update. 2 and 3. I am pretty sure there are some bots out there that can do it for you.
  14. Try adding the following CSS to your theme: .bdi-fa-fab-discord:before { content: '\60' !important; } If it doesn't help, then yes, please send me a DM. Thank you. I have replied to your private message, again. You had wrote this review in a very similar time you had sent me another message. I have actually seen your second message before I saw the review. I have no idea how did this happen, but your first message was missed - and I am really sorry about that. Just for clarification: You had encountered an unusual issue that I have never heard of before, so I asked you for an admin account on your website on October 13th. Then I got them from you on October 16th. I was not able to login and I told you that almost immediately. Later you told me that your problem has been resolved. Even later you told me about another complicated issue, but this was not October 16th. I really apologize for the whole inconvenience anyway. Please read my private message and contact me on Discord if you want to. I would love to talk with you. To all of you: yes, it is true that recently there were some unusual delays in answering your requests. Now it does not happen anymore. And it is only going to get better. We put a lot of effort to serve you as well as possible. There are some great changes coming regarding Brilliant Discord Integration's customer service, support and user experience in general. The world has changed much, and so must we. Stay tuned! 😄
  15. Please send me your website URL in a private message. I’ll prepare a CSS code for you.
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