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  1. Hi there. Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback and I'm sorry for your disappointing support experience. I've taken the liberty to review your ticket history as well as your community itself. I counted almost 50 third party plugins, 15 third party applications for a total of over 200 "hook" points. That is, by most definitions, a fairly significant amount of modifications. There is nothing inherently wrong with that and we of course welcome and encourage you to personalize and tailor the software to meet your needs, however, it does limit the amount of support we are able to provid
  2. Wouldn't it be easier to create a 'Banned' group for visual representation if you're going through that trouble?
  3. The Marketplace is a service. While you are of course acquiring third party resources, you are not obtaining them directly from third party authors and it is really no different than other app stores. Your transaction is conducted through IPS and the Marketplace is a remote service. The point here is just to dispel the silly notion that we're in "breach of contract." The EULA makes clear the fact that a renewal is required for all updates, services, etc. To provide further clarification, an expired license does not shut off the software and you may continue its use in an "as-is" state (at
  4. Hi there - it's been a while! That's exactly what I'm saying. I can't say never (because that always comes back to haunt us on the Internet) of course, but we have no plans to drop self-hosting at this time.
  5. I always try to be honest and transparent, as you know - that doesn't mean what I say today will ring true forever and ever, however. There will most definitely be certain future services/features (those that depend on our infrastructure) that will be cloud / SaaS only and there may be changes to how we provide support in a self-hosted environment, but the on-premise segment of Invision is currently very healthy and viable - it would be silly to mess with that. 🙂
  6. 2020 will forever be known as the year of "on edge." Thanks for your support, continued business and understanding. 🙂
  7. I've reviewed your account and under the circumstances, refunded that fee. I'm unsure what domain resets have to do with renewals - there's two different dialogues seemingly occurring in this topic. To your point, however, the goal isn't to "force" renewals - that's a bad business model we've never subscribed to. The reasons for this change have been outlined elsewhere. I am sorry you had a rough experience and we're open to ways to improve the initial transition. With that said, do note this is a one-time transition. Once done, your authorized resources will be linked to the Mark
  8. I'm really sorry you're taking this so personally @Malwarebytes Forums - the intent wasn't to vilify or offend you and I apologize for coming off snippy. I also apologize for misunderstanding the second component to the feedback - placing the actual post ID number from the database in the post. I can understand, from your perspective, you're simplifying things for yourself and staff. Fair enough if you're able to remember ID numbers (I'm impressed to be honest.) From our perspective, it's far more end-user friendly (and if end-users aren't happy, none of us succeed) to provide a link (and
  9. I'm sorry it's felt that we were dismissive and it's never our intent to insult anyone who are trying to provide us heartfelt feedback. Admittedly, I think our frustration with demands for legacy functionality does bleed through on occasion, for which I apologize. It is taxing at times when you are moving forward, the vast majority of your clients are happy, but there's the occasional desire to pull us backwards and believe me, cluttering up the interface with inconsequential numbers, is by ALL modern web standards - a step backwards. I know it sometimes feels like we make decisions in a
  10. Paul, the feedback truly is appreciated. With anything, there are inherent risks. You can buy anything and it can go unsupported, warranty denied, or any number of things you hadn't hoped for. The Marketplace is an inherent risk to IPS as well. Anytime there's a fraudulent purchase, a developer disappears and/or there are chargebacks, IPS bears the burden of such - financially and otherwise. When you are dealing with inexpensive resources at a 10% commission, one $15 chargeback it can take dozens of transactions to recoup the loss from that one previous transaction. The Marketplace, from a fin
  11. It's really regrettable there was an issue. You shouldn't need to download, read dev docs and debug to use the Marketplace - that is in fact the very point of what we're doing. If you have a desire to dissect third party resources, you're certainly encouraged to work with the author directly. I know there's disappointment and there's a few of us really looking for examples to illustrate the decision as a terrible idea, but it was given a lot of consideration. It was discussed, vetted and took a considerable amount of time to develop. I appreciate the feedback and am sorry for the ill will this
  12. Yes, we had so many issues, so much support overhead and so much customer dissatisfaction with inconsistency and sloppiness prior to 4.5. We only provided cursory reviews for initial submissions and as is often the case, a new product (or resource) tends to start with a base and then future releases build upon that with enhancements. Without screening updates, we were missing some pretty significant issues that broke communities. Couple that with the disorganization of customers manually managing updates for resources, leaving their community in an unstable site with a hodge-podge of outdated
  13. We underestimated how many would not follow or are otherwise confused by the new Marketplace guidelines. We're also surprised by the number of submissions that won't install at all or won't uninstall, thus indicating an unfortunate lack of testing. So, we didn't put in place provisions to better communicate pending status updates - but we are considering it now and your proposal is a fantastic idea, thanks. Do note, developers who do not follow the guidelines and have their submission rejected are pushed to the end of the queue unless it was a very minor error. This allows the team to mor
  14. Anyone has a right to be disappointed, of course. We are driven by feedback, but there are times when the feedback is not going to coincide with the majority interest or that of our overall vision. The same relative handful of people regurgitating the same thing over and over is not constructive and will not change the outcome in any way.
  15. @Haku2 You have made your feedback on the changes very clear - over and over and over in multiple topics. You've frankly left the constructive feedback/criticism category and are approaching the noise station. I am personally, and we as a company, are aware of your concerns and feedback. We have heard you, even if there aren't immediate actions available and now, it's time to let it go and move on. @craigf136 Thank you for the feedback on this. It's a valid concern and one I'll take note of internally to ensure it's addressed soon.
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