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  1. Hi all. Where is the scrape button... can't find it. Thanks!!
  2. Hi again. So, one last request. Is it very difficult to add the ability to promote/assign a secondary member group as opposed to only a primary group? Thanks!
  3. Wow, OK I missed that. I will go back in and look when I get home, I am currently kayaking on a lake. The hard life. 😲
  4. Hi Adriano, After using the app a little, these are my observations as regard my own usage. It would be useful for applicants to have the option to edit their application after they've been accepted, albeit with moderation. Here's my thinking. I'd like to use their application as a form of profile sheet. Let's say, for instance, that the applicant lives in Denver and moves to Chicago. I accepted them because they were in Denver and that's where I needed them. Now that they're moving to Chicago, I'd like to know so that I can reassign them to a Chicago position. Or, for example, imagine that initially the staff member did not know PHP so he did not check off the 'I know PHP' box in an 'experience' field. He now knows PHP, he should be able to come back and check it so that I know he's learned it. Which brings me to managing staff. I'm hoping to use the app to manage a category of volunteers — possibly in the thousands. It would be very useful if there was the ability to automatically promote an approved applicant to a specific primary or secondary member group. I could then search, message, etc. based on that new group. I could do it manually, but going to the member's profile and changing it there, but if I start getting lots of applicants, it'll become an issue. Thoughts? Thanks! Jim
  5. Hi Adriano. I was thinking the same thing as these two. Couldn't find your response. I think it would be really useful for the inviter to be able to write in a plain personalized text message to the invitee. It shows that it really comes from him/her. One of my members sent out an invitation and thought it was spam. I think if there would have been a personal message inserted into the stock message it might have been seen differently. Any possibility? Your thoughts? Thanks again.
    Not sure why there are no reviews. Unless I'm missing something, this is an amazing little plugin. I love the way the forums look now. So much easier to read and if you want to know about someone, you expand the postbit. I'll report back if I see anything wrong, but for now, again, fantastic! Thanks for coding this.
  6. Thanks but, frankly, the hide function works perfectly well, as long as people think of doing it. You're busy enough as is 🥺
  7. Hi Adriano, Is there any way to save a position in draft form prior to submitting. Sometimes, creating a position requires some thinking and editing before posting. Thanks!
  8. Regarding Forms & Clubs, got it! Thanks. Question: is this something you foresee building in the next month/3 months/6 months/a year/possibly not? What about custom dev for it? Willing to pitch in!! It's an urgent need for us. Thanks!!
  9. He fixed it. Excellent response. Thanks @InvisionHQ
  10. Sent you a PM about a Beta issue. Overall all is good but there is one critical issue. Thanks.
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