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  1. No. It works per content item only. Replies/comments or reviews aren’t treated separately.
  2. No. Install will probably ask you to pruchase it again. You really should submit a ticket to IPS.
  3. Are you new on IPS 4.5? You have to tie the resources to the new marketplace. Probably there's a notification in your ACP; click on it. If it's not there, you should submit a ticket to IPS.
  4. No. To download version 4.4, search and find “See changelog” link in the file page in marketplace and select a previous version.
  5. Thinking a bit more on it, the EDIT link shouldn't appear if the user can't edit the record. I'll check this when I have to update the app. 👍
  6. Do you have FTP access? If so, I’ll send instructions via message to edit a file then we’ll know the exact reason, as this is a core message. Then you revert the changes after get the error message. i’ll send a PM later when I reach my PC.
  7. Couldn't reproduce in my onlline board. I'll install it today later on a fresh install to see how it goes. I'll reply back.
  8. Take a look in System Logs to see if there's something logged.
  9. Not sure I understand your question. I just installed, gave permission to Members group and logged in as a member and the block appears on index and it's enabled on Account Settings:
  10. Edit the template and add wherever you want. Sorry but I do not help in customization.
  11. Honestly, that will be extremely annoying for those who’s playing the quiz. I won’t add this.
  12. What's New in Version 1.3.4 Fix issue related to change country in Account Settings.
  13. What's New in Version 2.2.0 Converted to app to handle large boards update
  14. New version submitted and is awaiting review/approval.
  15. I never said it wasn’t. I said it isn’t what is described in his post. Read a few posts before this and you’ll see everybody says the same, including him.
  16. I’m sure this isn’t related to this plugin as it picks the country from the IP address and the issue happens when the user tries to change it in Account Settings and it’s resetting to the IP address country, so it has absolutely nothing to do with the plugin. Follow the file to get notified when it’s updated.
  17. I wouldn't call a BUG as I can't reproduce. I can't fix something that works. If you have a solid steps to reproduce, I'll look into it. This is ok to me. EDIT: @kmk Anyway, the "workaround" works for now so use it. It should probably be some server configuration as I don't have this on my online board. I'll come back to this when I have to update the app.
  18. Well mate, then you already have the "temporary" fix. Create the category with it. Edit. Disable. You're done.
  19. @kmk, I'm not able to reproduce the issue not even in your board! I can: create categories edit cateegories (comments, reviews, etc). copy categories Provide steps to reproduce then I'll take a look. Right now I don't see any problem with the app.
  20. Ok. I will try to reproduce it.
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