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  1. If it’s not running for yiu, then something should be logged in System Logs or Error Logs. Can you provide ACP access? I’ll have to debug in your install.
  2. God, my bad. I requested to reject the pending version to fix a issue you reported: not sending the invitation in the email. Then they rejected but I forgot to upload new version. ☹️ Sorry. Better because I will upload the new version tomorrow with the others issues reported. Sorry.
  3. No, nothing related to scripts at all. Resources from TheJackal84 are all very well written. I was referring to changes required in templates to work with PHP 8, like missing default values, etc.
  4. That's what I said: Mess to me, isn't a mess to you... and vice-versa. 👍 I'll add in next version.
  5. This is a feature since the first version of this app: But the sorting isn't available in Clubs. I can add in a future version. This is personal. Mess to me is to have a new record or new comments in the 10th page instead of the first.; they will become unnoticed if the user doesn't user Activity Streams regularly.
  6. The warning about a pending version shows up only to the file submitter. Should display to everyone and also display the upload date/time.
  7. What a huge app! It took the whole day only to fix template issues and still there are things to do. 😳
  8. It did to me. Send a message with ACP access please. I’ll take a look later.
  9. This is the pending version. It fixes this error.
  10. I can confirm the error using PHP 8! Here goes a quick fix, as already has a pending version to this app in the marketplace. Edit the following templates links -> front -> browse -> categoryRow and subcategoryRow and find: {{if method_exists( $table, 'canModerate' ) AND $table->canModerate()}} Change to: {{if $table AND method_exists( $table, 'canModerate' ) AND $table->canModerate()}} Save.
  11. Message sent. New version is already pending approval, btw.
  12. Oh damn... Clicked in the wrong post to mark as solved. 😄 And apparently I can't undo it.
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