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  1. What criteria can I use? I don't see an option to select users that have been marked as spammers.
  2. I agree. This choice should also pop up when accepting account deletion request (as mentioned in another feedback topic).
  3. 2 questions that come to my mind: If you just limit the amount of characters a user is allowed to post, what is someone posts 1-2 characters per line and thus creates a huge signature area below every post? What about images in signatures? I guess if someone wants to post a small image, but links to the graphic, the link can be a very long URL, which would probably exceed a set character limit while the small image itself would be perfectly fine in the signature.
  4. Not sure if this qualifies as an actual issue/bug, but when opening the account menu on a mobile phone the box with the rank progress looks somewhat off. Shouldn't this have the same width like the menu itself (without the x button in the top left corner)? Also the rank progress box lies above the menu itself, so one has to scroll in order to get to all menu entries – something not everyone is aware of, so some functionality might be missed. For example in the screenshot you don't see that there is an option to log out of your account.
  5. Okay. Well, then please consider this topic being a suggestion to restore the detailed information. 😉
  6. When the hover card has had the old, smaller size (before the badges were added), the info definitely was there. Now the card is even bigger, hence I am wondering why the info got removed.
  7. So I noticed in the hovercard we just get the info whether or not a user is online right now. The more detailled information (about which page on the website the user is currently visiting) will only show up in the Who's Online block. I am pretty sure this has been handeled diffferently in the past: The hovercard had the same information like the Who's Online block. Why has this been changed? I am missing the detailled information in the hovercard. Edit: This is what I am talking about, in case anybody wonders...
  8. So for the Version ID I can just use consecutive numbers? Alright. Thanks for clarification!
  9. Yes, when a member joins (or leaves) a club, this should trigger a group promotion (or demotion).
  10. When downloading a language file in the AdminCP, one has to enter a Version number and a Version ID. What is the difference between these and what are these needed for? In which format should the version id be created in? Similar to the version number (x.x.x) or in a different way?
  11. From the v4.7.12 changelog: Added ability to disable or redirect PII data requests & account deletion. So this means there will be an option to enable/disable these features? Nice! What about redirecting? Which cases does that cover?
  12. There are language strings in regard to the icons. I think they start with "icon_" (I have to take a look, if you want the exact names). Those strings must not (!) contain any text, or the icons in the AdminCP will not be displayed. You should check if you find any text there. I am pretty sure that this will be the issue here.
  13. Thanks! Does also cover the same error regarding {"type":"account_deletion_requested"}?
  14. Invision Community already offers to highlight staff replies. Now what I would love to see in the software is an option (button) with a staff answer container that allowes the user to jump to (and go back to) the next staff answer, if there is any in the same topic. In addition to that a filter option to only show staff answers within a topic would be highly appreciated, too. Both features allow users to find somewhat "official" answers more easily, which can be key in a support-orientated community. And, of course, this does not neccessarily have to be limited to forums. It can also work in comments below blog articels, files, galery pictures and albums etc.
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