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  1. I guess the way I look at it is: If you are having a problem, you run support tool. There may be a patch for the problem, great you apply and it's fixed. There may not be a patch so you submit a support ticket. Either way you get your problem addressed. If you are not experience a problem then you do not do any of that as you do not need a patch nor do you need a support ticket. Everything is fine. You don't need to worry. You are happy. Patches are irrelevant to you.
  2. The support tool is the only way to get changed files only as it’s how the system knows what you need. Why would you not want to run support tool?
  3. If you run the support tool in the AdminCP you will get a patch to remove the message.
  4. Charles

    Outdated IPS CSS Framework

    Well that ruined my day.
  5. Charles

    Outdated IPS CSS Framework

    The problem with that is they also get out of date. If we did Bootstrap 3 in 4.0 we would now be hearing "but Bootstrap 4!" and the same will happen when Bootstrap 5 comes out. It's best we use broadly adapted concepts than specific frameworks.
  6. Charles

    Outdated IPS CSS Framework

    Of course it's showing its age: version 4's framework was done in 2014. It's the nature of all software that things that were new and flashy at one time slowly become out of fashion as technology moves on. Much of the technology you now ask for didn't exist or was unproven then and will also itself be outdated a few years from now. I'm sure it goes without saying that we plan on updating the framework to the latest trend come Invision Community 5 but have no plans to make drastic changes in the 4 series as it would break all existing themes.
  7. If a user is concerned about showing up in the online activity list then can choose to login anonymously.
  8. This blog entry is almost 6 months old - check our latest updates on GDPR πŸ™‚
  9. Charles

    Your GDPR questions answered

    We have been told repeatedly by clients in the EU with very large legal teams that GDPR does not apply to content posted. These clients do more than just link to ICO and quote text, they pay large sums of money to investigate these issues and they are unanimous that once a user posts content to the community that content is then owned by the community. Much like when someone sends you an email: that email is no longer their property. Of course you are free to interpret things as you wish but we are going off the very best advice possible and do not intend to muddy the waters between "personal information" and general content.
  10. Charles

    Your GDPR questions answered

    We have been doing this for over 16 years and I don't think anyone has ever asked me that πŸ™‚ ... of course our staff never download your data while we are helping you with a support request. That's not a GDPR thing at all that's a case of simple ownership: it's not our data why would we download it?
  11. Charles

    Your GDPR questions answered

    Obviously I would not tell you to go against your lawyer's advice but I would note the contact us link in the footer is like 5 pixels to the right of the privacy policy link so you know... πŸ˜‰ As I said, the contact us form is basically a "send me an email" form so I do not personally see any GDPR impact anymore than someone just emailing you would have.
  12. Charles

    Your GDPR questions answered

    Yes, as opentype said, the contact form does not need anything for GDPR. No data is stored. It's no different than when someone sends you an email. It would be silly to include a line saying "you have permission to reply to me." Don't overthink what GDPR is for πŸ™‚
  13. Charles

    Your GDPR questions answered

    On older versions the opt-in box was prechecked so you can consider that "soft" since it was shown to them before signing up. You do not need to reconfirm permission in that case and you are good to continue to email them. On newer versions of Invision Community that box is not prechecked.
  14. Charles

    Your GDPR questions answered

    Ah ok I see where that could be confusing. What Matt was referring to was a nice feature where, if you change some of your policy or terms text, you can optionally make a user re-read that text and click "agree" the next time they visit your site. It doesn't impact the opt-in statuses of things like bulk email, follow notifications, and such.
  15. Charles

    Your GDPR questions answered

    Not really. They would have still opted-in already even if you change your terms and conditions. Now of course if you were to do something really strange to your terms then maybe that's different but that would be an abnormal thing to do. In the end, GDPR is about being a responsible steward of user data. In this case, your user DID opt-in to receiving emails so sending them emails is well within a reasonable scope. You would not be spamming them or breaking and "rules" because they still had to manually and purposely check a box to say "Yes, I want emails from this site." so you're good.