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  1. Can you please follow up with our support questions?

    Seems its not working with 4.3.4 It crashes on install. Then I found 3 instances in the plugins list. I removed all but one, and its not showing up in the BLOCKS section no matter what I try.
    I cannot get it to update or source new posts under 4.3.4. I figured out the problem. It seems to have a bug when it is set to "Pinned and Non-Pinned" posts. It does update when set to just "Show only unpinned topics"
  2. We were basically forced of our perpetual licenses by being denied the anti-spam service. Let me say, I am really very very unhappy about this after being with IPB for almost 10 years. Now you have split the level of response time so we have to pay EVEN MORE to get a quicker response. This is a very ungreatful way to treat your best customers. You really should have offered us support too for helping you get on your feet all those years. I am sorry to see IPB join the greed club. You can be sure, soon as another option comes along I will be leaving IPB and telling everyone to do the same.
  3. [quote name='Robulosity2' timestamp='1294972972'] You know technically it's not a "Free" Extra, if it requires a paid subscription to maintain, even if you are wrapping it into something else... Even Than, try offering an SLA -_- Thank you Rob.
  4. 3.0 is a great improvement. The new IPB is a great solution for Internet 1.0. Unfortunately all this is about 5 years late and 1000 dollars short. Forums applications are on the way out. Today, it requires way too much from readers to become members just to post a comment. IPB is also way too resource intensive for the little it does. How many servers are you leasing to run your forums? I am sure all your forums are loosing traffic because people are tired of the trolls, angsty members and spam that forums seems to be a magnet for now. We're looking at ways to get off forums and IPB now that we see IP.Connect is not a real SSO solution. If someone has been able to migrate away from IPB to a more open / Web 2.0 solution, I would love to hear about it.
  5. I could not login or resend my password. :(
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