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  1. I‘m a member of several gardening, bonsai and 3D printer Facebook groups and it’s really an annoying experience. The same questions are being asked daily/weekly because it’s as Matt said, only a Feed and everything posted one day ago is getting lost... . People are losing the interest and leaving the group or starting alternative groups for more advanced people which is IMO really bad, it’s just getting a devils circle. Have you also ever tried to find a specific comment or your own reply? 9 of 10 times I couldn’t find what I was searching for. Its really great that there are so many interesting groups and people and that one can join all the groups without new registrations and googling and only using the Facebook search, but the results are more then depressing and disappointing. One can’t even watch / follow content 😞 same with WhatsApp.. I’m in a parents group and it’s a literal discussion flow... one really can’t share any useful and important information with others... the Informationen but also the Diskussion will get just get lost between all the other side discussions.
  2. I've raised some internal suggestions for the purchases page a while ago:)
  3. The patch was just released to public 🙂 Running the support tools and following the patch instructions should resolve this for everybody else.
  4. Hi, we have clients in our cloud which have issues because of your application. I haven't looked up what exactly you're storing in fcontentCache but it seems that this data are never removed from the space, except when one calls the clear cache function, which people obviously aren't doing. There are that many files in the directories, that it won't list the directory on S3 as there are too many files.
  5. No, it can't login via REST, but it's really not that hard. There are AFAIK 2 MP developers who accomplished this (I'm also using a similar way by having an extra login form for the bot without CSRF protection) but we're unfortunately not allowing such resources in our marketplace, because they're literally adding a "backdoor" to your installation 😉
  6. Not sure if you’re aware of this, so linking it here too 🙂
  7. Sorry, yea I guess I misunderstood following part then. Especially because I had the impression that you were talking about IPS\Log and not our Admin or Mod Log.
  8. I disagree with this! There's a huge difference between logging user, moderation & admin actions and real errors & exceptions. Sure, sites with the proper infrastructure could and are probably putting everything into their logstash and elasticsearch instance (or any similar services), but average Joe doesn't have such infrastructure, and he IMO doesn't even have the need for it. It makes more sense to have a normal and separate logging and table views, with their own filtering.
  9. You could created a minimal plugin overriding IPS\Log to utilize monolog which is really an amazing tool if you need proper logging.
  10. Widgets are managed via the front end
  11. Let’s be fair.. you got a refund for the second purchase.
  12. 1. You can put the sponsors into the forum description 2. There are several ways, files and services which allow you to change the text into adlinks 3. You could also utilize IP.Commerce and sell subscriptions to your members . IP, Commerce will also allow you to sell ad space
  13. It was brought to our attention that this application requires manually uploaded files. As of 4.4.3 you're able to hook into IPS\nexus\Purchase\LicenseKey::licenseKeyTypes() to register your own LicenseKey class within your applications namespace.
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