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Found 4 results

  1. When both of these options are toggle If I only had Can set a future publishing date? on.. I don't want to give my members the ability to lock all content, can this be fixed? or this only happen to my site? Thanks.
  2. To reproduce the issue easily go to upload on chunk basis by adding following to your htaccess: <If "^%{REQUEST_URI} == '/files/file/*' AND %{QUERY_STRING} == 'do=newVersion'$ OR ^%{REQUEST_URI} == '/files/submit/*' AND %{QUERY_STRING} == 'do=submit&category=(.+)'$"> php_value post_max_size 2M </If> Now try to upload file larger than example 2 MB. You will notice that after submitting the upload the uploaded file record will look like follows: 189416541_filename.rar where it should be only filename.rar. System adds some sort of prefix. Can you please get a rid of the prefix please? Uploading on chunk basis is necessary in some cases when running e.g. free plan of cloud flare.
  3. Hello, If I insert existing attachment from File Downloads which was a video, then I could not delete the video in the editor no matter what I did. Thanks.
  4. Hello, Today I noticed that the byline_itemprop language string defaults to: By %s, The presence of this comma causes a visual issue in topics, as the name of the author is incorrectly followed by a comma: This comma, however, is used for separating the username from the date/time string in the topic list: So, if we edit the byline_itemprop string to remove the comma, it fixes the issue in the topic, but create another issue in the topic list: Here at invisioncommunity.com, I noticed that this language string was edited and the comma was removed, so the username isn't followed by a comma in topics, but the username and the date/time are not separated by a comma in the topic list. Proposed solution: add a new language string that defaults to By %s (without a comma) and use this new language string in the forums > front > topics > topic template. I know this is a very silly visual bug, but I had to mention it. Cheers, Gabe.
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