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  1. EDITED: I'll take a look in a future version.
  2. I see what you mean: I thought you were saying it wasn't bringing ANY data from specific artists. It is bringing data from everyone, except the description. The API itself does not provide the artist biography. I get that via scraping their page, for example. This is the Kiss page: And from here was coming their biography: Happens that they removed the /about page: https://open.spotify.com/artist/07XSN3sPlIlB2L2XNcTwJw/about I can see the info is still there: but not in a page as it was before. I'll have to browse around and see where they pl
  3. We’ve merged ‘General Chat’ in with the Client Lounge to form ‘The Community Managers’ Lounge’. This is still a perk for active customers and the topics are not viewable unless you have an active license. You show as member, so you don’t have an active license.
  4. I’ll make some tests in a couple of hours. Away from my PC now and we can’t install resources using a phone. 🤔
  5. No change in the app since December, 1st. So if there’s a issue, it’s on the API itself. Which artists?
  6. I would say it's something in your end, as we already talked via message. Tested in 3 boads and it's ok. And you have similar issues in other apps: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/448166-threadstarter-music/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-2846973 https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/456137-threadstarter-sports/?tab=comments#comment-2844507
  7. No, won’t update this. Sorry. Current version should still be functional.
  8. This would definitely be a good use for reaction -1.
  9. Please, check one more thing: does the user has points to exchange for invitations? Note that according to your screenshot from settings above, user must have at least 100 points.
  10. Actually it’s there since IPS 4.3: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/444005-hide-member-content/?do=findComment&comment=2744977
  11. Ok. I’ll make some tests tomorrow and will release a fix if that’s the case.
  12. And the user has 0 Invitations?
  13. Did you enable the Members Shop integration on Invite System settings? And if I’m not mistaken, the user can’t have invitations. It will show only for those who need to exchange/purchase.
  14. There’s no such integration. The only one, as described in this app description is: Member can exchange points for invitations And member will do it in the IS app, not in Members Shop: He can purchase invitations using Commerce.
  15. Are you using the latest Members Country version? Are you in the plugin yet? This is now an app and it doesn’t even has a hook in registration process anymore. It uses memberSync now. EDIT: oh boy, you’re ages outdated! Your last download is from 05/04/2020 03:44 AM! Update it.
  16. @Michel_72, I'm still able to download 2.1.2 from the version history so I've made a test upgrading from 2.1.2 to the latest, the one in marketplace: Updated. No error logged, except the one when I installed 2.1.2 on IPS 4.5 due to a change on ACP menu. The error goes away when the right version is used on 4.5, as shown in the video.
  17. Ask the one in support for the message error pointing to my resource. The only error that could cause an error would an wrong version, which isn't the case:
  18. I'm able to create an account just fine: What's the error message in your log?
  19. It is a marketplace error message. It isn’t from the resource itself.
  20. Please, reply only once and in the right topic! That’s not the topic for this question!
  21. It’s a widget and as such, they’re updated from time to time. You can control the time in your Admin CP. That’s a core setting, not from this plugin. My plugin is LATEST TOPICS, which shows latest topics and their replies. Your sidebar shows LATEST POSTS, which is a different thing.
  22. Of course, as you can see the map in the link view.
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