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  1. Badges are important in the sense that they allow a quick visual to know a little about the credibility of the writer of the message if I may say so. Maybe a simple registration date and a number of messages on a profile would be enough for some like you. If not more widely, they also allow to integrate a gamification system in order to encourage participation especially towards new registrants and to make the profile system more informative and evolving. This is the very first version and like very first version it is not the best but it will surely be improved over time just like IPS 1.0 was. Whatever thing we're dealing with, whether it's writing an article or setting up a web page, I have learned over time that the best I think is not to render them. heavy things with lots of written or visual repetition by seeing the user as a person who does not understand anything at all and that must be repeated as many times as possible or make things that are immediately obvious with lots of colors or big visuals with the goal that he can not miss anything that we want to convey to him. Rather, it may make things difficult to assimilate and to scare away because it is too tiring. Badges are a good thing but are not part of the main message for regular (and majority) users when opening a page. Therefore, it should be less intrusive. Maximum a single icon can be on the main page of the message and with a maximum of discretion. Because the goal is not to convey the main message of the page but to bring information to a new reader on a question which he asks himself "who am I in front?". He will have to search and he will find even if the information is discreet. Regular users know that such is the moderator, credibility in his posts etc. The gamification system is also becoming less useful for regular writers I think. unlike instagram and other social networks, i don't think the old editors here are looking to have as many likes and badges as possible but rather to have their post read and accepted.
  2. Is it possible to use a slider for a series of videos in a post? Something like this: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8860-video-slider-widget/ except that it can only be used as a widget. Let us not forget that communication between people initially started in a form of spoken communication even before the written word. I think that this form of communication should not be neglected because it is the basis, but I have the impression that we prefer to concentrate here in the development of a communication in the form of smiley emoji faces.
  3. I think IPS really needs to see how the big sales sites are done in order to keep up to date properly. See how the dashboard is very intuitive. See how easy it is to display what we want to see. We should take here a post of ten pages and more as an example by thinking about how to display only what is interesting, by the use of filters or other.
  4. is it possible to authorize members to cancel their subscription within 10 days of their registration. knowing that it is easy to cancel your purchase and not having to send an email can make it easier to make the payment for different registration. this will also facilitate administration by automating this process
  5. When a message from page 2 is quoted and then displayed on page 150, do you really have to read pages 2 to 150 to understand it? why not integrate the possibility of displaying the responses by quoting a message, in one and the same place, in the form of a comment like on youtoube? this is what is most coherent also an option to display the most relevant messages, based either on the number of citation or point ... this type of simplistic display of discussions dating back two decades or more is now becoming cumbersome and does not necessarily make you want to be read and participate. I have a strong doubt that granting the possibility of a new display would no longer make the post understandable. there must surely be solutions such as "display the message in its chronological place or case where it is not understandable.
  6. in fact i don't know if you know what you are talking about and know what an LMS is? you say IPS is starting from scratch. A sufficient LMS is based on the presentation of courses in video or pdf format and the validation of these by validation quizzes. where is the head start? it is rather IPS which disposes it by the management of user group and member ... the only head start they have over IPS is in smartphone use because IPS has not been seriously concerned with this point for years.
  7. An LMS at IPS does not necessarily have to be offered only to people who have a basic forum here. A lot of people start in the web world as a webmaster just to sell training. to IPS to know how to sell to these people and attract them by showing them, that it is much more user-friendly and interactive than word press and the LMS learn dash with its third-party applications to work (bb press. member press, BuddyPress .. .) It is certain that without the LMS, there is a huge shortfall.
  8. I understand that if one thing will not really change at IPS, it is more or less how the forum works (discussion-message) and it has been this system for about twenty years or more. It seems to work very well for discussion forums about sports, games, ... But on the point that I have strong doubts, and which I think it is time today to stop hoping and believing, is that in the coming years there will be even more new communities created around of this system of discussions concerning all themes. ______________ Today if a person has a health problem, will they end up on a discussion forum talking about It and then post their problem to discuss it? I think not, it is very likely that she will come across an article site related to the subject and offering training to get out of this problem. We'd rather have a rich article straight to the point than read lots of people discussing it. Therefore, I think it would be good in the future if it is possible to write a quality article on page with a tool similar to optimizpress, thrive architect on wordpress Below this article, guest comments about this problem. And to go further, a private forum, coaching, videos, quizzes, interaction, and motivation to get out of this problem between private members. I think downloads needs to be updated to become an LMS because just sharing files is no longer attractive today. This is the logical continuation after the creation of downloads 10 years ago now.
