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  1. `\IPS\Login\Internal` does not exist in 4.3 or newer. You don't need either of these lines $IPSLogin = new \IPS\Login\Internal; $IPSLogin->init();
  2. It hasn't been pushed out as a patch, but it will be included in a future release.
  3. You must opt-in via the AdminCP to add your community into the app directory. It won't be included unless you do this.
  4. Thanks, I've made a note for us to review the documentation and integration (although we're already using the Microsoft graph, so I don't expect there to be any changes there)
  5. We'll certainly look into this, it isn't intentional that a license issue should cause a slowdown. There are already caching mechanisms in place to prevent issues like this if the licensing server isn't available, but we'll look into this and make some adjustments to address this particular scenario.
  6. It's effectively disabled in 4.4, an end user has to specifically enable it for it to prompt their browser. There's no further way to disable it in the software.
  7. Invision Community 4.4 made changes here so that it doesn't automatically cause your browser to present this popup. You'll only see if it you are specifically enabling browser notifications through the notifications system. Take a look at this blog entry:
  8. You posted this a few months ago and the answer is still the same (see linked topic for further information).
  9. Yes it is! First of all though, you'll need to upgrade your PhpBB site to v3.1 or v3.2 and then you can use our converter application to complete the conversion. If you're using Invision Community 4.4 it's super simple to do (as shown in the video above).
  10. You can find them in the `convert_link` table, they're logged as (type) 'core_attachments'.
  11. The UI is greatly simplified so that this information isn't visible, we do however still log any issues to the database so that can be reviewed. It's important to remember that the converted counts won't always match, we mostly see this with vB where the database can contain a lot of orphaned data. Yes, any required rebuilds and processes are automatically started when the conversion is completed. Thanks for the feedback! The converter saves ids for almost everything converted, vBulletin attachment.php URLs will be redirected automatically to the relevant location. We try to redirect as many (important) URLs as possible.
  12. Total Spent is based on transaction data, generated invoices will be included if they have been paid through Commerce.
  13. You can find our product update about PWA (not fully-blown PWA) related changed in 4.4.
  14. We do set the container size in content, there was a minor issue where this wasn't occurring for images inserted via Giphy. We've fixed that now (although, not yet live on here). If you insert images from any other source for example, you'll see container sizes being set.
  15. If you have your community configured to use 'site traffic' to run tasks, it relies on the amount of traffic your community receives. For best speed and reliability, switch your task method to use CRON. (search for tasks in AdminCP).
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