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  1. Same problem. I read that it's a reorder problem (it shouldn't be) but if it is, how does one restore the default order?? So now I have two Overview tabs and one of them actually mirrors the Activity tab??? Is this part of the next fix or is there a solution? Thanks!
  2. Does anyone know if Forms integrates with clubs somehow? Anyone? *edit* I have a different way of asking this question. I have clubs who want to have forms available to their members only. Is that doable or does the forms application only sit at the top level of the community? Thanks
  3. Hi @Prank, yes, that's it. Or at least the option to insert the first image of the post. But that's okay, as we've been using it, it's become evident that it's less mission critical than I thought. The manual content, however, I'm still having difficulty with 😓
  4. Hi. Any thoughts when you can include the missing 'Promote' fix? Still cannot promote items. Thanks P.S. Just saw about the medical... sincere best wishes!!!
  5. I am going to try to 're-upload' the plugin. Not sure if that will help?? *edit* Reuploaded 1.2.1 and still the same problem. Remember, this is on the Activities Tab! @InvisionHQ, did you check there?
  6. Hi. Please see attached image. I do believe 1.2.1 is the latest version of the plugin. And yes, it happens on all clubs. I'll pm you one of the URLs where it's happening.
  7. Hi. Any luck? More importantly, any chance it might be resolved by Friday evening? Long story, but it would really be important that I can get this resolved by then (I'm presenting my community to a group and want to be tip top). Thanks!!
  8. Hi. Not sure if Clubs Enhancements is involved, just checking... Just upgraded to IPS 4.4.6 and now, on the activity tab, I see two member listing panels, thoughts? Thanks
  9. Please don't all light me up at once 😰 I've tried to read through the thread to figure out how to insert images into the template. Sorry, it's above my paygrade. In short, does anyone have templates with both code and screenshots to show what those templates look like with images inserted? Happy to buy a couple of nice looking templates. Currently my newsletter comes out standard with the items line by line. I just want to dress them up slightly. Again, don't shoot! Thanks!! PS. And I'm still having trouble figuring out manual content. Working on it...
  10. I think I’ll buy new glasses. I’ll look for it later, going to the optician now 🥺
  11. Hi again 😉 So, here's my problem. I am trying to use link directory in Clubs, the idea being that each club can have its 'own' links. The problem is, that if anyone else - the main forum or any other club - has listed that link, you cannot list it again, it come's out duplicate and therefore is rejected. Is there any way to create a function that allows duplicates? Either that or can there be an additional flag that is attached to the club itself so that the link is its own record but can sort of appear again? Thanks Adriano.
  12. Hi. Right, I meant the block. Understood. How often does it refresh the random order? Is it on each page reload or when a new link is posted?
  13. Hi. In the Featured Links widget, what controls the order of appearance? Currently, on my site, the most recent one is actually hidden to the right. Thanks!!
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