  9. It is interesting that when members have good ideas the shares here with the developers of IPS because they are not necessarily aware of all the latest developments that may exist in community systems, socials, ... But before wanting to put together a file to present, and participate in long discussions on these subjects, it would be good for IPS to tell us at least what its future intentions are to avoid wasting our time. They have decided to invest the developers' time in what type of improvement for this next year? Once we know that, we can better decide to come up with certain things. What are the problems of this community system today and what improvement can be proposed? Lack of member participation? Yes, it's true. But is this problem of concern to IPS? If so, this point system proposal seems very useful and deserves to be presented. Ideas ? we have to see what is being done elsewhere. For example in a clothing shopping site like adidas, it's 100 points for registration, 10 points per euro spent, make a comment 50 points And different level to reach depending on the number of points with each level giving right to certain privileges. Today IPS has its fine-tuned reaction system (Like, thanks ..), and I think it prefers to keep things very simple and if you want something more pushing they invite you to go and see the marketplace. I have doubts that IPS has any intentions of developing another point system. I hope that one day we will make members participate more in the development of IPS, for example by offering them each month to vote on a minimal improvement among several, and each year a major improvement ... to come back to the point system proposed here, we should basically start in the article by defining what there is and the meaning of it: Point: Badge: Trophy: Score: Classification table : Positive remark: How to value the participation of each member and help them write a comment in blog posts, ...
  10. I'm sorry but despite what you say I'm still pretty confident. A promising LMS application was released in the summer of 2018 and it's almost 3 years since it is still in beta without any real evolution at the present time. The logic of things is that one should stop believing in it and be realistic in seeing it since its development is clearly neglected. But it seems that very soon a version with the integrated Quiz should finally be released. Frankly, an LMS is really nothing special, complicated that cannot be done on IPS. It is just a matter of being able to present schools, subject categories, lessons in video or downloadable PDF format, and make the school or lesson categories payable. Thing that IPS can do very well as they have Commerce. Regarding the management of groups and members, IPS is its strong point, word press is far behind. Lots of things also on word press can sadly only be done from the admin panel. And what is done from the admin panel here, IPS is much better and more user-friendly The big problem is knowing it and understanding what is blocking at IPS, why today in 2021, they are still not a progressive web app. And I do not understand that we can write a blog post just to announce the possibility of being able to post anonymously. Normally a monthly article should contain at least 5 new items of this type as this is not an extraordinary addition. The future of IPS, and it's what seems to be happening, I only see it in the core of its cms, chat, group management, member, user profile, private messaging and interactivity (hopefully) between member: points, badge, trophy, ranking. By having integrated Zapier, IPS accepted that we may need an external alternative specialized on a typical product because it is their specialty. IPS has its members, its groups but offers the possibility of using Zendesk for customer service because Zendesk specializes in this and IPS is not its foundation to focus on a powerful database for customer management. If all you need is simple customer service, IPS offers you something for that integrated and not very expensive in comparison, but if you want something more powerful, here is zendesk that integrates easily. The same can be done with someone who wants to write a sales page using the word press environment, with a registration on thrive cart, and then registration and management of the member in the IPS environment. There is a different vision of the web and its future. Regarding this point, LMS, I do not think that the strong point is in the simple possibility of being able to make the environment also available on a mobile application because that is the real concern, difference, for me that I see here between learn dash and an LMS on IPS. I do not see anything extraordinary, to present lessons by categories in video format or in download. IPS can do this very well. Regarding the interactivity between member or group, I am convinced that IPS is stronger but also in the user-friendliness concerning the administration as well as the admin panel for the webmaster. I do not expect much from the design to display video or pdf, except for simplicity so no comparison to make here. If I had to compare two LMSs my question is which LMS achieves high engagement and result rate at the lowest cost. This is because the dropout rate in distance education is extremely high. Design and everything else is only secondary ... especially what's best and simplest today is what's uncluttered and heavy with a lot of unnecessary stuff. I expect more real progress on a rate of engagement and success for the students and this at a lower cost, because it requires careful monitoring of each member. It is not possible to make everything automated, at some point you need to be in front of a real human, a real follow-up, and to have encouragement from a real human and no more from a score given by a quiz. I think that gamification through achievement badges, points, scoreboards, and collective mutual aid in clubs can relieve the costs quite well in order to make it easier to bring real things into remote teaching. Without it, the teaching and study environment will be boring and dropouts extremely high.
