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  1. So good to hear, glad I could help.
  2. I've always had that checked, and it seems to work for forum related content, just not for Classifieds when someone leaves a question.
  3. If the application is already Enabled, did you go to your Menu Manager in the ACP under System>Menu Manager? You then click 'Add Item' and select 'Videos', you can drag it and place it where you want in your menu, it defaults placing and newly added item first (at the top). When done make sure to click 'Publish this menu'. This will add it to your menu, if it didn't already once you installed and enabled it.
  4. What exactly have you been able to do so far? What are you trying to do?
    I have a section of my forum dedicated to actors/actresses of the movie genre my forum is based on, so using this in just that section really helps to get to a particular person very easily, instead of just having to keep clicking next to find a particular person. Love it! Thanks for making this.
  5. I had someone who recently said that they did not know how to add a image to the Gallery. They have been a member of my forum for years. ๐Ÿ˜• I planned on adding Help Guides to my forum, but I held off in creating them, as I am waiting for 4.5 I know once the Help Guides are in place, there is not guarantee that people will even utilize them. We must "hold their hand" so they understand how to do the basic things.
  6. This type of helpful welcome feature is utilized in so many different types of products, from when you first turn on a new phone, when you launch Photoshop or any Adobe application for the first time, in video games, and so much more. Sometimes their interactive, and sometimes they just highlight 1 feature at a time, explain what it does, then you click next and it highlights another feature, and you always have the option to "Skip", "Skip Tour". This would be incredible if it was built in to IPS, but if someone could make it a plugin, I'm sure something like this would (or at least should) sell like hotcakes.
  7. I noticed that too. Not sure what to think of that.
  8. Due to the fact that Group Promotions is not currently working correctly right now, and will not get fixed until 4.5, it really has an effect on using certain Members Shop items for purchase based on Groups. I planned on having 4 groups, where the highest of the 4 had all capabilities. The first 3 groups were limited, but were going to be able to purchase the ability with the help of Members Shop. Example: Group 1, (New registrants) would have the ability to use a signature, animated profile photo, change member title, etc. DISABLED, but if they accumulated enough points, they would be able to purchase the ability to do so. So it looks like I will wait until 4.5 is released, and then wait for Members Shop to be updated to work with 4.5 as well. -------------------------- Ideas For Adding 'Members Shop' Custom Items [IPS DOWNLOADS/COMMERCE Required] Custom Profile Photos Custom Cover Photos Custom Signature Banner If you are someone who works with Photoshop and After Effects, Davinci Resolve, etc. and is pretty good at using these programs, in a matter of minutes you could create some custom items that your members are sure to enjoy. Yes anyone can take an image, crop it, and use it as a avatar. But if you know you're way around Photoshop, you can create tons of custom made avatars based on the theme of your forum. You can then add these avatars to the Downloads section of your forum, and instead of charging real money or offering them for free, you can set a Points price for each one. You can create categories and subcategories to best sort them all out. Once you create a master PSD file with the correct size of your avatar/cover photo/signature banner, it will be even faster to create new images. Example, I have 3 PSD's open at a time to create a single avatar. Create the main avatar. Create the square shaped screenshot that is shown in the front end, Downloads section. (You can not use the actual avatar as a screenshot, people would be able to view this image and just save and use it without having to purchase it.) Create a second screenshot showing how the avatar would look like on your actual forum. To take things a step further, I am also adding as custom items: Animated Profile Photos Animated Cover Photos I don't plan on offering Animated Signature Banners, but you could do that too. This all depends on your type of forum and what the theme is, but you can add some animation to images with little effort, as long as you utilize some premade green screen footage and animated elements. There are many premade After Effects templates such as Glitch ones, where all you have to do is add your image in there, adjust the intensity of the glitch effect, and then save it as a gif. You can create the effect of someone blinking very easily in Photoshop. The possibilities are endless. Have a horror themed forum? Add some smoke, or fog over an image, blood splatter, etc. There are 2 ways you can offer these, make some on your own, and add them to your Downloads section. Or, let people purchase a 'Custom Animated Profile Photo' and let them tell you what they want, to an extent, who they want to use, or what type of effect, then you can create it. Or you can do both methods. Have premade 'Animated Profile Photos' for 9000 points, and 'Custom Animated Profile Photos' for 14000 points. Another way I plan on utilizing my Photoshop skills, I plan on creating custom Mobile Wallpaper and have those for purchase in my Downloads section. There are many templates out there already which will help you create wallpapers in the right size. I plan on creating iPhone Notch/Notchless, then standard one, for a large Android size phone such as the Samsung Galaxy S20/Note 10. You don't have to create custom ones to work with the "punch-holes" of these phones, but you can, if you want to offer that many unique style wallpapers. You could always run a poll on your forum and see which type of phones people are using more. Speaking of wallpapers, I am considering creating custom ones for desktop/laptop too, but these will be last. -------------------------- These are just a few ideas I wanted to share with my fellow MS users. If any of you are doing anything special with 'Custom Items' for your community, I would love to hear about it. Thanks.
  9. I appreciate that sir, thank you. I'm actually taking my time getting things set up, mostly due to setting up custom items I will be offering. The ACP menu looks great. Looking forward to the update. Is there anyway you could allow me to leave my 5 star review on the Members Shop product page? If not, no worries. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  10. I am not sure if this has anything to do with your problem, but in a separate instance, not having anything to do with Members Shop, I reached out to IPS support regarding a Group Promotion issue I was dealing with, and I received this response: Hello, Sorry for any confusion here. The issue here is a bug in the group promotion rules, in which is resolved in the next upcoming release of the platform. It would be advisable to switch off those rules for now until there is a fix available. Kind Regards, Marc Stridgen
  11. It was purchased directly on your site. Members Shop is easily one of, if not the best plugin in the marketplace. Thanks for creating it. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ
  12. Hello fellow Members Shop purchasers, I'm usually "ok" when using Google Inspect and finding how to target things and adjusting the style with css, but I can not figure this one out. Could someone please tell me how to change the text color on the item buttons when hovering over the button? When mousing over the button, the color of the text changes to a dark color, which makes it hard to see. I'd appreciate the help. Thanks. UPDATE: I figured this out with the help of a css editor add-on for Chrome.
    Works perfectly, incredible price. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you.
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