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  1. Attached image is not displayed in post. It only exists as a link. An icon also appears to the avatar, which is also an active link to the image attached.
  2. I generally dislike Facebook. That is why I will probably get a lot of denials on this topic. But, well - life is what we have around. Last month, I allowed myself to use Facebook quite often - I'm horrible ... So much nonsense ... So much false initiative by brainless people ... Politics and anti-politics to the point of going to the toilet ... Is this the social status of millions of people ... What do you think?
  3. I also hope in 4.5 that this is resolved. Particularly for mobile - for the desktop and now easily achieve results tending to 100.
  4. A few questions: 1. What part of the root_library.js used on mobile? 2. Is it possible for a mobile to use a small root_library.js with what is needed. Why I ask - I do the test. From the source code of my site I created an html file. I removed the root_library.js in this html file. The PSI test mobile loading speed has increased by over 15 points and at least for my test I am reaching levels of 94-96 commensurate with desktop levels normally tests. When loading this html file with my phone - everything looks good. thanks
  5. If the manifest.json file is a real existing file in root, this will help. But in the IPS suite, a manifest.json is created with this command <link rel="manifest" href="{url='app=core&module=system&controller=metatags&do=manifest' seoTemplate='manifest'}"> ie it is not possible to use crossorigine directly, i. produces an error.
  6. This is hardly a consolation for you - but at least we can pray that your loss have found a better place than this world. Condolences and be strong in these bad days.
  7. I did 10 tests - by placing this link in a browser address https://www.celiac.com/articles.html/a-word-on-gluten-and-beer-r790/?page=3 The result is always https://www.celiac.com/articles.html/a-word-on-gluten-and-beer-r790/page/3/ I did this test with 3 browsers - Mozilla, Chrome and Chromium, under Ubuntu 16 OS. All tests are out of the issue. I think - is this not a issue on your computer? Have you cleared your browser cache and cookies?
  8. I think if IPS creates a cookies-free domain admission for manifest file, then it will improve the YSlow of the loading site, which will actually improve the overall loading speed of the site. And this is very tangible and important for mobile loading - which has recently been tolerated by all search engines, led by Google
  9. Because "<link rel="preconnect"> informs the browser that your page intends to establish a connection to another origin, and that you'd like the process to start as soon as possible."
  10. I have now made the experiment you suggested. On my site there is no difference in the different tests I made. Ie adding that doesn't make sense. There will only be improvement for ISlow if IPS adds the link loading manifest to work with a cookies-free domain as well. Here is a picture of my test without this preconnect ( the same with preconnect). But you pay attention - after many experiments and splitting of different templates, as well as finding the exact location of Google's code analytics, as well as a new script to delay loading images, after a time of "onload" - I have achiev
  11. Yes, this is also curious, and quite possible. However, the efforts of modern medicine are not particularly positive so far. Ie experiment gives birth to truth. Sometimes a situation that seems very complicated to solve can be a simple solution - but in my experience, I know that simple solutions are difficult to find.
  12. I found the site where I read about it - it's a Russian development. The site is in Russian. http://katushki-mishina.ru/ You can also find a diagram of this here. http://energodar.net/zdorov.php?str=pribory/shema https://vortex-medicine.com.ua/katushka-mishina-svoimi-rukami/ I do not know if such a device can be used against the Corona virus, but nothing prevents the experimentation of diseased people - I do not think it will harm, but it can also help ...
  13. It's really impressive and great. A bow for this real man. On the topic - I'm puzzled ... There are so many professionals working in the world looking for and counteracting the Corona virus and ... nothing. Does anyone know if another, non-medicine solution to this global problem is being sought? For example, electronics can create generators with the appropriate power and frequency. Some time ago, I was reading an article that frequencies of the order of 270 to 330 kHz with appropriate amplitude (the article commented on an amplitude of about 30 volts) - cause strong vibrations of ex
  14. As far as I remember, it was still a long time ago, and I did one my test account -admin account (phpmyadmin core_members) - by changing the group to 4. After logging in with an ACP test account, I unlocked a primary admin account and removed the cache site. I then removed the browser cache and cookies.
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