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  1. I guess people wants more than a CRUD. With Pages you won’t be able, for example, to use Commerce (to charge for submissions or access), use Clubs, use extensions (from other apps and some from Core too), among several other things. I remember these from the top of my head but probably there are more. I mean, you probably could do it with Pages if you hook here and there, etc. But why, if you can do this easily with an app?
  2. It’s limited to one. It’s in the latest hump thing: One per currency.
  3. What's New in Version 1.5.2: Fixes: Error when editing notifications on Admin CP. Unable to draw a winner on giveaways restricted per group. Error when editing groups right away after the app install (missing the data store file)
  4. What's New in Version 4.2.5: Script optimization to avoid errors in logs when a topic was deleted/merged (guests only)
  5. I'll post a fix for the cosmetic issue in a few days. Working in other resources now. Maybe in a future version.
  6. What's New in Version 1.1.2: Removes the option to choose the order events will be displayed in Calendar Events block. They will be ordered by date event, just like Upcoming Events widget. Adds a new block: Guest Block. You can add a multi language message. It will also display the Sign In and Sign Up buttons.
  7. Ok. I’ll add them when I have to update the app.
  8. The first one. It will make new members follow content/members when creating the account The second, very useful IMHO, allows the user to follow specific content posted by members instead of everything. So if John Doe wants to receive notifications when you post tutorials/articles in Pages, he only need to select it. So he won’t get notifications when you create a topic or a blog entry or a Downloads file, etc.
  9. There's a marketplace resource that makes new members to follow any kind of content and members when the account is created. Content/Members are chosen by the admin on Admin CP.
  10. Confirmed. It was missing the data store from Raffles groups outside the Raffles app (group extension runs in the Core). I just re submitted the new version and sent you a fix via message so you can upload the file. New version should be out in a few days.
  11. I worked in this app the weekend to fix a issue reported and couldn’t see such problem. There’s a pending version in marketplace. Test after that and let me know if still insists.
  12. There's nothing in this version that "updates" any data from MS tables. It was just some PHP edits, language bits and a few things in a couple of templates. I can't see how the upgrade will do that.
  13. I removed the option to set the order in block, as they doesn't make sense in events, and they're ordered now by the event date, just like the Upcoming Events widget. New version will also have a Guest Block, so you can add a message. It will also display the Sign In and Sign Up buttons on it.
  14. It's the same from Downloads, for example and no, IPS4 doesn't allow search in custom fields. No.
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