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  1. I miss your memes / screenshots folder most of all!
  2. I originally started out on vBulletin 2! Started making modifications for vBulletin 3 on vB.org. Very disillusioned with vBulletin 4, I was one of the first members on XenForo's bandwagon when that rolled along. Offered my services for vBulletin and XenForo for around 3 years freelance, started building my own forum softwares and also supporting the many free forum software such as PHPBB, MyBB and SMF with modifications. At some point along the way I saw a tech support job at IPS, and had to go for it. Eventually I moved on to maintaining the free Converters, writing Single Sign On's and Managed Services dealing with some amazing clients here. The guys are great and it is still one of the favourite jobs I've had, and I still have fond memories of this place so I thought I had to share my own story. (PS, Lindy my mum still mentions your facebook chats ) I'm still building forum software and all sorts of other bespoke stuff as the lead developer with my own team of 6 very talented guys in a local digital agency, but I really did get my first "real" start here.
  3. Will work on an update today. Or try to.
  4. Tier II is the second tier of support comprised of more experienced techs and developers even pop their heads in sometimes to fix things. Your ticket ending up in Tier II usually means that the guys in General Support have exhausted the list of things they have to check for the issue and have escalated it higher for further investigation. By it's very nature, Tier II can take a little longer to resolve issues as they have to dig deeper. Logs, code level, etc. It's a harder job but usually they're the guys who fix what the General Support techs cannot. If for whatever reason, Tier II cannot fix your issue then it goes up to the devs who will do their utmost to get your issue fixed. Have hope. The fact that it's taking time means that they're thoroughly putting the issue through it's paces in order to find a fix. short answer, yes, it can be slower up there.
  5. Is this feasible in stock? Else, is there a plugin for it? Thanks
  6. @Daniel F thanks for the reply. The only thing I've done with the site is create the skin and install some very basic plugins, which I have disabled for testing purposes and this still happens on my custom skin. Not the default even with the plugins. Marcher suggested it might be a missing = in a conditional where guests are checked for, eg: {if \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->member_group_id = \IPS\Settings::i()->guest_group} However I cannot find anything to do with guest_group in the three templates I've modified - navBar, userBar and globalTemplate. All I've done is move the create menu to navBar and move user drop down to the navbar. I can't find any unclosed conditions, and I'm sure the suite would alert me (no?) - I'll keep looking as it does appear to be a skin issue.
  7. Only on a custom skin - I can't figure it out. Guests are being created as members on every visit. This is stopping registrations as the login / sign up bars aren't working.. Tried disabling plugins and everything, nothing. switch to default skin and it is fine. I tried reverting my changes to the userBar template, as I thought I'd flubbed an if / else combo, but nothing changes. Also, why would it be creating accounts? So confusing.. Help!
  8. Yep. I will look into it now we're out of beta. I couldnt get it to export templates and languages last time.
  9. I can only see https://community.invisionpower.com/4docs/administration/pages/ I'm sure more will be added though
  10. one time, until the cookies are cleared.
  11. MadMikeyB


    ​I'm working on it as much as I can for 4.x, juggling development with a 50 hour a week job is sometimes difficult though. Here's a few sneak peeks:
  12. MadMikeyB


    ​No, unfortunately not.
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