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  1. The answer to that is "No". Version 4.4 will use CKEditor 4.11.0 (see this post).
  2. I know and I highly appreciate that. 🙂 By now I have created a German translation of IPS 4.3.6, which I consider to be "very good". However it took me almost a year to get there (not working full-time on this of course) and many phrases have been heavily modified in order to achieve a high quality translation regarding grammar, punctuation, overall good wording, correct declensions and whatnot. I know it is not very likely to see huge improvements to the translation tools in the 4.x series, but I have to admit I strongly hope that 5.0 will pay more attention to this area.
  3. I think it would actually be helpful to have a description wherever image uploads are possible in the AdminCP, saying something like: "Recommended: 250 px x 100 px or higher." This might become obsolete though if we are able to upload .svg files in the future...
  4. Creating translations of the Invision Community is not that easy... and IPS, at least so far, does not really do anything to improve in this field. My guess is that translations are not very important to them because they sell most licenses to English-speaking customers. Here are some examples of issues that I have with translations: Cost-intensive I: You need to own all apps to be able to create a complete translation. Cost-intensive II: You need to have an active license to stay up-to-date and to release files in the marketplace. Lack of comfort I: The options in the AdminCP regarding translations are very limited (e.g. no tracking of language string changes across versions, no export of certain language strings only... there are tons of suggestions in this feedback forum) Lack of comfort II: For some reason I do not know IPS decided to "shred" their language strings into pieces. Many strings are a combination of placeholders plus text plus more placeholders and text. And the worst part: a complete sentence in the frontend can consist of 3, 4, maybe 5 of these cobinations. While this seems to work with the English version, you have a serious problem to create good translations in other languages, especially those where rules regarding grammar, cases, declension etc. are more complex.
  5. Thank you for this info! Will check asap if this still works with the latest version 4.3.6. I seriously hope though that this will make it into the core. In my opinion this is more than just a missing feature because you can use the software in a way that makes no sense, causes confusion and probably was not even intended to work this way (because... for what reason?).
  6. I have users complaining about private messages that they have sent but never went to the recipient's inbox. I was wondering how this could happen, because I have never heard of such a problem before. It took me quite a while to find out what actually happened here: They responded to a private conversation that had no participants anymore (all had left). They did not take notice of the header, which states how many users are still in a conversation, because they scrolled down to the latest replies (it was a conversation which already had quite a few answers). I don't know why answering to an empty conversation is even possible. If there are no participants, the message will never be sent to anyone. Anyways, here is my suggestion: When there is no (or no more) participant in a conversation and someone tries to post a reply, there should be a warning that informs about the fact that there is no one who will receive that message. Alternatively: Maybe there should not be an option to answer at all, if there are no participants. When there are participants again (e.g. due to an invite to said conversation), of course the warning should go away and regular posting should be possible again.
  7. I am confused. Maybe it is just the screenshot, but... what exactly has changed here compared to earlier versions?
  8. I completely agree with you. Hopefully the Downloads App will get some more attention. I have seen so many great suggestions in the feedback forum. Unfortunately that has not helped too much so far. Is it due a low popularity of the Downloads App? Is the demand for other features that much higher? Do you guys not have phones use the Downloads App!?
  9. The two factor system needs some improvements, not just here, but in general. The fact that you have to enter some code indeed is super annoying. I'd love to see two factor to improve in a way that you simply see a message on your phone with an OK button that you tap on -- and done. No code entering at all.
  10. Thanks! This is exactly what I am looking for. I wish it was part of the core product though.
  11. If it was possible to filter by app, that would be great. Another addition I'd like to see is an option to create a language pack that only includes language strings of certain apps. Right now you can only create/download one language file that includes language strings of all the apps that you are using. It doesn't even distinguish between official IPS apps and 3rd-party apps.
  12. Imho a missing feature: X posts within Y time. That would greatly help to determine real activity.
  13. Imho quotes are okay, but they need some improvements, e.g. shortening after a certain amount of words to avoid huge blocks of quoted text (I know there is a plugin for this, but it should be a core feature) or placeholder text for media in quotes such as images or videos (I know there is a plugin for this but... you get it).
  14. A huge +1 on #2: I have the same problem like you.
  15. +1 It actually would be great to have the ability to created custom activity blocks in the Pages app, which then can be placed anywhere on the website.
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