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  1. is it possible to authorize members to cancel their subscription within 10 days of their registration. knowing that it is easy to cancel your purchase and not having to send an email can make it easier to make the payment for different registration. this will also facilitate administration by automating this process
  2. When a message from page 2 is quoted and then displayed on page 150, do you really have to read pages 2 to 150 to understand it? why not integrate the possibility of displaying the responses by quoting a message, in one and the same place, in the form of a comment like on youtoube? this is what is most coherent also an option to display the most relevant messages, based either on the number of citation or point ... this type of simplistic display of discussions dating back two decades or more is now becoming cumbersome and does not necessarily make you want to be read and partic
  3. in fact i don't know if you know what you are talking about and know what an LMS is? you say IPS is starting from scratch. A sufficient LMS is based on the presentation of courses in video or pdf format and the validation of these by validation quizzes. where is the head start? it is rather IPS which disposes it by the management of user group and member ... the only head start they have over IPS is in smartphone use because IPS has not been seriously concerned with this point for years.
  4. An LMS at IPS does not necessarily have to be offered only to people who have a basic forum here. A lot of people start in the web world as a webmaster just to sell training. to IPS to know how to sell to these people and attract them by showing them, that it is much more user-friendly and interactive than word press and the LMS learn dash with its third-party applications to work (bb press. member press, BuddyPress .. .) It is certain that without the LMS, there is a huge shortfall.
  5. I understand that if one thing will not really change at IPS, it is more or less how the forum works (discussion-message) and it has been this system for about twenty years or more. It seems to work very well for discussion forums about sports, games, ... But on the point that I have strong doubts, and which I think it is time today to stop hoping and believing, is that in the coming years there will be even more new communities created around of this system of discussions concerning all themes. ______________ Today if a person has a health problem, will they end up o
  6. It is interesting that when members have good ideas the shares here with the developers of IPS because they are not necessarily aware of all the latest developments that may exist in community systems, socials, ... But before wanting to put together a file to present, and participate in long discussions on these subjects, it would be good for IPS to tell us at least what its future intentions are to avoid wasting our time. They have decided to invest the developers' time in what type of improvement for this next year? Once we know that, we can better decide to come up with certa
  7. I'm sorry but despite what you say I'm still pretty confident. A promising LMS application was released in the summer of 2018 and it's almost 3 years since it is still in beta without any real evolution at the present time. The logic of things is that one should stop believing in it and be realistic in seeing it since its development is clearly neglected. But it seems that very soon a version with the integrated Quiz should finally be released. Frankly, an LMS is really nothing special, complicated that cannot be done on IPS. It is just a matter of being able to presen
  8. this is surely difficult for many of us to understand what is blocking the implementation of an option that seems so minimal. without being a developer, it seems even surprising that it takes so long or that it could be a break in the functioning of the site if it is implemented in the near future. I read in the blog that we would no longer wait for major releases to add options. Isn't it better to take a break from your very long-term work, to focus on the small additions. it often happens to read "We've had this on our internal roadmap" but what is blocking it so that it lasts so long? I'm t
  9. I am using an LMS for invison power which is still in beta today. Word press is great for writing a sales page with optimiz press or whatever, and why not also for a nice shopping cart page with thrive cart using Zapier. Surely Thrive cart can be used with IPS once Zapier is available here. Following my research for learn dash on word press or another LMS like Kajabi, I found that it was possible to do better with IPS and that it would meet better expectations. This is because IPS has a core that is really centered on members, groups, communities, social, ... IPS is al
  10. Yes I could see that, thank you. Many plugins also allow you to easily display specific content in clubs without being the case in page.
  11. The only way when you want to bring a personalized page to each member is to tinker with the 'possible options that exist today. I would have liked to offer something better than using club to have a personalized page for each member allowing if possible to easily see target content without having to navigate to a lot of different page: - a question answer forum (single member - admin). - a coaching schedule for a single member - a file sharing forum (single member - admin) ...... If we want to quickly offer a personalized user experience of quality, with an ease to view a
  12. If we want to make available a paid subscription formula, we must bring a real plus. I think, why not use something like clubs. After joining, this will open a club or something else, with a "private member area" page that might look like a club page but better. The goal is to provide quality support and private follow-up to each client, and offer them a beautiful personalized page specific to each one. - schedule for coaching - widgets for each information specific to this member - private forum for questions and answers with the team This may be possible today by
  13. Very good product and which I think could be improved and made more attractive and engaging. This is to authorize the temporary sharing of good plans link with the possibility of putting the percentage of reduction, votes (to validate the accuracy), and also the visualization of the reducation code if necessary, the expiration date...
  14. Thank you for your contribution I find that Word press does not reach the level of IPS at all in user profiles, user management, quality of admin panel, ease of use etc. The IPS top is much further ahead Word press exceeds IPS in the number of applications, the value of certain (less risk of abandonment because they are the largest companies behind) but does not exceed I find in the quality and the precise contribution to specific users, I speak in any case of my needs. I find them quite poor in functionality, and not very attractive. a lot of things can only be done from
  15. For a while, the sites could be full of colors, lots of menus, lots of different sections. This posed no problem for Internet users. This is over today. Internet users no longer have the time and want direct access to what they need. If a page is too heavy, too many widgets, too bulky, and you get lost between the categories, that scares people away and doesn't make you want to stay and read IPS is FORUMS, ECOMMERCE, CMS, FILE SHARING, CALENDARS, GALLERIES, BLOGS and CLUBS Do you think that today Internet users (with the distractions of social networks and others) find the
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