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  1. Looks nice, but the current app is more specific to welcoming new members. Lots of options, posts, PMs, emails...
  2. So I have it installed on three forums, all have low new member rates. A second forum just had a new member, and I didn't get the welcome post. @Michael.J, I know this is free, but many people really like it. Any chance it will be fixed soon? Maybe make it into a paid app to help you out a little? Thanks
  3. Immediate. All members are manually approved, but it worked OK like this before.
  4. Running latest version, didn't make the welcome post.
  5. You seem to be correct, I tried it in the test section here and was able to edit the title. Thanks
  6. This is showing up for regular users. I suspect it's not supposed to. One of them saw and tried, it didn't work for them. Is it supposed to show?
  7. I have it on a few sites. Oddly, on one site it was doing this, sending to everyone. The other site it works fine. For the bogger site (just under 12k members) I only have it make a post.
  8. Will the 4.5 update be coming soon? At least a version like what we have, but 4.5 compatible? Thanks
  9. I don't think it's the theme. I just turned on mark as solved, that added another item in the footer of posts and that has proper spacing. It's a tiny issue, but it would look nicer.
  10. Did you get yours to show up anywhere? I tried all of the options, I can't see it at all.
  11. Yes, by @Ehren. Is it the theme or Bookmarks?
  12. Hi, There is no space before or after the link for Bookmark.
  13. Hi, I just renewed and updated. It's not showing on my newly updated 4.5.2. I didn't make any changes. It is enabled. I logged in as one of the users, it does not display a message like it was in 4.4 Any suggestions? Thanks
  14. Another suggestion for the ACP Marketplace, please have the error message that pops us when trying to upgrade be more specific when it's time to renew. I tried to upgrade an app and see this when I click Install Upgrade, then I click Agree & Proceed: Then I need to leave my ACP, come here, pay the renewal fee, leave here, go back to my ACP and try again. Could be a little smoother. 🙂
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