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  1. You don’t need the part where you set the receiver (try/catch). You need to authorize only the $pmSender. Change to $pmSender->member_id In $conversation->to_membet_id. I didn’t test but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.
  2. Will streams filters appears like that now? Too much space used, compared to 4.5:
  3. It was giving/removing points only to comments/reviews. I added support to the items itself. Will also add support to Calendar and Blogs. Btw, fixed!
  4. Man, I’m still lunching. I have no idea! TOO SOON to even think about it. Go sleep! 😆
  5. This is fixed. I'll take a look in other issues reported in this topic and should release a version in a couple of days, probably.
  6. I'm able to reproduce this. Althought the post is saved, it generates this error in the logs. Will take a look.
  7. What's New in Version 1.3.0: Fix error: not saving edits made to title/description in the article post screen.
  8. There’s a “change record date” in the marketplace. Search.
  9. Your error points to another resource: similarpages_hook_viewtopics->manage() Anyway, how to reproduce? A “random” error isn’t enough to me. I just installed this to test (another report on Invite System topic) and no error detected.
  10. Hey @Giray, me again. 🤣 That will add all members from a group in a category/forum. New members added to that group in a later time, will have to be added too.
  11. I can't reproduce. I'm able to create an account using both apps enabled and set to use registration process: The error is probably coming from elsewhere. Both apps are updated: Hook in Invite System: /** * Create Member * * @param array $values Values from form * @param array $profileFields Profile field values from registration * @param array|NULL $postBeforeRegister The row from core_post_before_registering if applicable * @param \IPS\Helpers\Form $form The form object * @return \IPS\Member */ public static function _createMember( $values, $profileFields, $postBeforeRegister = NULL, &$form ) { try { ... $member = parent::_createMember( $values, $profileFields, $postBeforeRegister, $form ); Hook in Members Shop: public static function _createMember( $values, $profileFields, $postBeforeRegister = NULL, &$form ) { try { try { $parent = parent::_createMember( $values, $profileFields, $postBeforeRegister, $form ); Both has the same number of parameter from parent method: /** * Create Member * * @param array $values Values from form * @param array $profileFields Profile field values from registration * @param array|NULL $postBeforeRegister The row from core_post_before_registering if applicable * @param \IPS\Helpers\Form $form The form object * @return \IPS\Member */ public static function _createMember( $values, $profileFields, $postBeforeRegister = NULL, &$form ) You probably has another resource that works in registration process. Take a look in your plugins. Disable ALL resources and leave only these two enabled and you'll see it will work. If you are sure and want me to take a look at your board, send a PM with an ACP account.
  12. A new version was just submitted to fix the issue. Click in Send me version updates in the file view to get notified when new version is live.
  13. That's what happening now: Guests can't view profile so the Members Stats block doesn't show up to guests.
  14. As no one shared their landing page, just made a quick one using a few of the various blocks: https://www.sosinvision.com.br/ The usage is pretty simple: 1 - Choose a block among the option you have (more apps, more blocks): 2 - Configure each block according to their settings. The following example is for the Topics block: It's done. You can also reorder the blocks: Then you just need to set Landing Page as default app: Btw, you can choose which user groups will be able to view each topic. Still, it checks the content for the block. I mean, if you choose MEMBERS block and you set Guests to not view profiles, then the Members block will not show up to guests.
  15. I’ll send you a PM when I start to work on this app.
  16. What's New in Version 1.0.3: Compatibility version with Tabbed Forums Index.
  17. Ok, I misunderstood. I’ll take a look during the day.
  18. Can be the 2 things there you mentioned.
  19. This message is related to the marketplace itself, not from the app. Submit a ticket to IPS and when the support says to you to come back to me, ask them to provide any error log saying that this is related to my app. Saying this because it's happening often and this is a marketplace issue.
  20. This is a very common “mistake” on this resource. As this is an app now, I’ll add a tool to grab country flag from all members on a background task and will also run it when installing the resource so it will show up the flags to everyone after install.
  21. It’s enough to the user browse any page or your community. The country will be picked if he’s a group you selected in the settings.
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