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  1. We do set the container size in content, there was a minor issue where this wasn't occurring for images inserted via Giphy. We've fixed that now (although, not yet live on here). If you insert images from any other source for example, you'll see container sizes being set.
  2. If you have your community configured to use 'site traffic' to run tasks, it relies on the amount of traffic your community receives. For best speed and reliability, switch your task method to use CRON. (search for tasks in AdminCP).
  3. Invision Community 4.4 will have support for PHP 7.3. Follow our product updates for further information about new features and changes in 4.4.
  4. This topic is actually quite a good indicator of why it isn't supported (it's only supported as a legacy system for customers that upgraded from 3.x). FTP/SFTP wouldn't be be reliable at all for the kind of files you use on your community. If you were using this I would expect that you would be reporting issues that couldn't be resolved without switching to a native storage solution. A NFS/SSHFS approach would be far more reliable and quicker.
  5. The alpha is a preview site, it isn't yet available for customers to download. When we reach the beta stage, customers will be able to download and install on their own platforms.
  6. Whoops, I meant 'announcement screenshot' 😄
  7. There's also a new option to have announcements just be text that doesn't link to anywhere. 🤫 This is something that's rolled out everywhere in the platform, not just on member profiles. The announcement screenshot above gives a good idea of what this looks like on the forum index, you'll note that my name is in red. Where the sidebar widgets are shown depends on how you have your sidebar configured. It's all to do with the flow of HTML (sorry for getting technical), if the sidebar is on the right then the widgets are in the HTML after the page content. If they're on the left, they are before the page content. When the page is condensed down to a single column, it is this structure that determines where those widgets are displayed. Quite simply though, if you have a widget that's important enough to display on mobile, you would check the 'mobile' option in the widget settings.
  8. We use whatever PHP defines as the 'default' algorithm in your PHP version. At the current time, that is blowfish for all PHP versions. Argon2ID was added in PHP 7.3 and would be eligible to be the default algorithm in PHP 7.4/vNext, although there's no guarantee they'll do that. http://php.net/password_hash
  9. We've announced the inclusion of application manifest functionality in 4.4, which lays the groundwork for future enhancements
  10. Languages get set based on the headers the browser sends. So if you have a language installed that matches the users browser, they'll see that as their default language.
  11. Please use the add-ons support topic of you need assistance with it.
  12. We're aware of an issue with our search index. The error is a generic 'no permission' error that has been customised (you can do this in the AdminCP per forum)
  13. Please submit a support ticket in the client area. - https://www.invisioncommunity.com/clientarea/ It is typically up to the developer to request a refund be sent to a customer, however if the developer isn't responding submitting a ticket is the best course of action. Wa may not be able to provide you with a refund but we can certainly look into it.
  14. Yes, you can convert phpBB 3.2 to Invision Community, we have a list of data that can be converted here: https://invisioncommunity.com/services/migrate Our Converter application can be downloaded for free with Invision Community.
  15. We've corrected this here. For other customers that may come across this topic in future... If you're seeing this issue on your own community, Twitter recently required that a valid callback uri is provided for Twitter logins. You can find this URL in your AdminCP by editing the Twitter login handler. Provide this URL to Twitter by editing your Twitter application and filling in the callback uri field.
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