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  1. Oh my goodness, Woods - this kind of demonstrates the need for kindness now more than ever, doesn't it? We don't know what others are enduring. I'm glad your wife's surgery was successful and I hope the surgeons got it all, giving her a clean bill of health (someone has to babysit you after all.) As for you... you take care of yourself and stay away from those dang kids not taking this seriously, out there partying and ... licking stuff. πŸ˜‘ Seriously - take care and be safe. I'll be keeping you and the missus in my thoughts.
  2. As I mentioned earlier in the topic, I think it's a struggle for some to get the big picture of this. Setting aside the "death rate" for a moment - the larger concern is the capacity of the healthcare system. The only reason the death toll isn't higher is because there's thousands and thousands of people currently being saved by ventilators. If we do not continue to try and get ahead of this, we will run out of capacity. You needn't have a medical degree nor be an epidemiologist to know that if ventilators and beds are saving lives and we run out of same, we will be unable to save those that could otherwise be (and are currently being) saved. Also consider the capacity for non-covid patients. Hospitals existed for things other than intubating covid patients before this and those issues have not suddenly gone away. As new information comes out (such as the potential benefits of combination drug therapy) - the long-term future is very bright, from a health perspective anyway. In the interim, we still very much need to take it seriously and follow instructions. Again, not because the virus is going to wipe out earth, but because we cannot sustain the number of new cases still on a strong upward trend. I still remain baffled why there's STILL a segment of society (albeit a minority) that just can't get their heads around it. Somewhere between "retreat to my bomb shelter with 3,000 rolls of Charmin" and "pfft. media hype. I'll do what I want" would be ideal. Nonetheless, there's a growing number of people who are trying to look forward and come up with creative solutions to the economic fallout and that is encouraging. As an aside, when I said leave politics out of this, I meant leave partisan politics out of it. This isn't the place to discuss politicians or their respective parties. Be safe.
  3. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience, confusion and poor handling of this issue. Although this functionality has existed for quite some time, this was not identified as a widespread / abused issue until recently. When the growing concern was brought to management attention, we acted as quickly as possible. A red warning banner should display for anyone impacted; I apologize if it didn't for some of you initially. We have corrected the issue - pushing remote notifications to AdminCPs is not a system we use very often, so there was a kink. Once again, my sincerest apologies for the ball being dropped on this; it is, as you know, not typical of and we will do our best to ensure it doesn't happen again.
  4. Please remember that we do not permit political discussion here. We realize this topic has walked a fine line, but we are trying to leave it open, so stick to the virus and the impact on your lives and hold the inflammatory/political commentary. There are plenty of outlets for that and if we continue to get complaints/reports, we will have to shut this down. Thank you. πŸ™‚
  5. I don't have all the answers and I try not to pretend that I do. The cancellations are basically forced social distancing because, as mentioned before, some people just don't take it seriously enough. Whether that's warranted or not, we may never know. I too wish it wasn't necessary. As for what's different between this and past viruses - those risk factors mentioned earlier. The ease of transmission alone is especially incredible. Further, 43% of confirmed cases in my state have resulted in hospitalization. With that said, testing is very poor in the US and there isn't enough data to conclusively assign concrete percentages in one direction or the other. Younger people who previously thought they were invincible are also finding themselves hospitalized. Even with all of the efforts, the cases are still rising. Do we want to find out what happens without efforts (we don't need to - look at other countries.) My post wasn't directed at any one person. Nonetheless, anyone who claims this is just another cold or flu is in fact denying the science being presented to them by groups of scientists far more knowledgable in this area than any of us. Shopping is definitely a catch 22. Too frequent trips = stockpiling. Too many trips = excessive exposure and no, there are still many that have no boundaries for personal space. Glad you're not symptomatic - hope that remains to be the case.
