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  1. Yea, just set whatever tab you want to have as default one to the first position:)
  2. This was fixed for an upcoming release:)
  3. There are several ways to achieve this:) We have oAuth Support or create your own SSO integration for Laravel
  4. That's a core feature 😉 It’s already available on the "My Purchases Page" => https://invisioncommunity.com/clients/purchases/
  5. This was fixed in 4.4.3. Not sure if you are really on 4.3.3 or if it was a typo and you meant 4.4.3 beta 1
  6. You can bypass this by creating a block ( based on the RSS Import Widget) in the ACP 😉
  7. No, there’s no way to have custom links based on the language, but the menu names are translatable
  8. They’re only visible in the ACP
  9. Commerce includes such a future 🙂
  10. No idea, a clients error log had more then 50 pages with almost only this error, so I reported it.
  11. There was a bug which was fixed last week. Please run the support tools and follow the patch instructions to apply the late files.
  12. Following error is being generated by the app:
  13. Following error is being generated by the app:
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