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  1. Hi, Could you offer guidance on this? It's still stuck.
  2. Unread Content also retrieves 0 results.
  3. This site has 20 or so forums: http://www.pathlabtalk.com/ I thought if I added it to the top it would create an easy way to start a thread in each of the forums. Maybe I was testing it wrong, but it looked like I'd end up with 20 blocks.
  4. Hmm, not what I was thinking. I just purchased and installed, and immediately removed. I thought it added a simple way to add a new topic to each forum, I didn't realize it was only for one forum. Am I doing it wrong?
  5. Thanks, do you have an estimate on when you'll be done?
  6. Do you have an estimate on Keywords being updated? 4.4.1 is a security update, so I'd like to update. Thanks
  7. Excellent, I'll definitely install this on one of my sites as soon as I upgrade.
  8. Thanks. Just offering a few dollars if that would help. One of my site depends on this for advertising.
  9. I love this idea. What is used for the title of the topic?
  10. Thanks, happy to donate a few dollars to the update if that would help. 🙂
  11. Too bad you don't know someone who knows their way around the Marketplace.
    Absolutely beautiful theme. I can't imagine how much work must have gone in to this.
  12. Thank you for the reply, it wasn't working at first, but it seems to be working on the default theme now. It wasn't at first.
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