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  1. https://www.hellofresh.com/ https://www.bombfell.com/ Examples of design without borders and separators Most I say for mobile navigation experience
  2. Do you already have demo to see how good is it?
  3. Each block insert an option that let place random ads images (as according by selected first, second etc.). Option to place ads on the block header or block footer. Option to show the ads by time or days selected, after criterias hide those ads and show default ads of the site.
  4. There blocks that show differents apps? Example, block that show the last updated images or albums of gallery. Block that show last updated of topics or forums. Block that show all recent activities of selected apps... Ah block that show last actived chatrooms of Chatapp
  5. Multilingual? As landing page, will be added more cool effect, decoration and colors setting?
  6. Or give to PM feature an innovative chat design replacing the chat.
  7. Now we have our ips community app, how about add the chat feature? At least basic chat that resolve the chat needs. So our members don't have to depend on others chat apps.
  8. Normally when post a poll topic, it contains a first post too. In the case of poll with severals questions, the fisrt post appears in the last place, after all poll questions. "Poll questions, fisrt post, replies" I would like have it: (place content elements in position that help to the user can read first post, vote, then reply) 1. By default the poll questions are condensed to be a title botton, when user want to vote touch it then expanded. Or 2. Leave the first post in the fisrt position, below the topic title, then the poll questions. Make sense appear all replies after the poll questions. "First post, poll questions, replies".
  9. + Multilingual ability please
  10. There's been no sales, because need more features to make it more attractive. You can proactively show to users the plugin is interesting.... In my case I decided no purchase because I worry purchasing a plugin that's will no more support and features can be added...
  11. Hello, need support for clubs. In some clubs I need place the widget, but missing get clubs calendar ability.
  12. I created a feature of calendar in club, there missing option to set show years events. I only see event by one month.
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