  11. this is surely difficult for many of us to understand what is blocking the implementation of an option that seems so minimal. without being a developer, it seems even surprising that it takes so long or that it could be a break in the functioning of the site if it is implemented in the near future. I read in the blog that we would no longer wait for major releases to add options. Isn't it better to take a break from your very long-term work, to focus on the small additions. it often happens to read "We've had this on our internal roadmap" but what is blocking it so that it lasts so long? I'm trying to tell myself that surely there must be major work in the codes of thousands of lines of files that we do not see, concerning the correction of bugs, improvement ... but here we are wondering whether it is about small additions or the progress of the mobil application. I'm sure if you hire a developer who is dedicated to adding all of these small changes, customers will get them done faster. or maybe you have to remove the coffee machine (joke)
  12. I am using an LMS for invison power which is still in beta today. Word press is great for writing a sales page with optimiz press or whatever, and why not also for a nice shopping cart page with thrive cart using Zapier. Surely Thrive cart can be used with IPS once Zapier is available here. Following my research for learn dash on word press or another LMS like Kajabi, I found that it was possible to do better with IPS and that it would meet better expectations. This is because IPS has a core that is really centered on members, groups, communities, social, ... IPS is also cheaper. to know that learn dash needs a lot of external plugins which can then cause problems during updates. all that I saw if not on these two cms, it is possible to have them here, to see much more and in better. except that it is true that they have a mobile application unlike there. what we really need is to come up with a site with high engagement and course completion rates and not the best design and full of options that concretely bring nothing to the end results. And I must say that on learn dash or even kajabi learning seems to me quite monotonous, not very lively, ... So the solution I found is to use a real individual follow-up through the use of coaching accompanied by community learning for those who wish in small classes of 5 students maximum using clubs as mentioned by @Jordan Invision. What will help create the right groups for clubs, and know who to interact with, are the validation badges. it allows you to easily know the level of each and the profiles are alike understand better then that my question here is how the student will be able to access and see in front of him on a single page, his coaching, his current courses, his calendar, his points etc. I find it too complicated and tiring to navigate between lots of menus I want to use the kanban method available here "stratagem"
  13. Yes I could see that, thank you. Many plugins also allow you to easily display specific content in clubs without being the case in page.
  14. The only way when you want to bring a personalized page to each member is to tinker with the 'possible options that exist today. I would have liked to offer something better than using club to have a personalized page for each member allowing if possible to easily see target content without having to navigate to a lot of different page: - a question answer forum (single member - admin). - a coaching schedule for a single member - a file sharing forum (single member - admin) ...... If we want to quickly offer a personalized user experience of quality, with an ease to view and navigate in the target content for each member, I have no idea of having to use the club method initially built for several members. or else having to create a unique user group for each member. Maybe there is another method by tinkering with page ... It is about opening a club for each member in order to facilitate a personalized user experience and not to open a club page with the main purpose on which Clubs were built. This is the same problem as telling someone to create a user group for a single member. Of course Club will no longer be called clubs but "my private school"
  15. If we want to make available a paid subscription formula, we must bring a real plus. I think, why not use something like clubs. After joining, this will open a club or something else, with a "private member area" page that might look like a club page but better. The goal is to provide quality support and private follow-up to each client, and offer them a beautiful personalized page specific to each one. - schedule for coaching - widgets for each information specific to this member - private forum for questions and answers with the team This may be possible today by creating a specific group for each member, etc., but this goes beyond the use by which we have been creating clubs and user groups. Who says groups means several members.
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