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  1. Member's Country

    It is, that comes with your IPS licence being active. Happy to help, man.
  2. Member's Country

    I know this wasn't aimed at me, but I think I can answer it. Adriano means your IPS Licence. Active means that you can receive updates for it - if you're self hosted. If you're hosted though IPS then I'd assume it's always active. Hope that helps.
  3. Basic Points (Support)

    Is there any future releases planned in the near future for this app, @Mike John? It still works, but no one can really use the points they're accumulating on my board, and there hasn't really been any major updates for a while. Thanks in advance.
  4. Ban from Topics

    Apparently it was: But I haven't tested it since, because I've moved on to my own solution. The review is an old review; and I will happily edit it, if I am able to, because if the bug doesn't exist anymore I need to edit it to reflect that. But whilst I accept the apology, as we all have stuff going on, I can't say my updated review will be positive. But I can try it out again and test for you @motomac, if you want.
  5. FAQ System (IPS v4)

    Ignore the PM I sent last week as well as my post, then. Because this is exactly what I brought up as well. But er, thanks for the patch, Headstand. It seems to be working perfectly again.
  6. Pages SuperDocs support topic

    Okay, well thanks anyway, man... This is a fantastic pages template.
  7. Pages SuperDocs support topic

    I've set mine up to be like a guide system, where I've got categories, and sub categories within those categories, and then each article is a part numbered 1, 2, 3, etc within the subcategory. Is there anyway that like the Category does, that I can make sub-categories collapsable too? Like so: Thanks in advance.
  8. FAQ System (IPS v4)

    @HeadStand - I've got some weird issues going on on my site, I updated the FAQ system for my site and whilst the old questions work (somewhat), new ones don't, and editing questions adds images to the post that were only for other questions and not the one I am editing... I'll send you a link via PM as my site is not SFW.
  9. Pages SuperGrid support

    I have removed it and reinstalled it, I'll see if that fixes it. So far so good after a few hours. I'll let it run for a few days and if I will let you know what happens. This is all odd to me too. Perhaps what I should have stated is that there seems to be default settings when you load the plug in, in. What this would do before I uninstalled and reuploaded it, was turn everything off, and set all the numerical stuff to zero after a length of time. I will play around in the ACP and see if it resets again though. Thanks for your response though. Edit: Yes, yes it did fix it. I'll chalk that up to a glitch on my end.
  10. Pages SuperGrid support

    @opentype - I dare classify it as anything. But there is something wrong with the plugin, in that it doesn't retain my settings, and I have to go back and set it all back up, over and over and over again. I'm not sure what's going on, but when I set it, it does work and my settings save, but after a little while with no further interaction in the ACP all the settings reset back to default.
  11. Kitchen Sink

    @All Astronauts Did you change the + Create bit at all in this version? Before (with KS15/16) in the IPSFocus skin (Shift) it displayed as a pencil, which is what I wanted, yet now it just shows "+ Create" regardless of setting choices.
  12. Clubs Enhancements

    I've spotted a "Possible Bug"... If you don't understand what I've written please ask me to clarify it. If a member has a club (A normal member with no ACP access) with the forum feature, that has topics/posts in it, they can delete that feature. But: When they delete it, they get shown to a screen where they can move the content (or Delete it). The problem is on that screen (Bare in mind that the member doesn't have ACP access) it says: This message is meaningless to them because they don't have ACP access. I reckon it's easily fixed through changing the languages, but I figured I'd let you know.
  13. Clubs Enhancements

    It seems to work perfectly.
  14. Clubs Enhancements

    ... sure, why not. I can at least test it out for you... And I didn't see that post, I went to get some lunch and I came back and just carried on writing the post.
  15. Clubs Enhancements

    I don't mean exploit as in a security exploit, I was talking from the perspective of someone using an intended feature - in an unintended way. Abusing it to do something malicious. I'll stick to 'Cat Lover' for this example sinareo: Member makes Club, calls it "Cat Lover's Club". This member is the Club Owner of that club. The Club Owner (The Member previously mentioned) changes the club owner to the Site Administrator. Who wasn't even in the club to begin with. The Site Administrator is asleep, they had no say in becoming the Club Owner, and didn't ask to be the Club Owner, but now he automatically is. Even though he wasn't even in the club to begin with, he's added into the club automatically and set to the "Owner" despite the fact he never wanted to be in said club. The OLD Club Owner (The Member) leaves the club. The Member takes screenshots of the Site Administrator being the owner of the club (Falsely accuse the Site Administrator of creating it as these things like change of ownership and such don't appear in the activity feed). Aftermath: Member now parades screenshot as 'Proof' that the Site Administrator (Who is still asleep but the new club owner, and never asked for it) is a cat lover. I do not know if I can get clearer than that, dude. I was painting the scenario out, and asking if there could be some kind of accept/reject. So that when the club owner changes the owner of the club to someone else, that very same someone else gets a notification asking if they want to be the club owner or not, where they can actually say Yes/No, so that it doesn't do it for them without their permission. Or make it optional for the site owner to disable it...