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  1. Hello, The "follow" from the topic is removed when a user is banned so they won't receive further notifications.
  2. No, it means that MINIMUM price for submissions will be $10 and this is to cover 50% of the chargebacks in PayPal that costs $20 and they doesn’t charge it from us, only the comission is reverted.
  3. I will when IPS 4.5 final is released.
  4. It is for IPS 4.4. You shouldn’t try it in a not compatible version or at least ask before. Since this is a test install, delete the tutorials folder in /applications via FTP and drop its table from your database. You should delete the tutorials rows from core_applications table too.
  5. https://developer.apple.com/programs/how-it-works/ US$ 99.00/year.
  6. Sorry, I don’t support modifications.
  7. Nope, not interested. The goal is exactly display a "forum view" style, since it is a list of topics. Feel free to edit the core -> global -> plugins -> contentbytagsRows template to whatever you want in your install.
  8. I agree. Missing info from huge bands, etc.
  9. You can filter by apps/plugins on 4.5. Go to Advanced Search form in Translations page.
  10. @Stuart Silvester, trying to update my translation to 4.5.0 Beta 1 but 4.5 doesn't show up: Should we do it another way or 4.5 will be available only after final is released?
  11. Even with a zip from an old version, you can’t perform a fresh install, even using -TESTINSTALL. Unless they changed it; I couldn’t do it last time I checked in 4.2.something.
  12. You never could since 4.0.0 as fresh install requires an active license. This post is about the ability to purchase on marketplace. Now will require an active license too.
  13. Here there is a plugin for TOPICS only; I'll try to make it suite wide somewhere this week:
  14. I’ll take a look when I have to upgrade the app.
  15. Then I suggest you to send her a message as this topic isn’t for this matter.
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