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  1. hi there is a problem of redirection to the profile from the widjet /profile/2- 7B%%% 7D 3F / this creates me several problem and and impossibility of access to the profile
    good works. thanks
  2. hello, is it possible to manually add categories of points and then assign them manually? thanks
    thank you for this very useful application and support provided
  3. oh, super! this will allow me to make available for each group its own widget so that it can only see the members of its group
  4. in the first place, thank you for sharing your excellent widget do you know how to use your widget multiple times in one page?
  5. for example, the ability for a member to click on a group name and see all members of that group. Or offer him a widjet checked all members of his group It is true, nothing better than an open community, without restrictions, full of exchanges ... I think that today many Internet users only want quality content and pay attention to that. And this is where the administrator of the community will make sure to propose this ... I think for example of a strong development of community in personal development (e-learning). The user center will be here then rather a LMS (Learning Management System). The support of ecommerce for specific questions answers between the learner and a domain specialist and the forum a place of mutual help, motivation and exchange around question in the studied area. My wish for me in all this would have been for example to easily build groups (club) of studies according to the studied field of each member and to separate easily these groups of studies with restricitons / permissions in one and the same installation from IPS. Also make sure that the forum contains a maximum of quality content and I am very confident in this possibility. I appreciated your article and noted the existence of Recommended Replies and Post highlights for exemple
  6. I understand that IPB has decreased the parameters of the admincp to the maximum in recent years. This has the advantage that the admincp is lighter and easier to use. Also it can make it possible to know that each parameter if it is there is that it has its importance and its utility. But it seems to me that there is a lack of parameters that make it easier to grant rights (or restrictions), between a single member and a client member, to differentiate the visual that is given between two members according to their profile (student / teacher for example). For example, the display settings for widgets are missing. How to make it easier for members to invite registrants to their club sharing the same hobbies if the administrator is not able to display a widjet proposing members with the same hobbies? why not also add the option "friend" in order to decrease the parameters of confidentiality and restrictions members I also think that we should make visible the widget only in the page of the category of the forum to which we put it and not to all the categories of forum thanks
  7. thanks for the article. it is not long but contains the essential thing to know, thus avoiding long readings on how to succeed in one's community. I will therefore grant more rights on the Group Status and Rewards especially that I had in addition deleted "leaderbord" of my menu to lighten it but I will quickly put it back)) I have also already read that also in language teaching for example, students need bonuses to stay motivated.
  8. sometimes we may have to publish an article or message in a hurry but with a little retribution by rereading it we find improvements. It is then that we are led to modify it online, re-read it several times and these numbers of displays are taken into account. Should not we ignore some display? (those of the author of the message, those made within 24 hours or so limit the number counted to 3 per 24h for example ...)
  9. I wrote the sentence in English to be understood but really the problem is only when the language of the forum is French. I have the translation for IPB 4.3 and I also translated the expression changes on 4.4 as: _date_this_week and _date_this_week _c I think I'm missing expressions to translate from or the problem that the event is given as past while not
  10. I wish only participants can know some information about the event (no matter if he changes his mind and have received the information). This is to dust the guests to register. Guests see upcoming events without knowing everything (such as a participation code and a link). In order to receive this participation code and this link, they must become a member and validate participation. They will receive a PM with the code and the link. I do not know what you think but it will increase my membership list with it
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