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  1. This is a bug in 4.3.x which was fixed for 4.4
  2. You can disable the responsiveness for a specific theme if it doesn't work for you. It's a theme setting inside the custom tab.
  3. Any examples? IPS4 uses a responsive style, this is IMO much better and easier to manage than 2 or 3 different themes. You can already control the output for the different device sizes with css classes.
  4. https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/44-animated-gifs-r1102/
  5. It's working fine for me. Are you probably on a none iOS/osx device? Could you copy the link of the missing image?
  6. I guess this never happened to you in the frontend because of the pooling? If we don't have one yet in 4.4 ( I'm on my phone so can't verify it yet) with the new ACP notifications system, I guess it would be a great enhancement to also introduce polling in the ACP too
  7. Also keep in mind that thanks to our lovely patch system we don't need to create a fully new release each time when we need to deploy a critical bugfix.
  8. This application is broken and inserts duplicate entries into the deletion log which literally is going to break your board. If you're using this app, I would suggest to disable it until the author releases a new version.
  9. Please feel free to report such issues as bugs. We'll of course adjust this if it's an easy and not BC ( Backward compatibility ) breaking change 🙂 At least I've done this in all the past tickets
  10. I'm really not sure what you're suggesting here. It takes 3 clicks to create a new topic or any other content via the create menu. Or do you mean a quick form on the forum page? There's a 3rd party file available for this
  11. https://invisionalpha.com/
  12. It's an issue in your app:) This is just bad practice: foreach( new \IPS\Patterns\ActiveRecordIterator( \IPS\Db::i()->select( '*', 'core_message_topics', $where), 'IPS\core\Messenger\Conversation' ) AS $conversation ) { You should use a limit here and iterate only over X items on each task call. Additional to using the limit, you could and should use Task::runUntilTimeout here which will repeatedly call the method and delete any further private messages as long as the PHP process allows this.
  13. @TAMAN My merry Christmas weekend suggestion: Either update/delete such data when a forum is deleted, or wrap your code always into a try-catch block:) To make it easier for the admin to see what's going on, you could e.g. use IPS\Log::log() to log an error inside the catch block, or with 4.4 you could also use our new admin notification system ( ) to send a notification to the admin to notify him about the deleted node which is used in the footer..
  14. 4.4 is full of amazing enhancements, but if I would have to choose, lazy loading, club navigation customization and ACP notifications are my favorite ones, next to the other minor enhancements & code improvements, which we haven't even mentioned yet.
  15. To be fair, our Guest Page Cache is using kind of the same approach as W3 Total Cache. You have to keep in mind that a blog is much less dynamic than a community.
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