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  1. @SoftwareFactory Thanks for your responce, I hope its just something messing up with their servers. looking to hear back from you when they reply to your questions 🙂 Is there a release date set for version 1.1 of this application?
  2. Hey I am having a member tell me that they are unable to link their Discord account to their website profile, this is the error log. Unexpected response code at /guilds/426562638156267523/members/575946204714762245 500 MoonCake024 05/26/20 17:00:04 Response content {"message": "500: Internal Server Error", "code": 0} Request body N/A Request headers Content-Type: application/json User-Agent: DiscordBot (BrilliantDiscordIntegration, v1) Response headers Date: Tue, 26 May 2020
  3. Integration request: Hi @SoftwareFactory, With Discord bots for self assign roles sometimes being unreliable if we could have a feature integrated into the Briliant Discord Intergration Application where if a user joins a club on IPS then they will receve a role within the Discord Server, an example for this in my case would be for games. A user joins the club for "CSGO" and then the Application will assign them the role within the Discord Server called "CSGO" allowing them to access the area of the discord that is reserved for members that play CSGO. I beleve that this featur
  4. ok I see what you mean, I am looking for a way that when they win they will in the example of a game be able to get the game code as the prize without having to manually send the code after the raffle has ended and the winner has been chosen @Adriano Faria
  5. Hey, once a user wins a prize is there a way to have a preset message sent to the user with details of their prize automatically when the winner is picked or someting? as from what I can see you can see who won but then you have to manually check the winners and message them privetly about their prize to give them the code for what they have won etc. Kind Regards, Alex
  6. Hi, i'm looking into making some graphics to use this application however I am unsure on what size landsacpe is required, does anyone know what size images are the minimum size that work?
    My Community has been using this application for a few weeks now and we are extremely happy with it, this application has enabled out administrators on our TeamSpeak sever to be able to dedicate more of their time towards handing users needs with rooms and ensuring that members are enjoying themselves rather than having to constantly check if eveyone has the correct groups by having to constantly referance the website. If your on the fence about buying this application for your community then look no further as this is a great asset to any community! The support is currently limited bug f
  7. Integration request: Hi, I have been wondering if it would be possible to add the ability for users to be able to signup with their discord account on the registration page and/ or login via a button on the main registration form so that their Discord account would be linked straight away rather than them signing up and then having to go to their account settings to then login with their Discord account after the initial registration. An example of this would be how TeamSpeak Intergration handles this on the registration page - http://prntscr.com/rxgchx
  8. Integration request: Hello! I have noticed that currently when announcements are made on IPS to your site that you can display them in many places and they are very helpful for quickly pushing an announcement across your website, however, I think it would be very nice to see the functionality to be able to set up notifications to push announcements that are made on the website to your discord server into an announcements channel like how notifications for posts are pushed currently. Screenshot of the announcements system in IPS for reference. http://prntscr.com/rx9442
  9. Integration request: Hi, I have recently learned that you can enable RSVP for calendar events which gives members the ability to say the following: "Going" "Maybe" Decline" (otherwise known as "not going"). Is there functionality to be able to push the notification to a Discord room when someone reacts to an event like that? if so could you tell me how I would set that up as currently, I can only see the ability to Push notifications for "Events" themself, "Event Comments" and "Event Reviews". This is what the RSVP looks like in the calendar for reverence:
    I only purchused this the other day for my community and already its showing its worth in gold, great application with some very handy features. I have asked the developer to add some features in to make the application even better but as for now if your on the fence about buying this application then look no further as this application dominates when it comes to bringing automation to your Discord server and linking it perfectly to your website!
  10. Hi, is there a way that you know of to be able to integrate the "Staff Roster" from IPS into the Super Docs ?
  11. Looking at other sites that have used your plugin, they have been able to add images to theirs: It seems to closely resemple your plugin called Pages SuperTopics, would it not work to use that plugin to be able to have them display images?
  12. Do you have a plugin for enabling images on the posts within the categories of your super docs by any change as I would love to be able to add images to them if so. @opentype
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