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  1. Extract the zip file and upload the .tar in your ACP -> System -> Applications:
  2. It can be done, of course. I started integration between Crowdfunding and Raffles: if someone donates to a project, then he gets a ticket to a Raffle. I can do something like that. Purchase Raffles and I'll make sure it will be added sometime soon. 👍
  3. Can’t say much without try but I find hard to do it as I don’t know (or can’t remember now) any way to do it with HTML only. Probably a JQuery or something else to connect the options. No promises at all.
  4. Yes, "follow" is removed from users banned from the topic.
  5. From the topic is another resource, not this one. And yes, "follow" is removed from users banned from the topic.
  6. What's New in Version 1.0.2: Add a setting to admins choose which user groups can use the feature
  7. It needs that template. It is a "theme" hook, which means hook will "search" for some HTML there and will add my block if found it.
  8. Nope. The content (files from other categories) is “inserted” after the “no files” template.
  9. You really have it all doubled, not sure why. See the 2 searchs I've just made after install the marketplace version: You will have to run a query in your board to delete these orphaned language bits.
  10. I don't think this is related to the plugin. The right one is the last one where shows the pluign name. Will take a look today later anyway.
  11. What's New in Version 1.4.1: Fix errow when trying to delete an answer from a Multiple Right Answers quiz
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