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  1. @Fosters Has there been any update to this?
  2. That's wonderful news; as I said Fosters if you want me to test this out for you, I am more than happy to do so.
  3. Okay, yes. There is a different section in the Moderator Control Panel, and all the moderators can see it; and that all works and such... But there are some pretty major problems with this application: I expected everything to appear in the report centre, not have a completely new clone of the report centre made up just for it. This, right now, is rather inefficient and a pointless waste of space & time. None of the moderators can even use the report profile function; they only see the report profile button in their profiles, it doesn't appear in anyone else's. I believe this is true for all the members too. So it rather defeats the purpose if all anyone can do is report their own profiles. There are no moderator permissions that I could see in the ACP, that would pertain to this at all. Bad Templates... IPS Focus themes don't want to display this properly, but yet everything else works fine in IPS Focus themes, this means it's not using a standard IPS coding, because if it was it'd be working in IPS Focus themes: The button in the profile is a strange colour in (Screenshot Attached) The ModCP section is not properly coded either, as a result there is white text against a white background (Screenshot Attached) Screenshot 1: Screenshot 2: I am not very happy with this application at all. As it stands it is completely broken, if no one can even report anyone but themselves thus this app cannot by definition serve its purpose. Please fix this, @Fosters. I am happy to help out in anyway I can with testing and what have you, but this has to be fixed. 🙂
  4. Tripp★

    WTH Ford!

    "You'd be surprised what random vehicle components are capable of causing fires" Yeah, no kidding.
  5. Oh then there appears to have been a misunderstanding on my part then. I will take another look and get back to you on that. Is there anyway of merging it in with the report centre at all? It doesn't seem to make sense to me that these are separated, but then again it doesn't make any sense to me that there is no report button on profiles by default with the stock software in the first place. So I shouldn't really complain.
  6. This doesn't seem to work on the latest IPS release (4.3.5). I click on the oddly coloured report button, and fill in the information. I submit the report. It says "Thanks for submitting the report", however no report is filed to the report centre. Please advise.
  7. This certainly isn't happening for me, it goes back to the homepage of my site. I'm not sure if that's because I've modified the friendly URL's of it or not. Do you want me to PM you my site link?
  8. Tripp★

    Clubs Enhancements

    Oh really? I didn't know about this! Thanks @Daniel F!
  9. Tripp★

    Clubs Enhancements

    Feature suggestion: Currently you are able to set the amount of clubs people can make, is there anyway of moving this to the usergroup permissions table at all, so we can set it per usergroup? For example normal members can create 4 clubs, premium members can create 10 clubs and staff can create unlimited clubs?
  10. Tripp★

    Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    There appears to be a bug with the permanent feature on the VIP Members thing in the shop: A user on my forums brought the VIP membership which is set to permanent; however after so many minutes after purchasing he lost it again. After investigating in the database and seeing when the membershop task ran (demoteUsergroupUpgrades) I have come to the conclusion that despite it being set as permanent, it's not, it seems to have expired '-1' to the time_date, so it expired at 1533443660, or something, because this is clearly showing expired = 1, even though it shouldn't be.
  11. I've got two that use the whole Invision/Envision thing. When I envisioned making my community; I knew it had to be with Invision Power. I've been using Invision Power Services since 2007; and I can't envision my community without it. My site isn't safe for work, but I'm not doing it for the clicks. 🙂
  12. Tripp★

    Spacious ACP/Widgets

    @All Astronauts I've noticed that SimilarWeb - Traffic Sources and Visit Counts doesn't seem to work anymore. I get an IIS HTTP 404 error which is not being generated from my server because I don't use IIS, which seems to show the error code: 0x80070002.
  13. I'm not sure if it's just me but for some reason why I buy a ticket, after I've purchased it, I go straight back to the homepage of my site, which is jarring if I want to buy more tickets. Is there anyway that I can force it to remain on the same page after buying a ticket?
  14. Tripp★

    Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    EVOX Bank points are stored in the same location as evox_points, it's just called evox_bank; in the core_members area. But it's not a problem I manually moved them over to the new points table. It did Zero all of evox_points, it didn't touch evox_bank. - Just to clear up confusion.