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  1. MySQL added 'member' as a reserved keyword in 8.0.17 and 8.0.18 and then removed it again (thanks Oracle!). I have submitted a change for this, but an alternative fix would be to upgrade to a newer version of MySQL 8.0.x
  2. Flagging as a spammer does do this if the 'delete' content option is selected.
  3. I really wouldn't worry about deleting the accounts, you're talking [usually] at less than a kilobyte of data per member. (average in my dev environment is 435 bytes and those are accounts that haven't had things like signatures etc deleted). If you trust the moderators, then setting the action to delete the posted content is a good approach, that would have a greater impact on data usage than the account. As you've noted, keeping the accounts there prevent the email address from being used again.
  4. Sorry, I thought you were asking about how the remote part of the process works. You can configure what flagging a member as a spammer does please see this guide - https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/security-and-rules/spam-prevention-r9/#spammers It also contains other useful information about configuring the various options.
  5. You can find out more information about our Spam Defense Service here: https://invisioncommunity.com/features/spam/
  6. The converter will only read from the paths/database credentials you provide, but @CoffeeCake does offer sound advice if you're concerned about causing issues to your live site.
  7. Thanks, I've opened an internal issue so we can review this.
  8. Submit a ticket and we'll take a look. I haven't seen this happen before.
  9. I did. I suspect your user has created 2690 topics/content items? Reputation points were not part of the calculation of member ranks in older versions, it was purely content count.
  10. If you select to keep your existing ranks during upgrade, we insert two rules to keep the functionality the same New comment item is posted Comment/reply is posted
  11. It sound like this may be the same as this issue? If so, we already have an internal bug report open for this
  12. Thank you, I have created an internal bug report for this and we'll review it soon.
  13. Thank you, I have created an internal bug report for this.
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