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  1. This app might interest me in the future. It would be an option: - option forum ______ : comment visible only to the author of the message group: - can only see the comments of the members of the group - can only see his own comments
  2. it would be nice if it is possible to propose different groups according to the main group. If you are a member here are the public groups that you can join. If you are moderator, here are the public groups that you can integrate. .... also that certain groups are only available by select box. it's this one or this one
  3. I do not know if this option already exists but I think it would surely be a good thing. Sometimes it may be possible that some good answers need to be justified when viewing the correction. - be able to add a slight comment of a response when displaying the correction. This helps to understand why this is the choice that should have been made during the Quiz
  4. is this application like Google Forms ? Because in the screenshoot, I do not see that it is possible to present a lot of question / answer as a result. if so, it would be nice to also have the opportunity to ask about the availability of available time
    Useful application and quality. Its author is available for any request for help. I recommend to make your site more alive
  5. it is also possible to add custom point categories to applications or forum in the Admin PC these points will then be added in manual use in the user's profile
  6. is it possible to do it : Thanks
  7. Hi, can you remove the tabs and work on the UX design ? There are tabs everywhere without talking about the additional applications that we install but what future solution in all this? we must find how to remove a maximum of things, without the essential becoming absent and not accessible I think it is possible to greatly improve the display to make navigation and display as simple as possible Thanks,
  8. Hi, How does it work ? Is it possible to send to a mailing list (email address), a different code for each one allowing them to register. I do not know if you remember, but before to have a gmail email this only worked by invitation ... Is it possible for a non-member to request to receive an invitation link on their mailbox?
  9. Hi, When I use a profile view restriction app, it does not work from your widget because there is a URL problem this problem is unique on the widjet score and not on the rest of the site or the rest of your application Thanks
  10. are there group permissions for sending and receiving? That is, to select the groups to which the member has the possibility to send notes? for example make it impossible for "member" to send notes to groups "admin" member group -> member; moderator moderator group -> admin; member ......
  11. Hi, where I do it for the blogs, downloads, and the gallery ... ? must I also perform for all applications add • Click Upload Templates to install the SuperBlocks core templates file. In the ACP go to Pages > Templates • Click Upload Templates to install the SuperBlocks core templates file.
  12. OK, thanks. Good luck, I find the quiz already very complete.
  13. do you think in the future to be able to add these possibililities: connect the corresponding answers with a link of a line ability to fill a hole phrase by moving the word inside the sentence
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