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  1. It's kind of funny in a way. IPS moved the marketplace to be within the ACP in the recent version. Now these places are struggling to stay online or are outright shutting down, less than a few weeks later. Either great timing, or that was an extremely effective move on IPS's part. 😄 I was skeptical about it, but apparently results speak for themselves. It's a good day.
  2. This happens still in the new version for IPS 4.5.2. I've tried rolling back the PHP version, but that didn't seem to do anything. Perhaps something changed in IPS way back when that broke it.
  3. Not sure if this bug is reported or not, but it seems that the credits for reputation doesn't seem to be consistent either. On my community, credits seem to be awarded when someone reacts to a post made on the forums or in a club. However reactions made to statuses, gallery images, gallery albums and the like don't seem to change the points at all. I'm pretty sure this used to work, but I think since upgrading PHP to 7.3.20 it no longer works consistently. @TheJackal84
  4. Welcome back Nathan! I'm glad to read that you're doing better. 🙂 I have a suggestion if I can; can the users select what kind of dice is being thrown? For example D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20? And how many of them are being thrown? Because when we tried it out, it seemed that the dice were pretty much all but hard coded (I think they could be modified from the ACP), it threw a bunch of dice that was Admin defined and didn't really make much sense to the user side of it, at least from what I got from feedback. Roll20 has a similar system: Anyway, I will look forward to seeing
  5. Facing a problem with the Bank: I'm thinking if the table in which the banked points has changed at some point since the original release of Members Shop, it might not have properly moved over, or something. So it could be reading my balance from one table and storing in a different one? I don't exactly know. That would be my best guess, I could be completely wrong and it doesn't like large numbers? Either way, I have ~2M in bank, and I try to withdraw 5k, it says that I need to withdraw between 10 and ~2M. 5k is between those two numbers, so I'm at a loss.
  6. Yes, you can do it from the ACP. Just go to the user's page within the ACP and I think it's under restrictions or something.
  7. The current ignore feature already does two out of the three things you listed though and has done for a long time: Ignore posts and mentions: This is all or some of a users content. Ignore Messages and Mentions: This is "Block a user from contacting you (Blocking messages and mentions) I agree that the system needs to be overhauled a least somewhat, or improved in someway. But I can't really put my finger on it.
  8. There's an interesting question then: Would this happen where the promotion is happening with this app rather than with IPS's settings?
  9. I'm still getting a strange bug where a permanent promotion for VIP members only lasts for a few minutes before they get demoted back from where they came from. It only seems to happen whilst they're online as well, after a few minutes or so.
  10. Again, that's totally fair. Thank you for keeping your customers in the loop. It's much appreciated. 🙂
  11. This makes me sad. Although it's understandable, honestly. Could it be made available for anyone who wants to take it over, and keep supporting it? But that is more than fair, and I will take you up on that offer. 🙂
  12. Hello @AlexWebsites! Yes I too am using @ehren.'s themes as well as the plugin you brought up. However since the change over to the new framework (And being on 4.4.10) the hack that was posted up on his forum doesn't work. To be honest, I think it should be considered to be changed in the core anyway, I just never really had the nerve to suggest it.
  13. That's all well and good, but that's not what I asked... 😕
  14. I assume that this is already in consideration or something is being done about it?
  15. That would be a very welcome feature, I think. It's a good way of personalising a homepage for the member.
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