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  1. Earning points is cool, but the only thing a member can earn is "Badges"? Members Shop is the perfect gamification plugin, because it offers 'abilities' to the members, ways to spend their points. -Pin a Topic (For set amount of days) -Change Member Title -"Purchase" an item in the Downloads section with points - So much more. In my Downloads, I have made custom desktop and mobile wallpapers that can be purchased with points. I also offer custom made profile photos, cover photos and signature banners. I plan on offering more soon. This has been working out great on my forum. People love earning enough points to collect them all. Thank god that @Adriano Faria has taken over Members Shop. Hopefully it will continue to grow. If there was a way to use the Points earned from the IPS Achievements, but then use them with the features Members Shop has to offer, this would be a great method of utilizing both systems.
  2. SC36DC


    Will do. 🙏
  3. SC36DC


    You are correct. When I tested it with the default theme, it looked fine when I checked it as admin and as a member. I use a theme by @Ehren, I guess it has to do with the theme. I'll reach out to him and see if there is anything that can be done. Thanks for checking.
  4. SC36DC


    As the admin who created the quizzes, all the quiz images display as intended, like this. Now that I went live with the Quizzes for all members of the forum, this is what it looks like logged in as a member. The image gets cut off. Also, some of the images have a black dot next to them, when I mouse over it, it says "New". Is there any way to show all the image for the quizzes the way I (the admin) sees them? Thanks.
  5. SC36DC


    I think I figured out the issue. Thank you.
  6. SC36DC


    What do I need to do to fix this? Thanks.
  7. SC36DC


    What causes a quiz to say "You cannnot take this quiz". Even though I created all the quizzes, some of them have this red button saying I can not take the quiz, some have the green button allowing me to take the quiz. A mod has also been testing this out, he came across some that states he cannot take the quiz. Thanks.
  8. I hope this isn't the case of another developer calling it quits.
  9. Yes, still waiting on the update over here too.
  10. WOW. Thank you for the quick reply and fix. It worked. I really do appreciate, YOU!
  11. I REALLY appreciate you taking over this incredible plugin. I hate to have to report an issue after the update, but on my forum, the 'Questions & Answers' section is not working correctly. I can click into the section, it shows all the threads, but when I click on a thread, I get the following error: I went into ACP and disabled Members Shop, went back to my 'Questions & Answers' section, clicked a thread, and it opened just fine. Any idea what could be causing this? Thanks.
  12. SC36DC


    Thank you. I will try this now.
  13. SC36DC


    I finally got around to setting up a True/False quiz. My question is, are the answers randomly listed in different order? I would like to of course have just 2 answers, True and False, always in that order. The quiz I set up, the answers weren't always in that order. Sometimes False was listed first. Is this possible at all to have the answers in a specific order? Many thanks! UPDATE: After further testing, making a True/False quiz, it always puts the correct answer first. So if the correct answer is False, then that is the first option. Would love an actual True/False quiz option where it always list the answers in order True/False, or at least a setting where we can set the answers in any order. Thank you.
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