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  1. Hi, Could you offer guidance on this? It's still stuck.
  2. Unread Content also retrieves 0 results.
  3. This site has 20 or so forums: http://www.pathlabtalk.com/ I thought if I added it to the top it would create an easy way to start a thread in each of the forums. Maybe I was testing it wrong, but it looked like I'd end up with 20 blocks.
  4. Hmm, not what I was thinking. I just purchased and installed, and immediately removed. I thought it added a simple way to add a new topic to each forum, I didn't realize it was only for one forum. Am I doing it wrong?
  5. Thanks, do you have an estimate on when you'll be done?
  6. Do you have an estimate on Keywords being updated? 4.4.1 is a security update, so I'd like to update. Thanks
  7. Excellent, I'll definitely install this on one of my sites as soon as I upgrade.
  8. Thanks. Just offering a few dollars if that would help. One of my site depends on this for advertising.
  9. I love this idea. What is used for the title of the topic?
  10. Thanks, happy to donate a few dollars to the update if that would help. 🙂
  11. Too bad you don't know someone who knows their way around the Marketplace.
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