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  1. That's incredible. Thank you for working this out. Looking forward to the update.
  2. @Jon Erickson Just purchased and set it up with no problems. Could you possible explain the advantages of using a configuration set? I looked on Amazon, clicked 'Learn More', but it's still a bit confusing.
  3. Wishing you a quick and speedy recovery. 🙏
  4. Let me try that. Thanks. It worked. I currently have it set for only Admin to view while I am still setting it up. I really appreciate the quick reply and easy fix. 😉
  5. @Adriano Faria I am noticing something missing from my setup. On @Davyc and @Jimi Wikman Movies pages, they have the 'Share' button next to their 'Follow', is there a setting somewhere I am missing? The only 'Share' setting I see in the Movies app, is in Category Settings, at the bottom in the Category Display section there is an option that says 'Enable sharing', which I do have on. Right underneath that there is a link that says 'Sharing Settings', when I click this it opens a white page and in the url field it says, 'about:blank#blocked'. Thank you f
  6. I appreciate your reply. In fact, just about every movie I add it shows the title in Chinese, and I always change it to the English title before saving the page. But in the sidebar for 'Language', it still shows it in Chinese, as you can see from my screenshot. So instead of it saying Mandarin, Cantonese or even Chinese, it shows the language in Chinese characters and not in English. There is no way to edit this.
  7. I tried for a while to get Google Workspace to work with IPS, I just could not get it to work unfortunately.
    Excellent app that finally enabled me to set up a Movie Review section on my forum. This app, with the assistance of TMDB pulls most of the data in, and with the incredible help from @Jimi Wikman who helped me style the app on my forum, everything is set up and looks amazing. This wouldn't of been possible if Adriano did not make this incredible app in the first place.
  8. Hello Adriano, I am checking with you to see if there is anything that can be done on your end of how the plugin displays the movie data that is imported. For example, on the TMDB page for this particular movie, Legend of the Ancient Sword, it shows the Language as Chinese, and it displays it in English. When I import this movie, it displays the language like so: Please let me know if there is anything that can be done about this, Thank you!!!
  9. But the whole point for having a plugin made for using SES with IPB is the fact that using the SES api is much faster than using it through SMTP. https://sendgrid.com/blog/web-api-or-smtp-relay-how-should-you-send-your-mail/ https://www.pepipost.com/blog/smtp-or-api-what-to-choose/
  10. I tried using Google Workspace, googled the issues that came up, tried for hours, then gave up. I will be using SES though and will try to connect my forum with that service instead. Thanks for the reply though FP.
  11. This is how I would like to set mine up, but not sure what you mean by 'sort credentials by service'. I will look into it, unless they get back to me on how to proceed. Thanks Jon.
  12. @Jon Erickson I just messaged Amazon Services support to see if I can use the credentials from my Wordpress/WooCommerce site with my forum. Not sure if I need to create a new account, or something like that, to keep them separated. I will be purchasing once I get the answer. Thank you so much for building this plugin and offering a feature that should already be built in.
    When I first installed this, I was having issues with the settings I changed not sticking. TAMAN looked into the issue, and found the problem, it was a css issue I had in my custom.css file, which he fixed for me. After doing so, everything was working the way it should. I had some additional questions about how News Ticker worked, and again TAMAN was very quick to reply with all the info I needed. Everything is working and looking great! Top support, top application. Highly recommended.
  13. Is this already compatible with 4.5+ or will it be getting an update anytime soon?
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