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  1. Stuart Silvester's post in File upload problem with a DomainException (6) was marked as the answer   
    A SERVER_CONFIGURATION error suggests that PHP is triggering the error because of a PHP extension issue:
  2. Stuart Silvester's post in ideal and stripe was marked as the answer   
    You will need to make sure that your store currency is set to EUR (iDEAL can only be used with Euros).
    If you're still having an issue, please create a ticket and one of our support agents will be more than happy to look into it for you.
  3. Stuart Silvester's post in Changing the admin path was marked as the answer   
    Security through obscurity isn't the best idea. We recommend using the built in tools instead such as requiring multi-factor authentication for AdminCP access.
    We also often see that customers that have done this still forget to rename the folder when upgrading manually and they end up with two admin folders, one that redirects to the other completely ruling out any obscurity advantage.
  4. Stuart Silvester's post in Where do l go to update my Credit Card details? was marked as the answer   
    Right here: https://invisioncommunity.com/clientarea/cards/
  5. Stuart Silvester's post in Converting from vBulletin 3.8 -- hitting a snag was marked as the answer   
    Yes, if you don't have any vB CMS data to convert, uncheck 'pages and records'. We've fixed this in an upcoming release so it's a bit smarter and knows if you don't have vb CMS even if you check the box.
  6. Stuart Silvester's post in Gallery and Blogs locked after update from 4.5.4 to 4.5.4.X was marked as the answer   
    We've already fixed this issue, but if you're seeing it you can go to <your-url>/admin/upgrade and run the process from there. Effectively, the upgrade has already ran, it just hasn't updated the version numbers for those apps.
    For future readers: re-running the upgrader for this specific issue between 4.5.4 and is safe, but if you have any other upgrade issues you should submit a ticket.
  7. Stuart Silvester's post in Quote Header Not Displaying Correctly was marked as the answer   
    The latest release is, please go to AdminCP > Support > Something isn't working and apply the update.
  8. Stuart Silvester's post in Force Login was marked as the answer   
    Go to AdminCP > Members > Member Groups.
    Edit the 'guest' group and disable the 'can access site' setting. This will force everyone to sign in to see your community.
  9. Stuart Silvester's post in PHP 8 was marked as the answer   
    No, not at this time. There are some backwards incompatible issues that may cause problems if you try to use PHP 8.0
  10. Stuart Silvester's post in Question on encryption was marked as the answer   
    There is a constant ( TEXT_ENCRYPTION_KEY ) that you can set if you change your credentials. If you already have encrypted text stored, you would need to calculate the same MD5 and then save it to constants.php
  11. Stuart Silvester's post in Wordpress 5.51 to IPS 4.52 Converter was marked as the answer   
    Yes, it should. The WordPress database doesn't change too often, so the converter is quite stable across the many WordPress versions.
  12. Stuart Silvester's post in 4.5.1 - Sign into Marketplace when using HTTP Basic Auth was marked as the answer   
    You can exclude /index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=marketplace from your password protection
  13. Stuart Silvester's post in Any chance of desuckifying the plugin development experience was marked as the answer   
    4.5 contains a bunch of improvements in this area to make plugins more portable. They can be installed IN_DEV and the majority of their data is now stored within the /dev directory in various PHP/JSON/PHTML files.
    We haven't made any changes to the naming conventions required, or the hook class names, but we've also come up with these changes for the same reasons, to greatly improve the ability to develop plugins across installs via Git.
    Please consider taking a look at the beta and letting us know whether those improvements are beneficial to your development process.
  14. Stuart Silvester's post in \in_array in \IPS\Lang was marked as the answer   
    This looks like the same report as this topic: 
  15. Stuart Silvester's post in \IPS\Content\ItemTopic and topic created = unread was marked as the answer   
    Sounds like an oversight to me, I have committed a change for this. Upon review from the rest of the development team the change should be included in an upcoming release.
  16. Stuart Silvester's post in php 7.4 tom foolery on 4.4.10 was marked as the answer   
    Download 4.4.10 again or apply the available patch 🙂 
  17. Stuart Silvester's post in Translation: Date Selection remains untranslated was marked as the answer   
    These date fields are fully controlled by your web browser and computer OS. The screenshot would suggest that your browser locale is set to US English.
  18. Stuart Silvester's post in How to allow data-attribute in posts? was marked as the answer   
    You would need to write a plugin to overload \IPS\Text\Parser::_htmlPurifierModifyHtmlDefinition() to whitelist your custom attribute on the chosen tag. I would recommend taking a look at that method to see how we're whitelisting certain attributes.
    Allowed JavaScript controllers is purely for controllers (data-controller attributes that we use to load JS)
  19. Stuart Silvester's post in Marketplace Request was marked as the answer   
    We're going to make some similar (although not exactly what you're describing) changes in this area quite soon (in fact downloads 4.4. had some custom field changes specifically to make this possible).
  20. Stuart Silvester's post in NULL posts after content rebuilding from converter was marked as the answer   
    We've just pushed out a patch for this issue, you can get the patch in the AdminCP by going to System > Support and selecting 'something isn't working' (alternatively, you can download the 4.3.5 files again from the client area). Unfortunately, it does mean that you will need to perform your conversion again to restore the removed content.
    Sorry for the inconvenience!
  21. Stuart Silvester's post in Login Handler Docs incorrect was marked as the answer   
    You shouldn't be inserting this manually for customers, you should be allowing them to add it themselves from the 'Create New' button after installing your application. At this point is where they (It's a user supplied value) can add the title for the login handler. -- They'll need to go to there to configure the login handler with their Steam OpenID credentials anyway.
  22. Stuart Silvester's post in Cache method storeWithExpire doesn't return boolean was marked as the answer   
    These issues were addressed in 4.3 Beta 1
  23. Stuart Silvester's post in Member History extension was marked as the answer   
    I have added this to the application uninstall process for 4.3, for now I would recommend using the uninstall extension.
  24. Stuart Silvester's post in Authentication through REST API was marked as the answer   
    This isn't something that's integrated into Invision Community, but you may be able to use this 3rd party addon: 
  25. Stuart Silvester's post in select where bug 4.2.0 was marked as the answer   
    Your where is structured incorrectly, the second index of the array is used for binds (prepared statements), not another where clause.
    See the comments on \IPS\Db::compileWhereClause():
    /** * Compile WHERE clause * * @code // Single clause "foo IS NOT NULL" // Single clause with bound values (always bind values to ensure they are properly escaped) array( 'foo=?', 'fooValue' ) array( 'foo=? OR bar=?', 'fooValue', 'barValue' ) // Multiple clauses (will be joined with AND) with bound values array( array( 'foo=?, 'fooValue' ), array( 'bar=?', 'barValue' ) )  
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