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  1. Yes This Trader feedback system works well with Classifieds 🙂
  2. Hi @InvisionHQ Glad you're back ! same than @tomwin : keep up the good work on this great app and everybody will be happy ! 🙂 i sent you a PM for a paid job thank you !
  3. Maybe... As he has not replied to this topic since 2 months, i hope nothing happened to him... He doesnt reply to email neither Strange...
  4. Tx @Adriano Faria nice improvements !
    Excellent plugin : GOOD for SEO, it can save your community from Google penalties as many users post small posts Many small posts (in words count) can harm your SEO badly This plugin makes sure it wont !
  5. @Adriano Faria haha 😄 yes sorry i wont mention you anymore, actually as you are the former owner of the app, i was hoping you could have an idea about what we could do
  6. I'm getting worried for the classifieds app, does anyone have some news of @InvisionHQ ? he hasn't posted on this topic since two months and is unreachable (PM or email) Tx @Adriano Faria Also does anyone know a developer able to work on this app and maintain it ?
  7. Hi @Adriano Faria tx for the professionnal support of this great app
  8. No no response yet, i don't know if @InvisionHQ is still in charge of this app or maybe someone else bought it recently but as it is not an official IPS app, there is no official support for this app The problem is that we need support same as you @Gauravk @Adriano Faria : i know you are not in charge of this app anymore as you have sold it but any advise of what we could do ? tx
  9. @InvisionHQ are you there ? i sent you an email an also a PM 3 months ago for a paid job, but i had no news are you still working on this app ? or should i contact someone else ? i still have an urgent paid job to do tx Tx @Adriano Faria
  10. I agree it should be a prime function of any marketplace and many of us asked for this by the past... i even offered to pay for it @InvisionHQ : i sent you a PM for a paid job thank you
  11. We already asked for this last year
  12. Hi @InvisionHQ Any news, its becoming urgent 2 months later tx!
  13. Hi @InvisionHQ Are you there ? as i said 15 days ago the text widget to show some text on the Classifieds index still doesn't work It is supposed to show text ONLY on homepage but actually it shows the text on homepage and all categories.... causing some serious duplicate content problem = bad for SEO When can you fix this ?
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