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  1. Ok, next version. I just released a new version yesterday. 👍
  2. What's New in Version 1.0.2: Fix message error on conversation view when the topic is deleted.
  3. Oh, it didn't delete the conversation... actually it tries to load the topic and didn't find (because you have deleted it) and throw this error. Will release a fix to show the message again.
  4. No, the setting is for who can use the plugin:
  5. What's New in Version 1.3.2: New Feature: New moderator permission to convert reviews to comments Enhancements: Script optimization
  6. What's New in Version 5.4.11: New Feature: Integrate with Members Shop Earn points when submitting a link Earn points when getting a link pinned Earn points when getting a link featured Earn points when a link has at least a specific number of hits Enhancement: Removes Packages link from ACP menu if you doesn't has Commerce installed
  7. I will add these in the new version. I'll see how it goes then I can add the others.
  8. Took a look on this now and I really won't do it. I won't change how the app works: it uses a URL field to add URLs and make the checking properly. I won't change it for a text field and do manual checkings. About your example in Bitly.com: if I try to shorten www.test.com, it changes the end results to: It also adds the http:// as expected. Thank you.
  9. It's a select field setting. User will pick pre defined values. Of course there is. All tabs in book view + book submission. It uses all words in the book title. See more: https://developers.google.com/books/docs/v1/using#PerformingSearch
  10. I have updated the file with a few languages (most common). Let me know if you doesn't find yours in the settings, Google Books API uses a two-letter ISO-639-1 code for the language.
  11. What's New in Version 1.3.7: Removes number of tickets from giveaways view Additional checking for raffles with "0.00" cost
  12. What's New in Version 1.4.4: Fixes: Disable merging of identical notification type Not saving score if allowed to play more than once Check to see if the answer is already added to the question in the Multiple Right Answers mode Stop saving games from people that has left the page/tab when the quiz protection is enabled Language bits when the quiz has only one question Add missing language bit
  13. Made a quick test with some random italian text and worked: The language setting will workin only in the RELATED BOOKS tab, so you will get only books in the chosen language. I can't add country on book submission because same book have different ISBN numbers on every country, like O Alquimista no Brazil and the l'alchimista, on Italy. If I left it on book submission, it won't return data form the right ISBN if you're using another country. Book submission:
  14. To add books you only type the ISBN. When viewing a book, it has tabs to display books from same author, from same publisher and also a tab for that uses the book title to search and provide results. I want to add a search screen on it, where you will search for everything possible in the API but it's only for Google Books API. And most important that I'm not sure how I missed: the language!!! Next version you will be able to choose the language on ACP then the API will bring data in chosen lang. Current version is "hardcoded" to English.
  15. About This File This resource uses Google Books API to grab data from any book to your site, as long the data is available on Google Books. This resource supports both 10 and 13 digit ISBN format. All you have to do is type the ISBN, the API will add for you*: Title Subtitle (if there's any) Description Author Publisher Year of Publication Number of pages And most important: it will upload the book cover automatically for you (*) Data will be retrieved if the book is found in Google Books.
  16. Well, I can certainly find a good solution. I can, for example, keep the textarea (and don’t add an editor) and check if there’s something like a URL in the text (http(s), wwww, etc), then add a link automatically. I’ll check to see how it goes. EDIT: Just remembered this. I don’t think it’s possible to display HTML in the form fields. Will have to check.
  17. The current version runs on 4.4.10. What I said is that I won’t release new features before 4.5. Those are different things. By the way, there’s another course management app on marketplace. Take a look if it fits your needs.
  18. No. It isn't an editor.... and before you request to change it to editor, not going to happen because it will mess the "play" screen with links, images and who knows what else the user adds there. 🙂
  19. There’s a problem in notifications since last week. It’s in the previous page. Even if you find a compatible version in the changelog, support and fixes are provided only in current version as I don’t have 4.3.X and IPS doesn’t provide old versions to test. So I suggest you to update your board then try it.
  20. Not interested. That would require too many changes, checking and storing partial datas all the time. No chance to add this.
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