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  1. I am using the 4.5, there any method the let me place the announcement according the language selected? O this should be a request of feature...
  2. There only show "..." without title after each numbers...
  3. Yes, my community people don't have email use habit. Most use is cellphone...wechat, whatsapp....replace email mechanism by cellphone number is what my community need.
  4. Support Request is missing the Last Reply By Customer sort opinion, this is so relevant...
  5. Strong wanting, add Admin Staff Support Request View and ACP Activity Stream (not implemented yet) into the Support (kokoko.com/support) front end view. When admin open support of front end, it will show 3 tabs: Tab 1. ACP Activity Stream. Tab 2. The ACP Support Request page, there can manage requests threads, reply, add staff note, change status, change assigned to, see Customer View and add Customer Note. Tab 3. As all member normally request page view.
  6. 1. For commerce use heavy case, an acp activity stream will help much much much... 2. Need notification ability for Staff Note, Customer Note, Invoice Note, Status and Assigned To.
  7. Right now is It should be like that
  8. Hi, I found this already implemented in the support thread, not possible implemented for forums and clubs area?
  9. Just forget to say, all actions or interactions should be generated notification....
  10. Need Support system with cross-frondend-backend ability. Our tasks are alround the when a customer generated a purchase, 1. there is already request for automation creating support request thread for each invoice generated(with the invoice attached or related), 2. Many times as staff, we have to create conversations related the invoice. Right now I found the Note inside the invoice template, but it just for add extra information to the invoice and it is printable. I found too the Customer View page, there have a Manage note, but it can´t not generate notification and it only vis
  11. So so tricky and hard work that I have to 1. open invoice, 2. click View Shipments, 3. click View Packing Sheet, 4. print the sheet, 5. close the windows tab, 6. click Invoice again to enlist again all invoice, 7, you have to recorded which invoice number that already opened and print, 8. Then choose another invoice and start again the process from 1 to 7....... ****Please add Print Packing Sheet and Print Label buttons diretly into the invoice template, ****Please add Prev and Next buttons into the invoice page.
  12. I am having experience using Store to sell products to my members. This is my feedback, PM can be integrated with support, that put collaboration between staff attendance yo next level. BELOW MODULES ARE ONE CONNETION FOR CUSTOMERS SERVICES AND AFTER SELL SERVICES : SUPPORT+PM+INVOICE+TRANSACTIONS+SHIPPMENTS NEED A MORE INTEGRATED DESIGN AND SMOOTH PROCESS UI. PLUS REQUESTS: 1. MAP FIELD, 2. ADDRESS FIELD FILTERBLE 3. FIELDS WITH ABILITY TO BE ADDED TO THE INVOICE.
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