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  1. Now I have the widget running, but is only to show how many user online, I would like have a widget of some channel live, that let members chat directly there, is possible?
  2. I am using phone to navigate discord server setting page, but I can't see any place that say similar Enable Widget option.
  3. Hello, after finish configuration and try use widget, appear like below screenshot:
  4. https://about.riot.im/features#notifications I researched all this time if good implement Discord in my community project, then I found riot.im too. Anyone know about this comparison? Discord better or riot.im???
  5. So, I can call it as Topic Status plugin? If this is the case, not necesary close the topic after Mark it. And I suggest, the action mark should be an action that call to choose which Statu to use. Example, maybe the topic Statu now is ON THE WAY, but the topic continues receive posts, maybe tomorrow is the time close it, then tomorrow I click to Mark botton and choose FINISHED, then take other action, close the topic. Above explanation don't have any automatic condition that close the topic, all manually by the moderator o moderators of the topic. Maybe if we want to close the topic automatically, we need a set of conditions available for set up each topic...
  6. Research a little more, I found brilliant discord app can achieve what I asked above posts... Anyone can confirm if I get the right idea??
  7. Hi, I'm newbie playing discord, I want to ask if below description resolve the ips without native app push notifications problem? "Brilliant Discord Integration can send notifications about all content on your site to the Discord server. You can select from 25* different types of content + all content from Pages databases, including comments and reviews." And what is about this feature🈵️To improve notifications' look, you can use configurable Discord's Rich Embeds. Correct me I wrong, with this app, my member don't have to register again in Discord mobile app. Only install Discord app and sign in with ips account?
  8. This can be implemented in IPS? https://github.com/RocketChat/Rocket.Chat/issues/5207#issuecomment-353701661
  9. While ips miss native app and push notifications possibility, I am thinking if my members use Rocket chat mobile app, that resolve the native app and push notifications problems, in other hand through rocket chat app will help my members continue visiting and use my ips website. Do you think I have the right way? Anyone want to join to this idea and request? Then developers can take advantage of this project.
  10. Which is the difference compare the tag solution?
  11. Please add image by default ability, from category, team, each tournaments and game required images, need a create tournament or team process more easy possible, then each leader take time create and change their custom images.
  12. Please add change Team Leader ability, something like change the clubs owner or leader, because not all members want to take patience to set up webpage configuration, I need do it for them, then set leader rol for them.
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