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  1. When you have Elasticsearch enabled we do not maintain the local MySQL search index to save on overhead.
  2. Charles

    United Airlines sucks!

    If an airline does a schedule change of more than 30 minutes you can call and get a full refund.
  3. Charles

    4.3 Search Changes

    You can do that with Elasticsearch: https://invisioncommunity.com/search/?q=gym
  4. Charles


    Welcome to Invision Community 4.3.0! This release brings numerous improvements and several new features, so be sure to read our announcement for everything new! **IMPORTANT UPGRADE NOTICE** Please note that not all third party applications and themes are yet compatible with Invision Community 4.3. If you utilize third party resources, including custom themes, please ensure they have been declared compatible by their respective authors or your site may be non-functional after upgrade. There is a new compatibility field on all marketplace resource listings. If this field is missing or does not specifically list 4.3, it is likely not yet compatible.
  5. Charles

    4.3 Search Changes

    Enabled on our site now. Give it a bit to index then report any issues to the bug tracker. Thanks!
  6. Charles

    4.3 Search Changes

    We announced the 4.3 search improvements recently. If you have not had a look please read the news entry: One of the big changes was the addition of Elasticsearch as an option but there were improvements to search overall no matter what method you are using. Right now we are using normal MySQL searching along with the new interface and backend logic. Later this week we will enabling Elasticsearch. So I wanted to give everyone notice of this upcoming change so those of you who are heavy search users could compare the search experience now and then later this week when Elasticsearch is enabled. I will let you know in this topic when we do that. As always, please post beta bugs in the bug tracker. Thanks!
  7. The method we use to do the selector was changed in 4.3 because the previous way was unreliable in some browsers and particularly on mobile.
  8. Charles

    4.3: Engagement Improvements

    Yes, if they follow that area. For example: I get a browser notification when news articles are posted here because I follow this section.
  9. Charles

    4.3 Removing SparkPost

    We have received a lot of complaints about SparkPost from clients and also have had less than helpful support from their end when trying to resolve issues. On the other hand SendGrid has been very helpful and there have been no issues. You can of course still use SparkPost, or any other email provider, using the SMTP options.
  10. Charles

    Big vBulletin 4 board to IPS 4

    One thing I often suggest to large conversions is to consider opening your community back online while posts import in the background. Once members and topics are imported you can safely open things back up and let your long history of posts import in the background. The downside to this is that older topics will temporarily be empty but the upside if you are not offline for days. Another option is to use cloud technology to temporarily activate a huge amount of resources to process the conversion. This can greatly speed up the process at a manageable cost. You can then downgrade it back to a normal resource amount once the intensive conversion process is done. If you want to talk about a larger conversion and our experiences (we do this a lot) feel free to contact me.
  11. Often it's the smaller changes that can make a big improvement in the day to day use of your community. We have made quite a few updates that will make your community flow better for you and your members. Update files in Pages Media Manager Previously when you wanted to update a file in the Pages Media Manager you actually had to upload a new file and then change the references to that file to the new one. This was obviously not so great. When you select a file there is now a replace option. We're not sure why we didn't do this earlier but as they say: better late than never! Tag Input when Optional On communities with tagging enabled, we have often noticed that people tend to feel the need to tag everything even when it's not really necessary. If your site is about cars you don't really need everything people post to be tagged "car" as that's sort of obvious. So to make it a bit clearer that tags are not required we have hidden the input field behind a Choose link so people have to actively choose to tag if they really think it's necessary. We hope this cuts down on tag noise. If tagging is required then the normal input box will always show. Google Invisible reCAPTCHA The new Google Invisible reCAPTCHA allows you to prevent bot registrations without the need for all users to fill out the normal captcha process. As often as possible your members will never notice there is even a captcha happening on the page. It's another way to make the flow from guest to member easier. Whitelist for Spam Service The spam defense service Invision Community provides works very well at combatting spam signups automatically. The issue is sometimes it works too well! Let's say you are at work and all your colleagues share the same public IP. You are excited about your new community (of course you are) and your whole office tries to register at once. Our spam service would probably see your office IP as suspicious with that sudden influx of traffic and may even block it. The new whitelist tool allows you to specify IPs and email addresses to always allow on your community regardless of what score our spam defense gives it. Reply as Hidden Sometimes it would be nice if your moderators could reply to an item with a hidden reply. You might want to leave a note for other moderators or perhaps you have a database and want some replies public and some private. If you have permission you will now see a hide toggle when replying. This works in all apps anywhere you can reply to a content item and have hide permission. Exclude Groups in Leaderboard You can now exclude certain groups from being ranked in the Leaderboard. This is very useful if your staff or RSS bot tend to get all the reputation points. By excluding those groups you can focus on your actual member participation which is a better reward to encourage engagement. On a personal note this will make me very sad as I usually win reputation counts on our site. But, being such a great person, I am willing to make this sacrifice for you. Complete Your Profile Order The Complete Your Profile feature introduced in version 4.2 has been a great success for clients. We have heard many reports of increased engagement as the system can walk people through the sign up process. Not having a big, scary registration form is always a huge plus. For 4.3 we added the new ability to change the order of completion for your members. This will allow you to stress the items you really want them to complete first and move your less important profile options later in the steps. Mapbox Support Mapping has been a feature of Invision Community for quite some time but up until now has been limited to Google Maps integration. For 4.3 we have added support for Mapbox which is based on OpenStreetMap data. The maps are beautifully designed and bring greater flexibility with an alternative look. The groundwork is now laid for some exciting new features still to come! Some of our existing customers also found Google policies and pricing structure incompatible with their own internal policies which this addition addresses.
  12. Charles

    4.2.7 Release or changelog.

    If you are having any issues with your community just submit a ticket and we can answer any questions you have about your issue. Sometimes we can resolve it right then and other times we will let you know what release the fix will be in.
  13. You will be able to do paid Clubs in 4.3.
  14. Charles

    4.2.7 Release or changelog.

    4.1.17 has the exact same thing about bug fixes as 4.2.7 did The only new feature in 4.2.7 was GDPR stuff which we mentioned. We just don't see the value in a list of fixed bugs. As always, if you have a specific issue just submit a support ticket. If you are not experiencing issues then seeing a list of bugs that don't impact you seems like unnecessary noise.
  15. Charles

    4.2.7 Release or changelog.

    It's rather rare for any software vendor to list every little bug fixed. Check out your Windows or Apple OS releases. They certainly don't list what must be hundreds of issues fixed in each release If you are having a specific problem with your site just submit a ticket. We are happy to help. If you are not having any issues then you can safely assume that any fixes in a release do not impact you and there's nothing to worry about.