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  1. Yes I plan to update all my apps and plugins. You can keep updated on the status here. The Members Teams plugin will take longer because it needs to support database changes that are required in the IPS Marketplace.
  2. Noted both for a future version. I like the idea of supporting the calendar.
  3. You'll probably need to speak to IPS regarding this particular problem. Because from what I can see, I've uploaded the .tar file correctly and it should be working.
  4. After IPB 4.5 updates are complete, I can revisit this but for now I was focused on just making sure everything worked with IPB 4.5.x. Other domain or IPB urls? This will only modify username links in IPB.
  5. I have a new version that fixes the immediate welcome and a background queue to remove the legacy field rather then upgrade step. Those who are available to test this, particularly those upgrading with lots of members. Please PM me.
  6. I cannot send you a message, mind clearing your inbox? Question regarding a previous plugin you made for me.

  7. If you add your own custom css class to acp > theme editor > css tab > core > front > custom > custom.css You can then use that class in the message style setting. I'm not very experienced with css design, so don't have any css code you can use.
  8. IPS Marketplace Revisit* The IPS Marketplace now requires a change to how some data is stored in applications and plugins. This does not affect how a plugin or app work but does require extra changes. Therefore, some apps or plugins will not be immediately updated in the IPS Marketplace and only available on this site. I will revisit these apps and plugins and make the changes needed to have them updated in the IPS Marketplace as well.
  9. This has since been updated for anyone else waiting.
  10. Is there anything wrong with the plugin?
  11. Hi,

    i saw you are available as developer and i want to ask of you can create such a plugin like this? All i need is to set Prefix as required field for members topic. Like they have to set Video , Photo or Other as Topic Prefix. Can you do something like this?


    let me know 🙂

    1. Michael.J


      I'm currently a bit busy with IPB 4.5 updates. So probably can't look into this for a while sorry.

  12. For everyone else, a new version was released to allow updating.
  13. If you contact me here with what information you think you used to purchase, I can help track it down. I'm really quite flat out with IPB 4.5 updates so although I'm open to the idea, I probably couldn't look into it for a while. That's an IPS error, you'll need to contact them why your getting it. I don't have any control over that. Did you make a backup of your site before upgrading? If so, I can help restore the videos that way. No not supported. Permissions for each category if that's what you mean? No compression, just raw video uploads. File
  14. Yes this was a retroactive change unfortunately, so I needed to handle existing core_members data. I've used the upgrade steps before without fail and you'll have to check with IPS in regards to it's reliability. But if people are having issues with this, I'll setup a background task instead to shift that data across. Edit: I assume it's not needed because this is a test server but I would be happy to go in and fix the remaining members manually if the core_members field is still present. Edit 2: If you've got some free time and wouldn't mind testing a new update. I can provide
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