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  1. On twitter there's a basic search shortcut where you can do @USERNAME SEARCHTERM and it will bring up tweets from or two the username with the searchterm Can this get bought into Invision?
  2. Same. I've got 5 of them all with similar names and it was always a bit of a hassle/pain to figure out which was which.
  3. Ok. Wasn't sure if it was a bug or not, I did a search for notifications here first but didn't get anything back.
  4. So I finally updated the site on the weekend, seems to have gone well except the notifications are broke. There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to how a notification gets set as read or unread. In particular I seem to get loads of notifications now that pop up already as unread. What's going on? Fix?
  5. Is this in addition to regular google ads or as a complete replacement?
  6. If by bookshelf I can take it to mean "all over my desk and in various cupboards.. then a few networking books, some generic sci-fi books, various arthur c clarke books including his collected short stories, the aubrey-maturin series and some philosophy books (the republic, st augustine, meditations).
  7. If you've restricted parts of your forum with a minimum content count, that restriction may have been automatically set (or you may have set it inadvertently) to block people who aren't above that minimum count from being able to view the forum. This will block them from viewing the forum regardless of if their specific group is meant to be able to view it and all the permissions are set. There's also a similar setting under "posting requirements" on the "posting settings" tab of each forum's settings. If you remove that restriction it should fix the problem. You should double check by logging in as a new test user that has been given that member group. (I know this is a bit late but I had a similar problem and figured I might add in how I fixed it, if this was the problem).
  8. My admin group is set to unrestricted. I've never had any other moderator function locked out like this before :S
  9. Invision should introduce a setting that limits guest IP's (or any IP tbh) to a maximum of 3 or 4 "guest" users at one time.
  10. Hi, I wanted to split off some posts into an existing topic, after selecting the posts to move over to the new thread, it would tell me "You do not have permission to moderate that topic". Obviously as the admin, I should have permission to do whatever I want. Anyone else run into this issue? I'm not even sure how to even try fixing it.
  11. Ah, looks like an adblocker filter was causing it, I believe because it's element appears to be labelled "share" and one of the lists that gets rid of social media stuff blocked it. Thanks all.
  12. Oh thanks. I'll look into it.
  13. Unless I'm stupid I can't see anything like that?
  14. There's one thing I've noticed on Invision it lacks that many other forum do have, which is when you view a post that includes quote, there's button to go to the original quoted post. Is this an option or just non-existent?
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