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  1. Ah and this is from the BBFC itself: https://www.ageverificationregulator.com/ That should provide ample information. 🙂
  2. @Ryan Ashbrook: Apparently not, just ticking a box saying that you're over 18 or writing in a D.o.B field that you're over 18 is no longer sufficient. It'd apparently require an actual age verification thing. More information can be found via a Google search but here's an article on it from late last year.
  3. We use our Invision Power Suite to power an adult website, which is going to fall foul of the UK's Draconian 2017 Digital Economy Act's "Porn Ban", which could see sites that are available to UK citizens being fined up to £250,000 or having their website completely banned in the UK. It's due to come into force on July 15th 2019, for not complying to Age Verification checks. I was wondering if something could be implemented so that people can use services like AVSecure's AgePass, or something? Or would this be a third party mod solution? Currently as it stands I'm not all too clear about how this integrates with IPS Software, and I'm a little worried about the deadline date. Any help would be appreciated. Sorry if this was posted in the wrong area.
  4. @InvisionHQ For some reason my members can't find the poke button on mobile view, because there is no button do so. Is there any possibility of integrating the Poke's app a little more in the next update, please?
  5. Sorry for not getting back to you. It is my birthday today and the missus took me out. Thank you for the fix, it's deeply appreciated. I know how ridiculous this was.
  6. @All Astronauts I have come across a minor bug involving text wrapping. As you can see someone wrote in some binary which currently overflows off of their profile page and overflows off of the hovercard. Is this fixable without changing the quote, at all?
  7. Thanks very much! Edit: @InvisionHQ - Yep! That works a treat. Again: thank you very much! 🙂
  8. Unfortunately this kind of thing happens; not often. But it does happen. I'm not really sure that there is any recourse either, which is what you agreed to when you buy from the IPS Marketplace: I'd say ask the author (nicely) for a refund. I personally recommend @ehren.'s theme's. He's been consistant and doesn't seem to be going anywhere. It's what I use and I find his themes to be exceptional. Any problems that I have had, he's been quick to fix, and goes above and beyond in trying to resolve problems. You might want to consider that going forward. As I said, I've found him to be extremely reliable and consistant. Here's a link to his files, if you're interested.
  9. When viewing a homepage on the club, for some reason - sometimes, the images don't show up. I suspect it's a lazy load problem because I do have that enabled, and it's something I have seen with other mods on here that seems to be a problem. When you go to edit the homepage for the club the image does show up, but when you save the image disappears again. As you can see here (What's blurred isn't relevant) the image seems to be a thin line: This is something I have experienced with the FAQ and Member Notes app of which for the former @Daniel F suggested that this is because the mod isn't compatible with Lazy Load.
  10. @Adriano Faria It seems that in 4.4.2 with the lastest version of this application that images don't show in the member notes; I think I've seen this error with another application (An FAQ application) and it turned out to be caused by Lazy Load (Which I have enabled), as pointed out by @Daniel F. Please can you check this? Thanks in advance!
  11. This doesn't seem to add people in to the server who link their discords up with my site, and there is no clear path to allow them to join the Discord server either. I have to create an invite link which gives the invite code out in the URL, allowing them to potentially give that invite code out to their friends and just remove my url from it and replace it before the code with Discord's invite URL. Which defeats the purpose of locking it to specific member-groups, as it bypasses my site and uses the Discord invite system. For example: If the link is: https://site.tld/discord/invite/1234567/ Then all they would need to do is give out the link: https://discord.gg/1234567 And they've effectively bypassed it, they can give that out to whoever they like, which effectively bypasses the usergroup permissions. This is the one thing I loved about the other application; it could be if I wanted it to be a completely closed system, in that people who wanted to join the Discord could do so without invites. And there doesn't appear to be a clear path to the invite system at all, anyway. Instead of joining the user upon linking their Discord account, they then have to go find the widget - click on it, and then go through. This is quite unnecessary in a closed system. EDIT: Okay so I fixed the Invite Link problem where it would show the Invite Code by deleting the default "General" (which didn't work originally) and resetting it. This has resolved that issue. However there is still no clear path from syncing your Discord Account up to going onto the server. It seems you have to go find the Discord Widget afterwards and click on that. It'd be a good idea to include it on the account settings page, or have it so that on synchronisation to already logged in members via the account settings page - it automatically puts you on the Discord server. If that makes sense. Also there doesn't appear to be any kind of role synchronisation what-so-ever. In my tests (Admin) when I joined the Discord Server, I was put in the default category. What does "Role Synchronisation" mean, exactly?
  12. Added them in as links, but as @Daniel F said - I do have Lazy Load enabled.
  13. I'm not sure if this is just another example of my site being wonky or if it's a bug in the application, but embeds and images don't appear to work. When I put an image in when editing it appears, but when I save it and view the FAQ normally, it doesn't show the image at all. In fact for me, when I right clicked on the image and asked it to open in a new tab, it loaded '/applications/core/interface/js/spacer.png'. If you can reproduce this, then it's a bug. If not then I guess something on my end is not co-operating nicely.
    Application Version (at the time of writing review): 1.0.3 Installed IPS Version (at the time of writing review): 4.4.1 ------------------------------------------------------- @SoftwareFactory is a relatively new member here on Invision Power and so I wasn't really expecting this application to be amazing... My how wrong I was. This app is much better than the other solutions out there on the marketplace, and it's beyond amazing! Considering this is the 1.x release the customisability options is astonishing; and I cannot wait to see what later versions have in store. I found the configuration wizard to be extremely useful, and very well coded, it's not something I had ever seen before as far as I recall so it was pretty refreshing to see. As for the app itself, it seems to function perfectly as far as I can tell and the widgets are pretty cool to add to the forums. I've not encountered any bugs, and it seems this was very well tested. If you have a Discord server for your site, I highly recommend this application!
  14. This is actually a good idea and exactly the kind of thing I need, @Makoto and I might actually consider buying this very soon. Thanks.
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