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  1. Hi @InvisionHQ hope you're fine ! If you could add on next update the option "Parent category show also subcategory adverts" that would be great 🙂 Thank you !
  2. Hi @InvisionHQ hope you're fine ! thanks for the bug fixes, works fine If you could add on next update the option "Parent category show also subcategory adverts" that would be great 🙂 Thank you !
  3. You cannot imagine how much i dont care 😄 but i had to clarify : you were the one who decided to abandon this project, not me Looks like you changed your mind since my post in april , hope this time you don't make people wait for 5 more years ! 😄
  4. Not true, Mate, YOU asked us to provide paypal for refund as YOU decided to abandon the project I would never leave a project i started myself 5 years ago of course...
  5. @Adriano Faria YOU asked in december 2020 to provide you paypal for refund as YOU would not work on this app anymore !! So you asked us to wait during 4 years because you were very busy, then you announced you abandonned the project in december 2020 and asked us to provide paypal for refund, and now you changed your mind after my last post and announced a version to come ! i find it quite unfair to kick out someone who initiated this request and actively participated since the beginning for no reason ! But that's your call
  6. Actually you deleted the job board forum 2 years before i asked my 50$ back (very recently) but i can pay you back 50$ to see this forum again, please send me payment link thanks
  7. Hi @opentype you're right, that's what i did in details on Adriano's board with approx 10 detailed topics with screenshots and details about main features to set up i had job boards before that's why i initiated this request and created this main topic at the very beginning ... 5 years ago @Adriano Faria Have you kept all my topics on your board, i can't find them anymore ? Thanks
  8. Now that Adriano has decided to abandon this developement started in... 2017, anyone else interested to make this happen ? Hundreds of people here showed interest for this, so it should definitely happen 🙂 Anyone interested & app developer, let your voice be heard !
  9. Yes filter by custom fields would be awesome 🙂
  10. Thanks, no problem we will wait then 🙂 if in the meantime you could add "Parent category show also subcategory adverts" option would be great 🙂
  11. Hi @InvisionHQ Great news thanks that would be great to have "Parent category show also subcategory adverts" too 🙂 Keep up the good work !
    Hi Very nice app ! I wonder why this is not a native feature on Invision Community, as it is a key feature of any community : link with other members as any social network Two requests : 1) when receiving a friend request, it is hard to see where it has to be validated (not very visible in left sidebar of user profile), it whould be a popup asking "do you want to accept this request Yes / No as it is now, many of our membres told us they dont know how to accept requests 2) The ability to restrain access to MP / profile view to friends is a good idea, but not relevant for all communities (member settings) admin should have the ability to disable those privacy settings for all users Thank you !
  12. Hi @Michael.J We found another bug : when translating Videos to other languages, there some strings that can't be translated on the dropdown : "Sort by" "Video title" "Date added" "Views" Your app wont take ACP translations into account for those strings Can you fix this ? thank you
  13. Yes i can confirm the beta is very stable 🙂 @InvisionHQ could you include the possibility to sort by price (high to low and versa) i think the drop down (sort by) would be the best place to have it in categories This is a very popular request by users, when you are in a category with hundreds of adverts, it is very useful to be able to sort them by price from high to low (and versa) Thanks 🙂
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