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  1. Not interested in Achievements at this moment. Maybe in a future version. It's working fine to me:
  2. Still havinig this issue in 4.6.7 Beta 1. Any ETA on this?
  3. Can you give an exact "set up" to reproduce? I'm able to add a profile background as a member. It requires: To be a moderator with CAN EDIT PROFILES permission (to remove images from other members) If you are NOT a moderator: The logged in member must be the profile owner The group of the logged in member must be selected in the app settings.
  4. Just tested and it is like I said: the button STOCK REPLIES will only appear after you add at least one stock reply:
  5. Didn’t test yet. Probably you need to add the stock replies first? Also go to the Toolbars menu and add the button.
  6. Hello Marc, I only replied above because @Eric BXL has Track Members and it was duplicating posts and messages replies (new version fix this) but the app itself doesn’t add items to Our Picks. Also @Duken doesn’t use the app so I’m not sure the solution is ok. 👍
  7. You can delete all files from datastore. They will be rebuilt. Also, have you ran the support tool in your ACP?
  8. And the folders from the other server are in the /uploads directory?
  9. The path is right in the conf_global.php? Also check the storage configuration in your ACP -> System -> Files. Probably it’s using the old path.
  10. Yes, just happened again. See: It should go to the post above this one.
  11. You can easily reproduce when you have a link to a post, like a notification. You’ll never go to right post. I haven’t realized it may be due to images, tho.
  12. I see you have Track Members and downloaded it yesterday. A new version was released today to fix the duplicates when posting. Not sure how to remove them from Our Picks, though. Update your Track Members install.
  13. No, as stated in the title: Mass Tag Topics. Topics is from Forums app only.
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