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  1. Post Color Highlight

    this is simply not working on my custom theme. The group I want to highlight is set as such, but their posts aren't being highlighted... does this feature not work on custom themes?
  2. 4.0 - RSVP Enhancements in Calendar

    Question: In the current iteration of ipboard. for reoccuring events that allow for rsvp, the rsvp never resets week to week or scheduled event to scheduled event and instead keeps the original rsvper's from the first scheduled event as rsvp's for the subsequent events making it hard to know who is actually rsvping NOW and who isn't. Has this changed?
  3. [HQ] Awards

    For whatever reason, I'm really struggling to get the autoaward functions working properly. I have the newest version of IPBoard and I've enabled all the proper settings. I haven't installed the old version of the system on this board either so I'm not sure what could be the issue. If I send you a pm with the ftp and acp details would you be willing to look at my board and attempt to determine the issue? Also, thanks for picking this project back up, it's nice to see someone working so hard on it.