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  1. We appreciate the feedback, exchange of ideas and overall dialogue. I believe the original question has been addressed and this topic has run its course and we're just heading downhill at this point. There are various admin sites that serve as a platform to exchange comparisons between platforms and bounce around ideas. You're also welcome to continue the exchange via PM (with civility, of course.) As noted, 2020 is about bringing more modern elements to the platform - including UI changes to 4.5 and the introduction of a mobile app. There are 18 years of customer history to account for and it's not a switch that can be flipped overnight, however, we are very pleased with the present and are looking forward to the future. We feel most of you will as well. 🙂
  2. I'm sorry for any inconvenience. It looks like there was a payment issue and we just need to verify some information. Unfortunately, I don't see any emails from you in our system, but feel free to contact me directly and I'll do my best to help. Thank you.
  3. It sounds like you're using it as a helpdesk of sorts -- is there a reason you wouldn't use the Commerce support system?
  4. As a corporate legalese disclaimer: while we try to provide basic tools to help you achieve compliance with relevant laws and regulations, the onus of ensuring compliance with your local jurisdiction and that of your visitors, falls upon you. If in doubt, we always recommend seeking out the service of a local attorney. CCPA is actually far less restrictive than the GDPR so there is no cause for hysteria (I will concede when I saw the headline months ago, I thought "oh dear, what is the United State of California up to now?" As far as California regulations go, this is actually fairly reasonable. 🙂 If you already comply with the GDPR, you really don't need to do much different for CCPA. The key takeaways, in our opinion, are: - You must have a cookie policy. You seemingly do not need to obtain explicit consent, but I would recommend the cookie banner and you should always have a privacy policy. You do need to be transparent and document how you use cookies. - We have not built the software with the intention of mining and selling your user data and we have no plans of doing so. If you are selling or otherwise using user information for financial gain, there are in fact requirements under the CCPA - notably a banner or similar disclaimer that allows the visitor to prohibit you from selling the information. That is up to you to work out and not within the scope of Invision Community. - As with the GDPR, the rules can change when you get into third party advertising, what the third party is receiving and how it is being used. Again, it is unfortunately up to you to ensure compliance. - Similar to the GDPR, the CCPA does provide for a right-to-erasure. It is important to note that just because someone says "I want my account deleted" - that does not mean you are legally required to do so under all circumstances and this is true with the GDPR as well. For example, we will not purge the record of a recent customer. You should speak to your accountant regarding federal record keeping requirements, but federal law trumps the CCPA and even if that were not the case, the CCPA itself provides for exceptions. I've seen customers panic at a request and wipe a customer and their history, so don't be afraid to research and be mindful of your rights and obligations while still trying to respect your users'. The CCPA is largely aimed at promoting transparency and thwarting the unauthorized sale/misuse of data. There's nothing wrong with that and nothing to panic about. Again, we cannot account for the laws and regulations of every locale around the world. Even within the EU, different member states may have more stringent regulations than others. We try to help with basic universal compliance, but the software would fill a 1TB drive if we were to embark on China regulations, EU -> Great Britain regulations, EU -> Germany regulations, US -> Federal regulations, US -> California regulations, Russia regulations, etc. etc. Once we get past some universal functions like cookie banners, privacy/cookie pages and some basic member tools like export - you should take it from there based on advice from your own local counsel (not to be confused with the armchair experts with YouTube or Google law degrees!) I hope this helps.
  5. Have the background tasks completed? The tasks convert all of those old tags to proper HTML. If everything is done and the posts still aren't right, it's important you contact us as soon as possible to investigate. In the event a restore and reupgrade needs to be performed, you obviously do not want to let too much time lapse.
