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  1. You might want to enable the 'DEBUG_TEMPLATES' constant in that case, it'll avoid the use of eval for debugging.
  2. No, I have re-sent you the renewal invoice 🙂
  3. It's also worth pointing out that the code you're trying to use, you don't need to use. Make sure you have enabled the 'Trust IP addresses provided by proxies?' setting in your AdminCP.
  4. Typically this can happen when GD runs out of memory processing an image -- It doesn't have to be a huge image, but it might be a complex one. You can (if available) switch to ImageMagick for image processing or temporarily increase your PHP memory limit.
  5. I have sent you an email about this.
  6. Right here: https://invisioncommunity.com/clientarea/cards/
  7. You need to be extremely careful using |raw especially if the content is coming from an outside source without being cleaned. Incorrect use could open your community to XSS attacks.
  8. FWIW, I was referring to the resource you recently submitted for review.
  9. Don't forget about the potential security issues and other issues we also rejected it for. We care about the quality of resources our customers can install, even more so with the much wider audience enabled via the AdminCP Marketplace. That means we need to hold submissions to a higher standard than we did prior to the release of 4.5, unfortunately that does mean that some submissions will be rejected and will need to improved.
  10. Yes, if you don't have any vB CMS data to convert, uncheck 'pages and records'. We've fixed this in an upcoming release so it's a bit smarter and knows if you don't have vb CMS even if you check the box.
  11. @Paul E. makes some great points. Communication is the key with your members, let them know when things are going to happen and (if you choose to run the background tasks after launch as they're designed) let them know that some things may look slightly wonky for a short time. I would also recommend not making knee-jerk reactions to comments your members make immediately after the conversion. People generally do not like change and will be saying "make this work like vBulletin". Take some time and let them settle in with how the new platform works and then collate their feedback. We
  12. I did a conversion on a site with around 60 million posts late last year (there were actually millions more posts in the source data). We did a performance sweep of the converters for 4.5 for this project and incorporated many things that improved the speed. One of these performance improvements would be in the userland code (your converter), I would recommend taking a look at our vBulletin converters, especially the use of `$this->app->preCacheLinks(...)` which can hugely reduce the number of SQL queries needed. The speed can greatly depend on how you write your converter though, m
  13. As Brandon notes, using our converter framework would be the best way to go. It already does a lot of the legwork for you. All you really need to do is feed it the relevant data, it'll put it in the right places and process it as needed. You would be better to use an application and store your converter files within that application rather than writing a plugin to load them from elsewhere (it's nicer to keep them in their own location than throw them in another (IPS) application). You will still need to add a hook to the software() method to define your custom converter location. Doi
  14. The issue was that your SSL configuration on your server is broken, disabling SSL between Cloudflare and your server works around the issue. This is a workaround specifically, if you fix your SSL certificate, you can switch it back to full SSL mode.
  15. That shouldn't be the case, we'll have a look into this 🙂 thank you for letting us know.
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