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  1. @Rikki Can I test the while label too?
  2. How about show custom block in mobile? I create and it can't see in mobile. @InvisionHQ please can you add "Show by language" option to block? or add multilanguage ability......
  3. Yes, plugin is still installed... Uninstall it?
  4. I mean like a Club owner, once a member pay for a Company Directory profile, additional the map, faq(as you say in next release) name and company information features, provide too others tools for their business as a club. So owner can work together with their moderators giving support, engagement content and sell their products or services through there.
  5. @Spannerthank you for the response. If I want to offer this app to my members by a price, I wonder if the app can be added faq and forum features(specially the feature "topics can't see by others members"as support feature managed by the profile owner)? If this is possible, then the profile owner can have the profile as their company page, contact channel and products catalog to show and sell, I remember already commented about merge the Company Directory with your classified app.
  6. Hello guys, I already purchased Company Directory long time ago, but now I see, the google map is so populated, all companies want to registered in google map, so which is the difference invest in Company Directory? Any special and usefully features that Company Directory can give us? I don't want invest time and money in something that members can do more easy, fancy and free with other populated app.
  7. How about clients with both plugins purchased but never received Improved Clubs update and support?
  8. The problem of PM is it like other inbox of mail, the private topics I think it is some create inside the forum environment. If we have the private topics feature, will help us build a communication around the forum logic and habit use, avoiding separate the discussions some in inbox and others in forums. I think this feature can make the forum more interesting, topics managed better and centered. It will bring more positive values than negative.
  9. Hello @TAMAN Please can you add multilanguage option? Or an option "show by language"
  10. Add a post action in other forum too. I use saved action to approve a payment request open by a member, after use the action Approved, I need a post automatically appear in other forum that is managed by the accounting team, with the automated post accounting team can proceeds to elaborate the check payment.
  11. Thanks for this tool, please can add tags and prefixes in the actions too?
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