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  1. Login Logs

    Who knows! HOw can I know if john doe typed there is a spam? It is a non-existing member.
  2. Login Logs

    Failed logins of non-existent members. Somone simply type a name there and the user doesn' exist!
  3. Login Logs

    Failed logins.
  4. Login Logs

  5. 4.3: Scaleable search and interface improvements

    Should I ask about EXTRA FIELDS (Downloads, 3rd-party, etc), or there will be other post about this later?
  6. Best Answer on Discussions Forums

    Send a PM with ACP credentials. I’ll take a look asap.
  7. Best Answer on Discussions Forums

    Worked on default theme?
  8. Best Answer on Discussions Forums

    Tested now on 4.2.7: Are you using default theme? If not, then please try on it. If it works, will be clear that you have a theme issue.
  9. Change Post Author - IP.Board 4.x

    Yes, that's why I posted. It won't appear if you're using 4.1 theme, usually called Defautl. 4.2 is the theme used on IPS 4.2. See: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/441672-topics-list/?do=findComment&comment=2724068 I would test the IPS Default to see how it goes.
  10. Change Post Author - IP.Board 4.x

    Click in the link to open in a new tab; it will show you the error. Are you using Default or 4.2 theme. It creates a 4.2 theme when you have something edited on Default when upgrading to 4.2. This is fine but it keeps using Default instead of new 4.2.
  11. Best Answer on Discussions Forums

    Yes, posts marked as best answers on 3.4 will still be set as best answer with this plugin on 4.2 in Discussion forums.
  12. OLD 3.4 Track Members

    @RObiN-HoOD @ToeJam @Mark Round @kRSB @susan.francona @Deltafox @PedroNL @Wayne B @AtariAge and everybody else who got some interest in this. I got this working for a couple of weeks and I'm ready to test. So let me know if you want to pre-pruchase it to download and test it and make suggestions or report bugs, if that's the case. It will cost $25 on marketplace with $15 renewal at every 12 months. A few screen: Send a PM in case you're interested. Thank you.
  13. Anyone got an amazing looking marketplace?

    No, AFAIK. Maybe @opentype could make something like he does to Pages.