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  1. There’s a problem in notifications since last week. It’s in the previous page. Even if you find a compatible version in the changelog, support and fixes are provided only in current version as I don’t have 4.3.X and IPS doesn’t provide old versions to test. So I suggest you to update your board then try it.
  2. Not interested. That would require too many changes, checking and storing partial datas all the time. No chance to add this.
  3. Yes, the app is Raffles. You can create giveaways, but it is a “free” raffle. You can change any language bit in your own ACP: or No. Free raffle = giveaway. The error here is allow to create with 0.00. That will be fixed tomorrow. Content is everything: Forums posts, adverts (from Classifieds), Blog entries, Downloads files, Gallery images, etc, and their comments and reviews. That’s how IPS4 works.
  4. Thank you for purchasing it. 1: Create a category and choose only Giveaways on the second tab. 2: Crate a giveaway on the public side (you can use the + Create menu) then once is created, you will see a button to add prizes on the giveaway view.
  5. There are no "files" to translate on IPS4. You can translate like that:
  6. Download and open /applications/quizzes/modules/front/quizzes/view.php and find: /* Save the score */ if( !isset( $data['quizSubmitted'] ) AND $this->quiz->author()->member_id != \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->member_id ) Change to: /* Save the score */ if( !isset( $data['quizSubmitted'] ) AND $this->quiz->author()->member_id != \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->member_id AND !$data['quizInvalidated'] ) Save and reupload. Fix is part of next version.
  7. No, it's not and that's not the purpose of the resource, sorry.
  8. You post a link to the report form. Post the link to the post itself.
  9. I agree and really not interested in do this. Just collecting feedback. True. Fixed. It won't save anymore.
  10. What do you suggest? The score isn't saved for those who falls in this situation, so their try doesn't show up in the leaderboard.
  11. I'll have to split this one in two. First parameter has to be used with pluralize; second and third with sprintf. I don't remember have seen both in same lang bit anywhere. The end result is the same: <strong>{lang="quizz_answers_right_total1" pluralize="$quiz->questions"}</strong> <strong>{lang="quizz_answers_right_total2" sprintf="$data['correct'], $data['replies']"}</strong>
  12. No, not in current version as you can see. I’ll check when adding it. Anyway, users hope you don’t repeat answers. 😀
  13. True. Before it must have at least two questions, so always plural. It has changed later and I didn’t change the lang bit. I’ll do it in next version. 👍
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