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  1. Unlucky

    Basic Points (Support)

    With the reset points option How would we set it that points expire every 90 days? Thanks
  2. Unlucky

    Limited Email Content

    Hi @Fosters yes this one
  3. Unlucky

    Limited Email Content

    Hi, Unfortunatelty this is also restricting content when members use the contact form function Would it be possible to exclude emails sent via the contact form? Thanks
  4. Unlucky

    CodingJungle's Apps [support topic]

    Any idea why some members would get this error? Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: 2S119/1 It's not a group permission issue as other members from the same group have logged in
  5. Unlucky

    Template System

    Martin the Member map developer states the following so this means your app with work with his then yes? To answer her question, member markers are content items.
  6. Unlucky

    Member Map

    Feature request. It would be great to be able to create an IP pages custom block containing the new map markers that have been added. Would this be possible?
  7. Unlucky


    Just an update we still have not had anyone awarded yet for content https://www.walkingfootball.com/awards/category/2-content-contributor/ We do however have another rule setup & it is working as intended
  8. Unlucky

    Template System

    Does this work with the add marker section in member map I would like to add some fields to the add marker page https://www.walkingfootball.com/membermap/markers/group/11-friendlies/ Thanks
  9. Unlucky

    (NB41) My Football

    Also just had a thought. If I use css to hide the fixtures showing on the main league page with table and description, how will users be able to see the fixtures just for that particular league?
  10. Unlucky

    (NB41) My Football

    That's so weird the button wasn't there earlier. When a user clicks that button it looks like they are still on the same page as the page looks identical until they scroll. Theres no way to let them know they have to scroll down so any idea on what css change is needed to hide the blocks? Thanks It would also be really good if the news button actually took them to a new page with news items on it like this one https://www.walkingfootball.com/football/news/category/1-tra-south-league-announcement-news/
  11. Unlucky

    (NB41) My Football

    Just also noticed if I just want to have the news button on the league page nothing shows up https://www.walkingfootball.com/football/league/39-essex-walking-football-league-over-65s-division-2018/
  12. Unlucky

    (NB41) My Football

    Trouble is if I delete the table widget from the news page it also deletes it from the main league page I also can't find anyway of deleting the fixtures from the league page to solve the issue that the user complained about
  13. Unlucky

    (NB41) My Football

    Hi, The site users are aged 50 - 90 years plus, so anything wizzy like collapsing fields are far too technical for them I think what the person is complaining about is there is too much data on the league page and same as news page - if you go to the news page https://www.walkingfootball.com/football/league/39-essex-walking-football-league-over-65s-division-2018/news/ The news is buried underneath the league table then in a category. It is hard to find for users. It would be good to have a league page with just a league table and a league description A news page just containing news for that league - especially if we can bypass the news category page, listing categories (league news can most likely work better without cats just living on 1 page with tabination like the news app here https://www.walkingfootball.com/news/) A fixtures page just containing fixtures for that league With the 3 above pages of information available to access via the button widget that sits in it's current position
  14. Unlucky

    (NB41) My Football

    Weird its now showing 3 buttons but not all 4 which I had selected in the widget box as per screenshot above. Having the All fixtures button on an individual league page can be confusing for the players because they will think it is all of their fixtures for that particular league - hope that makes sense. If that all fixtures button that is available in the widget could point to that particular leagues fixtures only it should make everything simplier for them It would be neater and tidier as per the original member complaint that the current league page is too busy if we could have that leagues fixtures on a separate page from the league table and the league description.
  15. Unlucky

    (NB41) My Football

    Hi, I just installed the new version but the fixtures are still under the league table and league description. When I try to add the button widget at the top and select all the options in screenshot 1 I only get 1 button showing as per screenshot 2 Also I think the all fixtures button take members to a page showing every fixture - not just the fixtures for a particular league that they play in