  6. This is a known issue that will be patched next week.
  7. Probably best to take this sort of thing to PM. I can confirm this as a valid alt account and purchase though.
  8. Thanks for reaching out. Somebody else might "get" this before I do, but I'm having a difficult time visualizing what you're after. When this functionality was created, we assume if there's no payment, there's no sale as such and thus, there is no "checkout" / payment. While we can consider a suggestion to provide some sort of "$0 confirmation" - often, there's a different or better way to meet the goal. So, if you could please explain your use-case and workflow, it would help us better understand what exactly you're after.
  9. It's likely you have only opted to restrict new content. You have other options available to control accounts you've flagged as spammer. It sounds like you want to just tick the 'ban member' setting and you should no longer have this issue. 🙂
  10. I’m sorry to hear that you’re frustrated. With thousands of customers across the globe, we try our very best to provide the stellar support that is consistent with our 17yr+ reputation while still maintaining an efficient workflow. Like most companies, we admittedly don’t always hit the mark and when such occurrences are due to a breakdown on our side, we do our best to make it right. With that said, your comments about support and the product are a bit confusing. You’ve submitted 4 tickets this year (not including the “your support sucks” ticket - which we will gloss over as I know emotions can run high.) All tickets were promptly answered - one within 30 minutes. Another within 12 hours - on a weekend. Another submitted on Saturday evening was addressed first thing Monday morning. I’m unable to find any indication that you’ve actually experienced any technical issues that are due to software “faults” based on your ticket history. One ticket was related to branding removal, two were due to third party customizations which, when you said you removed/reinstalled, resolved the issue and finally, the other that seemed to push you over the proverbial edge was our inability to help you change HTTP status codes and customize your server-side error messages, via a support ticket. Your latest issue you’ve posted about elsewhere, but haven’t brought up in a ticket, suggests you may have a rewrite issue. I realize you didn’t get the outcome you were looking for and you have an expectation that we should provide third party / customization support. In a perfect world, we would have the luxury of being everything to everyone, but unfortunately, our product support team are not developers and unfortunately, traversing server systems, debugging code we didn’t write (third party plugins/apps) and pinpointing line numbers to change code for HTTP status codes is simply not a reasonable expectation of base/included support. It’s always disheartening to disappoint a customer and it’s something we take seriously, however, sometimes expectations don’t always fall in line with what can reasonably be provided. Finally, while I have never subscribed to the customer is always right philosophy. I do firmly believe in approaching every service issue individually, ensuring I understand the customer concerns, reviewing the background and identifying where the breakdown occurred. With me personally, approach is everything and as a consumer, I practice what I preach. If my Internet service goes down, I do not call Comcast and berate the agent for I know it is not their fault personally and I find people are much more receptive to a calm, respectful exchange vs rants and insults — treat others like you wish to be treated. Likewise, if a customer approaches and says “I know things happen, but I’m having this issue and not getting anywhere. Can you please help?” I personally guarantee the results will be far more favorable than “you guys suck”, “this is a _____ joke”, “I’m going to sue you”, “I’m starting a social media campaign against you.” The latter will never yield any positive results here. We prefer positive relationships with mutual respect and courtesy; we’re all on the same side and your success is our success. If you’re ever unhappy with a support interaction, please ask for it to be escalated. At this point, I suggest taking a couple of days and then I would absolutely welcome you to contact me personally for further discussion — in hopes of “rebooting” and working towards more positive interactions. Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback.
