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  1. Adriano Faria

    Invite System

    Where is it? Emails templates?
  2. Adriano Faria

    Calendar Enhancements

  3. Adriano Faria

    Invite System

    Missing language bit or? If so, where is it?
  4. Adriano Faria

    Warn Log

    Sure. As described, it creates the topics/posts when someone is warned. You have the option to BAN via warn, but still.... a warn. In ACP you don’t warn, you ban directly. So no, the plugin doesn’t work when you ban someone from ACP. Not with this plugin.
  5. Adriano Faria

    Change Group in Moderator Panel

    Yes, not related to my plugin. 👍
  6. Adriano Faria

    Change Group in Moderator Panel

    It would help you post the whole log error to see if it’s related to the plugin. Asking because I use it on my online board and it’s running fine.
  7. Adriano Faria

    Change Group in Moderator Panel

    That is weird and shouldn’t happen. I’ll take a look tomorrow in the morning as I won’t be able to reach my PC today. That error indicates an ambiguous column in query. I really don’t recall its queries so your best is to disable the resource today.
  8. Adriano Faria

    Staff Applications System

    What's New in Version 1.2.4: New Features: Added a reason field for when a staff member is approving or rejecting an application Reason can be sent via PM to the applicant (option in the form) Reason, when given, will aso be displayed in the Manage Applications page Added ability to the position author to respond to reviews Bug Fixes: Fix missing language bits on Moderator permissions Fix missing language bits on Admins restrictions Enhancements: Changed some language bits across the app Rework in some templates
  9. Adriano Faria

    Auto Follow Content

    What's New in Version 1.2.3: Fix: As Blogs doesn't has categories, changed from categories to blogs in Blogs tab
  10. Adriano Faria

    Auto Follow Content

    I changed Blogs to display Blogs (and not categories because Blogs doesn't has categories) and entries: Clubs not working there, not sure why. I'll come back to this at some point.
  11. Adriano Faria

    Delete My Account

    Notification is sent to admins (primary group) with the notification enabled:
  12. Adriano Faria

    Invite System

    No. User don’t create invitation code; they earn it. Only admins can create manual invitation code (Batch feature) on ACP.
  13. Adriano Faria

    Auto Follow Content

    Ok. I’ll take a look when I reach my PC, probably tomorrow in the morning.
  14. Adriano Faria

    Auto Follow Content

    I’m on mobile device. What does appear under Blogs tab? Blog menu and entries, right?
  15. Adriano Faria

    Auto Follow Content

    Clubs hasn’t categories. Apps does. So Clubs appears under each app tab. Blogs doesn’t has categories, so... Regarding LMS, have no idea. Need to check. But LMS is a bit different than the rest. Modules are nodes of the main node (course).