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  1. Thanks. Can you at least invite members as admin in an open group?
  2. Hi. My current blockage seems to be that I cannot add anyone to an Open club. They can join, but I cannot add them. I assume that has something to do with it being 'Open'? But I should, as admin, still be able to add anyone, no? Thoughts? Thanks! **edit** I've just tried inviting someone. We'll see if it works. Last time I tried he landed on an error page. I'll let you know when he tries.
  3. A bit of a panic. About to show the Clubs feature to someone, trying to add them to a club, and I get: clubsenhancementsCannotAdd Anything obvious come to mind before I go digging deeper? Thanks!!
  4. Hi. Not sure if there is an answer in the topic but is there a way to adjust the image upload size in the Clubs Classified? Thanks.
  5. Hi. 2.1.1 so, I do believe it's the latest. Shipment is an option, but once you select it, if you try to fill it in after you've sold the item, that's when it forces you to fill in a tracking url. I'll try again, but I do not believe that this final filling in is optional. My only point is that not all shipping has a tracking system. Thoughts? Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the help above. Got it. Other small issue. For shipment, it requires a tracking number. What if we're delivering without a tracking number, or even delivering by hand? Thoughts? Thanks
  7. Nice. Comment about the calendar. Wish that you had created recurring events as separate instances. If it's an event that repeats, comments or rsvp's get carried forward.
  8. As per Adriano's wisdom, here's what comes up: Sorry, there is a problem The page you are trying to access is not available for your account. Error code: CL-CONTACTS/1
  9. Hi. Under what conditions would I get this when trying to contact advertiser: The page you are trying to access is not available for your account. It won't let anyone contact the advertiser including myself as the site admin. Note that this is a club classified. Also note that it was initially working and that the item is still active. Thoughts? Thanks.
  10. Awesome. Getting that one now and checking it out. Amazing!
  11. Hi Adriano, No worries, but it works differently than what I had hoped for. Indeed, I as the admin check off the clubs that I want people to follow automatically. What I was hoping for was that a member only follows a club when he becomes a member of 'that' club. My current problem is that people are joining a club, and then not engaging. The best way to get them to engage is to get them to follow the content of the club that 'they' have joined. Oh well. I still like the app. I'll use it to get people to follow other things, but the club aspect was the most important.
  12. Done. Bought it. For the price it's worth trying out 😎
  13. Awesome. One quick question about clubs. Is it all members that join the forum that follow all read-only and public clubs or do they follow read-only clubs only once they join that specific club?
  14. Yup, I definitely trust the two people in question. If you could, that would be awesome. It's not critical... if you're too busy. But if you can, great.
  15. Is there a way to automatically assign a 'follow' of a forum to a new registrant? I would love to automatically give a follow of certain forums to new members. This is especially important in Clubs. When someone signs up for one of my clubs, I would love it if they would automatically 'follow' the discussions. Thoughts?
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