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  1. A basic query like COUNT(*) should be almost instant. If it's not then you should probably look at your server to see what is wrong. We host sites with tens of millions of posts without issue.
  2. This only happens if your server is having problems processing an upgrade action in a reasonable amount of time. If it happens, you can always exit your browser and restart the upgrader. It will remember where it left off and try the proper way again.
  3. I don't think it's our responsibility to teach people how to install other software. Redis itself has documentation. If you are not able to install and configure Redis then you should not really be using it.
  4. That would require us to query the member database on every page load perhaps dozens of times. It would be quite a performance impact.
  5. Yes, that's something we have considered. It's just an intensive operation to do a search and replace across a database. Imagine a site with millions of posts. It's something we want to do but just need to work on the engineering side of it.
  6. This is a rare problem that we have heard reported before. I say rare because using real, full names as display names is not that common but does come up. Like I use just my first name and there are a lot of people named Charles in the world so I would not consider it PII for the purposes of GDPR. Unfortunately we do not yet have a good solution as "quoted content" is almost the same as someone copy/pasting the post into their own editor and replying with it. The only real way to address this is a full database search and replace which is, as you might expect, intensive. It is also prone
  7. I’m not sure where you heard this but we do not have plans to discontinue custom buttons.
  8. For such a thing you can use the Follow system but choose not to notify you of activity or you can use your browser's built-in bookmark feature.
  9. Aren't people who use IE11 used to most of the Internet not working correctly? I mean it's not like it's just us who have said no more to 2003 😉 Or maybe they don't realize most things either do not work right or are otherwise not 100% on IE11? Either way: we are moving forward not looking back and it's not really our responsibility to "warn" people that they are out of date.
  10. 4.5 supports browser-side image resizing.
  11. Using the Member Note in the Warning system without assigning any points or actions is really the same thing. In that case it's just a note.
  12. It's not as bad as it seems. You're only charged if Zapier does something for you. Example that we use: We use Github internally for software development. If something is being added to the software that any of our staff thinks will need extra testing in beta, they add a special beta-test label in Github. Every single action we do to Github is sent to Zapier for processing. We have rules in the Zapier Zaps that look for our beta-test label. Only if it's seen does an action happen. So in this case, Zapier might analyze 100 things we do in Github a day but may only take action on
  13. This is part of the new solved feature:
  14. This is linear view here. I think you mean threaded view? We removed that years ago - I cannot recall when.
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