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  1. Someone messaged me asking how to add a video, I signed in as them to test things out and found out the "Add Video" button does not show for them. They have permission to add videos, they are in a group that can add videos, do you have any idea why they are not able to? I would appreciate some help with this. Thank you.
  2. I have a question. If I import a movie, but it does not have images for all the actors, is it possible to add images for any missing ones? Either on my own site or on TMDB? I've looked into this before on TMDB, but I couldn't find a way to add images. Thanks.
  3. Hopefully not sooner than need be, there are still some bugs to work out. I'm sure you wouldn't want to deal with members of your forum messaging you or posting how they are dealing with numerous issues. I say it gets released around the beginning of August.
  4. I agree with this. Would be another nice addition to IPB.
  5. I believe the only way to display an option to purchase points is by using a block.
  6. Agree. I thought this was a bug on our end but it turns out that it doesn't exist. @InvisionHQ This person mentioned the notification issue also. I'll PM you admin access. Thank you.
  7. I found out today someone had left a question on 1 of my adverts, again, I am not getting any notification at all when someone leaves a question. Is this bug? Is this a major feature lacking in this application? Please help. Thank you.
  8. In my main menu, I took off all submenu items, so there is only the link to 'Classifieds'. In the profile dropdown, there of course still is the Classifieds section with My Adverts, My Renewals, My Wish List, New Advert options. At least this way, both aren't repeated.
  9. So good to hear, glad I could help.
  10. I've always had that checked, and it seems to work for forum related content, just not for Classifieds when someone leaves a question.
  11. If the application is already Enabled, did you go to your Menu Manager in the ACP under System>Menu Manager? You then click 'Add Item' and select 'Videos', you can drag it and place it where you want in your menu, it defaults placing and newly added item first (at the top). When done make sure to click 'Publish this menu'. This will add it to your menu, if it didn't already once you installed and enabled it.
  12. What exactly have you been able to do so far? What are you trying to do?
    I have a section of my forum dedicated to actors/actresses of the movie genre my forum is based on, so using this in just that section really helps to get to a particular person very easily, instead of just having to keep clicking next to find a particular person. Love it! Thanks for making this.
  13. I had someone who recently said that they did not know how to add a image to the Gallery. They have been a member of my forum for years. 😕 I planned on adding Help Guides to my forum, but I held off in creating them, as I am waiting for 4.5 I know once the Help Guides are in place, there is not guarantee that people will even utilize them. We must "hold their hand" so they understand how to do the basic things.
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