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  1. One important thing to watch out for is that the app will not take into account any plugins that increase restrictions and privacy. Correct me if I'm wrong ... it's a great thing and this answers one of my questions above I can't wait to see it. be brave
  2. Is it possible to facilitate the user experience by offering a widget to filter the display on a category page using tags ? As it exists in online stores ... This widget will also be available for the search results page. thanks
  3. Very interesting request. Zendesk has his chat but the prices seem relatively high to me that it could already have existed for a lot less expensive like: See with @onlyME he is very attentive to suggestions and offers excellent support
  4. If an event is for example a webinar. This will have the location of a web address. Is it possible to choose as location a web address is it possible to monetize the calendar to sell for example hours of support, coaching, live lessons ... thanks
  5. can you make it possible to integrate zendesk options into commerce support via the API ? thanks
  6. does this mean that the rest of the site (not supported by native react) will be visible in the application?
  7. Regarding notifications, I think we should give different default settings for each section of the site. an option for silence 24 hours, 3 days, a week .... Quickly, I would say: Instant notification: for customer support requests, Private messaging. The subjects that we opened A daily report: The forums where we subscribe Weekly report : Everything listed contains a high number of notifications ... No need to send an instant notification on a subject regularly receiving messages. If the notifications are poorly defined, the user risks from the start to deactivate them indefinitely. Better start off slowly with the notifications then go up gradually and offering to silence. I think that a large majority of people today no longer even pay attention to the content of notification messages. Better to use notifications only for quality content Also remember to send personalized automatic private messages to those registered and who are not subsequently connected. These are subjects that could interest you, etc ... We haven't seen you connected for a long time ...
  8. IPS is developing a mobile application and has decided to develop the UI. great news, there is nothing to say about it, be patient and encourage yourself in this. IPS is now the best way for me to access a stable site, with a quality administrator interface for a reasonable price. And above all an easy and powerful use of user profiles and group permissions. It lacks interaction tools between users but that we can find in the market place. You have decided to lock your mobile application, and this is very understandable given the time spent on it. I want to know if you want to, have you planned an offer to facilitate users to have access to a personalized mobile application with applications from the integrated market place? thank you !
  9. I did not touch the notification settings of IPS because email level and on the site I do not find them disturbing. Notifications are not disturbing I think when it comes to quality content that interests us. This is rather good news. On fiverr, following the words typed in their search bar, we are sent an email with links likely to interest us, it's not bad because it is an email following a search on our part ... it would be nice to be able to send a nice presentation of article suggestions by email A community functions around users, so to function at best, it is necessary to make sure to know them as much as possible but also to master the domain of its community. Why not ask registrants directly to choose after their registrations which are the 4 keywords (tags) that best respond to what they like? and all that could allow an automation to recover the content likely to interest its members. The most important thing is that the administrators know the problems of their members in order to propose the best solutions. It is up to the administrator to prepare quality content, prioritize it, and then send it to its members. Today our concentration is limited because we are inundated with what's app information, smartphone notification, ... and we no longer want to write or read discussions. We just want to write a comment with a few words. (Twitter) It's over I think the scientific exchanges on the forums ... But it can come back with good tools ... I see the evolution of forums no longer being based solely on a few large active members offering quality content, which other members would come to read, but on a team that knows each of its members well (placed in groups), and putting in place tools allowing each of its members to have specific content for him and of quality. I also add prefer a scientific exchange on opinions of a product found in a forum than an article of 3000 words 2019 or 2020 with a lot of amazon link below. It still happens to me today to type on gogole product + opinion + forum because it is a safe bet.
  10. this application could interest me. For your next update, can you add please the option to use the widjet several times on the same page by having the choice of which reward category to display. thanks
  11. with a close button it will be very good
  12. This app might interest me in the future. It would be an option: - option forum ______ : comment visible only to the author of the message group: - can only see the comments of the members of the group - can only see his own comments
  13. it would be nice if it is possible to propose different groups according to the main group. If you are a member here are the public groups that you can join. If you are moderator, here are the public groups that you can integrate. .... also that certain groups are only available by select box. it's this one or this one
  14. I do not know if this option already exists but I think it would surely be a good thing. Sometimes it may be possible that some good answers need to be justified when viewing the correction. - be able to add a slight comment of a response when displaying the correction. This helps to understand why this is the choice that should have been made during the Quiz
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