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  1. Michael, how about the rocket chat (community version) support option? I didn't received your last opinion through PM
  2. Maybe leave the statement here, (you know english is my bad) then I can make it better like you say.
  3. Maybe you can vote yes, then whrite your budget. How much if IPS want to offers it? You don't know, me too, because right now we only leave our feedback that try to tell to IPS how many people (people that navigate in ips community and taking a look into this topic, and want to vote) want to invest more for an mobile app made by IPS team.
  4. Hello, I know a time before IPS said that, no mobile app because don't believe this direction bring good things... But, still believe no mobile app for ips is best strategy? Maybe interesting to know how many app license ips can sell if they invest in this matter. So at the same time this is not only a feedback, is a vote topic too, please vote this for our better platform development future, because we there...
  5. Landing page multilanguage feature too? I need that for 中西文社区
  6. Hey guys, I asked help through my server provider, they can help me to install the rocket chat on the server, but they say that will require the replacement of MySql by MongoDB, I am on the correct way? However, please note that the service will require us to integrate the use of MongoDB, which would replace the MySQL service on your server with us, in order to have the same 'rocket.chat' installed and working.
  7. work. thanks. I have an idea, maybe this can be a request? How about if each message have their background color? if yes, cool, example I can set 2 block of background, one is black, another is white, obviously while font black background and black font on white background. other example, I can set 3 colors of backgound, red, yellow and green, and white fonts on them. Finally we will have a so fancy catch eyes colors news ticker.
  8. Hi, can I take a look your site?
  9. Bought it recently, here a little request relate the data container(author information and which calendar is), I would like hide it, can be without these information, but in case I want it appear, I would like show them inside the slider, in the button.
  10. .ta_NT #ta_webticker > li:before { content: "\f2dc"; /* Fontawesome icon Unicode */ color: #014974; /* Color */ } I pplied this in custom.css, but nothing happened...
  11. something like the Title of forums...
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