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  1. Yes, it doesn't matter ... it's okay I managed to fend for myself 😉
  2. The problem is that I can no longer find my identifiers on the DevFuse site and despite my requests by MP and here, although I sent my invoice in a private message to @Michael.J, as you could see, they answer everyone world, except me, yet I was never wrong, I did not do anything illegal, I am very polite and I pay each renewal, suddenly I pay a service for nothing, I am a little disappointed of this contempt.
  3. Hello @Michael.J, cannot install the update in the AminCP, maybe because I bought the app directly from the Devfuse.com website and not from the market? thank you for your reply
  4. Hello, can I have the answers to my questions in private or here on the support topic? Please thank you? Unless I did something wrong to you for having so much contempt and no reason while being a customer? 😪
  5. That's right ! Thank you ! 🙏 Bad translation, for each bug I will have to look at the translations that have been made Correction and corrected translation Now everything is working again, it wouldn't take 150 years to search 😅😂🤣 Thanks for your help @Daniel F and @Sonya* 👍👋
  6. Indeed you are right, in English it works well! But, then where can the bad translation come from and why just on certain dates and not all dates? If you can give me the translation which can be buggy, because if I have to go through 700 pages of 50 lines, I'm 150 years old 🙂 Thanks
  7. Thanks for your help, it worked, it's cool 👍🙏
  8. Hello, I wanted to ask this question for a long time, but I didn't have time and thought it would be fixed with version 4.5.0, but it is not ... Some publication or visit dates disappear after a while, does anyone know why? Thank you
  9. Hello, still no answer? 😭 Here is the error message that appears, when I want to create a new category of videos ... And on the mobile version (or on the small screen) the titles always overlap, so they become unreadable Thank you for your future answers, cordially
  10. Hello, not receiving any answer in private, suddenly I go through support, I no longer have access to my customer area on your site (since the change) it does not recognize any of my email addresses ?! Since the update to 4.5.0 it is impossible for me to create a new category (new video channel)? I hope that here I will have an answer, cordially
  11. When I click on the "Widget" menu for example, it will display all the settings for the other "Footer", "Animation" sections, etc ... I'm looking to see if it could come from a translation I did this afternoon, I'll check the translation of the theme. EDIT : No it does not seem to come from there? 🤔
  12. OK thank you, because there I have a problem with the theme menu (in the admin) when I click on a section to edit it displays all the sections at the same time, it had already done to me on another theme this bug (not very annoying) hope it will be resolved with the final version (it must be a javascript bug or something else!?!) ...
  13. Hello, (in order not to waste time) will when I go from Beta 3 to the final version, I will lose all the changes made like color change, settings and translations and if YES is it will be the same with each update? And finally, when is the final version released? Thank you for your answers and your work, best regards
  14. Ah! OK I did not see it in IPS 4.5 so I will look for it, thanks for the info EDIT : YES I just saw it, it's less pretty and I don't think it will be displayed for all groups, to see ...
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