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  1. I've released a new update pending approval that fixes the group issue and a few other critical bugs.
  2. New update released pending marketplace approval that fixes some critical issues and confirms IP.Board 4.6.x compatibility.
  3. I've released a new update that fixes a few bugs and adds IP.Board 4.6.x compatibility.
  4. I've released a new update for IPB 4.6 pending approval.
  5. I'll have to look into that, might not be possible as I'm using the internal reaction feature and I'm not sure if they allow you to hide the existing ones.
  6. Yes see acp > system tab > get support > clear system cache
  7. I've got your PM bookmarked as urgent and will be looked at soon.
  8. Should be soon. IPB 4.5 in particular had a lot of new guidelines from IPS and I was traveling a lot at the time. I've got 5 more mods left and then can start on custom requests and new features again.
  9. I haven't tested it yet and until I've fully wrapped up the rest of the IPB 4.6 updates, I don't want to mess around with my test board. Once done, I'll upgrade to PHP 8. But if you do have a test board with PHP 8 and have any bugs to report, I can patch any issues.
  10. New update released pending approval that adds IP.Board 4.6.x compatibility and fixes a few bugs too.
  11. If you can give me more information on what tables were removed? It shouldn't be removing anything but rather converting the old group permissions into the new database table. Thanks for reporting, I'm working on a new update now to fix this. It shouldn't be much longer. Thank you, noted. As this is a more complex bug, I will need more time to patch it. A work around right now would be to disable the app while you copy groups.
  12. Yep that should be good and easy enough to implement.
  13. What issue are you having? Tested for IPB 4.6 and working in both forum and topic view.
  14. Yes you can edit the betting tokens from the members profile. Let me know if you have any other questions or would like to see a demo.
  15. Thank you for reporting, just released a new update pending approval to patch this.
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