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  1. Not sure if you’re aware of this, so linking it here too 🙂
  2. Sorry, yea I guess I misunderstood following part then. Especially because I had the impression that you were talking about IPS\Log and not our Admin or Mod Log.
  3. I disagree with this! There's a huge difference between logging user, moderation & admin actions and real errors & exceptions. Sure, sites with the proper infrastructure could and are probably putting everything into their logstash and elasticsearch instance (or any similar services), but average Joe doesn't have such infrastructure, and he IMO doesn't even have the need for it. It makes more sense to have a normal and separate logging and table views, with their own filtering.
  4. You could created a minimal plugin overriding IPS\Log to utilize monolog which is really an amazing tool if you need proper logging.
  5. Widgets are managed via the front end
  6. Let’s be fair.. you got a refund for the second purchase.
  7. 1. You can put the sponsors into the forum description 2. There are several ways, files and services which allow you to change the text into adlinks 3. You could also utilize IP.Commerce and sell subscriptions to your members . IP, Commerce will also allow you to sell ad space
  8. It was brought to our attention that this application requires manually uploaded files. As of 4.4.3 you're able to hook into IPS\nexus\Purchase\LicenseKey::licenseKeyTypes() to register your own LicenseKey class within your applications namespace.
  9. You should adjust the selector for the hook @Pete T 'selector' => 'form[accept-charset=\'utf-8\'][method=\'post\']', The popupRegisterTemplate template includes 2 forms;)
  10. \\IPS\\cms\\Databases'::load($databaseId) will load a specific database! If you want records, you'll need to use the record class instead of the database class. {{$rows = \IPS\cms\Records1::getItemsWithPermission();}} {{foreach $rows as $row}} {$row->url()} {{endforeach}}
  11. Did you take a look at our GroupLimit extensions? https://invisioncommunity.com/developers/docs/development/extensions/coregrouplimits-r141/
  12. One of our clients has a huge system log database table full with following error: SELECT * FROM `chatapp_chatrooms` LEFT JOIN `core_permission_index` ON core_permission_index.app='chatapp' AND core_permission_index.perm_type='chatroom' AND core_permission_index.perm_type_id=chatapp_chatrooms.id WHERE (( FIND_IN_SET(2,perm_) ) OR perm_='*' ) Unknown column 'perm_' in 'where clause'
  13. No, paid files cant be removed, but we can disable new purchases for you. Please submit a ticket in the client area so that we can discuss this further.
  14. Hi, please see https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/429557-error-codes/ This app contains an error which references to "S" which is reserved ( 2S163/4 and https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8001-dp42-guest-view-limits/ has the same issue;) There was a ticket today, where our staff was trying to locate the issue in our code, while it was caused by the plugin 🙂
  15. Yea, that's an issue in this plugin. We've mentioned several times that 3rd parties shouldn't remove/replace such huge template blocks because it's going to result in conflicts.
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