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  1. Wow that's brilliant I did not have that button added to the Editor. Thanks! It just does what I was asking for 🙂 Thanks Ryan!
  2. Hey! I was wondering if is it possible (and if it's not, is it planned?) to paginate in Pages records. Simple question, just that. For long texts, usually is better to paginate. In addition, Google doesn't like very long articles. Isn't it? Cheers!
  3. I was going to ask exactly this feature Today. I am willing to be able to setup a side menu with custom widgets for each subforum. Each sidebar for each category/forum topic.
  4. Some feature requests: be able to set rights for attaching files in each forum and each articles category and member groups. ability to set the compression settings depending on who is attaching an image (for instance, administrators full quality and members 0.5 compression).
  5. Hey @Daniel F are you planning to add a grid system just as Elementor does? That rows and column based on Bootstrap like 🙂 That, combined with the actual widget system, would be absolutly great!
  6. Version 1.0.1


    Dark theme based in gray and purple colors built by Ibai Valencia for FMSite. Features: Adds a customizable footer. Adds a flag to the toolbar (next to the notifications icon) when there's some content queued for moderation. Adds logos and icons to the code in order to export the web as webapp, share content, etc. How to customize footer: Go to edit code, then to the core->global->footerFMSite template bit. Edit it as you wish. You can see a demo here: https://www.fmsite.net
  7. Hi, I'd like Files system gave the feature to associate a custom support thread to a file item once it's uploaded. Does anyone see this interesting? Is there any plugin that gives this possibility? Cheers!
  8. Hi, I believe I am not the only one with a huge community with several years old. What about of adding an option to send a bulk email only to those users who visited the community in the last X days/months/years? My point is to avoid sending emails to accounts who may not be interested. And even more important: to avoid email accounts that doesn't exist anymore or those old bots account that sometime signed up in my site. What do you think about this? Cheers!
  9. Hi, I don't know if this is already possible (if it is, please let me know how to configure it). I think it would be a good idea to show one's child categories' items in a parent category. This could be something configurable. If someone wants the default behaviour, so leave it. In my case (and I guess I am not the only one), I have some general downloads categories that are just that, a category of categories. And when someone is in that level, it shows "0 items". It would be great to show its' children items. Cheers, Ibai
  10. Thanks @daveoh, your suggestion is quite easy. However, whenever IPS updates that file, we will lose this feature. I was wondering if they could code this in the base of the app.
  11. Hi there, I like the way a forum can be customized and set a icon to show in the index view. However, it looks awful in retina devices as the image appears pixelated. Could we get a secondary file input to set the retina version? Regards, Ibai
  12. Hi, In previous versions, while in a topic view, there was a link to go to the last unread post. Now that link does not exist. Could we get this back? Regards, Ibai
  13. Hi, I have several categories with subcategories in my files' system and I was wondering if I could show the files from subcategories in the parent category. Could we get this feature in a near future? Regards Ibai
  14. In 3.4.x it was possible to give minus X points while warning a user to reduce their warning points. Currently with it's not possible. Is there any chance to get this implemented? We want to decrease a member's warning level without needing to revoke past warnings
    Excellent work, my mods were missing this feature.
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