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  1. If you have several tables that have "status_author _id" probably some table is from the 3rd side app or plugin. If this is true, uninstall all 3rd side plugins
  2. What tables do you have in which there is a word - status?
  3. Open PHPMy Admin - find in your database table "members_status_updates" Find these two columns with this name - status_author_id, and delete one column Continue with the upgrade
  4. Try add this in your Custom CSS #elBlogHeaderStats { display: none; }
  5. For me, I can't reproduce this - I created a custom stream, I created a test poll, I clicked on a custom stream. I see a poll, then click on a poll topic, vote, and then use the back button - this action loads my custom stream again. Or: ..../discover/16/ .... forums/topic/206-poll/...... and after back button again ..../discover/16/ If all streams I use -> ..../discover/.... ...forums/topic/206-poll/... and after back button - only .../discover/ Ask your members who have such a issue to remove the cache browser, it is possible that this cache creates these issues.
  6. Yes, but I can't believe it was an random. When I come across such weird software behaviors - I use all the tools available in ACP, cache removal, index search, etc. In many cases, this solves a case. I'm not telling you it will help, but you can try.
  7. It really looks like a serious bug in 4.6.x. Stream has always been a slow feature in IPS and probably in an attempt to improve this, they have allowed the removal of some checks ... I hope they find the problem faster and save you unpleasant experiences. PS. Have you tried a Rebuild Search index?
  8. Is this the case with other users? What do they, other users load when? Have you tried testing with another account?
  9. I'm not sure how you use Activity Stream for the home page, but now I've tried this: - I set APP System the default application. -Then I set Content Discovery the default modul. My test site works perfectly with the Activity Stream home page.
  10. What is observed is an incomplete upgrade - your APP Forums, Pages, Gallery, Downloads and Calendar are still with version ... I think it's best to use a backup and restore Then download the whole package from the client area and upload all the files and then you upgrade to 4.6.3.
  11. This topic has been discussed many times. Check these results and maybe you will find a solution for your case. https://invisioncommunity.com/search/?q="error -200"&quick=1
  12. This "unload" is contained in a root_library java script - and should be edited by IPS developers.
  13. I had the same issue attachments webp. I found a reason - open your uploads directory, find a .htaccess file and remove it (or make comment definitions) - this solves the display of attached webp regards This is content file htaccess #<ipb-protection> #<Files ~ "^.*\.(php|cgi|pl|php3|php4|php5|php6|phtml|shtml|([a-z0-9]{32}))$"> # Order allow,deny # Deny from all #</Files> #</ipb-protection>
  14. Difference - Attached images with another extension, for example jpg have the following linking: .../uploads/monthly_2021_05/kx-tda0108.jpg.93be6c51631d0649e5db740cacf2551b.jpg Now attached webp images are linked like this .../uploads/monthly_2021_06/solaren-invertor_webp.8005f60e008d46e8ddf57b6adfcda5a7 ie missing ".webp" in the ednd, and this does no cache for this resourses
  15. If you have used utf8converter in advance, you get a lot of errors in the database. I recently had a similar case - 3.4.6 - charset latin1 With an annoying number of error stops, in the process of conversion, and completed conversion to utf8mb4, the upgrade to 4.5.2 went relatively smoothly, but there were too many character set vague characters in the texts ... With the backup I went back to 3.4.6, and this time I started directly upgrading to 4.5.2. This method causes the activation of a built-in converter in the IPS package, and following the process everything went perfectly (with a few exceptions - for tables named "tapatalk", which I mentioned above - there converter loops - I waited for it to last more than 20 minutes, but no ... Then I deleted these tables, reset the converter and the conversion process was 100% complete), after which the update process went relatively smoothly - and the result after the update was perfect.
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