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  1. Please add the ability to add a meta tag in more than one language. For example, Page Title, Keywords, Description, etc.
  2. This issue is not in the CKEditor, but in the reCaptcha. After many analyzes of the CKEditor, I decided and stopped a recaptcha in my site. Site loading speed is restored as very good with CKEditor enabled. After turn off the recaptcha and do a test, for me is OK. I see in tests that this site does not use a recaptcha, too ... And this issue does not exist here. It's weird that you offer this feature to prevent Spam, but you don't use it. Why we need to waste time analyzing too poorly performing function from external servers .... It is very disappointing ...
  3. When guest publishing permission is enabled, 21 additional requests to external servers are added to load the CKEeditor. This provides a significant slowdown in site loading speeds - more than 25 points in PSI test measurements. Here is an example of all additional requests. Please look for a normal solution - this solution that you use is appalling.
  4. The mobile version can become very fast if IPS changes the concept of CSS rules. If CSS basic rules are created for mobile version, the responsive design only contains changes to the desktop, for example ... .ipsRule {....} @media screen and (min-width:768px) {.ipsRule {...}} @media screen and (min-width:980px) {.ipsRule {...}} @media screen and (min-width:1280px) {.ipsRule {...}} @media screen and (min-width:1440px) {.ipsRule {...}} etc using a media query with only min-width will shorten the volume of CSS and improve the performance of browsers while processing CSS rules. But, in this version 4.5, I think this will not be done.
  5. @BlutoI apologize for turning to your topic - I do not use ads. But reading your topic, I understand your concerns. And I support your efforts to find solutions. I have a question: - Have you tried to load ads after a "onload" time? I think, I may be wrong, that an ad blocker does not track this time. Using display ads in "onoad" time will also increase the loading speed of a site. Or maybe an anti-ad blocker must be created - why not, everything created by man, has opposition...
  6. This feature causes some bad effects. I can write what I have as observations, but that's not the reason for this topic. I have a question - what is the reason this function does not have a value equal to zero, ie. off. The minimum time for this cache is 1 minute. What should an admin site do if he wants to exclude this cache?
  7. The file is small. But the whole possible action of this notification is a complicated process and calculation from a browser delayed loading site. IPS needs to find another solution. Here, look at the entire code that a browser needs to process before downloading m3 ... (function($,_,undefined){"use strict";ips.createModule('ips.utils.notification',function(){var supported=("Notification"in window);var sound=null;if(!ips.getSetting('disableNotificationSounds')){sound=new Howl({src:ips.getSetting('baseURL')+'applications/core/interface/sounds/notification.mp3',autoplay:false});} var hasPermission=function(){if(!supported||Notification.permission=='denied'||Notification.permission=='default'){return false;} return true;},needsPermission=function(){if(supported&&Notification.permission=='default'){return true;} return false;},permissionLevel=function(){if(!supported){return null;} return Notification.permission;},requestPermission=function(){if(supported){Notification.requestPermission(function(result){if(result=='granted'){$(document).trigger('permissionGranted.notifications');}else{$(document).trigger('permissionDenied.notifications');}});}},create=function(options){return new notification(options);},playSound=function(){try{if(!ips.getSetting('disableNotificationSounds')){sound.play();}}catch(err){}};function notification(options){this._notification=null;this._options=_.defaults(options,{title:'',body:'',icon:'',timeout:false,tag:'',dir:$('html').attr('dir')||'ltr',lang:$('html').attr('lang')||'',onShow:$.noop,onHide:$.noop,onClick:$.noop,onError:$.noop});this._options.body=_.unescape(this._options.body.replace(/&#039;/g,"'").replace(/<[^>]*>?/g,''));this._options.title=_.unescape(this._options.title.replace(/&#039;/g,"'"));this.show=function(){this._notification=new Notification(this._options.title,this._options);this._notification.addEventListener('show',this._options.onShow,false);this._notification.addEventListener('hide',this._options.onHide,false);this._notification.addEventListener('click',this._options.onClick,false);this._notification.addEventListener('error',this._options.onError,false);if(this._options.timeout!==false){setTimeout(_.bind(this.hide,this),this._options.timeout*1000);}};this.hide=function(){this._notification.close();this._notification.removeEventListener('show',this._options.onShow,false);this._notification.removeEventListener('hide',this._options.onHide,false);this._notification.removeEventListener('click',this._options.onClick,false);this._notification.removeEventListener('error',this._options.onError,false);};};return{supported:supported,hasPermission:hasPermission,needsPermission:needsPermission,permissionLevel:permissionLevel,requestPermission:requestPermission,create:create,playSound:playSound};});}(jQuery,_)); These are 600 milliseconds that delay any site, not just mine.
  8. It should be so - but this mp3 is being loaded by every guest and this is a slow loading site. So I'm looking for a solution.
  9. What I can not understand - please comment. notification.mp3 is initiated by the howler.core.min.js, loading is a task of the framework.js. That's good, but why does the start notification.mp3 download request lag behind by more than 600 milliseconds from the end downloading framework.js? If this process does not speed up, then what is the best way to get this resource "preload"?
  10. PS. I'm not sure if this was any reason for poor performance, but after this change, my performance increased by 7 points - from 84 to 91 on the Lighthouse test report...
  11. Thanks for your opinion. I described this problem to my host company and the boys there looked at this thoroughly. They solved this problem. In your command for Cron, you use this /opt/cpanel/ea-php73/root/usr/bin/php -d memory_limit=-1 -d max_execution_time=0 /home/... They changed the command to /opt/cpanel/ea-php73/root/usr/bin/php -c /home/... and it all works like a Swiss watch ...
  12. I have not tested with a new installation. My test site is currently with 4.4.3 beta 2. There is also this issue. I do not use plugins
  13. A few months ago after upgrading to 4.4.x I had a problem with Memcached. Cron jobs stopped working, and in the system logs began recording in every minute - "BadMethodCallException:...from Memcached". After a lengthy analysis of my ticket, Matt advised me to switch to Redis. This then solved the issue. Before several hours, I switched my site to PHP 7.3.3. Everything worked correctly. When reviewing all the ACP functions, I noticed I should replace the command in a Cron jobs with a new addressing to ea-php73. For several hours with php 7.3.3 everything worked correctly with a command to ea-php72. After changing Cron command, the same thing happened as with Memcached. Cron stopped working and was recording every minute in System logs: "BadMethodCallException:...from Redis" I tried a lot of things, my head hurt, and I tried - I switched to Data storage File system method and Cron iobs worked normal and accurate. PS. Now I have reviewed and my test installation with 4.4.3 beta 2. The same issue exists there. Please review this - there is a constant mistake in using Redis/Memcached and it will exist in your next release.
  14. Ask the driver to include the XSS and the police will not see anything. Still, look around who's sitting in the back seat ...
  15. This is not good - if your pants are removed, your "GmMetrix" if it is not A ++ - which lady will test you?😀
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