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  1. Will it be possible to make categories available to certain usergroups only? Right now blogs do not have much permission-based settings. On each blog level, it is either everyone or certain users only (not even usergroups). When there will be categories, permission settings (similar to categories in Pages) will be even more important. Edit: Just saw this, so yeah, same question I guess. 🙂
  2. So, what is it? A new feature? A bug that has been fixed? Who knows... 😀
  3. Very nice. Just an idea: Maybe, due to all that logs that exist in various places, it would be a good idea to make all of them available in one place where one can easily adjust prune settings depending on personal preferences and/or legal requirements?
  4. This is actually great! And as far as I know very unique to the Invision Community. How long are these logs being kept? Forever? Will there be an option to auto-delete them after x days/months/years?
  5. Regarding AdminCP search, here is a real issue: Search does not take translated content into consideration. You have to search for English settings in order to find anything. So basically, unless you look for English words, the search option is useless.
  6. On 12/02/2019 version 4.4.9 got another update. I guess this is included now?
  7. So that is a Yes. Yeah, this should not be done this way. Why not release, if 4.4.9 actually needs a hotfix? Then everyone clearly sees that something has changed plus there will be another notification for administrators that a new version has been released.
  8. Did 4.4.9 get another update? In the release notes it now says released 11/29/2019, but I am sure 4.4.9 originally had been released 1-2 days earlier?
  9. Clean, elegant, lightweight. I like it (and I hope the default frontend theme gets a new, modern design, too). 👍
  10. I really hope that expanding CMS features and possibilities (like the one you mentioned) will be greatly expanded in IPS 5. Some things that immediately come to my mind: Easy to use. Creating pages, different page layouts and content should be as easy as possible. Do not require any coding-skills, use drag and drop, allow visual changes etc. Flexibility. While 1) is important, adding/editing code should always be possible. Advanced permissions system. It should be possible to show/hide any content item (pages, blocks, maybe even passages in content like articels...) to certain/all users. Monetization/paywalls. It would be great to have a flexible system that allowes to organise if/when/how content is being shown to certain users. Especially today where more and more content is being hidden behind paywalls (e.g. newspaper sites) -- which by the way are surprisingly well accepted, if the content has a certain quality --, this should also be possible in a CMS.
  11. In Pages this is one of the features I use the most. It would definetly be great to have this in Forums, too.
  12. Clubs are a great feature of the IPS Community Suite. What I am missing though is a possibility to set group promotions based on club memberships. Right now I want to add a secondary usergroup, if an user is a member of a certain club (and remove the secondary usergroup when he leaves the club). How can I achieve that? Group promotions cannot do the job right now. Are there any other possibilities?
  13. I especially like how pages databases are now handled in the AdminCP. Very nice improvement!
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