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  1. It uses a core template (reactionOverview) so probably it's there.
  2. Of course, no, as happens in all other areas of the suite: everyone can upload.
  3. All apps that has Content Item model, like these you said, will be there. 👍
  4. What's New in Version 2.4.5: Fix a typo that will affect only fresh installs
  5. What's New in Version 1.2.4: Adjustments to track members registered via social media
  6. The template is forums -> front -> topics -> post.
  7. And still doesn’t show? I used this today on my board. Are you using default theme? If not, switch to default and see if it works. Also run the support tool on ACP to rebuild your cache.
  8. Working as expected: You probably have a cache issue. Run the support tool and click in the DISABLE ALL and RE-ENABLE ALL plugins in the Plugins page; that should update the cache properly.
  9. Problem identified: MemberSync::onValidate() doesn't run in accounts created via social media, so it's not running my script. The problem is that I don't want to use it on onCreateAccount() because it will track ALL new accounts, including those not validated yet. Trying to figure out.
  10. Well, as I said, TM uses a core feature (MemberSync) to fire the action after registration or after validating accounts, if you use any. If it’s not working, then I’ll have to see with IPS. That’s nos a problem in TM.
  11. Provide more details. Facebook? Twitter? Something else?
  12. Nothing has changed in theme plugin. I’ll retest it.
  13. It shouldn't as it uses MemberSync and accounts created, including external, should use it. Try to make a local registration (via registration form) to see how it goes.
  14. Working fine in Out of curiosity, as you track indefinitely new members and has ~20 per day, how many records do you have in trackmembers_logs table?
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