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  1. Is possible add ability of design to the card and turn it as below type of gifts cards? 🤔
  2. Thanks, my point wasn't don't want make it a smooth and easy process... Just was thinking prevent members posted so many photos unnecessary and consuming server disk. But... Maybe is my unnecessary worry... How ever, good feature at least will be more easy giving image for cover... Headers etc.
  3. It come with groups permission? And restrictions of areas? For example, I would like give all permission for admin group to use it in all areas, all others groups only with permission to use in profiles photo, covers areas, logo areas etc
  4. So this feature is for admin, not oriented for mass members....
  5. Please anyone can help me make the List View (products) as default for all members? 😮
  6. These images will occupy site server disk? 🤔
  7. Hello, I recently try to use piping mail that let bring mail content directly to acp support as Support Request, is possible bring the same mail content to forum, club or through ips block system? 🤔 I would like have the company mail content automatically appear in a block that let me place it in specific forum or club....
  8. How about if add a real time chat extension to the support system? Give The PM innovation and integra it with support? 🤔
  9. Please if we can have these: 1. After put item into the shopping cart, there should be appear the quantity of the selected action. 2. Ability to set products List view as default. (right now there have alternative to achieve it?) 3. Ability to selected all products of the category and put all into the shopping cart. 4. The shopping cart should be appear on the mobilenavbar as notification, and with the mount of selected products. Right now this notification is hide inside of the menu button. Thanks
  10. Due to the ips themselves don't want to use SUPPORT system, I am thinking about if I shouldn't use this feature for customers support, because I don't want to spend time and money on something will not developed more improvements and support. Or I'm wrong? Please ips staff can confirm my hesitation? 🤔
  11. According this explanation, I can place a note only in the clubs pages right? 🤔 Select where to show each Sticky Note from a list of your installed applications or to just show it everywhere ( Example only show the Sticky Note when users are browsing the forums or the downloads section etc )
  12. Hello, due to the multilanguage need... Could you add ability of show Notes by language?
  13. That's the correct way and mentality, we are so lucky 🍀
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