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  1. As far as I remember, it was still a long time ago, and I did one my test account -admin account (phpmyadmin core_members) - by changing the group to 4. After logging in with an ACP test account, I unlocked a primary admin account and removed the cache site. I then removed the browser cache and cookies.
  2. This is not true - the age range is larger. Just as there are 95+ healed, so deaths 30+, 40+, and so on. Ie this virus is completely unknown - yet. And it should not be underestimated with the idea - I'm not in the risk group.
  3. I will be happy not to be right. You are mostly healthy...
  4. Yes, that life that was - is already history. He will not return - fact. Anyone can think of themselves rich now, or without money now - tomorrow many will be lifeless. What will be true tomorrow - I don't know anyone to know. But only he who wakes up and looks at the day who smiles will know...
  5. Just think - how much does life cost? What is the point of economics if life is missing? What will they say about their "deaths" with a lot of dollars in their pockets - will they be happy? Stay Home - Save Your Life. The storm will pass - only a living person can make an economy ...
  6. Your issue is outside this topic. Your test has reported a lack of a favicon icon. Check for this icon - open ACP - APPEARANCE - Icons and Logos
  7. Software puts different colors, but sometimes these different colors have very similar values. However, nothing prevents you from putting up your own picture ... I think that with the letters for avatars is absolute nonsense ...
  8. off @Morginplease put some avatar picture- that these letters are confusing. I'm sorry. 😉
  9. The sudden idleness provokes in me a writer. I wrote a little novel about how one coin goes around. There is a beginning as a children's story, there is love, there is painful infidelity, there is also a happy ending to the finale ... This idea that came to my mind is what a coin can tell if someone can hear that story. I won't give you a link because it's only in Bulgarian - and my English is bad for trying to translate content. But what does the forced idleness provoke for us ...😊
  10. You are probably right. But I think moderating living life is a big mistake. Every community is affected and even the chaos in opinions describes life as it is. Moderation creates a fake, or just one look - yours ... This I don't think is right. Each member of the community has the right to express his or her fear and hope as he or she feels it. This creates a sense of a family where everything is shared - both good and bad.
  11. The world is therefore a wonderful place - there is a bad, there is more beautiful. Yes, we are all different - everyone has their mind, their lives and their priorities. When hardships and struggles for life arise, then one can see who is Human - in capital letter. It is only important to help one another, to look for the good - because the bad comes without asking us. We should not seek the devil - but trust in God, he knows and can.
  12. Thank you guys, yes, the world is chaos - but more importantly, to be saved as seekers and able, and why not arguing, but for software solutions - it makes sense to see and talk here. Yes, the world will no longer be the same - it is important that we remain human and respect each other ...
  13. Since the topic is how this virus affects - I am both happy and unhappy. On 03/25/2020 my third grandson was born - everything is OK, but I am unhappy that the various prohibitions do not allow me to touch this little beautiful creature. But I am sure that life goes on. Put something in glasses - what you like, and toast to life - there is no power to take it away. Cheers
  14. Hey guys, aren't you tired of arguing about this virus? Leave it to the doctors and do what your mind decides. Is there anything stopping you from doing what you are best at? The software that makes us all here ... Be healthy ... And what is now running around the world will pass away. Save your life.
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