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  1. ...which, again, is still a great suggestion, which I do support. I highly doubt that this will ever make it into the 4.x series, but I am pretty sure version 5 is already being worked on - at least planning/gathering concepts. So it cannot hurt to renew the general interest in seeing additional moderation features being implemented in the software.
  2. Even seven years later, this is still a (very) good suggestion!
  3. No guarantee, but very likely. A great addition, especially for support forums, would be an option to jump from staff post to staff post within a topic. And an icon on the forums list indicating that a staff member has posted in a topic.
  4. Looks good! Nothing super spectacular, but a very nice update for 2020. I also like the new header. Will there be an option to make it sticky? Can't wait to see this in a live environment (this site). 🙂
  5. A huge step in the right direction! I love the fact that the Forum App is very powerful, but the software needs more flexibility regarding content creation in general. More CMS features (since the Forum App is already great). 🙂 Back to the Page Builder Widgets: Maybe you want to add a WYSIWYG editor to the text area, which would make content creation a lot easier. And I hope those widgets can be displayed based on group permissions. Sadly you never clicked the visibility tab... Is that one for permissions?
  6. Will it be possible to make categories available to certain usergroups only? Right now blogs do not have much permission-based settings. On each blog level, it is either everyone or certain users only (not even usergroups). When there will be categories, permission settings (similar to categories in Pages) will be even more important. Edit: Just saw this, so yeah, same question I guess. 🙂
  7. So, what is it? A new feature? A bug that has been fixed? Who knows... 😀
  8. Very nice. Just an idea: Maybe, due to all that logs that exist in various places, it would be a good idea to make all of them available in one place where one can easily adjust prune settings depending on personal preferences and/or legal requirements?
  9. This is actually great! And as far as I know very unique to the Invision Community. How long are these logs being kept? Forever? Will there be an option to auto-delete them after x days/months/years?
  10. Regarding AdminCP search, here is a real issue: Search does not take translated content into consideration. You have to search for English settings in order to find anything. So basically, unless you look for English words, the search option is useless.
  11. On 12/02/2019 version 4.4.9 got another update. I guess this is included now?
  12. So that is a Yes. Yeah, this should not be done this way. Why not release, if 4.4.9 actually needs a hotfix? Then everyone clearly sees that something has changed plus there will be another notification for administrators that a new version has been released.
  13. Did 4.4.9 get another update? In the release notes it now says released 11/29/2019, but I am sure 4.4.9 originally had been released 1-2 days earlier?
  14. Clean, elegant, lightweight. I like it (and I hope the default frontend theme gets a new, modern design, too). 👍
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