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  1. You just need to not browse a couple of tables in your database and if you login as the member, it’s enough to not go to the messenger. As I imagine other admins won’t have access to your database, you can probably restrict them in ACP profiles, so they won’t be able to login as any member. Note: certainly there’s a admin restriction to login as a member but I don’t remember. So I would try that first.
  2. Yes, it was. I just submitted a new verison to fix it. Follow the file to get notified when IPS review and approve it. 👍
  3. Thank you. Just submitted a new version to fix the upgrade. It should be out soon. Follow the file to get notified when IPS review and approve it. 👍
  4. I’ll take a look tomorrow. I’m away today.
  5. This does the job automatically but still sending PM, it seems:
  6. What's New in Version 1.0.1 New features: New settings to control which tabs to show on artist view Added ability to filter artists by country on Artist Feed widget Added ability to add/edit URLs for the artist. Beyond Spotify link, which is added via API, now you can add: official website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Wikipedia. A fonta-awesome icon will be displayed for each under the photo and only people that can edit the artist + the author can add/edit URLs. Added ability to add/edit artist information qu
  7. I tried using | but didn't update the column.
  8. Don’t do it because of this plugin. I’ll improve it. 😉 ————————- What's New in Version 1.3.2 Fix the setting to display flags only in specific apps. Fix error when merging members
  9. What's New in Version 2.3.0 Now coded as an application. New feature: New option added: Welcome post? This is useful if you want to create a sort of welcome post to a new member. This will create the automatic reply only if the posting member just created his first topic (in all forums). Upgrade from any plugin version: DO NOT uninstall the plugin. Just install this application and it will port your forums data to the new format and the old plug-in will be automatically uninstalled from your community
  10. You better try support with the designer. I only support default and not modified theme and as far I can see, the flags are there; the problem is how you are displaying them. Still not decided what to do and it is related to the changes required to the new marketplace: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/422365-members-country/?do=findComment&comment=2824210 https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/422365-members-country/?do=findComment&comment=2828526
  11. So it would have the ability to add a “title”, like “wonderful post” and this linked to the post itself. Lol. Seriously, turn the page. Let topic summary go! 👍
  12. This exists since IPS 4.2: Recommended Replies. Ans as the other suggestions, it would be a mess to be displayed in topic summary as it isn’t a “summary” of the topic. Search in the IPS blog. You will see how/where it shows.
  13. It’s better because it’s an account feature now which means your state will be the same in any device you use to access the community. You don’t need to worry if you’re anonymous in your phone but not in your laptop, etc.
  14. I fixed a lot of this. There’s a pending version in the marketplace. Let me know if it still there after update.
  15. Bitwise operations is always a PITA to me. I tried this query and workend on my local install: update core_members set members_bitoptions=members_bitoptions ^ 268435456 It preserved the existing values and added the value related to the profile visitors block. BUT I would recommend to wait for someone from IPS to reply and see if it's ok. ( @bfarber @Mark, etc. ). Until someone reply, DO AT YOUR OWN RISK! 🙂
  16. No. I can add a setting in next version to disable it per category.
  17. Links Directory checks HTTP status of the URL submitted. I'm able to enter any IPS url that a guest can view. The IPS link you tried is viewable by a guest? If not, will end up in the error: no permission. Tried the https://www.accuweather.com and couldn't too. It shows error in two pages that checks http status that I just tested: https://httpstatus.io/ http://www.urlitor.com/ It can be a temporary issue or a redirect issue in their end.
  18. Up to you, mate! That's the message you get: Do what it says: SUBMIT A TICKET. It isn't a version issue.
  19. I already replied your PM saying what you have to do!
  20. I have no idea, mate. I didn’t add this, IIRC. I’ll take a look when I have to upgrade the app. That is a cosmetic thing and it isn’t crashing your board, so it can wait. 👍
  21. I have no idea. I don’t remember of a similar situation. Probably enough just to edit and hit save without change anything in the post. It should embed the images.
  22. Sure, add a review. 🙂 It isn't clickable, it isn't a rating system like a topic. The stars are the average of the "stars" give per review, just like on Downloads.
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