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  1. When adding the CNAME files, do you add them and leave the existing ones, or add them and replace/delete the old ones... It's not clear in their docs, or anywhere I searched. Thanks JM
  2. Would it be possible, looking at the menu manager, to copy the menu as you add a language. Initially copies all the parameters and you could change them if you want to to pull off the language trick described above. And I wrote this without using the word 'just' 🙂 ..... 'cause you know .... why don't you 'just' do it this way.....lol
  3. The system for changing the language, say for blocks, menu items, commerce descriptions and stuff is fantastic. What I am suggesting here is a way to provide the illusion that the db serves up different content by language. This would not work on the front page I suspect. Let's say you have Events menu item pointing to Events DB. If you switch to Spanish the menu will change to Eventos but target the Spanish version of that Page with ESP Events DB I hope I am a moron and this is already possible.... lol
  4. Thanks, we'll find a solution. Possibly just forgo the db and use blocks for now. 🙂 OOOh. Is there a reasonable way to have the menu change on a language change? Like a toggle between two different News & Events databases that point to different pages. One in English and one in French. That would ostensibly be the same thing and a lot easier than rejigging the system to swap the content. I hate merging posts.
  5. I can see in the db how to change the title ect... but is there any way to have a French and English version of a given article?
  6. Is there any way articles, translated, can switch with the selected language? If we have the English version of an event in News & Events... and they switch to Spanish... how do you change the record output? JM
  7. I would like to use a French translation, but the current one is only compatible with 4.4. What happens? Does it break things? Not work at all? Or just missing some parts? Can't seem to post in the Marketplace Support area Thanks. JM
  8. Maybe in the future there will be a blocks only release, and call it Block Party!
  9. In the space of community software, the default format makes more sense (though i think repeating the author and time posted isn't necessary) That is if you have many different people contributing articles say. But when it is the site owner/single author the repeated username and profile image are repetitive. Imagine if you had multiple databases with different content types on the front page in say three columns..... that would be a lot of profile pic icons...LOL 🙂 What examples do you want? . It's not about what I want, I just want it to be simpler, an option show just the record title say in whatever the Theme font settings are. People should keep in mind I am posting this as a result of recommending IPS to people. I think the whole suite is greatly underrated and it is a colossal task to take on breadth of functionality they have. I would convert the entire internet into Wikipedia if I could....lol. Ok maybe not that bad....
  10. I don't think I am simply saying "Just do better". I am saying this output is unlike any CMS out there for displaying a list records in a block. Imagine something simpler. A website that has a single database with articles in it. Unless that front page is set to the article page with the DB embedded in it set to Article view.... well what are your options? If on your front landing page you want your recent articles in a column, gallery images in another say, twitter feed ect.... any combination of perfectly normal things.... that article block will not remotely look like any website on the Internet doing something similar. It's just not how articles on any system I can think of are displayed in a block. Thumbnail, Title or Teaser. Or if images are not required in the record, just the title and or teaser would be better, cleaner and simpler.
  11. Well, it is that easy if you know what to do, and if it is that easy why on earth have they not provided such a thing? Think of it this way. We can create databases, and there are lots of reasons to create more than one for different kinds of content. Let's say you make two. In the default mode of this system your front page cannot display access to both of those in even a remotely appealing way. Your front page will look like two columns of the above. For any content that is visual, not having a thumbnail in a record feed is content discovery suicide.
  12. This is the view I am talking about The bullets add nothing, the username and time posted are repeated, Comments, views and ratings.... just are not needed. You want to get people to go to the content. Some combination or lack thereof Thumbnail, Title, Teaser, Date, Username.
  13. Those look great! Good job. I think the worry is that they don't want to mess with anything, and when the next people come along they can just take over. Even the stock template didn't survive an upgrade to 4.5 from whatever version it was running on. Not saying nothing should ever change. I just understand that they don't want something they need to customize. The Record Feed view is really weird.
  14. Yeah, but I think custom anything and no paid plug ins are what they want. All of those eventually break.... (not always of course) They are not wrong. It is a very peculiar output and something more 'normal' should be on offer out of the box. I think I will convince them to simplify the site and just use the article view in a single column with other stuff in the sidebar. To get back to zero with WP with what you get out of the box here would be insane.... and talk about plug ins not working down the road.....
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