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  1. I just don't get the back to top button. I rarely see it on various sites I visit and I am always very capable of getting back to the top with one click/tap/keystroke.
  2. On my desktop I hit home key on laptop I hit command up 🙂
  3. On my phone, regardless of what site I am on, if I want to go to the top of the page I just tap the top bar on my phone.
  4. If you still use BBCode you're on your own 😉
  5. Yes, point #2 is valid but I guess I have never actually seen a case where what I typed was not WYSIWYG.
  6. I am just curious: since the editor is WYSIWYG what is your use case for preview? It's something I never did "get" personally 🙂
  7. Is this happening on our site here? If so where are you trying?
  8. Ah yes Brandon replied to your post back in December asking you to post a feedback topic as a reply to blog entries are easy to miss 🙂 Quoting your list here for discussion:
  9. We add endpoints and functionality to the APIs in each released based on client feedback. Here is what we did in 4.4: As others pointed out, if you clarify what you want / need we can look into adding it.
  10. That is actually a firewall message. It is not part of the software.
  11. As no one else is reporting it we need to see a live site with the issue. Feel free to submit a ticket if you want us to look at the issue. If you do not want to that's of course fine
  12. I checked your account and I did not see you submitted a ticket about the issue you were having. Without a ticket to research the issue it would not be fixed in today's (or any day's) upgrade.
  13. Please contact support. We support our betas 🙂
  14. The preview site at https://invisionalpha.com/ has been updated with latest fixes.
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