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    Clubs Enhancements

    Hello @InvisionHQ I want to use clubs for school class promotion, can you add a public topic feature, that let none members of club(teachers and students of others grades) post messages to this club members (they have topics feature that others teachers and students can not access). So club members use closed topic feature to discuss private topics of them, but will have public topic feature that let's communication with all school members.
  2. My request is not necessary placed button there, only for avoid unhandy issue, is OK whatever pritty solution.
  3. Thank, this can applied by @fosters? If it is the good solution...
  4. Please add a buttom (Create Issue) in there, many time I have to click back to project then click create issue, handle the a project demand create many bugs, tasks o suggestions, so I think is necessary put there a create issue link. Considering mobile view, maybe better in the header and not the footer...
  5. Please That's mean this feature not will applied? IF in this case, at least add this only for me, so I can act like a tester give your feedback use, and later if you or the community want can release it for all.
  6. Hello @Fosters Right now I try to use this app in the live production, I can request you add (at least for me in this moment) ability to add more Issues Trackers? If you can, maybe topics feature (like clubs) too, there I use for topics discussions of team, shared documents, graphics and many more....very useful...if possible, set privacy that lets me talk with core team, and others topics open for general teams.
  7. Better. 1. Is possible let admin play with fields order in each project? Open | normal | assigned to: admin Normal | assigned to: admin | open 2. Feature request, in the second row, maybe 2 rows fields can assigned with diferent badge. First row with rectangle badge Second row with arrow badge Apply different badge forms to make more eyes caching and produce inmediately differentiation, because I suppose there will be have many issues or records.
  8. Sorry, not sure what you mean with this You can see I have template set up like grid, and in desktop view there is a green space that's not a project, only is a category that contain rest of projects, but it shows like a project card view.
  9. I am interesting in your core service, so I don't need purchase one by one, of course depending on price.
  10. Oh, add group and members permission to use it.
  11. So I think the plug in should has a global setting, how it works by default, then each time when embed the link, user can call option menu that contain mentioned options. Other option I would like to request is user can choose which elements can show in the embed, in my case I am thinking only title, image and content, the screenshot says what I want to say.
  12. Request options: 1. Can add option to delete or hide the wrapper? the purpose is it will see like uniform with the theme.. 2. Add option to set show all content. User can read all content and don't need click and open other page. 3. Add option to disable the link option, so the embed will be like an article of the site, user can read all content and dont need leave the site and go to other, touch it but stay on site.
  13. 1. Bough it, hope it can rich more with the soon release. 2. Good customer service. 3. In the download contain 2 files, what is other?
  14. 1. Can you show mobile view? after post it... 2. Can you add option that lets admin set to show more content?
  15. Hello, can you test with below link? https://m.prensa.com/impresa/panorama/dias-clave-pinchazos_0_5075492519.html Then post the screenshot here? I would like to ensure before purchase it.