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  1. Something like Tapatalk has their Group feature...
  2. Yeah, forum has 3 style view, table view is normal forum view, in forum setting use Table word.
  3. I want to set some subforums for different company page, this plugin make possible assign Table View for some forums, and anothers Grid View? While the main forum is default set Fluid View...
  4. kmk

    Private topic

    But this way only for global site support, in my case I have many forums created for differents companies or groups, they would like handled their private topics that let user create topic communicating with moderators and moderators side create topic communicating with user.
  5. kmk

    Private topic

    I know, the problem is limited for members starting topic, but staff can't take initiative to create topic for members.
  6. kmk

    Private topic

    1. Not easy for new user, if normally they communicate with us through topic way, why sometime others topics are inbox messages? Increase complexity... 2. For staff administration of customers services, is better use only way, in this case forum, inbox message sound something personal thing. 3. If use forum for this purpose, these topics are permanently visible for staff, but if inbox messages depend on if the name of staff members was added, if not this staff member will not possible take care these inbox messages where they need to follow customer service.
  7. I want to create support topic, how I can open a topic only for specific member access? Forum there is an option that let member open a topic and others members cannot see it, but staff can do, how would be if staff want to open a topic for specific member?
  8. kmk

    (NB41) My Football

    How to use this setting?
  9. kmk

    Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Consider to add more color palette, la combinación de colores necesita más modernos y instuitivo para guía del uso de ips software. Estoy ansioso....
  10. kmk

    Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Maybe here, you open a topic for that....so others can contribute too...
  11. kmk

    Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    I like it, do you want open a support topic? I would like contribute my opinion, hope it can be continue to perfects, I want buy it.