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  1. Daniel F

    adminCP search is for Invision apps only?

    The ACP search can already be used by coders, it’s up to them if they want to use it or not .
  2. We're working on this, should be fixed soon:)
  3. Daniel F

    Unable to delete post

    You've deleted the forum which contained the topic and it's still there? Are any background tasks running? You can see this in your ACP on the dashboard. Keep in mind that forums aren't deleted immediately. Once you delete a forum, a background task is initialized to delete all the content properly, before the forum is deleted. Could you please submit a ticket if there are no background tasks, so that we can take a look at this?
  4. Daniel F

    Improving fluid view ?

    The author requested to remove it because it wasn't compatible with IPS 4.3
  5. Grüzi alter Ösi.. 😁👋

  6. Daniel F

    Team Talk: What's your favourite feature?

    Wow, thats a nice idea and it looks amazing. Thanks for sharing the screenshots
  7. Sorry, that's not correct:) We check in accordance with our guidelines, but it is not certifying that the resource is bug free. We ensure that it won't break anything in the core, we ensure that it moves uploaded files if the file storage changes, we ensure that it follows the rules from our guides like that you have to call the parent method and such stuff, but it's not our responsibility to test the functionality of MP submissions. We stopped this a while ago because some people abused the MP and the MP moderators as their free testers.
  8. Daniel F

    growing database

    Error Logging + excessive usage of our \IPS\Log::log function can really quickly escalate and kill all free space. Seen it some weeks ago on a big clients board:D That's also why I've just mentioned this in https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/448235-3rd-party-developer-hints-vol-4/
  9. Daniel F

    growing database

    Well, well well I would also suggest to check which database table is that big and then to submit a ticket if it's really related to IPS
  10. Thanks, I have fixed this for a future release. Please submit a ticket next time when you notice a bug, the feedback forum isn't the right place for this.
  11. Daniel F

    Clubs Enhancements

    That's already possible in IPS since IPS 4.3 ?
  12. Daniel F

    Video Tip: ACP Tips and Tricks

    It wa there ALL the time ?
  13. Daniel F

    Bug in \IPS\nexus\Package

    This was fixed a while ago and the fix was shipped in the last beta ?
  14. Daniel F


    They're amazing, they rock, they're loud, sometimes they're really scary.. It took a while to get used to the biweekly self test, where the device tests the battery:D As a iMac Pro user I feel now much more secure... I was used to use my Macbook where power outlines which we have frequently here, weren't a big deal.. but now with the iMac I was really really scared about data loss or even blocking the whole machine if the power loss happens while the upgrade ( https://www.macrumors.com/2017/12/15/bricked-mac-pro-how-to-restore/ )
  15. Daniel F

    Team Talk: Show us your workstation

    For me it's really depending on the mood and work. While I'm developing something complicated and I use DND(do not disturb mode to silent all my messengers), 1 monitor is fine, but when working on tickets 2 are a must have for me. This way I can see the clients board, see the ticket and have another 1-2 sites open in another browser window, which is much more comfortable then using only tabs. My 3rd is really only used for the messengers and my email client.