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  1. RSVP is unlimited in the event above. Anyway, it’s a Calendar thing.
  2. I have no idea. Just created another event to test and MAYBE appears to me: Also took a look in the Calendar and on its settings and didn’t find anything. You better try a support ticket with IPS as it isn’t related to this app.
  3. Why, do you have multiple right answers in your install?
  4. What's New in Version Adjustments in the widget countdown
  5. In the widget? Works fine to me: Make sure you enable it in the Settings:
  6. You can do that already. Click in the padlock in the Groups listing on ACP.
  7. I guess he wants a guide to create one; not report a bug.
  8. For those who doesn't use English (USA) as language, feel free to request new version via PM to test the countdown in the Upcoming Events widget. Thank you.
  9. Well, I was asked by someone from Management team and I agreed that was better to have it as a VIEWER than simply not have it. All marketplace submissions are reviewed/tested so if there’s something that they doesn’t agree, they don’t approve it. Simple like that. I don’t recommend deleting content via DB because there are some caches and other stuff to update but if you’re willing to, go ahead. 👍
  10. They’re able to do it if they want to share. They can export and attach it here so all you need to do is import but I don’t remember anyone doing this, unfortunately.
  11. I can’t guess what type of questions and answers you, John Doe and Mary Doe wants, that’s why it doesn’t has a “bank” of Q&A and that’s why there’s a import tool. Requests like this seems like install a new forum with a lot of topics and posts with the content you think suits your needs. That’s not possible.
  12. Not sure I follow. Forum is one app. Quizzes is another. It has nothing to do with the other. You can find a plenty of questions and answers in Google.
  13. ACP -> Customization ->Language -> click in the globe in the row of your language to translate it. Search for no_access_links. Change to whatever you want.
  14. I have no idea and I’m (almost) done with it, honestly. I’ll give another try. I’ll probably remove this feature.
  15. Are you running the latest version? This was fixed Saturday.
  16. You better make a request in the proper place: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/forum/506-customization-requests/
  17. The problem is that some wants this, others may not want and email subject must be a language bit.
  18. I can access it directly via URL, which means that the app is installed and working. You have a modified theme and probably it isn't find the HTML to add the icon. Test it on a "stock" default theme. Run the support tool; it can probably be a cache issue.
  19. What's New in Version 1.4.0 Beta 7: Fix error on review link on widgets (link to page 2)
  20. Sorry, it was 3AM... Said I'm aware because someone else said something similar, which I couldn't reproduce there and can't now: I will release a new version to fix a review link issue then if it insists, send a PM; I'll take a look in your board.
  21. I’m aware but I really don’t want to rekeae a Beta for each tiny thing found. This can wait, as it isn’t crashing or site or avoiding the quiz to work. I’ll send a PM tomorrow with a file edit to fix it.
  22. Yes, About Me and Clubs do not show if they're empty:
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