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  1. Hi @Mike John we noticed a dangerous SEO problem on your app : the categories URL are indexed by Google with various sorts of filters ex : site.com/community/videos/category/3-travel/?sortby=title&sortdirection=asc&listType=list&csrfKey=cd3e900e764264ca4e1c6bae757fff71 this can lead to duplicate content problems there is a simple solution for this : can you add a canonical tag on categories urls : (like we have on forum categories urls) : <link rel="canonical" href="https://www.site.com/community/videos/category/3-travel/" /> thank you 🙂
  2. Hi Good news Cant wait to see the filters also an advanced search form would be nice : to be able to search for multiple criterias : categories range of prices etc About the feedback system, this one is working great : (and already well integrated to classifieds) it
    This should be built in IPS indeed ! Thanks Pete !
    Very nice app, very useful for communities 🙂
  3. Ok, we will do that, which file is it ?
  4. Hi @Adriano Faria Is there an easy way to remove week / month / year tabs on the TOP HITS sidebar widget and keep only the "all times" tab This is because of SEO : when keeping the 4 tabs it shows 4 times the same list of links and so creates a lot of duplicate content Tx
  5. Hi @InvisionHQ can you answer my question please tx
  6. Hi @Mike John We noticed Google search console was reporting hundreds of different urls with parameters for categories pages Can you add a canonical link in the code for categories (and for videos items) This is very important for SEO thank you
  7. Hi yes i just tested it and it looks like it's reversed
  8. Hi Yes but i am not sure it's a bug when you say minimum dimensions : 1000 * 500, we agree 1000 = width, and 500 = height ?
  9. Hi @Adriano Faria Thanks a lot ! We installed the new version Image size works great but images minimum dimensions we have a problem when you say minimum dimensions : 1000 * 500, we agree 1000 = width, and 500 = height ? Here are our settings : But when we try to upload an image of 960 * 400, it tells us it doesnt match the minimum image dimensions
  10. I said image weight, not image size as some others are adding images of 6Mo... (i looked for iPS setting for this but didnt find any) tx
  11. @InvisionHQ you missed my post above please :)
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