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  1. Thanks for renewing. Message sent.
  2. Your purchase is expired. Renew it and you will receive it.
  3. Fixed and new version re submitted.
  4. I requested to reject the pending version. Will fix when they do and release it again.
  5. No and I didn’t notice. Will fix in next version. If this is a huge issue for issue, you can edit the email template in your ACP. Anyway, clicking on the button will open the register screen with the code.
  6. If it’s a plugin, no… due to this: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/461300-resources-from-the-thejackal84-httpsflashmoddingcom/ If it’s an app, yes.
  7. You can create a new theme in your ACP. It will be just the default one. Choose Manual Mode, give the name Default, choose who can use it and set as default. You're done.
  8. Yes. In this case, submit a ticket. The error is now logged.
  9. I see why. They changed it. Before it was redirected to a page and the error was there. Now it shows a JS alert. Anyway, the error is now logged: } catch ( \Exception $e ) { \IPS\Log::debug( $e, 'content_debug' ); \IPS\Output::i()->error( 'edit_no_perm_err', '2S136/E', 404, '' ); } See the debug there. So go to ACP -> System -> Support -> System Log and the error has to be there. I, for example, renamed the column forums_posts.post to forums_posts.postX then I got the alert but the error is in the log: Check your logs.
  10. I submitted a free plugin to the marketplace to accomplish that. Waiting for review.
  11. No, your edit is wrong. See the code error that’s in the topic I linked: 2S136/E. You made the edit in the 1S136/17.
  12. Did you make the right edit, uploaded the edited file and tried to edit the content?
  13. Found it: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/431279-suggestion-content-controller-edit/ You will download the file. Change 'edit_no_perm_err' to $e->getMessage(). Save. Upload. Edit the post. The “real” error will be there. Revert the edit. Save. Upload the file.
  14. Sure, any content item. I’m on a mobile device now. I’ll post the file and the required edit later. It may help someone in the future.
  15. The easiest way to get the real error is edit a core file and change this error output to $e->getMessage() and try to edit the post again. Of course if you have FTP access to your server. You will get the exact reason. Then you revert back the edit after get the reason.
  16. You can have thousands categories/subcategories. FORUM/SUBFORUM is from the Forums app and has absolutely nothing to do with Links Directory. My last guess: if you're talking about TOPICS created when submitting a link, yes, you can choose a forum. If it's not that, I honestly give up!
  17. I'll take a look. Will release a new version later next week.
  18. Fix submitted: You'll have to wait for IPS marketplace moderators to review and make new version public.
  19. I'm working on this app. Should be available in a couple of days then it's up to the marketplace moderators. I really don't promise achievements now. I haven't even tried that yet and I still have others resources to update. First will be a compatibility version with a couple of fixes for issues reported. New features will come in a future version.
  20. Admin CP -> Applications page -> click in the Links Directory row -> and then in the padlock that will show up in the front-end module. See Module Permission here: https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/security-and-rules/member-permissions-r305/ I have no idea what you mean with this. This app doesn’t require Forums app at all so not sure why you use sub-forums in your question.
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