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  1. Hi, The people near you function is no longer working - it is returning zero results
  2. So is there an ETA yet? Thanks
  3. Unlucky

    Radical Tags

    Hi, Just renewed licence and looking to see where to change this. If you can help that would be great The text color appears to default to black and with our colors we really need it to be white
  4. Can anyone confirm this please? Thanks
  5. Unlucky

    Radical Tags

    Hi, How do we change the text colour in the prefixes?
  6. Any update on your update or can you confirm current version will work with 4.5? Thanks,
  7. hi, does this still have the full inbox warning?
  8. Hi, This is not working on pages the same as the other app, valla collections we recently purchased. The widget does not show and none of the changes in the widget are saved. Works ok on the forums app.
  9. Hi, Glad to see the new update is out. Is there a way we can order the tabbed content. It seems to put them in alphabetically and there is no way to re-order them? If there is how can we do it, and if not could this be added to a future release? Many thanks
  10. Hi, Yes it was pages I am trying to add it to. How long will it for the new version to go live? Or is there a patch you can add in the meatime? Thanks
  11. Hi, Just purchased this. I get the exact same problem - How did you fix it? Thanks
  12. Hi, Any update on release date? Thanks
  13. Is there any way of including unique guest views?
  14. Yes interested in buying when 4.5 version is live
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