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  1. Of course, the https://www.theaudiodb.com/ 😉 -------------------------------------------------- Hey @Adriano Faria, is it possible to force HTTPS when serving the books from Google? In the Tabs the shown book covers all served per HTTP and that will break my site in the browser.
  2. Your caps lock is also broken 😉
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This is the German Language Pack for Movies by Adriano Faria. It contains full translation of AdminCP and Frontend. Support for the language pack is on German support website
    Another great application from @Adriano Faria It runs like hell and during minutes you have your own movie archive on Board. Great support so far and open for suggestions. Thanks for your work.. 🤓 👍
  4. Well, there're a little bit more icons than just a bell, but its okay. For my opinion, i would like to use FA icons instead of many little images, but these're just my two cents.. 😉
  5. This is not correct. With FA6 on free plan they "double the amount of icons, give access to the new SVG-framework, JS compoments and more.." (Video - 00:47+) 😉
  6. Did you plan an application similar to this just with https://www.themoviedb.org/ I like the structure without integration in topics, like the existing application.
  7. I think he is searching for something like this (attachment). A member overview with a sidebar widget for searching members.
  8. Whats about to use LESS or SCSS?
  9. If i want to award someone a trophy and choose more then one option, is this than set as OR or as AND? I try to give someone a trophy if he is in a special group AND has upload at least one file.
  10. What‘s about Iconify? https://iconify.design
  11. Just some styling suggestions for the next release.. 😉
  12. That's an interesting question.. 🤓
  13. I am also interested in a group promotion based on downloads criteria. E.g. if a member has x or more download files add them to a secondary group. Is there a way to do this right know or is it something waiting for IPS4.5?
  14. How did you do these topics? https://startrekgate.co.uk/forums/topic/1188-aladdin/
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