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  1. I really hope that expanding CMS features and possibilities (like the one you mentioned) will be greatly expanded in IPS 5. Some things that immediately come to my mind: Easy to use. Creating pages, different page layouts and content should be as easy as possible. Do not require any coding-skills, use drag and drop, allow visual changes etc. Flexibility. While 1) is important, adding/editing code should always be possible. Advanced permissions system. It should be possible to show/hide any content item (pages, blocks, maybe even passages in content like articels...) to certain/all users. Monetization/paywalls. It would be great to have a flexible system that allowes to organise if/when/how content is being shown to certain users. Especially today where more and more content is being hidden behind paywalls (e.g. newspaper sites) -- which by the way are surprisingly well accepted, if the content has a certain quality --, this should also be possible in a CMS.
  2. In Pages this is one of the features I use the most. It would definetly be great to have this in Forums, too.
  3. Clubs are a great feature of the IPS Community Suite. What I am missing though is a possibility to set group promotions based on club memberships. Right now I want to add a secondary usergroup, if an user is a member of a certain club (and remove the secondary usergroup when he leaves the club). How can I achieve that? Group promotions cannot do the job right now. Are there any other possibilities?
  4. I especially like how pages databases are now handled in the AdminCP. Very nice improvement!
  5. I can only speak for myself, but I rarely ever use the "point button"... -- because I want to start reading a topic from the beginning. I hate it if some forum software wants to point me to the "newest" post, because usually that is not the newest post for me. If you have marked a forum as read and then an old topic pops up again because someone has added a post, it would be the "newest" post. However I, who has never read the topic before, but now wants to do it, want to start at the very first post, not somewhere on say page 5... Like I said: Personal opinion.
  6. If that was a valid argument, one could just remove almost every other frontend block, too, because... people can just check out the activities page. (Sarcasm aside, of course I understand what you are saying. And I see, you also understand what I propose to implement.)
  7. There is, however, one huge downside to using the Pages App as a blog: It is not possible (at least not by default/without custom coding) to display article comments in a block in the frontend. Also, I did not find any way to realize this via custom blocks in the backend (I am no programer/coding expert). So how can I draw the users' attention to article comments when there is no way to display those comments anywhere on the site? I really do not know why a block for article comments is missing, but I'd really like to see this being added to the software.
  8. In this case I am pretty sure it is no svg letter photo. 🎉😋
  9. Some people forget things within an hour. A whole day can be very helpful! 😎 (Sarcasm off. You are right.)
  10. While I totally agree with you (and I hope IPS will add an option to definitly dismiss all of these notices), I think the argument was: "Those are important notices and we want to make sure that no one dismisses them and then simply forgets about this serious issue." Yeah... 🙄 The same goes for the notice about an expired license. Yes, it is good advertisement to nag about this, but I do not like it at all.
  11. Post before register and lazy loading.
  12. Whenever I discovered a bug, I simply opened a support ticket in the client area. That is what IPS staff is recommending, too.
  13. This is not correct. You can create a feed from articles in the AdminCP. However then the block only displays articles in the frontend. Check out what is available for the other apps under AdminCP > Pages > Blocks > Create New Block: Post Feed (Forums), Blog Comments (Blogs), Recent Comments (Gallery). These are also available as default blocks in the Block Manager in the frontend. A similar block for article comments is missing, hence my suggestion.
  14. Oh my, I just noticed that there is a link at the very top ("Support"). 😮 I though everything was greyed out, like in the Manage Purchases > [Site Name] area.
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