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  1. Thanks so much @newbie LAC Outstanding addon and support!
  2. Thanks so much again, this addon really is a MUST if running adverts, its brilliant. It does add one at the top as it shows for last hour too, but I can go with that if needed. Many thanks.
  3. @newbie LAC What would be the chances and/or code to add advert just before each day break on Discover pages? Is it possible? Many thanks
  4. @newbie LACis there an easy add to put adverts between forum categories on index page. Not each forum but inbetween categories. IE after 4th category etc. Thanks
  5. Thanks, I'm slowly understanding it a bit more. I've noticed that the attribute is the same even on the ads using your other addon 'ads after x posts'. Would I need to add the ID too. Here is what I have within the default header ad and the settings in the addon. I'm trying to see whats wrong.
  6. Yep rookie error by me that I realised after posting. So in theory, the defualt positions can't be used for clicks protection and only those in CSS locations? So would it be possible to activate click protection for the advert currently in the built-in header location?
  7. Thanks, I'm using the built in advert placements with adsense. Have still been getting bombed so I'm not sure if I've missed something.
  8. @newbie LAC Thanks, purchased today and just working out some of the settings. What would you advise to the number to stop click bombing but still keeping ad clicks by users and real visitors intact without issue. I appreciate the number will vary for each site.
    Easy set up and the customisation message is really useful! If you are running a different theme other than the default, remember to clear cache on the forum. Great little useful plugin.
  9. Very true. It's been built into phpBB for years. While IPB is far superior now, this is a let-down.
  10. Ah I didn't realise it still works. Does it work okay on discover/unread to your knowledge?
  11. Doesn't seem to be working anymore by looking at that topic.
  12. Ah thanks Sonya, I was on the belief that this would do just that, I wondered why it wasn't that popular 😐
  13. A possible answer? I'm not sure if 'mediapartners' is included in the bots.
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