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  1. I'd love something like this if anyone can come up with it.
  2. Just checked and the No Wrapper selection is still there. Here's a screenshot of the e-mail: Thanks for your help!
  3. I just downloaded this for the 'No Wrapper' feature, and it seems to not be working when I enter Member Filters and select that function for the e-mail I'm sending. Am I doing something wrong?
  4. I was talking about promoting forum posts on social media, not promoting forum posts to articles. But thanks for trying to help!
  5. Will probably have to wait a few months until I can afford a renewal. Just irritating that I didn't inquire about it as soon as I saw it.
  6. I've checked the mod permissions on the member group permissions and on the database permissions. All I can see is an option to tick "Can promote content to social media" which is already ticked. I've tried creating a new theme but no luck there sadly. Where do you actually promote articles from? I'm assuming it's the 'Promote' button next to the 'Follow' button like it is with forum posts? All good there, but thanks for trying to help!
  7. How do you promote articles? There is no link in any of my themes to do this but I've seen screenshots of it done.
  8. Sorry to veer off topic, but may I ask how you managed to promote news articles? I don't even have the Promote button available there.
  9. I have the same problem even on the default template. Where do we find the promote link for an article?
  10. Never mind, I got it working! If youre a total newb like me, here's step by step instructions: Customization > Themes > Find your chosen theme and click 'Edit HTML and CSS' Using the search bar, search your templates for "advertisement=". You will find a line such as "{advertisement="ad_global_header"}". Copy and paste the code to replace that line, making sure that you change "{advertisement="ad_tag_here"}" to the original line's contents - in this case "ad_global_header". Change the section in the code saying "forum_id_1, forum_id_2, forum_id_3, forum_id_4, and_so_on"
  11. @thompsone, thank you for your hard work on this! Could I trouble you for a bit more information as to how to implement it? Which files do I edit to remove ads on just one of my forums?
  12. The ability to search by username is really useful, I've been looking for that for ages.
  13. Is it at all possible to introduce a function to position embeds? For example, you can position YouTube videos to be centred or right-sided when you copy and paste the code in, but not when you embed automatically.
  14. But I use my Content app to post actual news articles, so I don't want everyone who can post articles to also have mod permissions on the rest of the forum. Is that possible to set up?
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