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  1. I would love this "BUMP" too, a lot of users are asking for this too ! 🙂 @InvisionHQ hi 🙂 when do you think this will be available : 2.3 Advert filters #2 (custom fields) (deadlines to be defined, for sure after 4.5) < Thank you !
  2. yes there is a lot of interest in a good job board App Many are ready to pay for it !
  3. Thank you Michael we solved the issue !
  4. When i contact IPS, they say "contact plugin support" 😅
  5. Oh yes i see what you mean thank you for your help if anyone knows how to set again this link between installed apps/ plugins to entries in marketplace, as i didnt it properly in the first place thank you
  6. what do you mean by "as you didn't link it to the Marketplace after the IPS 4.5 upgrade" thanks How can i manually update if i dont have the files (Videos app dont give files for 4,5)
  7. Hi ok thank you i tried on another board, but this time in the app list, it is marked "customized" what should i do in that case ? tx
  8. Hi @Nathan Explosion it is shown as "Marketplace" then when i click on it i can see the video app page and a button "install update" and when i click on it i have an error message "Sorry, something went wrong" looks like the automatic update doesnt work, i have version 3.4.1 right now is there a way to update manually ? Thanks
  9. Hi i upgraded to 4.5 and i tried to upgrade Videos app but impossible to find the manual files to upload manually can you tell me where i can find the file ? on marketplace it tells to go to admincp but on marketplace tab on admincp it tells me "you already have an video application so unistall if first if you want to install a new one" do i need a devfuse account ? thanks for your help
  10. I have exactly the same need ! and struggling to do that 🙂 @InvisionHQ : could you do it as iBabker is suggesting : ie as a dropdown menu, it is much more clear than the weird inline submenu Thanks a lot 🙂
  11. i agree with this request we have many users getting confused because they post in the wrong category and then complained they couldnt choose the category when submitting @InvisionHQ i think you should consider doing this in the next release
  12. Links directory is an app from @Adriano Faria so it should be on his board : https://www.sosinvision.com.br/ips4/ but i agree it would be nice to have a live demo too on his board of links
  13. Hi @InvisionHQ hope you're well could you install your app classifieds on your test board : http://bbcode.it/ so that we could see a live demo of your app always up to date that would be great for potential clients or existing clients Thanks
  14. Hi @InvisionHQ hope you're well ! did you see my 2 posts ? https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/432540-classifieds-system/page/57/?tab=comments#comment-2816649 tx !
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