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  1. Adriano Faria

    Links Directory

    hhtp/https links. Never used Discord so post a link here if it uses another protocol and I’ll test. Yes.
  2. Adriano Faria

    New Topic Rules

    EX1054 is because it doesn’t created the columns in your DB due to first error. Send a PM with your ACP credentials. I’ll take a look.
  3. Adriano Faria

    Search for clubs!

    Search for what exactly? Name and description? Content is already searchable.
  4. Actually, the whole thing doesn't work. Downloads needs a bunch of "updates", users and devs needs to change their way of doing things too.
  5. Adriano Faria

    Random Content

    I really find this pretty weird. Either it works or it doesn't works. Works for a few and not for others doesn't seem right. I'll take a look during the day.
  6. BUG is meant to be resolved via SUPPORT, which is done via topic or whatever the developer defines in SUPPORT IINFO.
  7. I disagree. That’s not the purpose of a review (I can’t post replies; only one, without notification, etc.) and it’s a pretty subjective matter: I can review one resource with 1 star because the other it’s more important to me. On the other hand, it cannot be for dozen of other users but still the incompatibility lays in the first one. Support topic is the right way. No topic? PM to both. No solution? Contact marketplace moderator and report the file as broken. When both devs developed the resources they didn’t had the chance AND COULDN’T test their resources against everything in marketplace. Review is meant to be an evaluation of the resource alone.
  8. Adriano Faria


  9. Adriano Faria

    Linked Accounts - Post As

    No. I’ll think about it when I have to release a new version.
  10. Wouldn’t it be a way to identify that the content belonged to a specific user? Anyone can be aware of the ID via profile link. Maybe use a random value and a new area on ACP so Admin can search and see that the random ID (letters and numbers, for example) belonged to member ID XXXX.
  11. Adriano Faria

    Subscription RENEW Bug

    Client Area -> Support.
  12. Adriano Faria

    Ban Members From Forums

    I’ll take a look tomorrow but it shouldn’t appear. As it shows when you edit a profile on ACP, it uses the member_edit restriction.
  13. Adriano Faria

    Ban Members From Forums

    Not sure I follow. Can you show a screenshot?
  14. Adriano Faria

    Contact Us

    No, I can’t. Form helper doesn’t work like that. It’s a “big block” for regular fields and another for custom fields. You will have same behavior in any IPS or 3rd-party that uses custom fields.