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  1. Hello, right now is possible send content notification from ips to specific channels ? I would like have setting that let me give permission to some groups or specific members use feature "send this content" to selected channels.
  2. Let members create their own store, admin products, use site payments system, when users purchase give a invoice that specific the store owner legal information. Other hand I like my site admin, work on how support the stores owners and marketing layer inside my community. Some ecommerce level what I talking about is, example : Cs cart multivendor https://www.cs-cart.com/es/multi-vendor-vendor-functions.html https://www.cs-cart.com/es/multi-vendor-admin-functions.html
  3. Ips can build for school admission system use? With pages? Template created by 3rd party developers? Example.... https://bseducativo.com/mrbroot/Mrbindex.aspx Maybe not like complex system including accounting, but create a flexible student database administration... Offering for school admin staff side, teachers side, parents side and students side... At the sametime landing page... And someway that can connect to accounting information.... Payment system etc.....
  4. Hello, any developer or ips staff want to create an app that work with map, member can touch a button, then the ips map app start to track the member untill when the member decide stop. This feature provide parents know where is their kids in the daily school transportation service. Obviously can offers more convenient features that parents, students and school bus administration need.
  5. So not will not support for 1 to group chat? O is feature will added later? Sorry for more questions, but as client side I don't want invest in App that miss compromise by developers thinking in future and for clients needs. That's why I have to ask for more information.... Others media embed?? That's mean PDF DOC etc.???
  6. How compromise this chat app development vs Chatbox+ and Chataapp? and the difference?
  7. Ips have advantages of multilingual and a base of community's clients, store features already implemented, why not invest more in this aspect, more cool and powerful store features and online mall hability for admins, but all score features from ips and not 3 party....
  8. I mean this cost can be consider included in the purchase and the renewal system, since the nature of this app... Don't need to charge more by the copyright way....
  9. Hello @Spanner I would like to suggest disable the app copyright ads...
  10. Hello, I don't know if this app is what I need, I will try to describe what I need. The main need is for school students scene: 1. Firstly, the student will have the general members group permission. Maybe I don't need nothing to change this status because is globally role. When the student register will have this role automatically. 2. Now I need to give second group to the student according which grade it is, maybe K4, K5 and 1 grade to 12 Grade. I don't want to set this status by me, I prefer after the first time manually set up, through a condition per year, sending the STATUS field to administrator or members, moderators who can chance the stutus, example if the first time manually set up for grade 2, then in a calendar set up, I will receive a status field message, asking me if the student will curse to next grade x. Additional other field for block this recurrent task, because the student will change to other school. 3. And others conditions that let me manage the students, teacher and workers status of a school and updated.
  11. What about tournament of chess and others individual sports? Can I set for this skin tournament without team configuration?
  12. Whatever you can add sent notification to multiple channels is ok. What I think about tag system, maybe is exactly like the condition Check Author?
  13. Hi, please can I request ability of a notification send to more than one channel? Is possible set tag system then according which tag sending notification to different correspond channel? Right now after use a notification (example, post) can't use it again.
  14. I am try to implementing chatbox+ for my website, the chatroom message can be included in the notification for specific channel???
  15. Hi, notification from specific clubs and others specific apps is already requested? I think would be great if we can create a notification from different parts of website to specific channel, example one club and one forum new content will be pushed to a channel.
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