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  1. Your ticket is assigned to management and they will reply as soon as they can (please bear with us, but you will get a response). If a plugin/application has been deprecated the author needs to let us know by submitting a ticket, I haven't personally seen any requests from @InvisionHQ asking for us to prevent purchases of the plugin but we've just made that change.
  2. The 'author' element in RSS2 is an email address. For obvious privacy reasons we cannot include an email address of who created a post. https://validator.w3.org/feed/docs/rss2.html#ltauthorgtSubelementOfLtitemgt
  3. Don't forget to try some of your local shops too, we've found that they have things that supermarkets may not.
  4. There are changes that encompass both the front-end code and the back-end code, you will be able to profile this when we start the beta process. Lighthouse is explicitly pointing out that framework.css has unused CSS, which is expected with how we currently use and structure CSS. There are rules that won't get used on an index page for example, but will get used on a content page and of course this greatly varies depending on which widgets you have on the page, whether you use a Pages page with your own customisations, whether you use 3rd party plugins or applications etc. It isn't always feasible in this kind of (customisable) software package to thin out things as much as possible depending on what we're expecting. If we did, it may end up that each page has a different CSS requirement resulting in more HTTP requests being sent (which also isn't good for performance). Rest assured, we're always looking at and implementing performance improvements and we'll continue to do so.
  5. You're welcome to submit a ticket if you think there's a platform performance issue that's causing problems for you. However, I would also recommend seeing if you can reproduce the issue without any 3rd party themes, plugins or applications to rule those out as causing the issue. I did take a brief look at your site, which was loading fairly quickly (and complete) as a guest, your custom theme was adding more overhead with the effects. One thing that you can implement quickly to improve performance is a cache policy for your static files (such as images, javascript, css). This is something that is controlled at the server level, you can (if you're using Apache) use a .htaccess file with mod_expires rules to control this. There's a good example of relevant rules here: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/449164-how-to-speed-up-ipb-sites/?do=findComment&comment=2766078 However, since this is moving more from 'feedback' to technical support, I would recommend either submitting a ticket if there's a reproducable issue we can look at otherwise you may want to post in the peer-to-peer section of our community and other members (@adlago!) can give you some tips
  6. We profile and refine our code for major releases, 4.5 is no exception and does contain performance related changes.
  7. We have published a patch to change how the email sharer works, it will now open the senders email client instead of sending email via Invision Community. This patch effectively backports the functionality from 4.5. If you're affected by this you can obtain it from AdminCP > Support > Something isn't Working > Click 'apply patch'.
  8. Hi, @Andy Millne replied to you on Thursday to confirm that your message had been received and the site in question had been cancelled at the end of the current renewal period. Andy also asked for further information about the error you were seeing. - So to confirm, renewals were removed on your community so it will expire at the end of the period. I'm sorry that you haven't received our reply, please feel free to send me a PM directly on here with a screenshot of the error page you're seeing (please make sure the screenshot includes the URL in the browser). Kind Regards Stuart
  9. Similarly, I have my devices auto apply focus assist/do not disturb after a set time every evening. It helps, but I still can't help but check on things!
  10. You will need to make sure you have your notification settings configured to send notifications via the mobile app: https://invisioncommunity.com/notifications/options/ (The mobile app option will appear after you've logged in with the app). Then, you just follow the topic/forum 🙂
  11. Wow, that's so old I had forgotten about it 😄. I'll of course recommend that you upgrade to a supported version 😉
  12. If you have any of this markup present on your site, it may be something custom you have implemented. We haven't (as far as I know) ever used 'data-vocabulary' markup, we've always used schema.org markup, a project search doesn't find any either.
  13. Samsung SSDs have a very good reputation, but at the time the Crucial MX drives were on a good sale which made them far cheaper than the 2.5" Samsung drives. I haven't had any issues with my Crucial drive.
  14. I upgraded my notebook at Thanksgiving 2018 (black friday sales). I added a 256GB Samsung M.2 SSD and a 2TB Crucial SSD. It's pretty nice to have 2.25 TB total storage in a notebook, I have less than 500GB free space left though 🤣
  15. Our new app requires new features that are coming in Invision Community 4.5. Keep an eye on our blog for further release updates (don't forget to follow the blog if you want instant notifications of updates!)
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