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  1. I don't remember reading anything about it. Today we need to use hooks to allow new videos to be embedded on the site. How IPS5 will handle that?
  2. I was going to add a tag cloud on it but I guess I will wait for Beta 1 to see if there will be a widget for this.
  3. I just ran into similar issues with tasks: two different tasks, from two different apps using the same (generic) name. The newest task somehow “disappeared” with the old one from the task manager, consequently it isn’t running, although its app is installed and running.
  4. https://www.sosinvision.com.br/index.php?/announcement/11-ips-marketplace-keys/
  5. Usually it won’t allow to uninstall it for the same reason.
  6. Update your cache in the ACP -> Support. You can also click on Check for Updates button on Applications page.
  7. I got the following error when I tried to restore a content item from an app that doesn't extends the \IPS\Content\Searchable: Thank you.
  8. Fresh install of IPS 4.7.16 and PHP 8.1.27. Although it shows as fixed in 4.7.13, I still have this in a lot of places when you're with IN_DEV on, such as when trying to edit a topic: Or when I try to promote the topic: Several other places where forms are there. If I set DEBUG_TEMPLATES to FALSE in constants.php, everything works just fine.
  9. Suppose you have more than one app using the announcement extension and the extensions have the same name (like Categories in Downloads). In that case, you create one announcement to be shown only in Downloads, but it will make the announcements appear in all apps with the same extension name, regardless of the announcement setting.
  10. Edit the forum you want the topics to be visible to the author and staff, and find:
  11. That’s a forum configuration. You can use the resource indicated by Dawpi and configure your forum like that.
  12. IPS. 2.3.6 was was the latest version from IP.Board 2. IP.Board 3 was released on October/2009. No more IP.Board 2 versions were released. IP.Board 3.4.9 was the latest version from IP.Board 3. IPS4 was released on April/2015. No more IP.Board 3 versions were released. I was here in both releases. You don’t. Support was provided in both cases for a while after. That’s what happened and that’s what I was referring to. If it will happen differently now, I really don’t care.
  13. When they release IPS5, IPS4 won’t have any features or versions. At most, security updates.
  14. The popup shows fine to me but I see the following:
  15. In Core you have the COPPA registration. There’s a 3rd-party resource: https://www.sosinvision.com.br/index.php?/file/88-age-bracket-requirement/
  16. It seems you were excessively helpful. You deserved it twice. 😂
  17. For example: if I set 4 as maxItems on a Stack field, I get the message: which is not right. It should be "You must provide up to 4 items" or something like that. Language bit: form_items_max.
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