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  1. Dammit. My apologies for being stupid. I promise to smack myself at least five times on your behalf.
  2. wrt to using the Address field and maps I couldn't get an Address field to appear using Settings, but I can get one to appear with Extra Fields. Not sure if it is supposed to work that way or not. For the map to appear in the future, should I be using one or the other ? Will the map appear if the Address is an extra field? Just want to check before I enter a lot of info and activate the field in all the categories. EDIT: Update, set up Google Maps API. Working in Calendar. Thanks JM
  3. What if you could use swear words on the forum, but you had to pay for it somehow? Cost you rep, or points in a point system. Hell it could even accumulate in a swear jar as an invoice and if you reach a certain amount you have to pay to unlock your account.... LOL, that would be hilarious.
  4. The ability to leave them on one or the other. Also if they were compact like the main forum index on the parent forum... it might be ok. The plug in above works great, but it's the large amount of space taking on the parent forum that is the issue. Not so much the listing of them on the main index as it is pretty compact
  5. I'll give it a shot and try things out. Just weary of installing interdependent things, but Member Shop sure looks cool and if they work together it would be great. I'll buy it tomorrow. Cheers.
  6. Is there just a simple way to allow people to join a raffle? Like a block that says "Enter to win", so they at least have to be logged in to enter and a member of a certain group? I want them to at least be participating in the site somehow. I don't want it to simply be a member group with X content, as there are thousands of those who don't participate. What is a straight forward way to have an active user group for the raffles? Could I simply use the Member Last Posted option in Promotions to bump them up and down? I wonder how often that runs (on CIC)
  7. I just added a bunch of subforums at people's request.... and well, that sucked. Now if you go to the main forum most of the screen is the sub forums. Is there a way to get rid of this? Option to hide them and have a Subforum menu block would be good. Foster's plug in seems to only work to 4.3.
  8. EDIT: I see it now. --------------------------
  9. Post before registration needs a feature where by it connects to an artificially intelligent space based weapon system that exterminates spammers.
  10. .... or is this already possible. Couldn't see a way to do it. It is a PITA to enter things, so people just don't bother. If I am entering 50 games I don't need a description for each one.
  11. Yes, I get that. What I am trying to figure out is how to add people to that group in the last 30 days that added content via Pages for a monthly Raffle. It doesn't seem like any of the point systems work with Pages. I'll probably just get it and try to keep it simple somehow. But really hoping to encourage people to be adding content in Pages and Link Directory (which is great by the way) JM
  12. Well, what I am hoping to do is have a raffle for people who have contributed content that month. What is a practical way to distinguish them I guess is the challenge. I could see perhaps adding people who do XYZ into a subgroup and then holding the raffle for those in the sub group. But if the content you are looking for is not the total, but what they have done in the last 30 days I am wondering how to do that. Points systems, member store ect... few things seem to support Pages, could be technical or just not many people use it or both...
  13. If you were to do a monthly raffle, based on contributions that month.... how would people suggest that work? Looking at Member Shop, but it doesn't seem to award points for DB Records in Pages. Just looking to raffle off a prize on a monthly basis for contributors.
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