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    Easy set up and the customisation message is really useful! If you are running a different theme other than the default, remember to clear cache on the forum. Great little useful plugin.
  1. Very true. It's been built into phpBB for years. While IPB is far superior now, this is a let-down.
  2. Ah I didn't realise it still works. Does it work okay on discover/unread to your knowledge?
  3. Doesn't seem to be working anymore by looking at that topic.
  4. Ah thanks Sonya, I was on the belief that this would do just that, I wondered why it wasn't that popular 😐
  5. A possible answer? I'm not sure if 'mediapartners' is included in the bots.
  6. How are you making it work @VladTheGreat as guests just see /discover (which displays all ads) but members see discover/unread/ (which hardly displays any)
  7. I was just about to post on the forum about issues, more specifically to 'View New Content'. It displays okay on the page on desktop (albeit somewhat temperamental) but has real issues displaying ANY adverts on mobile or tablet. Google are constantly giving me lost revenue messages but haven't found a way to fix this yet. I've added a crawler login within Adsense panel which is active, but yet, it finds it hard to serve any adverts on mobile version of the forum for the page. Even within the header section, it still doesn't display. I was thinking of maybe hard coding into the page but am not sure it will make any difference at all. Has anyone had issues with 'View New Content' and adsense? It would be good to get this sorted. Not just for lost revenue on the most popular page, but it creates huge gaps when viewing on devices.
  8. Thanks LAC, its running fine now. Would there be an 'ads after forum categories' in the pipeline? It would be great for something like this to work the same on the index page, as slotting ads between categories seems hard to do.
  9. Thanks LAC, so to clarify what key would be for after 6th post on every page and do I need to add code to the theme files (as per custom location in the system adverts)
  10. Are the advert location keys automatic. For example adding '6' will simply show the advert or banner after the 6th post? Then obviously setting up the usual advert/banner in advertisements with the same name and custom location?
  11. @-RAW- We purchased the Quotes this morning and cannot seem to display it on the Forum Homepage. The box has been added and there are quotes to display. The theme is Elegant by IPSFocus and is being added the the bottom by whos online.
  12. The $ I need to change to a £. Just the image that sits on the donator part on profiles within posts. I can't seem to locate the image to change. Thanks
  13. Just upgraded it after updating from 3.4 to 4.1 and receive the same error on profile. Also, is it possible to change the $ anywhere? Thanks
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