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  1. Classifieds System

    I just checked it and it is the damn Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V! In \applications\classifieds\sources\Category\Category.php: $form->add( new \IPS\Helpers\Form\Editor( 'club_node_description', $this->_id ? \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->language()->addToStack( static::$titleLangPrefix . $this->_id . '_desc' ) : NULL, FALSE, array( 'app' => 'quizzes', 'key' => 'Categories', 'autoSaveKey' => ( $this->id ? "classifieds-cat-{$this->id}" : "classifieds-new-cat" ), 'attachIds' => $this->id ? array( $this->id, NULL, 'description' ) : NULL, 'minimize' => 'q_cdesc' ) ) ); @Northeast Mountain Sports, if you are able to download the file via FTP, you can edit the line above to change 'quizzess' to 'classifieds'. Or wait for @InvisionHQ to release a new version. Sorry.
  2. Classifieds System

    Probably something in Classifieds are calling Quizzes by mistake. @InvisionHQ, take a look in the category model, especially in Clubs methods.
  3. [IPS4] Tutorials

    Let me explain better. Those are 2 different fields in the tutorial submission form: Then I show both "together" in the template: <div itemprop='text' data-controller='core.front.core.lightboxedImages'> {{if $article->desc}} <em>{$article->desc|raw}</em> <hr class='ipsHr'> {{endif}} {{if $article->thumb}} <div class="cTutorial_image"> <img class="ipsImage ipsThumb_tiny ipsImage_thumbnailed" src="{file="$article->thumb" extension="tutorials_Image"}"> </div> {{endif}} {$article->content|raw} </div>
  4. Raffles System

    What's New in Version Fix an error in og:image tag.
  5. Promote Posts to Articles

    It's s weird. The error is about you're already following the article, which you just created. Happening all the time?
  6. Clubs Enhancements

    You need to use the MOVE moderation action. No, it adds a new feature.
  7. CLUBS: Sorting of Tabs

  8. Raffles System

    Ok, I'll reupload @Cyboman But it's funny anyway: why the error doesn't show up to me (and the others)?
  9. Raffles System

    @Cyboman, I'm on a borrowed laptop. The image on raffle view: {template="thumbImage" group="global" app="raffles" params="$raffle->image, $raffle->title, 'medium', '', '', '', 'raffles_Image'"} The extension name it's there (raffles_Image). The extensions: It appears in the ACP -> System -> Files -> Storage Settings: Honestly, it seems right to me and I always used like that in all apps (Tutorials, Classifieds, Links, Quizzes, etc).
  10. Raffles System

    I'm far from my PC now. I would like to see if the "extension" name is part of the template. Wait until tomorrow in the morning to submit a ticket. I'll let you know.
  11. Raffles System

    Yes, there are those two extensions, so not sure why your error. I'd bet in the Amazon stuff but as I never used, can't tell for sure. Change both to local storage and test.
  12. CLUBS: Sorting of Tabs

    Sorry, I didn't recommend it to you. It was for the OP. Anyway, good luck. Sit down and wait. It may take loooooong to have all features the plugin has.
  13. Raffles System

    Not sure too. I got it running and the extension do exists. Go to your ACP -> System -> Files -> Storage Settings or something. Take a look if it shows there. @pilotguy, happens to you? @Cyboman, do you have a test install? If so, try it. That's a good way to see if it's something in your live install.
  14. Promote Posts to Articles

    Please, your question is not related to my plugin. Use the PEER TO PEER forum:
  15. Promote Posts to Articles

    It's one of the limitations: it's a moderator permission. So only moderators can do it. It has nothing to do with the PROMOTE feature. To promote to Our Picks, you click in the PROMOTE button in the topic, article, etc. To promote a post into an article, you can use the COPY TO DATABASE new feature, which is limited, or keep using my plugin.