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  1. I have no idea what you are talking about. Can you clarify?
  2. What your "expert" misses is that our platform is designed for conversation. Social media is designed for you to post some thought, someone leaves a comment, and never looks at it again. Look at this very topic: it was posted in 2018 and now you are bringing it back to life. That does not happen on social media. That is fine for social media as that is the point. It's not the point of a platform like we make and the fact that we are not trying to do that is a huge selling point to our clients.
  3. I personally do not like dark mode. I actually find it harder to read.
  4. Any in progress tickets from Commerce will be replied to then you will see them pop up. It has only been a couple hours - give us a bit 🙂
  5. I just don't get the back to top button. I rarely see it on various sites I visit and I am always very capable of getting back to the top with one click/tap/keystroke.
  6. On my desktop I hit home key on laptop I hit command up 🙂
  7. On my phone, regardless of what site I am on, if I want to go to the top of the page I just tap the top bar on my phone.
  8. If you still use BBCode you're on your own 😉
  9. Yes, point #2 is valid but I guess I have never actually seen a case where what I typed was not WYSIWYG.
  10. I am just curious: since the editor is WYSIWYG what is your use case for preview? It's something I never did "get" personally 🙂
  11. Is this happening on our site here? If so where are you trying?
  12. Ah yes Brandon replied to your post back in December asking you to post a feedback topic as a reply to blog entries are easy to miss 🙂 Quoting your list here for discussion:
  13. We add endpoints and functionality to the APIs in each released based on client feedback. Here is what we did in 4.4: As others pointed out, if you clarify what you want / need we can look into adding it.
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