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  1. I never said it wasn’t. I said it isn’t what is described in his post. Read a few posts before this and you’ll see everybody says the same, including him.
  2. I’m sure this isn’t related to this plugin as it picks the country from the IP address and the issue happens when the user tries to change it in Account Settings and it’s resetting to the IP address country, so it has absolutely nothing to do with the plugin. Follow the file to get notified when it’s updated.
  3. I wouldn't call a BUG as I can't reproduce. I can't fix something that works. If you have a solid steps to reproduce, I'll look into it. This is ok to me. EDIT: @kmk Anyway, the "workaround" works for now so use it. It should probably be some server configuration as I don't have this on my online board. I'll come back to this when I have to update the app.
  4. Well mate, then you already have the "temporary" fix. Create the category with it. Edit. Disable. You're done.
  5. @kmk, I'm not able to reproduce the issue not even in your board! I can: create categories edit cateegories (comments, reviews, etc). copy categories Provide steps to reproduce then I'll take a look. Right now I don't see any problem with the app.
  6. Ok. I will try to reproduce it.
  7. If you read this topic, you will find this a dozen of times: I'm not resposible for 3rd-party service. If you find one that is not good at the moment, simply swap it. This can happen with any app... a search in this forum will show you this a thousand of times. This is realated to the server itself, cache or something and exacly for this reason there is the tool you ran. I'll take a look in the others when I have to update the app as they aren't crachsing your board.
  8. I can't reproduce none of this. I just installed latest Quizzes v1.5.1 on a IPS 4.5.4 and works fine: Uninstall the app. Run the support tool to rebuild your cache. Try again.
  9. Click in the menu and go to Permissions and give the permission to the groups.
  10. Ok, I'll make some tests and will update the app if that's the case 👍
  11. Thank you. I’ll take a look when I have to upgrade the app. 👍
  12. Hello, Not sure how @opentype lists the topics. If he uses getItemsWithPermission, then yes.
  13. A link from the quiz, yes. It will be embed like a topic link.
  14. It’s possible but honestly not interested. I don’t see much sense in add this to the app itself. People aren’t interested to see who attended in which date. Feel free to send a message if you want this as a paid custom Job.
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