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  1. Joining a club allows access to various specific resources directly, eliminating the need for members to navigate through different areas of the site. This represents a significant time-saving, enhances usability, and greatly facilitates achieving desired goals.
  2. can be a workflow with tasks to be carried out by members and each time they have completed a task they must check the box
  3. I initially used IPB around 2010, then again about 5 years ago, more for fun. However, I continued to follow the evolution of IPS and today, I am starting a serious and monetized project with a community. Currently, in rebuilding a site with IPS, I am noticing significant progress from the team. The introduction of a gamification system, improved ergonomics, push notifications, and the recruitment of Ehren are major advances to stay at the forefront of UI and UX design, as well as for PWA integration. In the past, with IPB 4, we had grievances regarding the design, mobile navigation, and the absence of a dedicated app. These issues are now resolved, eliminating any hesitation to stay on this platform rather than looking for another to manage a community. Regarding the marketplace, I remain optimistic, convinced that even without development expertise, the decisions made by IPS aim to improve and accelerate the product's evolution, while reducing bugs. This contrasts with WordPress and its vast user base, where major changes are risky and can hinder development due to the many interferences between applications and updates. Despite debates on the number of user applications available on IPS, the possibility to install applications remains, ensuring their availability for a few more years since they have not been completely removed. There are aspects that we must accept and adapt to. Apart from the absence of an Elementor-type editor, available on WordPress, I do not perceive a significant gap in IPS's current offering. This feature, although not urgent, could be added to enrich content management without impacting the ability to maintain a community. I believe we must stop seeing IPS solely in terms of forum installation, but more so today in terms of member and group management, as well as interaction between them. So even if forum participation may decrease, there are still many possibilities to use that can facilitate support, interaction, and individual tracking within the community. That's why I hope the upcoming products will allow for better online meetings directly on the site, live quizzes, coaching, personalized assistance, interaction within clubs, etc. Unfortunately, and maybe I'm wrong, IPS is not used and known to the extent that it should be despite being a very stable product. Many turn towards WordPress filled with plugins from different builders (thus bugs), and to try to build a community, which IPS already does in its core with group and member management and is surely less expensive when adding an app for gamification, another for the community, etc.
  4. ReyDev delivers exceptional work swiftly, and his support is greatly appreciated. As the creator of an extremely comprehensive LMS application, ReyDev showcases outstanding professional skills and an openness to feedback, always aiming to enhance his products. His commitment to continuous improvement provides an additional reason to highly recommend him.
  5. https://www.invisionboard.fr/forums/files/
  6. Your idea is relevant, but I doubt it aligns exactly with what we mean by authentic coaching. I would suggest instead considering private sessions between the member and staff to exchange assignments, correct work, and offer advice, etc. The coaching aspect could be better served by a dedicated application like Stratagem, or by enriching the IPS calendar to add more functionality. However, it seems unlikely that IPS will transform its calendar into a project management application, especially when considering the existence of highly developed external tools like Trello, Monday, and Calendar... They could then consider integrating these existing applications.
  7. Given the magnitude of time and resources required to manage a growing community, we are compelled to introduce a payment system. This measure aims to maintain a quality community and to fund a dedicated team capable of fully committing to this task. Managing a large community can quickly become complex. To address this, we can organize smaller groups with "clubs". This approach will allow for easier personalized follow-up, facilitate interactions, set specific goals, and strengthen mutual support within our community.
  8. Maybe what we could do for the moment to correct me if I'm wrong is to limit an event to a single person with a payment link in the event message. If he does not pay within 24 hours, he will be removed from participation. even if the members like things to be automated, you click you are automatically on the payment page, the payment is valid you receive a message that your appointment has been validated which removes your doubts has the payment been validated and my reserved place..
  9. I would like to emphasize the importance of integrating an active calendar in the development of the forum. It is crucial to understand that IPS evolves beyond a simple discussion platform. It is now necessary to offer a complete service, beneficial for both communities and each individual member. To reinforce this evolution, I request the implementation of a calendar that allows each member to offer their services, such as support or maintenance sessions, directly on the platform. This will contribute to enhancing the service aspect of our offer. I am aware that some features may be beyond your direct reach. In such cases, I encourage the integration of third-party applications, despite the potential additional cost due to per-user pricing. It is important to note that one of the major advantages of IPS is its ability to support an unlimited number of users without additional fees.
