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  1. Can you subscribe to a competition? I'd like to know when new pics are posted so that I can vote.
  2. I had. It seems to be working. I deleted the one that was automatically created and added a new one. It works now. The time fields seem a little too small, AM and PM are cut off.
  3. Hmm, seems I am not smart enough to figure this out. I installed and it created the first competition for Mar 2020. When I view it on the site, there are no competitions pending. How do I post a pic?
  4. Not sure what the condition means, can it be removed? I'd prefer it be selected all of the time.
  5. Odd, it's not selected on my site. Is it a setting?
  6. When editing a picture, can "Keep original aspect ratio" be selected by default?
  7. Thank you for considering, it's greatly appreciated.
  8. I know it's a done deal, but the more I think about this feature, the less I like it. It's a shame because there will be no way to go back as mods that give back prior functionality appear to be banned form the Marketplace. This is something that didn't need improving, and if it did, ideally the new option would be better and easier to use. It seems there is no simple way to see all notifications. I need to open each one separately. Please tell me this has not also been added to the ACP. When I get a bounced email (which is often with over 11k members in an old site) I edit their profile, I don't want to have to click hundreds of times to edit 10 or 20 members.
  9. Can you please add an Expand / Open all button? While it may be prettier, it will be a lot more clicking to do the same thing now.
  10. Thank you. My site is in the process of being moved to another host today. I'll try it out today or tomorrow and if I like it, which I suspect I will, I'll happily purchase it.
  11. 😞 Thanks Would anyone that uses this consider sharing a link?
  12. Thanks @Adriano Faria, but I don't want to prevent or discourage posting, just mark the thread if it were old. Maybe the marker could go away after I read the thread?
  13. We have almost a million posts. Sometimes people like to find really old posts and reply, just for fun. I have no plans to move, close, or archive older posts. Could there be some sort of tag or marker that lets users know this is a post that previously had not been responded to in xxx days? Thanks
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