  6. There's no shortage of division on either "side "in general. Your post below regarding stimulus packages is a great example. You can be on either side of that, no problem. When you begin disagreeing with a consensus in science, well... you can say the sky is purple, but it doesn't make it so. I'm not aware of a credible infectious disease doctor or epidemiologist alive that thinks you should just go about your business, wash your hands and call it a day. No, there are absolutely not "tons of experts on the other side with opposite views." The very overwhelming consensus amongst virtually every major accredited university, ID center, CDC, WHO et al is: limit exposure, minimize transmission, stay away from groups and "flatten the curve." There's also the point that, if those that refuse science disagree with the measures being taken are wrong, the death toll has the potential to spiral. Conversely, for the majority who are being [overly] cautious and responsible, it is scientifically impossible to make the standing of the virus worse by avoiding opportunities of transmission, although the economic considerations become more dire (and finding that balance between health and economy is something I'm glad I'm not tasked with in government.) One "side" (I really detest the fact that there are even sides to this at all) has the potential of being labeled too cautious. The other may prove to be woefully reckless in both action and the dissemination of bad information. Even the most committed will not stand for a quarantine / lockdown for very long - neither mentally nor economically, so hopefully we can maximize the number of those willing to sacrifice a couple of weeks and thus maximize the effectiveness and allow ourselves to better prepare to deal with this for the foreseeable future. It may come down to forced lockdowns as you suggest - which would be incredibly annoying, but I think all of us, including the government would prefer people just act responsibly and not need to be treated like children. I think this ordeal has demonstrated not everyone possesses the best decision making skills, which is why things keep escalating from "avoid crowds, only go out if necessary" while everyone continued to dine out, pack the bars, etc. until the states had to step in, sigh, and take away the choices altogether - closing businesses.
  7. Some baffling responses here. πŸ™‚ I think some of the responses here simply derive from a concerning pattern in society: shortsightedness. We have a nasty habit of focusing on the NOW without regard for the later. You have some that cite the very success of containment and "flattening the curve" as purported proof that there was nothing to worry about to begin with. Not "awesome, it's working!" It's "this is ridiculous, hardly anything is happening." Truly, truly bizarre. "Influenza kills more people!" There are a couple of things to note about this often misused comparison: 1. There are precautions in place AND vaccines AND preparations - look at the death toll that occurs in spite of this. 2. Imagine what an unchecked, "just a cold" virus could do without any containment or proactive measures. A virus significantly more transmissible than influenza. China's rates are dropping seemingly for no other reason than they have taken draconian measures to contain it and minimize the spread. Facial recognition, tracking, fines, imprisonment. Conversely, other areas who were trying different approaches other than trying to contain it have not seen that kind of success as of yet. There is no place on earth that is not quarantining and not experiencing an uptick in cases. If it's not there yet, it WILL be if left unchecked. To the less informed among us, yes, it does look like a case of "only X deaths." To the actual experts on the front line at the WHO, CDC and virtually every infectious disease center in the world - the models these folks work with show where we started, what's working, what isn't (and it's a daily-evolving process, it seems), etc. It's rather scary how many people look at "X people died from Y, so this isn't bad at all." If you look at ALL of the numbers that go into those nerdy algorithm models that I won't pretend to fully understand, you would see the important numbers are all of the risk factors. Those numbers are seemingly made up of age groups, concentrations of people and subsequent contractions within, transmissibility, development of immunity or cross immunity to future mutations, etc. Those overall risk factors for covd-19, put together, are significantly (10x+ last I read) higher than influenza, meaning, if we let it run its course unchecked or even just "wash your hands and go about your day", it could become another Spanish flu. Most don't give much thought to Ebola, because the professionals went to (and STILL are) exhausting, painful lengths to keep it as contained as possible (with still devastating effects.) Unfortunately, covd-19 was just not contained soon enough - let's leave politics and conspiracy theories out of it, the fact is, travel restrictions and so forth should have occurred weeks and weeks ago, but there was both simply a lack of data and a lack of willingness to accept that there was going to be a problem. While we've learned our lesson from previous pandemic responses, to be sure, we lagged behind and spent too much time denying the severity of the virus. Even now, there are clearly still people who deny the severity, while riding the coattails of those taking it a bit more seriously, to the other side of this - not unlike those opposed to vaccines enjoying the benefits of herd immunity while simultaneously denouncing the effectiveness of the vaccines that provided that very immunity. "I feel fine!" Now we have to take unfortunate measures with long-lasting economic consequences for many, to keep this slowing down. It's quite frustrating and disappointing to all. Bottom line: there are A LOT of unanswered questions with new developments occurring hourly, but a medical degree (or social media university degree) knows a virus can't spread without opportunities for transmission and assuming the experts are correct on the shelf-life for the virus, we could be through this really quickly if more would stop "going to the store daily" and "living their life as normal because I have no symptoms." and recognize this is bigger than you or I. It's not about whether you show symptoms; it's about slowing the spread to allow our infrastructure to catch up. It's about protecting the most vulnerable. The "stay away from locations known to have it" is frankly, quite a concerning statement. NO location has it.... until they do. The virus doesn't take its own Uber to ACME Market and transmit itself. Likewise, "if you're not showing symptoms, you're fine" is just as concerning. It's believed the highest transmission of the virus is occurring amongst those who don't show any symptoms - especially younger people. I don't think we can sustain lockdowns for weeks and weeks. I know I'm almost tapped out after 3 days with my kids home! The good news seems to be, we won't have to if those who don't see the big picture can still be convinced they hold the key to getting us through this as quickly as possible. It's a time for humanity to shine and unite over a common goal, irrespective of politics and personal beliefs. I would like to extend my thoughts and well wishes to those impacted by this. Parents who can't work because their kids are home from school. Workers of businesses that are shuttered. Small business owners who are watching their dreams hang in the balance. What's happening is happening - there is no point in denying, looking the other way, or adopting self-centered practices. Please trust in science, support one another, look after the most vulnerable and do your part to minimize spreading -- whether you choose to believe in the severity or not. Take care, everyone.
