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  1. Some men are born stupid, others achieve stupidity, and others have stupidity thrust upon them! In my case, it was all three πŸ™„
  2. LOVE THIS APP! Wonderful. Question: When I promote the quiz, the thumbnail image does not appear in the Our Picks page or block. Thoughts? Thanks
  3. Thanks Wayne. Figured as much. I was just wondering if any workflow came to mind. I'll just get it at some point and play with it and see what happens. Thanks again.
  4. Hi. Two quickies. I think there should be the option for longer verification period. In our community, I don't need annual verification. I'd like to verify my members by postal mail by sending them a postcard with a verification code that they enter when they receive the card. Is there a workflow within your app that would let me do that relatively easily? Thanks!!
  5. I'm new to Mike John's work and I must say my first impression is excellent. We are working through an issue and he seems to be staying right on top of it. High end app developers are rare in the online-forum-software-world; Mike John seems to be the exception.
  6. No, I don't think you misunderstood. You were spot on. I'm just saying that I found a way to use your app to solve my problem and was thanking you. I still hope that IPS understands that it's senseless to introduce a feature that does not apply to real-world usage.
  7. For those frustrated with the IPS method of having a single calendar entry for recurring events, as per my previous rant, BUY Adriano's app, in its own way it solves the problem. The event's admin simply has to go to 'Manage Attendees' after every event and delete all attendees. The following week (or event date) you RSVP again. The only disadvantage to this is that I cannot then RSVP to an event three recurrences from now, I can only RSVP to the next one (and then the admin clears the slate for subsequent ones). In short, for my needs, your app saves me. Thanks Adriano.
  8. I really really can't believe they have not yet done this. It's NUTS!! Thanks.
  9. Hi Adriano. My turn πŸ˜‰ Recurring event: it would be nice/useful/awesome to have the ability to RSVP to just one of the recurring events. The IPS system is nuts. If there's a meeting every week, and I RSVP to one, I'm going to all of them for the next ten years? Thanks! **edit** Buying the app anyway. The other stuff is useful.
  10. Hi Mike John. Sent you a PM about one of the suggestions. Thanks!!
  11. Thanks Adriano. I know... Duh. Note to all, even if you think you know what you're doing, you don't ☺️
  12. Just tried to update. Wants me to uninstall .2 before installing .3. Okay to do so? EDIT IDIOT NEWBIE MOVE! Never mind!!
  13. I reread the entire section and indeed, I think I'm not the only one that would like to have some more control over style. I guess we have to dig down into the templates and css, but I think there are basic changes you could implement in the supplied CSS, down the road? If I select two items in a multiple item field, the output is a comma with no space separating the two items. There shoulda at least be a space. Thoughts? If an editor field comes after any other field, the title of the field is single spaced (stuck to the previous field) but then the first line that was typed in the editor is double spaced (that's using plain text). Thoughts? Thanks!
  14. BTW, just tested it in Links and works BRILLIANTLY!
  15. Just a heads up to anyone using 'Collections' by Mike John. Template System does not seem to work there. HeadStand makes it clear that she cannot integrate with all apps, but just wanted to flag this one for anyone using it. Collections actually do show up in the Containers, but then the sets act funny in the front end. Actually, the set does not show up in the front end, it does in the back end but I had a 'stray' field sneak in from another set. I want to make clear, I love the application, it's great and I recommend it. But if you want to use it with Collections, it won't work. {said with lots of affection for the programmer, who is amazing, having worked with her in a past life!!}
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