  11. Brent, We appreciate the feedback! I certainly understand there are still some niche sites - notably certain techy/dev sites that still rely on to BBCode both because they find it easier and it’s what they know. The (comparatively) few still using it are very passionate about using it and we can definitely appreciate that. At the same time, the BB in BBCode stands for Bulletin Board. It was created long before WYSIWYGs in the 90’s by UBB. The web has since long evolved and with the advance of proper WYSIWYG technology, so BBCode is really rare to encounter. Be it Google Docs, email or virtually any modern editor, we all use buttons or shortcut keys like command-B as second nature, which works even with markdown. The real issue is the fact that it’s simply not native to any modern editor (that I am aware of) - including the one we integrate with, CKEditor. We have a backend “parser” that converts your BBC tags to HTML upon submission, but there is no way to convert that back for editing or any other purpose. To maintain overall stability as well as compatibility with editor updates, our only intention with Invision Community 4 was to ensure some degree of backwards compatibility for those who still use tags when submitting content. The software in fact does that and while BBCode will be deprecated (which simply means it will not be further developed) in a future release, we have no immediate plans to remove it entirely. While there are still traditional software packages that have legacy BBCode support, you will find that most modern community platforms have no native (built-in) support for BBCode and I think it’s extremely unlikely we will ever see it make a comeback (although I said the same thing about bellbottoms.) We are always open to ways to improve your experience with the editor and if you’re struggling to get things formatted properly using native functionality, we would welcome you to open a support ticket so we can see what you’re trying to achieve and try to offer some help. Thanks again for taking the time to share your concerns!
  12. Confusing, right? 🙂 As we’ve been around for nearly two decades, things have evolved and changed. When IPS was founded, there was really only one product to speak of - Invision Board (IBForums) - the company was legally formed as Invision Power Services, Inc. and the product was then called Invision Power Board (IPB.) As the product line evolved and licensing changed, we referred to the products collectively as “IPS Community Suite.” Some called us IPS, some called us IPB, some called us Invision - so when IPB was discontinued several years ago, we began branding as “Invision Community.” The parent company remains Invision Power Services (IPS) - we call the platform itself Invision Community. The package names in the client area is a fair point - we’ll get those updated. Thanks for your continued interest as well as your referrals. Hopefully this helps clear up our identity. 😉
  13. Some companies charge per major upgrade. Some charge a monthly subscription fee. Some charge an up-front license fee and then periodic renewals. We've opted to do the latter. This means you're not paying per version; when you renew, you'll have access to the current versions for as long as your license is active. Because we don't sell on a per-version basis and we typically only support the current major release series, we do not maintain a previous version archive this is true whether you have an active or expired license. I can certainly understand why it might be handy to have access to the last version that was available at time of license expiration and we appreciate your feedback, but this isn't likely we will accommodate, unfortunately. As previously mentioned, I will explore ways we can improve upon clarifying expectations in pending expiration emails so folks such as yourself can be sure to download software for archive purposes and make any last minute license changes before the license becomes inactive. I'm sorry you feel you've wasted your money and hope you change your mind in the future. If so, we will be waiting. 🙂 Thanks for your business.
  14. I am sorry for your frustration. As this is the way the system has always worked, we would welcome the opportunity for feedback on how we could make it clearer in terms of what happens upon license expiration, so you have the opportunity to archive your download and/or make any last minute changes. We want you to renew based on the inherent value in continued development of the software, new features, services such as spam mitigation, support, etc.; it is not our intent to force you to renew under duress and it's most disheartening that you feel otherwise. When you purchase an initial license, the software is indeed yours to use under the terms of the EULA and SoS. The terms dictate that you may use the software as-is, at time of expiration, indefinitely. Unfortunately, as you've noted, reinstallation and downloads do require an active license. There are a few reasons we don't provide downloads of previous releases. Beyond the security and liability implications of providing known-vulnerable software for download, it is also logistically difficult to do so. When you click download in the client area, your download is actually dynamically generated real-time from our release repository. We do not actually maintain downloadable archives (in fact, even internally, sometimes a staff member will need to get an old version from another staff member quickly) and because of the endless app configurations, it's not particularly feasible to do so without a major overhaul to our client systems, our development process, how we use git, etc. Your installed version is recorded as 4.3. Even if you had an active license, we no longer maintain 4.3 in our release repository and there's no way to download it. We don't take away what you've paid for; We simply do not maintain a readily-usable archive of old releases and again, that is the case even if you renew and have an active license and for the aforementioned reasons, it's not something we would be particularly interested in changing. As I said, however, if there's an opportunity to make that clearer, we would absolutely welcome the feedback. Once again, I'm very sorry for your frustration and disappointment.
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