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  1. Wow, that's so old I had forgotten about it 😄. I'll of course recommend that you upgrade to a supported version 😉
  2. If you have any of this markup present on your site, it may be something custom you have implemented. We haven't (as far as I know) ever used 'data-vocabulary' markup, we've always used schema.org markup, a project search doesn't find any either.
  3. Samsung SSDs have a very good reputation, but at the time the Crucial MX drives were on a good sale which made them far cheaper than the 2.5" Samsung drives. I haven't had any issues with my Crucial drive.
  4. I upgraded my notebook at Thanksgiving 2018 (black friday sales). I added a 256GB Samsung M.2 SSD and a 2TB Crucial SSD. It's pretty nice to have 2.25 TB total storage in a notebook, I have less than 500GB free space left though 🤣
  5. Our new app requires new features that are coming in Invision Community 4.5. Keep an eye on our blog for further release updates (don't forget to follow the blog if you want instant notifications of updates!)
  6. The underlying issue is that the required Stripe web hook hasn't been configured, which means that Invision Community isn't being notified about payment events as it is expected to be. We're looking into making the web hook configuration automatic in future versions, so if it's mis-configured or not configured at all, we'll automatically correct the issue.
  7. Invision Community doesn't use inline 'itemprop' or schema.org attributes. In 4.3 we switched to JSON+LD formatting for microdata. You may have an outdated theme or plugin/customisation that is adding these attributes.
  8. That's the 'old' referrals system that was part of Commerce. I can't say for sure what (if any) referral rates we'll be running, but with the UI changes in 4.5, once we upgrade you will be able to see the details clearly on that page. You can add (manually) the referral tag to any URL on the front of your community.
  9. `\IPS\Login\Internal` does not exist in 4.3 or newer. You don't need either of these lines $IPSLogin = new \IPS\Login\Internal; $IPSLogin->init();
  10. It hasn't been pushed out as a patch, but it will be included in a future release.
  11. You must opt-in via the AdminCP to add your community into the app directory. It won't be included unless you do this.
  12. Thanks, I've made a note for us to review the documentation and integration (although we're already using the Microsoft graph, so I don't expect there to be any changes there)
  13. We'll certainly look into this, it isn't intentional that a license issue should cause a slowdown. There are already caching mechanisms in place to prevent issues like this if the licensing server isn't available, but we'll look into this and make some adjustments to address this particular scenario.
  14. It's effectively disabled in 4.4, an end user has to specifically enable it for it to prompt their browser. There's no further way to disable it in the software.
  15. Invision Community 4.4 made changes here so that it doesn't automatically cause your browser to present this popup. You'll only see if it you are specifically enabling browser notifications through the notifications system. Take a look at this blog entry:
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