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  1. An issue was identified in this plugins upgrade code. You're iterating over almost all member rows in the step2 upgrade step which of course won't work on medium & big boards resulting in issues. foreach( \IPS\Db::i()->select( '*', 'core_members', array( 'warnLogs_tid>?', 0 ) ) as $row ) { \IPS\Db::i()->insert( 'warnlog_membersdata', array( 'member_id' => $row['member_id'], 'topic_id' => $row['warnLogs_tid'] ) ); }
  2. There’s no new version waiting for approval.
  3. Thx. That's quite strange, the content in doesn't contain anything suspectious.
  4. A similar issue was mentioned here Personally I haven't seen this ever before, only in the other topic and here.
  5. There's already an own ACP permission for this. Only administrators with the "Can view and edit members' two factor authentication settings?" permission are able to see and edit this. If you're worried that your administrators could abuse the system, don't give them the permission to view and edit this 🙂
  6. Deprecation of the interface directory In order to ensure Invision Community is compatible with modern cloud infrastructures we are deprecating the use of the interface directory in favour of a proper front loader system. We're working on a new solution which will allow HTTP requests to the interface directory. This means, any JS, HTML, GIF files uploaded there will work, even PHP will work, BUT you'll have no access to the IPS framework there. Last months common submission issues: All in all the quality increased, but there are still 2 common issues which are wort
  7. There's no such feature in the core. The only way to read PMs would be by using the sql toolbox or allowing them to login as the user, so just don't give them the permission to use the SQL toolbox and to login as other users?!
  8. You have to enable the Pixabay Community Enhancement and follow the instructions there to get an API key
  9. Updates are already shown inside the ACP, but your idea is also on our internal suggestions post.
  10. Wouldn't the new "Mark as solution" feature in 4.5 work better than links to random posts ? This will also highlight the post and create a link to it.. Another great indicator are the posts with the most likes (which are part of the topic summary)
  11. It's depending on the approval queue, the submissions and the provided code quality. Some submissions also require further internal discussion
  12. The setting was moved to the account settings https://invisioncommunity.com/settings/account-security/
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