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  1. Hi, your app has a huge flaw affecting everybody who's using crons.
  2. You could hide it 🙂 input[type=date]::-webkit-inner-spin-button, input[type=date]::-webkit-outer-spin-button { -webkit-appearance: none; }
  3. While it's AFAIK not possible out of the box, I'm using https://iconify.design to use FA4, FA5, PrestaShop Icons and Dashicons with IPS (and Wordpress) with the same codebase. It's quite easy to implement for own projects.
  4. Could you explain this? Such information is really useful for the future when other clients run into the same issue:) I'm really curios to see what happened here. So the FF Acrobat extension broke the output of the file in your browser?
  5. I was on your site, checked the sitemap and can see topic 225 (which was posted in your club) in your sitemap . Not sure if you're OK with posting links here, so I've only used the ID 🙂 edit: I've sent you a PM 🙂
  6. Clubs Content is part of the normal sitemap. All the content inside the clubs which is visible to guests will be part of the content sitemap (e.g. topics are inside the forum part )
  7. Yea, please clarify what you’re trying to achieve. you should always use the application and module permissions if possible, but you can also use the Application::allowOfflineAccess method in your application to make specific pages ALWAYS accessible which is handy for stuff like the imprint and own TOS sites ( I guess that’s what you’re trying, right;) ? )
  8. Is it a one way communication or are you also creating topics? If only your clients are creating the topics, you could use only one forum for al the communication with your clients where you'll disable the "Users can see topics posted by other users?" setting. But as @opentype said, you could also use clubs and create a club for each client.
  9. This seems like a big. I’ll take a look:) We have some internal suggestions and ideas how to make this page and the overall purchase/ manage renewals experience better.
  10. I've unhid the file by accident and immediately hid it again, unfortunately the system was faster and sent the notification:(
  11. That's correct, we're not allowing encrypted code in the marketplace. Please keep also in mind that our cloud clients also won't be able to use it because of the missing ioncube extension.
  12. Commerce includes a notes section on the members ACP page.
  13. This app is using at least one core IPS error code ( 2S147/1 ) where it definitely shouldn't output this.
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