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  1. Hey there! I've seen this option under "Posting Settings" when I edit a forum and I was wondering what does the "Show as categories" mean. From the text, I understand that somewhere in this forum list I should see the tag list as categories. However I don't see anything. What is this option for? Cheers, Ibai
  2. I would not recommend enabling lazy loading for all the images. It makes the forum way slower in my experience.
  3. Fine, thanks! Cache makes sense! Anyhow, I've made a bit smaller Database thumbnails with the tip you shared. What about downloads? I am not able to find this settings in Files. :-s
  4. Many thanks! Is this your set up? Isn't that too big? Usually thumbnails in widgets are way more smaller. This makes Google PageSpeed to argue because of the size 😓
  5. So it's no possible to parametrize... The point is that usually widgets load smaller images, and about 50px width... so loading a 500px width image I guess it's not the best idea. In fact, the Google PageSpeed tool always is suggesting that I'm loading too heavy images... Any idea? I only want to change this for certain widgets. Any how, how can I change that parameter in Databae settings? Where's that option? Thanks!!
  6. Hey there, I'm trying to optimize my community and I see that this lines load a thumbnail of the original imagen with a maximum of 500px with. {file="$record->_record_image_thumb" extension="cms_Records"} Is there any parameter or setting to build it, for instance, with a maximum of 200px? Cheers, Ibai
  7. I know! However I'm not very creative... maybe there's a pack made by someone with a list of new items for each features 🙂
  8. Hey there! I liked the new gamification achievements feature. However, do you think the current list of badges and ranks are enough items? Is there any new pack of badges, ranks and rules that could be installed in the forum? Cheers, Ibai
  9. Hey there, Just upgraded to 4.6 and all my members are Newbies. Once I posted after 4.6 I saw I was given my badges. Anyhow, still Newbie. Is there a way to force full rebuild and also assign Ranks? Is sth rebuilding in the background as it is just upgraded or do I have to force it from Achievements Settings? Thanks!
  10. Maybe SEO recommendations? Page Speed? I agree there are several things that might be improved in IPS.
  11. Absolutely interesting feature, I love this suggestion. There's a plugin to manage tags (colors/css, mass edit, etc.), but still basic. A mix between that plugin and wordpress-like system would be brilliant.
  12. I'd love that. I regret to enable the attachment system globally as I know my community will abuse uploading images every now and then. However it would be interesting to let users to set "header images" to every content unit so it would be used when sharing in social networks.
  13. Hey, I'd like to be able to set a social network image for each forum category/files category/articles category/page form the ACP. I saw there's the grid image for forums category that is not being used for social network. Sth like that should be enough. What do you think?
  14. This is an update, in order not to cut the text in the middle of a <br/> and break the HTML. In this code I try to get the first "space" after 700 chars. {{$real_truncated_text=substr($record->truncated(),0,strpos($record->truncated(), ' ', 700));}}{$real_truncated_text|raw}
  15. UP Is there any workaround? Does IPS developers considered this issue?
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