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  1. let a=parseInt("YOUR SOUL"); consoleLog(a); >666
  2. Or.... "YOUR SOUL" "FIRST BORN" Lots of fun to be had here.
  3. That looks great. They could add a few more options (hero image ect). But if you keep adding them, then your support issues compound. But I do agree, there could be a few more template options.
  4. Have you tried Pages? The article/db/block system is pretty good.
  5. Community within the community sums it up perfectly. It really says it all. Everything you would want or need to do with the site as a whole, you literally need in clubs. opentypes suggestion of education/courses, combined with commerce alone is more than enough justification for it.
  6. Gotta get in on the gifs Spring? I would think it would be sooner than that if it's running this site.
  7. That makes sense. I used them in 3, but not now.. The other option the guy has to direct the comments to a forum, and use a forum block to dispay them.
  8. Are we talking about different things then? This is on the front end. This is on the back end
  9. There is an article comments block in the back end. If on the front end can you do this? 1. Go to Pages 2. Go to Custom Blocks 3. Click Edit 4. Scroll down to Article Blocks 5. Article Comments Block. You can configure it in the back end. It is worth learning this, it won't take any time. Blocks you make in the back end you can re use, and configure once. If you change it it changes everywhere on the site. Don't use the front end to make blocks, just use it to position them.
  10. Perhaps club is the wrong term. A section of the site that has it's own content, own products, restricted access, has a myriad of uses. Our group is really many groups across the country, it would be excellent for this. Other uses like crowd funding it would also be very helpful.
  11. Well I was more referring to the 2000's part of the comment. That all sites should confirm to the latest design trend.
  12. This is the kind of comment I don't understand. Am I just not so finely tuned to see what the great abomination is? The alternatives that people point to for 'modern' ..... I just don't get it. Yet I show these same people the mobile site and tell them it's an app, and suddenly they like it. So I really feel like calling bs on this kind of criticism without a better explanation.
  13. Just set up Dimension! I really like it.

    Is there an optimal header image size for the header switcher?



    1. ehren.


      Nice, thanks for the support Jamie! Since the size of the header varies depending on the size of your browser window, there isn't really an optimal size. Just make sure the file size is appropriate and you're good to go! 🙂

    Great stuff sir. I was going to try and write something weirder than the other review... but it's Friday and I just want to get out of here....lol
  14. About to implement this. What do people recommend? Subscriptions or Make a Product?
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