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  1. thanks for this useful option without asking too much, is it possible to add a button to the first message "I have the same question" or so I also want to know the answer
  2. The Images are just simple examples that I quickly chose. Read the whole article and learn from it
  3. Is it possible to update the site concerning the user experience? https://www.nickkolenda.com/user-experience/
  4. how does it work for sites in another language? How will the app be translated?
  5. Can you add in the widgets of your applications the possibility of seeing a tag or the name of the category. This allows for a clearer understanding because the name of the site is often not enough to know what it is about.
  6. it is true, the widjet should be displayed only in the precise page or we put them as it is the case already with certain widgets of the marketplace. it would be nice to fix that for 4.5. thanks
  7. @Matt thank you for your interest in gamification. At a time when online courses are becoming more numerous, the real way to differentiate yourself is to have coaching with an active community. And of course also gamification. It would be good to imagine then how a community forum can help a student to be constant and active in his learning and to be followed in the best way. How also to encourage him in his difficult moments ..
  8. I think we’re headed for a intelligant home page A different home page according to each member and offering content adapted according to the member. No more menu bar with tens of tabs, everything is in front of him without having to browse ... If only ))
  9. One important thing to watch out for is that the app will not take into account any plugins that increase restrictions and privacy. Correct me if I'm wrong ... it's a great thing and this answers one of my questions above I can't wait to see it. be brave
  10. Is it possible to facilitate the user experience by offering a widget to filter the display on a category page using tags ? As it exists in online stores ... This widget will also be available for the search results page. thanks
  11. Very interesting request. Zendesk has his chat but the prices seem relatively high to me that it could already have existed for a lot less expensive like: See with @onlyME he is very attentive to suggestions and offers excellent support
  12. If an event is for example a webinar. This will have the location of a web address. Is it possible to choose as location a web address is it possible to monetize the calendar to sell for example hours of support, coaching, live lessons ... thanks
  13. can you make it possible to integrate zendesk options into commerce support via the API ? thanks
  14. does this mean that the rest of the site (not supported by native react) will be visible in the application?
  15. Regarding notifications, I think we should give different default settings for each section of the site. an option for silence 24 hours, 3 days, a week .... Quickly, I would say: Instant notification: for customer support requests, Private messaging. The subjects that we opened A daily report: The forums where we subscribe Weekly report : Everything listed contains a high number of notifications ... No need to send an instant notification on a subject regularly receiving messages. If the notifications are poorly defined, the user risks from the start to deactivate them indefinitely. Better start off slowly with the notifications then go up gradually and offering to silence. I think that a large majority of people today no longer even pay attention to the content of notification messages. Better to use notifications only for quality content Also remember to send personalized automatic private messages to those registered and who are not subsequently connected. These are subjects that could interest you, etc ... We haven't seen you connected for a long time ...
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