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  1. We have a client that has a voting system for feedback. They hate it and it makes them look silly when a thing has a lot of votes and has been sitting around for years but for whatever reason they are not going to do it. I cannot think of any service I use that has a public voting system for features either. Thanks for feedback on the feedback but we are not going to get into a voting system. Trust me, I have seen people try and it becomes a mess.
  2. Feel free to post them! If they get traction from our community or our staff think they are a good idea then they might just get added.
  3. It uses the operating system methods so it varies by OS. Generally they look like all the other notifications you get in the course of a day 🙂
  4. We also get tons of feedback from support emails, sales interactions, phone calls with clients, chats, trade industry groups, and the list goes on. This Feedback forum is a central place, yes, but not the only place.
  5. The more people talk about a feature the more it shows up on our radar so it's sort of like voting. I have never been a fan of voting systems for features because it requires people to visit a single place and take time to vote on it. Whereas now we get feedback from so many different methods that what people want becomes pretty obvious.
  6. It is extra-odd that desktop is doing HTTP 2 and mobile is not. I dunno 🤷‍♂️
  7. I have no idea what to tell you 🙂 It's set to allow HTTP 2 on our side. Why the tool is not using HTTP 2 is unknown to me.
  8. You often post results from random "speed test" tools but I am not sure what you are suggesting. Those are static CSS files that are not served via Invision Community's code. They are just a text file on an S3 bucket served via CloudFront. Our software has zero control over what happens once it uploads them. I can confirm our CloudFront distribution is set to allow HTTP 2. I have no idea why your testing tool is choosing not to use it.
  9. I am not sure what you are referring to. Those are static CSS files served outside of our software's framework.
  10. If you do not understand security flaws then that would be the exact reason we review Marketplace submissions.
  11. I fear you may be violating the very rules you are trying to get your own members to follow.
  12. Our email stats track numbers of emails sent and clicks. It does not have a tracking "pixel" to track views/opens.
  13. We basically have email-based support now. Don't think of them as tickets but conversations 🙂 Much like if you email anyone else you would keep your own copy of the conversation in your email. I actually find it easier since I do not have to to a web site and email threads are how I communicate with every other person and company I interact with.
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