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  1. We will have access to it when they release Beta1. They didn’t post yet a topic about dev changes in 4.5 so we’re hoping it won’t break things. Time should be enough to update stuff, if required. 👍
  2. What's New in Version 1.0.5: Fix exception error in Logs page when a topic pinned by the app is deleted
  3. I’ll take a look when I have to upgrade. The integration says clearly ticket. Giveaways doesn’t has tickets so the feature was designed to work only in raffles. Plus: what sense would be a user to play a quiz and try to score 100% to win a “ticket” if he can score 0% then go to giveaway and click in the button to participate?!? No sense at all! The goal of this feature is to avoid users who score 100% to pay for a ticket.
  4. The hugest issue, IMO, is trust blindly your board to something like that. I’ve seen this happen a few times since 2007. And 5% working and officially supported feature is better than 100% of nothing. But that’s only my opinion. 👍
  5. The purpose of this app isn’t become a LMS. Not interested in money. I won’t do this. Thank you.
  6. I have no idea. Will take a look when I update it in next version.
  7. Wouldn't the 4.5 Zapier integration totally replace the need of this resource? See Self-Integration there. Of course it will not be complete at first but others will be able to hook and improve the feature over time.
  8. Thanks for your suggestion. You have an explanation in Study mode. There’s no score there so you can take hours reading explanations. For Graded mode what matters is the Score vs Time and every step is a question/answers. It makes no sense and would require a TOTAL rewrite of “play” mode and you have no idea hoe PITA it is. Due to that, it won’t happen.I guess I already told you this a few posts back.
  9. What's New in Version 1.5.3: Enhancements: Upon request, the textarea was replaced by an editor in the form to apply to an open position (image below) Remember that you can also use Applications Fields to add your own fields and thus customize the form at your wish Fix: Thumbnail on the index I'll consider it when I have to update it in a future version. Just released a version to fix an issue. 👍
  10. Sent you a fix via PM. See if it's working then I'll update the file on marketplace.
  11. Do you use external storage, like S3 or something?
  12. It’s like a profile field. By default you have TITLE, DESCRIPTION, TIME, TYPE OF QUIZ and IMAGE. You can add a field in the post screen to user enter anything you want to know, like his country, mother’s name, name of his pet, etc. Anything you want to know.
  13. What's New in Version 1.0.1: Added TAGs field in the form
  14. I’ll take a look where I have to update it. 👍
  15. Refresh on Link Actions menu on link view. I’m not responsible for 3rd-party service as I already explained several times in this topic. If a screenshot provider isn’t work, then switch to another. If no service available in the application is working, then I accept suggestions of a working provider. Send a message with Screenshot Machine credentials if you want me to try it.
  16. About This File This plugin will convert status updates (and its replies) into topics. Conversion option: Topic title Forum where to create the topic Settings: Delete the status update after convert to a topic Groups allowed to convert a message to a topic Made by request.
  17. Make a favor, please: test the WHOLE app this next week. It's kinda bad bumping this topic at each 10 minutes with suggestion or "bug". I OBVIOUSLY wouldn't release a version if it had a bug like that in notifications. Things are tested, of course. Come back in a few days with things you find in one single post, clear! Thank you.
  18. Keep posting suggestions. Althought I don't reply to them, I'll consider them when I'll have to update the app. No ETA.
  19. You can change the quiz time while it doesn’t has saved games (plays). If it has, you will have to reset games then change:
  20. What's New in Version 1.5.2: New Feature: New moderator permission to convert reviews to comments Enhancements: Script optimization
  21. Ok, next version. I just released a new version yesterday. 👍
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