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  1. Available to be added a little more feature and suggestions? Do you know in this moment which will be the price? If all fine, I would like have it to test too, and ensure the purchase since you release it.
  2. Maybe better if move the club icon to...
  3. Cool... I like it, specially the tab design, I would like add comment tab too. Record available to be transfered to other user for management? but I am not coder to implement similar thing with Pages. 😕
  4. Could you provide an example?
  5. I am trying to create a business directory for my community, what I want to use is clubs, because I would like to return the club management to related owner in the future, then the owner can continue do more engagement works with the club. So I discovered I need these tools for club: 1. Clubs Status: club manage team, club members and none club members can leave comments and announcements there. Including pin comments or announcements ability. 2. Club checklist 3. Club polls
  6. Mobile UI feedback I take the screenshot after redirect me to your demo site
  7. It look like this, could you retouch a little the mobile view?
  8. Clubs Title area is so short for mobile, please could you made it with truncation on the Header Card area? Right now only one row to display the name, would be fine truncate for 3 rows automatically adjust the font size. There so much of space to display the image, so we just occupy a little more this space for the title use. Or just give the redesign of the header elements locations.
  9. Hi, this is an use of scene. Right now as moderator I can use the merge ability to moderate this repeated topics. But maybe 2 topics, or more topics, because people will not check before if some of the hundreds topics are same. (or sometime are similars but not same at all). With this scene in mind, I would like have another manage contents ability, "Set this topic similar as similar with", then show a 🔎 button where I can type the title to search it. Finally these titles searched and selected will appear in the Summary Topic box, as "Similar Content". So user read a topic, thr
  10. The page added to clubs contain good privacy options, for not club members, for club members, for moderators I would like have forum that only for moderators. So the club will be able to have forum topics open for club members, as well for moderators. If righ now someone can share the solution to implement the permiss on I would like to give a try. There contain an option "User can see topics posted by others users", it is ok for topics with privacy, but the forum still be accessible for members. What I want to have is a forum only can see by MODERATORS, I
  11. Recent have it installed, with one team and one tournament created, by now discovered the mobile menu missed the Tournaments page menu item, it just can see the Team page menu item. So through mobile we can not access to the tournaments page.
  12. Could you add Add Message to Tournament Actions? We can update about the tournament progrese or info with that message, or use it to add video and images during and after the tournament.
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