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  1. Hi @InvisionHQ Any news, its becoming urgent 2 months later tx!
  2. Hi @InvisionHQ Are you there ? as i said 15 days ago the text widget to show some text on the Classifieds index still doesn't work It is supposed to show text ONLY on homepage but actually it shows the text on homepage and all categories.... causing some serious duplicate content problem = bad for SEO When can you fix this ?
  3. Hi @InvisionHQ The text widget to show some text on the Classifieds index still doesn't work : Event when the option "show only on classifieds home" is checked Can you fix this please ? This is very important as for SEO and for some marketing reasons, it's important to show some content on index (and not the same content on all categories because of duplicate content harming SEO) Tx
  4. Hi @InvisionHQ did you add the "filter by price" the adverts ?
  5. Nice improvements ! Congrats @Matt @Charles especially the canonical tags preventing duplicate content from being indexed By the way we asked someone to develop a plugin that adds a noindex on topics in case a topic is less than XXX words (lets say 150 or 200) counting all posts of the topic of course it works fine (not in the marketplace yet) This is nice as it prevents to index many topics with just a few words (thin content pages) maybe this feature could be considered to be implemented "native" ?
  6. Ok tx Cant wait to see IPB4.4 out then !
  7. Trader feedback already exists and integrated to Classifieds, but you need to buy this : Hi @InvisionHQ hope you're well Two questions : 1) When will we be able to filter adverts by price ? 2) Members marked as spammers can still post adverts >> they shouldnt
  8. Used to live in Hong kong > nice place but not for too long, Sydney > amazing city, now in Paris > love the city too even if i miss Sydney Beaches :) New York would be my next move (if i had to move)
  9. you can't There is a big thing missing on Classified apps : 1) the possibility to filter the results : by price, by brand etc 2) A real search box with multiple criterias like you can see on various marketplaces : i want to see the adverts with price less than $100, belonging to a category in particular etc This is the major improvement we need for Classifieds PLEASE LIKE THIS POST IF YOU SUPPORT THIS REQUEST !
  10. I saw that you plan to set a redirection to a form next to a guest post, there might be an easier way to do this, the best way to do it is like this : https://www.commentcamarche.net/forum/linux-unix-13/new right below the post form, ask a login / email / password much easier, and the visitor stays on the same page :)
  11. Hi Thank you it works fine now To Everybody here : i plan to ask for a new paid job to have the "FILTER BY PRICE" on adverts categories Who is interested by this feature here ?
  12. Thank you IPS to have taken this suggestion i made since june 2015 into account :)
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