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  1. Update the app in your board. Your latest download is older than latest upload.
  2. You have to upgrade the app too! Your version is 2.3.0: Marketplace version for IPS 4.4 is 2.4.0: You board is upgrade!
  3. What's New in Version 1.2.1: Script optimization to avoid error (follow article)
  4. Come on, man, I don't have to Qr code, etc. Disable it on my account.
  5. No man, you don't need to edit anything! I just installed Tutorials. There are only 2 places where the FOLLOW button appears: - Category view: - Tutorial view: No error in both as you can see. If you're getting the error, means that your templates are probably edited, thus the upgrade won't update them. In this case, check if the REVERT button is enabled in the following templates: tutorials -> front -> browse -> category tutorials -> front -> view-> view If the REVERT is enabled: Click on it! Or provide ACP access and I'll see it in seconds.
  6. Just checked it. You template must be edited. Follow is fixed for IPS 4.4: {template="follow" app="core" group="global" params="'tutorials', 'article', $article->id, $article->followersCount()"} See if the REVERT button is ON in this template. Same for the category view: {template="follow" app="core" group="global" params="'tutorials', 'category', $category->_id, \IPS\tutorials\Article::containerFollowerCount( $category )"} Btw, paying attention, your error seems to come from MEMBERS COUNTRY, which there was this issue indeed but this is already fixed. Download the latest version.
  7. Post the content of the log in the System Logs. Did you edited your view template? If so, REVERT the edit, otherwise it won't get updated and will still using the 4.3.X version.
  8. Just tested and got the same if I enable Notify me of replies in the article post screen. You don't need to do that if you're enable to add topic followers in the article on the plugin settings. That's the problem. For now, you can either: disable the setting to follow NOT enable the follow in the article post screen I will release a version to fix it.
  9. The error is due to that. If you have the topic/post, delete the 3 and try again.
  10. Are you trying to promote same topic/post more than once ? It should not get the error anyway. Disable the setting to follow the article and try again.
  11. What's New in Version 2.1.3: Add compatibility with Lazy Loading. Compatible with IPS 4.4 only!
  12. About This File This application will allow moderators to send predefined personal messages to members who reported a content. This is a sort of a feedback for those who take their time to help to keep things civilized in your community.
  13. Oh yes, 4.4.2 introduced a new template for this purpose. I’ll take a look later today.
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