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  1. kmk

    Mind Theme

    Is possible apply only your mobilenav setting and the desktop header(the menu and showing recents topics) on the default theme? Maybe like a separated plugin?
  2. kmk

    Mind Theme

    Any way to make the breadcumb more beautifull? use it to go back is usefully and clearly...e.g. insert it into a botton
  3. kmk

    Mind Theme

    Througth this way, maybe you can add more theme setting and mobile features and change this theme to x $ x moths or year...in my case, I would like have color scheme to choose (from user side)for theme and customizable mobile tamplate....but right now your theme is free, I am ashame for more request of help that demand you time...🙄
  4. kmk

    Mind Theme

    In my case, 90% of my members asking where is the option...they need some menu link on front their eyes....
  5. kmk

    Mind Theme

    Let admin adding more bottons with style, position, colors, size or any easing....with this users dont need click 2 times on default menu icon(icono de 3 barras)
  6. kmk

    Mind Theme

    Our Pick block, maybe need a little retouch... Default theme Mind theme
  7. kmk

    Mind Theme

    thank you @Heosforo I will try use english here. I think I can see this configuration, but my site use 3 languages, e.g. Discover(for english), Descubrir más(for spanish)...and for chinese. My need is 3 Tabs of Mind Header.....like the ips forums multilanguage feature. My other idea is, in mobile version use it like a menu container where can create more bottons.....
  8. kmk

    Mind Theme

    Se podría agregar configuración de diferentes estilos de botones, conviertiendolos en accesos rápidos de alguna secciones? Y si se puede mutilenguage....
  9. kmk

    Rush 4.2.x by IPS Themes

    Wuaooo....after release this theme 0 bug or support requested? Any site can show this theme demo?
  10. kmk

    Daewo 4.1

    In your site Daewoo theme not there....
  11. kmk

    Haze 4.2.x by IPS Themes

    @joshuaj I like your theme and their mobile version, is HAZE?
  12. kmk

    Haze 4.2.x by IPS Themes

    This theme will be upgrade for ios 4.3? Any demo site? need test mobile result....