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  1. We're seriously interested in IPS.

    I am sorry you're having trouble ordering. What error are you receiving? You can also email for help. Our demo system is separate so there is no way to transfer data from the demo to the live site.
  2. We do a performance sweep with every release. Sometimes big changes, sometimes small, but we always do something.
  3. Forum Storage

    Yes the user never knows what's happening. It's all on the back end
  4. Update on Invision Community 4.2

    We are working hard to get Invision Community 4.2 ready to go! If you have not been following this upcoming version, check out the details: Over the last month we have released several beta versions and feedback from those that have chosen to jump in on the beta has been great. We really could not be happier. Feedback has included amazement over how stable the beta is to reactions from community members enjoying all the new features. Everyone here at IPS is very excited to get the full release out so everyone can enjoy it. Not everyone is comfortable using beta releases . Back in March when we first announced 4.2 was coming soon we said that it would be out in mid-2017 and we are still on track for that. Be sure to keep an eye on announcements for the full release expected in the next 3 - 4 weeks. We really hope everyone is as excited as we are about 4.2's full release. Based on the feedback from those already using 4.2 beta on their live sites we really think this will be a huge hit with your community.
  5. Invision Community 4.2

    It's not too long - it's right on schedule for the summer release we originally said
  6. You can do this in 4. Just use the AdminCP search. I search by fragments all the time.
  7. Reply to "Are forums dying a slow death? "

    If that is your view just do not turn on Clubs We said from day one it's not for every community. Those that it is for are loving it. If it's not for you then do not use it.
  8. That’s not really intended behavior as search is intended to search for a word or phrase. Instead, you would want to just click the member’s name and select to view their content. The filtering and sorting is much more powerful in that system. Yes, it’s different than 3.x but just as functional and more so.
  9. I am not sure I am following your request. There is a search by author line in your screenshot right there. The error you are seeing is because you did not enter any search term to search for.
  10. Self-hosted License

    If you choose not to renew you would lose access to support, services, and upgrades. You can renew at a later date if you like too.
  11. You can find everything new in 4.2 here:
  12. Likes need two clicks now?

    Well you are missing a major point: in 4.2 you can have multiple reaction types. In 4.1 and below you only had "like" as an option so, yes, it only took one tap because there was only one option. You can of course do this in 4.2 too if you do not want multiple reaction types. Just delete all but "like" and it will work just like it does in 4.1 and below.
  13. Likes need two clicks now?

    I just liked your post with one click.
  14. I am curious: how many posts are in that table? We host sites with many millions of posts and I have never seen a query take 2 hours to run.
  15. Patreon connect?

    I am familiar with Patreon but not Patreon Connect. Can you elaborate?