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  1. I have no idea to how to do this as we are not that technical - Is this something you could check? Your cms access is still live
  2. Hi, no errors in the logs unforuntately
  3. I have member location installed But I cannot see it in the list for select profile fields Do I have to do anything for it to appear there?
  4. Re: It is finally compatible with the Member Location plugin. In the list of profile fields, you'll see an entry for this plugin on top of the list. You may have to press the link in the "Import members" setting to restart the sync process after changing the Can I double check exactly where I have to go to do this please? Thanks
  5. If it would be great if we could rename the title of the widget from the default Photo Competition to custom names to make it easier for visitors to know which photos in that widget are in which competition Or is there already a way to do this? Thanks
  6. can you check here please: https://www.walkingfootball.com/competition/history/ The July results has the same photo twice
  7. Because we had just bought one of his expensive themes before he dropped support for it
    Definitely the best chat application available for invision community not only compared to chat apps on here but all chat apps available elsewhere This is even better than flashchat from many years ago that really helped us generate revenue from our forums. 10 out of 10 all round for this one.😃
  8. Never will, He run off with a duffle bag full of invision customers cash and has dropped support for all paid themes and whatever else.
  9. Hi Andy, We have just started to use this again. I just visited the site as a new user, asked a question and went through the process of signing up which all went through fine. However the question is not showing up in the forum and the new user account I asked it via has nothing listed in their profile activity list once logged in and checking Can you remind me what I else I need to enable for this to work in the forum section. I have selected 1 forum in the list for the questions to appear. It works fine if a registered members uses the plugin with the question appearing. I have tried it both with [System] Post Before Registering enabled and disabled. I have the plugin above the photos on the homepage here if you want to test: https://www.walkingfootball.com/ Many thanks
    Great little plugin especially if you use adsense and want to monitize your photos with adverts. Adsense terms and conditions do not allow ads to be displayed in overlays and popups such as lightbox
  10. Sorry running behind, I will do a screenshot Also is there a way to have a different logo for the mobile version? I really want to achieve a large logo for desktop and have a minimal one for mobile devices Thanks again
  11. Hi, I know where to change the widget font size, but is there any way to reduce the height of the title bars across the site? Thanks
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