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  1. I uninstalled. It took longer to load than the web page. Also 99% of what I want is unread topics. I spent 2 minutes trying to figure that out and I couldn't, seemed like too much work.
  2. Silly me, I thought this was for my community. I assumed that's why you asked infor about my site. Is there an app for my site, or just this site? Feeling silly. 😞
  3. Have all the beta testers been selected? I have a few sites, with with over 800k posts, and a few have expressed interest in an app. I applied last week, but haven't heard back. Thanks
  4. This has been broken for months, any chance of getting it fixed?
  5. @Adriano Faria is developing one.
  6. Bump, again. This is a paid app that is not working. Would appreciate some assistance.
  7. Thanks, do you know when you'll be able to fix it?
  8. No, it's worse than that. It's randomly inserting words that are in the dictionary. The three words I listed above are in the dictionary and show up as links and hovers. They were not inserted by the user. If I turn of keywords, the words go away altogether.
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