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  1. I actually like the current look. There are already so many things centered in the postbit.
  2. Are the badges that you show both in the video and here on this site default ones that come with 4.6? Will there be a pre-designed page where all the available ranks and their requirements are being listed? Can a user earn multiple badges? If yes, which one shows up in the postbit? Can the user decide?
  3. FINALLY! I love that these will be core features now.
  4. Finally someone who supports this feature in their core software! Great addition and much needed especially for support forums.
  5. Maybe I am blind and do not recognize an option that already exists, but how can I restore older revisions of content that has been edited by a user? Example: A user posts an answer in a topic. After 5 minutes he edits it. Now I want to restore the older content. I can see the revision history, but there is no option like "jump back to this revision". It seems all I can do is to 1.) open the revision history, 2.) Ctrl+C the content that I want to restore, 3.) close the revision history, 4.) edit the post of the user 5.) paste the older content and then 6.) save the changes. Is there an easier way?
  6. Thank you very much. That seemed to work on my test installation. I wonder though why IPS is not offering such functionality in the AdminCP? 🤔 Some button to remove orphaned language strings, or even better: Just remove them within the update process.
  7. Over the years (since version 4.0) so many language strings have become obsolete. However they still show up in the translation tools. How can these be removed? Just an example:
  8. There is no such functionality in Invision Community. I wonder why one would need that... What I agree with though is that more automation would be very helpful. (And no, Zapier does not cover it at all unfortunately.)
  9. I feel the same. I deactivated this feature just because of the fact that everyone can see it.
  10. With 4.5 we got those nice and shiny badges: However there is not much we can do with these. No way to edit the icon (I know it can be done manually, I am talking about AdminCP options...), to way to change the inverval for how long a "recently joined" member is getting a badge, no option to display badges based on usergroups (not just if someone has moderator permissions) etc. Also the "hand icon" for recently joined members has received quite some negative feedback. It is misinterpreted for restrictions being in place instead of a waving hand (what I suppose it should be taken for). Suggestions: Please add a usergroup-based options: Display profile badge YES|NO (If YES, then 2nd option:) Edit profile badge: Background color (color picker) Icon Remove badge from moderator permissions (not needed anymore with the above option based on usergroups) For recently joined members, please add an option to choose for how many days the joined-recently-badge will be displayed.
  11. No, I am talking about the ability to see the block. Pre 4.5.x the screenshot above is what I was able to see as both being logged in as an admin and as the user. Now (4.5.2) the screenshot is what I can see as the user. As an admin (visiting the user's profile page) I cannot see the block anymore.
  12. ?? A user has always been able to see that block on his profile page.
  13. I was under the impression, that if you visit a profile as an admin, you always see the block, whether it being activated or not. If the latter, you could activate it. But no, the block (if deactivated) is only visible to the member itself, not to anybody else. Not sure if that has changed with v4.5... I am pretty sure as an admin I was always able to see the block in earlier versions. Thanks for the linked plugin! I consider using it for activating this block globally.
  14. Currently I have this weird situation: On some users' profile pages, I can see the block with last profile visitors (activated or deactivated). Now I realized that on some profiles the block does not show up at all. Even as an admin, I cannot see it. Is there a setting in the AdminCP that I might have togged on or off that handles the profile visitors block? Also, is there a setting to activate/deactivate said block for all users globally?
  15. Then however the whole reputation system becomes obsolete. I like the idea that users have a reputation score based on feedback they get by other members. The real issue with negative reactions is that most users take it personally. They are not able to distinguish between content that one disagrees with and the user itself (which one can still "like"). I always wanted to see an extra option, allowing me to use, but not to show certain reactions (e.g. negative ones) at all. This way the user who received a negative reaction does not even notice -- or maybe just notices that his/her reaction score went down by 1, but cannot see where exactly the -1 has been given. Of course this can be confusing ("Why did my score go down?"). In that case the option could work slightly different: Display the reaction, but do not show the user who has given the reaction.
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