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  1. I've also PM'd him a while ago, no reply. I do hope all is OK. If he's just busy working on updates, then I'd suggest for him to take at least 1 hour on a scheduled day, even set a timer, and reply to as many people as possible, regarding questions or help any of his customers may need assistance with. A little help can go a long way. Even a little something is better than nothing. @TheJackal84 please at least let us know you are still around and are supporting your products. Thank you sir.
  2. Does anyone know how this works? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
  3. This is a much needed feature for the forum.
  4. Incredible plugin, really helps a lot. Is there some custom css to change the background color of the rows that are pinned, not the topic titles? Thank you.
  5. Can someone please explain how does this work? Is this referring to the IPS Referrals system?
  6. The way the Referral Banners is set up now, it is meant for people with websites, ones that can take the banner image code and embed it on their own site. Is it possible to be able to add banner images so the average member of our forum can save an image of their choice, copy their unique referral link, then share that on social media? This would be much more helpful for the average member, since they may not have their own website. I used custom css to hide the Banner Image Code section under each image. .cReferrals_grid .cReferrals_grid_item__body { display: non
  7. I know the Guest Signup Widget only is shown to guests, is it possible to add this option in the 'Visibility' section of all widgets/blocks, to show to only logged in users, only to guests, or show to both? Thank you.
  8. This would be incredible to see implemented as a built in feature of IPS.
  9. So this plugin is longer getting updated and it's no longer available for purchase: Automation Rules ( 3rd Party App By @Kevin Carwile ) Is there anything that replaces this? This was very powerful. I would like to give points if someone adds a avatar to their profile, completes the profile setup process, adds social medial info, adds a cover photo, stuff like that. Is there anyway to do this?
    This plugin has really increased the amount of registrants I've been getting since I first activated it. Works perfectly. I did have to use some custom CSS to get rid of the error codes that displays on the message page, but other than that, it's been incredible.
  10. I appreciate all your hard work with this. Looking forward to the update. Thank you sir.
  11. It was updated for 4.5, that is correct. Are you getting any bugs other than the 2 I mentioned?
  12. I have yet to implement Members Shop on my forum. I've been waiting for the IPS 4.5 update, then update of my theme, and all other plugins/applications I use. All that is now updated and working fine. As soon as these 2 things get fixed, I will finally start using Members Shop, looking forward to it. I've created some unique items and will have fun with what members can spend their points on in the Members Shop. 👍
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