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  1. Daniel F

    Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    @TheJackal84 Is this a custom flashmessage? If yes, take a look at my 4.3 changes post If not, I’ll be happy to take a look at your issue No‘
  2. Daniel F

    GDPR updates for Invision Community 4.3.3

    Yes, only the enabled will be shown.
  3. Daniel F

    4.3 Search Changes

    Thanks, should be fixed now
  4. Daniel F

    option to save CKEditor configuration??!

    Are you sayings that your custom buttons disappeared after running support tools , disabling the customizations and then enabling them again? Could you please submit a ticket Sinters we can take a look at this ?
  5. Couldn’t you add the postbit / section where the date appears as additional css selector;) ?I‘m not in my office so can’t look it up right now ,but will check it later if nobody else posts it
  6. Daniel F

    Forum ID in Post object

    The post response returns the topic id , so you could use a second REST request to the topic endpoint which will return the topic and also forum details
  7. Daniel F

    Forum ID in Post object

    You can already access the topic by using $comment->item() and the Item class has a method called container() which would return you then the forum object
  8. Daniel F

    Sidebars and Layout Restrictions.

    There are some pages, where the sidebar just doesn't work because there's no space! e.g. calendar view, or sites with a fix left sidebar like the ModCP and profile But I agree that there are some where it doesn't make much sense and have raised an internal suggestion that we should review all places and that we could probably allow it on e.g. the terms and privacy pages.
  9. Daniel F

    WordPress Like Blog

    Hello, you could use our Pages Application for this. It allows you to create pages and databases like our news section, but also databases with categories like our developer documentation https://invisioncommunity.com/developers/docs/general/enabling-developer-mode-r23/
  10. Daniel F


    Yea, we'll implement some further improvements here and fix this today;)
  11. Daniel F

    Messages to other users, where do they go

    You can find all the private messages in your messenger ( https://invisioncommunity.com/messenger/ ) which can be accessed via the icon in the header
  12. Daniel F

    4.3 Search Changes

    Works just fine here with Elasticsearch https://invisioncommunity.com/search/?q=gym
  13. Daniel F

    4.3 Search Changes

    Yea, the search index is still being rebuilt, you can see it on the search site, because the "bar" is still being shown:) But I'm really glad that you already noticed a difference and that you like it.
  14. Daniel F

    Enable, Disable Calendar option

    That's already possible:) You can either uninstall the calendar application or disable it by removing all permissions by clicking on the lock icon on the applications page.
  15. Daniel F

    IPS Merch?

    I'm not long enough here, didn't get any IPS swag:(