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  1. Thanks for apply the request, well done.
  2. Hi Makoto, Many thanks for working on this, well done. I will report back any issue for the 4.5.3 on our test site. Regards,
  3. Just small reminder for our buddy here 🙂
  4. I see what this plugin suppose to do, it meant for others not for the thread OP to see, I do not need this in my forum, as I thought it new thread rules for new user. Either way it good plugin for whom need it.
  5. I disable it now. I wish it only apply to the OP of the first post, not to every replies he did in that thread, as well, let say he/she pass the requirement regarding the post count, then it all disappear, was hoping it stay, for other to see it, maybe I did not fully understand this plugin.
  6. Hi @Nathan Explosion I test it on with a test user, it do not show anything to that user, but when I login as admin, I see the plugin working, so is something not working, this on IPB 4.4.10 Regards,
    Good plugin and work as it should, Zayed give great support as well.
    Good plugin and do what it suppose to do, I just hope it add section at Notification to chose as well notify or email/pm, all in all, it great one and indeed recommended.
  7. Ok, fixing the title for the action notify pm, it was theme matters. I hope in the future you consider to add for notification section for this plugin. Well done.
  8. If we can at least have a title for the PM, will be fine I guess, right now it have only unread dot for a title.
  9. Hi, Sorry to say our mod's team really ask me to disable this plugin, reason: - When action on a member thread or post, instead as the system send it as PM/Email regarding the actions, it simply as the mod's person whom did the action open new PM with that member. - The new PM/Email do not have header (subject) only simply green dot. In the ver IPB 3.x we had similar plugin done by Ryan, but did not act like this one. This still good plugin, but the above issue is really what make this plugin not the right one for us.
  10. Can the plugin use optional as "notification list" instead of just "email"? I could not find an option in the notification for it. Thanks.
  11. Not as it meant, but I was testing to see if you remember me from the old days, that all, sorry again if that case an issue.
  12. Sorry buddy, I just was having some friendly fun with you, that all 🙂 Well done.
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