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  1. Hello @SoftwareFactory I sent you a pm with some errors I have started receiving since upgrading to ipb 4.4
    My community purchased and downloaded this modification shortly before the last update to it because we saw that it would be extremely beneficial for us. At first the modification didn't work as expected but I applaud MrFisc for his quick responses and action in getting the issues I was having resolved! The last update has made this modification a very good option for communities running a TS3 server and desire to automate some things. I recommend this modification and this developer to anyone!
  2. having installed your app and getting the server connected to the forums. I'm trying to associate the forum groups with TS3 groups but every time I push the save button, the group associate page reverts to all -1's additionally, The Global Messages tab in admincp gives the following error We're sorry, but a temporary technical error has occurred which means we cannot display this site right now. Class 'IPS\Helpers\Form\CheckBox' not found
  3. per club or all clubs, either would work I think (per club would be more customizable
  4. are there plans to make these usable in Clubs?
  5. Sorry, there is a problem

    Something went wrong. Please try again.

    Error code: EX1030

  6. simply adding the ability to add groups or members via the front end mentions panel instead of needing acp access to do so would be all that is needed
  7. that actually would be exactly what my community would need to make this mod completely useful for us! it seems to be literally the only thing missing yes the officers are split into 4 groups. SWTOR Officer, ESO Officer, GW2 Officer, or WoW Officer, same with assistants for each game. General membership is in a completely separate group but not separated based on game. so the need here is to allow for an Officer and/or their assistants to edit the sets created on their own, because not everyone has acp access
  8. my community utilizes the mention system of the forums in a way to tag members for events happening within certain departments within games. Their are officers and assistants of these departments and it would be helpful if assistants could assist in keeping the mention set update along with the officer. Currently, there is no way to do that. Officers don't have administrative access and neither do assistants. on my forums, general members wouldn't be able to utilize the system or create their own sets because they have no need for that
  9. just installed this feature, the only thing I could ask that you add is the ability for those who can use sets to utilize the sets made by other members. That and a way for users to be able to edit the sets made by other users
  10. no, this is the new setting brought in via 4.1.17. I'm not sure why this thread was moved to peer to peer when an IPS Dev could have troubleshooted or marked this as a bug
  11. Hello, After updated to, and setting an age requirement on our forums, when a user goes to register, enters the birthday and pushes submit, the page loads to a blank page with the contact us email at the top left. This only happens when the Age Requirement is set.
  12. this is simply not working on my custom theme. The group I want to highlight is set as such, but their posts aren't being highlighted... does this feature not work on custom themes?
  13. Question: In the current iteration of ipboard. for reoccuring events that allow for rsvp, the rsvp never resets week to week or scheduled event to scheduled event and instead keeps the original rsvper's from the first scheduled event as rsvp's for the subsequent events making it hard to know who is actually rsvping NOW and who isn't. Has this changed?
  14. For whatever reason, I'm really struggling to get the autoaward functions working properly. I have the newest version of IPBoard and I've enabled all the proper settings. I haven't installed the old version of the system on this board either so I'm not sure what could be the issue. If I send you a pm with the ftp and acp details would you be willing to look at my board and attempt to determine the issue? Also, thanks for picking this project back up, it's nice to see someone working so hard on it.
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