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  1. Only try with imagination because right now there no solution for push notifications matter.
  2. I use the Google calendar, they have very good notifications connect with Gmail, how about if ips take some action as the Google calendar connect with Gmail? I mean use Gmail as our notifications Bridge, with this we resolve the push notifications problem.
  3. Hello, please can you add feature, maybe a widget, that work as live counter of a basketball game? In the school when realize basketball game, normally use papel or table to note the current points obtained by both teams, I think is amazing if we can take note instantly through a widget, then all members, inclusive guests, can know the current result by visiting, or staying in our website. Maybe we call it arbitration widget? Maybe more than instantly game result, we can add ability adding a fault, change players etc. In other word, make our game Live.
  4. Any improvement related this issue?
  5. I started using the wiki mode, please release something it seems a serious problem.
  6. hi @HeadStand I try to use Editor field with html ability in the topic header, this let me insert something to showing only in the topic. Can you add option to hide or don't show the field name?
  7. It can't work as image, after embed it show thumbnail in the post, click it show it with pop-up?
  8. Since the pdf is something standardized file as image, why IPS don't want to add this support inside the core? Don't you believe this bring more value to our forums use scenes?
  9. I want to use "Add Message" feature as a type of topic header that contains resume or todo list editable for moderators. Since the use case is collaborative and informative type, is possible add it to filter list or sort list?
  10. Because these options are more accessible and easy-to-use for instant communication, modern style social lifestyle. Forums aren't use for replace to these apps platforms, obviously if I can't offer some features or contents that are can't offer by these Messenger platforms, so members don't have reason to use my forum website. If we have better or cool integration of these messaging platforms, we take the advantage of them for our platform use.
  11. @HeadStand Is possible request below featured? Toggle in the topic and let moderators take checkmarks without edit the first post.
  12. This design is not necessary, sometimes create confuse. When I see the UI, I try to touch there... Because there tell me touch it to create New one... Or remove it, or change it as a title that tell me choose below options.
  13. Member field don't work well... Don't recognize the member introduced.
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