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  1. Hi, I know where to change the widget font size, but is there any way to reduce the height of the title bars across the site? Thanks
  2. Has anyone had success getting the latest version to work using the following code. We are still getting errors RewriteRule ^potm/([0-9]+)-([a-z]+)/?$ /competition/entry/$1-$2/ [R=301,NC,L] RewriteRule ^potm/(.*)$ /competition/$1 [R=301,NC,L]
  3. Is there a way to restrict Category view: If we decide to purchase this we will only want members to be able to download 1 gallery at a time in order to keep them as an upgraded member for a longer period. If that is possible let us know Many thanks
  4. Yep we feel completely ripped off to.
    Brilliant app and excellent support
  5. We use https://dlvrit.com/ Puts everything on auto pilot and drives an insane amount of traffic back to our community from twitter and facebook groups / pages but you can also auto post to linkedln, google business, pinterest, tumblr, slack and instagram
  6. Brilliant thanks Feature request for future - It would be great to have an RSS feed of the entries so we can push them out automatically to our social media accounts.
  7. Hi re this setting: Max votes per month Is that how many votes a user can vote per competition, or how many votes the competition itself can have? Thanks Hi, Also does the competition auto close on the last day of the month?
  8. Hi Andy, Are their any widgets included? Thanks
  9. Is this your app on this site or something different? https://doglymail.com/motm/ Thanks,
  10. Hi, Is anyone else getting this issue? In firefox and IE edge everything is fine 100% of the time With the default theme everything is 100% all of the time on firefox, chrome and IE edge But just in Chrome, only and only on the topic list pages the side bar is pushed out to the right, IE; https://www.walkingfootball.com/forums/forum/141-walking-football-lotg/
  11. Checked & It's the same as the other league pages. I didn't make any changes to the widget, I just added league fixtures
  12. Hi, Got a weird one. I updated some results today for this league https://www.walkingfootball.com/football/league/47-herefordshire-fa-walking-football-league/ The table was showing as I took a screenshot of it for the news item but the table has now disappeared from this one league page Tables appear fine on the other league pages Any ideas?
  13. I have to remove a youtube video embed urgently I am trying to use the delete option but the video is not deleting I have tried to use hide but that is not working either so it looks like bug in your latest release for 4.4 Please can I have some help ASAP please on how we can delete this entry Thanks
  14. This theme (light version) was only submitted in February this year and already support is dropped It's the most expensive theme we have ever purchased here - we feel totally ripped off.
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