  10. If I sell hours of support or hours of lessons, the member must not simply purchase an hour of lessons, but an hour of lessons on a specific day, at a specific time slot. it would be too tedious if we let each purchased member have an hour and then have to discuss with them to find the right time slot, the right day...
  11. I find that we don't talk too much about the future of the groups and I have the impression that this party is a little neglected... while it is surely one of the fundamental bases for making the site more interactive and bringing more attractiveness to a community. This needs to be pushed a little more. have a group as if it were a school class, or a sports group... its own calendar with its events. the possibility of having interactive projects with clear monitoring of the stages what is accomplished what must not be accomplished. The forums are a bit dead in the sense that before it was good in the evening to come and see the news discussions, write a message or a discussion. but now few of them need to do it themselves because they absorb information every day. But the forum is an excellent thing when it is used well and adapted to our times and needs. It will then be possible to create small groups, because we are stronger together and have more motivation, and the monitoring of each person is better when it is small, because today people are tired and need help. to move towards a goal. Then think about how to help a person (adult or child) develop to achieve a goal (succeed in a diploma or other) using the IPS tool (forum, individual messaging, calendar, groups, individual support, coaching, project management, gamification) If we want to open a forum and wait for people to register to write messages or discussions.... it's more current on the majority of new communities I think. We must provide interactivity, with events, projects, give confidence to the member, show them that they are considered... We learn a lot through practice when the project is attractive and we absolutely want to succeed. For example, this forum could have been used, I think, by many members to learn development by selling them training with a project for them to develop an application for their site. no one wants to open a theoretical book to learn the code, but if we start with practice where we know where we are going it really makes us want to do it and give it our all. It's dead those who think that they will continue to sell training for a long time with hundreds of videos to watch, manage yourself and if you have a question send me an email or write a message under the video. many have bought and do not do them and will no longer buy for not doing so. the same for I think a forum in its future, just wanting a forum to give certain information in messages... it remains insufficient we will have to find how to provide interactivity, gamification is good but we need to go much further I think... the idea of the live topic is already a very beautiful thing in my opinion
  12. A normal gamification system should contain points, score, achievement badges and trophies and also a leaderboard. This is today part of the bases for the development of the forum (making the site more attractive and more interactive) We should perhaps also look at the methods of the games to get involved because I have seen people like to connect to their games in order to take their "virtual gift" because of the number of points. The question is also whether the should be based solely on participation in the forum. Being able to give points for participation in a calendar event, for success outside the forum, and also in third party applications. that points can be given manually and also by participation in the forum.
  13. annadaa

    IC5: Commerce

    Will calendar events be integrated into commerce? be able to charge for participation in an event
  14. Integrate calendar into commerce for paid events Can you give yourself the opportunity to make participation in an event chargeable? this would go much further than a simple physical event, it would make it possible to pay for coaching, sell lesson hours...
  15. Would it be possible in Invision 5 to be able to help each other in a community by the possibility of asking simple questions quickly without overloading the forum with useless subjects and also quickly finding answers to questions (a large well-classified FAQ) and that each member can offer services or objects for sale To be able to use all the power that the calendar could offer in the proposal of hourly or daily service, renting a car or an apartment... I give an example for a community of newly settled residents in a foreign country. Each member will need the help of the oldest who will need the help even of the oldest than them... The problem with telegram, whatsapp.. is that nothing is classified for example and we quickly find ourselves with hundreds of useless messages per day, also due to redundant questions, sales announcement written several times... It is also difficult to find with the search system an interesting commercial advertisement posted in the form of an image My suggestion for invision 5: - Could we have a party on the short message site that does not open a discussion and disappears after a certain number of hours. Interesting questions without existing answers in the site could be converted into subject or other - Could we use the calendar to offer paying things: Apartment rental, car rental, rental of everything to help members find interesting announcements more easily. because often a community also trusts each other more in a foreign country where a certain mentality on the meaning of service, quality is not the same And we as an administrator, we could offer a monthly subscription to offer ads or service in the calendar... also a big faq on all the administrative formalities, also find the useful documents to fill in etc. THANKS
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