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  1. I use a webp logo - it works well for me. I use this in a template logo <a href='{setting="base_url"}' id='elLogo' accesskey='1'><div class='mylogo' title="mylogo"></div></a> And I load a logo through a custom CSS.
  2. Fast recovery ... We humans are stronger than viruses ...🙂
  3. PS. The only unpleasant thing about using the data-src is that the IPS has fixed the delay time in javascript. My experiments report that the time that IPS has fixed, for the data-src, is ideal for desktop, but it is a bit for mobile ... I will be happy if IPS takes this time as an option in ACP, so that the administrator can increase / reduces this time for different devices. Moreover, this time should be longer for sites using ads, and less for sites without ads ... It is especially important for mobile .
  4. This is a good idea - but not everything is accepted by html5 validation. I've experimented with much better performance attributes, but unfortunately validation html5 makes them errors
  5. IPS for delayed loading images uses data-src in java script. I apply the following for a user photo on my site - in a template userPhoto I replace this <img src='{$member->photo}' alt='{$member->name}'> with <img src="" data-src='{$member->photo}' alt='{$member->name}'> For react like in a template reactionOverview I replace <img src='{$reaction->_icon->url}' alt="{lang="reaction_title_{$reaction->id}" escape="true"}"> with <img src="
  6. Yes, it's best to create your own template and put your Critical CSS in it.
  7. Critical CSS is an inline presented CSS. This CSS rules is tagged ... <style> your Critical CSS rules </style> and placed in a head site before closing the tag head. (</head>)
  8. Nope, no one was interested in that. I have no idea how IPS will solve issues with speed improvements.
  9. Preload CSS from a few months ago is not evaluated by test servers, incl. and from PSI. The effect of preload loading CSS to improve loading speed is very small and not worth using. What removes CSS render-blocking is only critical CSS. But creating a working well-critical CSS takes a lot of time and this increases the budget maintenance of the site. For several months I have been working on a project where I move a large volume of external CSS to the end of a global template before loading a java script. I also use and create my own critical css in the head, tailored to my content a
  10. When the rule is removed in the misc.css file .ipsCoverPhoto_photo { width: 100%; /*opacity: 0.0001;*/ } cover photo is now displayed correctly in the mobile app. Please review this.
  11. This is a very old bug - it existed in a much older version of IPS and then this bug was fixed Strange why it reappeared in mobile APP ...
  12. I had forgotten about this bug in APP Pages - even I don't remember in which version of IPS I had reported it. But I remember @Matt solved it then. And now I don't have this bug on my site. But I noticed that in mobile APP - this bug exists. When Date is used in the title, it is displayed as a decimal number - only in mobile APP. When you click on the link - "You do not have permission for this". In a live site everything is OK. See screenshot
  13. Cover photo always loads with delay. But with mobile APP this delay does not allow the display of a cover photo - ie. only the background color of this area is displayed. This issue how can it be removed?
  14. There are too many duplicate selectors in version 4.5.2. In my site I find 48 duplicate selectors. Any recalculation of css causes a browser delay. Here is the most striking case. The css framework/ spectrum.css - triple selector for "sp-container" .sp-container{position:absolute;top:0;left:0;display:inline-block;z-index:9999994;overflow:hidden} .sp-container{border-radius:0;background-color:#fff;padding:0;border-radius:4px;color:#000;box-shadow:0 0 0 1px rgba(99,114,130,.16),0 8px 16px rgba(27,39,51,.08)} .sp-container{padding-bottom:0} Contradictory rules can also be seen here
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