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  1. Hi, We are using this app and not sure if it is connected or not but have this issue. Has anyone come across an issue where every few days the clubs are re-ordered in the order they were created? So the first created club is in position 1, the second every created club is in position 2 etc? Any ideas what could be resetting the order?
  2. Many thanks Also is there a way to fix the height of blocks pulling in content as we have 4 on here, two side by side. It would be good if we could truncate titles and text so they look uniform. Is this possible?
  3. Another question, On the calendar block how would we change either the background or the numbers so the date shows properly? Please see here: https://www.walkingfootball.com/ Thanks
  4. Hi, I have just installed this and the block title is not showing
  5. Hi, I just tried to change the background of the topic post to white but it's not changing on the front end. Am I correct in thinking the setting to do this is: Topic View Tab The update the Topic background field? If that is the correct place, it doesn't work
  6. You are an absolute star, thank you
  7. Hi, Yes it would be great to be able to change the size thank you
  8. Hi, I have installed the latest version. When making changing to this, the font on my widgets does not change in size. Title: Font size (in px)Font size used for all widget and section titles Is this a bug? Many thanks and a Happy New Year!
    Hi, Great app to help drive sales. Be perfect when we can hide from members who have already purchased.
  9. I have the latest version of invision and dulpicate account logger It is not picking up all duplicates plus when I try to view the duplicate accounts for the ones it does pickup the list is blank This is is quite an urgent matter thanks
  10. HI, If the title is long the button goes across in to the sidebar https://www.walkingfootball.com/competition/entry/67-browns-walking-football-tournament-portugal/
    Fantastic, easy to use and intuitive. Has transformed the front page of our site into something looking very professional and love the swipe option making it easy for all device users to move and pick the content that catches their eye quickly and easily. Brilliant.
  11. Hi, We are using several widget throughout the site so if we can avoid removal it would be good. It was some iframe code to show a youtube video responsively. I deleted it in web inspector but the block manager didn't reappear unfortunately. Any other ideas?
  12. Hi, We have a big problem and don't know how to get out of it. We added some code that's supposed to show a responsive youtube video into a custom widget However it has messed up our site design but also stopped the edit page option with block manager so we cannot delete the widget The only way we can get the site to display correctly is to disable the Advanced Custom Widgets widget - but then we cannot delete the widget on the page because the plugin is disabled. Can you help us?
  13. Hi, Do we add this as a new app or can we upgrade the existing app if we had the old version? Thanks
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