  8. We will be releasing a patch or update soon that disables the email feature altogether. In 4.5, the email share function utilizes the sender's own mail client (mailto - for you nerdy types) and does not pass through the software.
  9. Generally, if you contact us and let us know the circumstances, we will change the URL for you if there's nothing funky going on and it's not an every day thing. We had to begin imposing a fee for a few reasons. Firstly, to reduce "license hopping" (multiple licenses and swapping URLs back and forth to obtain updates/support.) Secondly, it cuts down on those trying to actually have multiple installations (I won't get into the specifics for obvious reasons) on one license. Lastly, but perhaps most important, the most common scenario are "tinkerers" who install, tinker, remove, re-install on a new URL, tinker, remove, rinse and repeat. We certainly don't mind people cycling through various ideas to see what sticks, but very often, there is quite a lot of support involved and it's not unusual for those who reset their URL over and over to also have dozens of support tickets. The spirit of the standard support included with license renewals is based on a single installation. So, part of the fee is to recoup the overhead involved with supporting what amounts to multiple installations and sites, albeit not at the same time. Again, you're always welcome to put in a support ticket and let us know what you're trying to do. If it's simply a URL change on an existing site and/or you're not requiring support on repeated fresh installations, we will typically just do it for you and waive the fee. None of us are going to retire on URL reset fees - it just keeps the honest... honest, and helps ensure fair support to all customers.
  10. This is a little tricky. It's pretty unusual to have that many error banners and not be able to correct them. These types of things used to be dismissible, but ... people dismissed them. We are all guilty of "I'll do that later" and while I understand you have a test site, in most circumstances, the ramifications of ignoring those gateway errors can be significant (no payments.) We have to find that balance between nannying and protecting our customers. We use that particular error style sparingly (I know it may not seem so based on your screenshot!) but when we do, they should be taken seriously. As I said, I can understand your edge case here - but we would go full circle and create risky issues for other customers who click out of something, get busy and say "I'll get to that later." I'm quite guilty of it myself. I think of it like a check engine light in a vehicle. One surefire way to get rid of the light/warning is to... fix the issue. πŸ™‚There are niche cases where someone intentionally tinkers with something that triggers the light, or is aware of an issue and doesn't want to address it, but the warning is still there nonetheless. In fact, in most modern vehicles, the instrument cluster works the same as our ACP dashboard in that there are informational warnings, things you can dismiss then there are failure warnings (like failure of emission components, stability control/abs systems, etc.) that take over the screen on your cluster, are not dismissible, and will not go away until the issue is corrected. The license renewal banner is dismissible, but the license key warning is not because you are not using the license key correctly (eg. you have a test install without using the test installation key and your URLs are not matching up) and should be corrected per the EULA. I don't think we will be taking action on this item, but I wanted to give you some background on why. I hope that helps and I'm sorry for the frustration.
  11. You have to have an active license to download betas anyway, so fear not, you are relived of duty as it pertains to all mind-blowing testing. I'm just testing your appreciation of humor. πŸ˜‰ (it wasn't a code change by the way.)
  12. We appreciate the feedback, exchange of ideas and overall dialogue. I believe the original question has been addressed and this topic has run its course and we're just heading downhill at this point. There are various admin sites that serve as a platform to exchange comparisons between platforms and bounce around ideas. You're also welcome to continue the exchange via PM (with civility, of course.) As noted, 2020 is about bringing more modern elements to the platform - including UI changes to 4.5 and the introduction of a mobile app. There are 18 years of customer history to account for and it's not a switch that can be flipped overnight, however, we are very pleased with the present and are looking forward to the future. We feel most of you will as well. πŸ™‚
  13. I'm sorry for any inconvenience. It looks like there was a payment issue and we just need to verify some information. Unfortunately, I don't see any emails from you in our system, but feel free to contact me directly and I'll do my best to help. Thank you.
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