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  1. Sorry, forget to say I have it purchased recently, and I am trying install it....
  2. Group Collaboration

    Hello @Kevin Carwile Plase can you do something to make CG compatible with Topic by tags by @Adriano Faria? I think that is good to improve accuracy and faster of topics and replies viewing.
  3. Topics By Tags

    @Kevin Carwile
  4. Topics By Tags

    Sorry, I was tired and asleep...
  5. Topics By Tags

    I have it updated, please try again
  6. Topics By Tags

    You have credential to access my site, can you take a look why do not work?
  7. Topics By Tags

    Please take a look, only work first tab. If you need ACP acces go ahead
  8. (NB40) Topic Description

    So I should download and install it again?
  9. (NB40) Topic Description

    thank you very much, hope you can add gc forums to choose soon
  10. Topics By Tags

    I have 3 tags asigned, but there missing an icon where member can see and know that can be clicked and will show more options. Is possible help me to put the block below of topic title? I try drag and drop the block, but not appear space to put there.
  11. (NB40) Topic Description

    Can you explain a little more or steps I should to do? I am not coder.