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  1. hi, 1. I try to add widget, but it looks that...why? 2. Magic invites/general : permissions not assigned to anyone group, I need give permissions to some groups or not? there 2 types permissions... Use BYPASS APPROVAL QUEUE (IF ENABLED) 3. Now new user through the Discord sign up can register for Discord and My website at the same time, so cool... How can we or is if possible made the sign up process at the same time adding the new discord user registered to our server too? 4. Now I found is more easy and efficient for new user use Discor
  2. Hi, please consider add audio player support to ips core features. As content manager tools, we can embed youtube and videos displayed in our topics or records, but missing audio player, we need upload audio files have it show to members as player...I think this is not so much as a content suite platform.
  3. Each tab can enlist forums and clubs with card type?
  4. I visited to your forum, could you enable it for me to give a try?
  5. Anyone live install to see how it work for mobile?
  6. Just to avoid misunderstanding, I mean Video Box of @onlyME Due we already have ours videos collected with ips environment app, would be benefit just "choose videos from Videobox" instead go to YouTube or Vimeo, search again, copy address.. And one by one in case of various videos.
  7. I use Video Box to collect videos, could you add ability in tutorials records to call use video from Video Box?
  8. When new users receive a link and open the page, after sign up and / or sign in it should be open the page where is the link received. Right now it doesn't work like that, if members open a page then sign in, they just redirected to the homepage.
  9. Recent have tutorials installed, I try use Extra Field to create filter with select box field, but I found below issues: 1. Miss Extra Field included in clubs tutorials. 2. Miss filter widget, if it can be added, please add club support too.
  10. Notifications support for Chatbox+ too?
  11. Could you give a guide to do that?
  12. So many mails accounts, from personal and company... So many subscriptions, marketing... So many things need to be updated, changed, reminded... Is possible handle all my mails accounts from ips Support?? Then from my ips Support send mails to all accounts...
  13. The idea is avoid to give acp access to all people. As the clubs and Forums support section are purpose to create sub communities, same ability as Support of commerce need introduced for Frorums support and clubs forums support.
  14. We need a improvement more. Right the the feature "Users can see topics posted by others users?" only is valid for Member create topic posting to staff, it can not let staff create topic posting to member. We need ability that staff create support topic or record posting to member. Then member in that forum can see topics created by himself and topics created by staff posting to related member.
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