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  1. We do have a "what's new" feature that we've used in the past. It will show up again in 4.5.3 however at this time it doesn't go into as much depth as you are suggesting.
  2. I have this on my list of things to improve 👍
  3. If they're unrelated issues we prefer to have them split between tickets. Some issues may need escalating and some may not.
  4. Hi, I wanted to clarify the process for any critical updates you may need to make that may potentially need a higher priority when it comes to a review. A critical issue would be something that causes a large impacting issue to your resource, such as a fatal error that prevents it from working. Submit the new version of your resource with only the fix for the issue, no other bug fixes or enhancements. Specify in the change log what the fix is for (so it's obvious to us what you are fixing). Submit a support ticket asking for an expedited review. Asking for an exped
  5. 87% of current pending reviews were submitted either yesterday or today (i.e. in around the last 24 hours), there are three pending reviews that are taking longer than usual for various reasons. Reviews are definitely not slow at the moment, but what you may be seeing is a developer saying their resource is pending review and then their submission being rejected. In this situation it may look like the reviews are taking longer than they really are, but we're waiting for the developer to submit a fixed version in that case, so we can review it again.
  6. These items aren't available in the AdminCP Marketplace at this time, we wanted to get this out there for use and plan to add functionality as we can.
  7. They're available now, we just hadn't published them (whoops!)
  8. If you scroll down on the Marketplace, you can select a previous version, if you find the last release before the 4.5 version was released, you will be able to download it.
  9. @Adriano Faria The issue with @Morrigan not being able to upgrade is because your new application has a lower (long) version number than your plugin did (despite this being a point in the guidelines for this exact reason). No one using your plugin will be able to upgrade to the newer version.
  10. A setting for this was introduced in 4.5.0 The Image Proxy was removed in 4.5 due to inherent security risks that it was no longer worth trying to work around since the adoption of SSL has drastically increased since we introduced the feature.
  11. I would recommend submitting a support ticket in the client area we will need to look into what is going wrong.
  12. We were generating renewal invoices way too far in advance, so they were including anything that expired in the timeframe. This should be fixed now.
  13. The Marketplace now (we introduced this change a few months ago) requires an active license. I can see you've just renewed your license so you should have access to it now. If you're still seeing the issue, please submit a ticket and let us know.
  14. If you had copied your access token to the right place (without modifying any code), it would also show you signed in. As I've noted earlier though, there isn't an issue with installing things locally and we've said that in the past. The technical requirement is for the login process only because we need to securely transmit data to your community and currently there is no other way to do that without potentially compromising your community account.
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