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  1. You can consider my response as "official". If you have paid for a resource that then becomes un-purchasable (i..e the author vanishes or there's a temporary issue with it) you will still be able to download it. You've paid for it. If your own license expires, you will still be able to update the resource you have paid for (providing it's compatible with your current version of Invision Community).
  2. Yes, there's an AdminCP setting to enable BBcode parsing, you are asked during the upgrade whether you would like to disable it or keep it enabled.
  3. We're not really ready to accept things for 4.5 yet, but we will be really soon. (really really soon!)
  4. Yes, we have changed this requirement a few times following discussions with our contributors, but when this rolls out it is going to require an active license to be able to use. If your license is inactive, you will still be able to browse though. Yes! It's mostly the same process, if there's an update available the button will show 'update' and then run the update process when clicked.
  5. It looks like Account Kit was discontinued and is closing completely this month. https://developers.facebook.com/blog/post/2019/09/09/account-kit-services-no-longer-available-starting-march/
  6. You might say it works a little better, as far as I know you cannot Pay for WordPress plugins via their installation process. It really is as simple as video shows though.
  7. It doesn't need FTP or anything fancy, the video in the blog shows the install process. I don't recall the last time something was removed like that. What we can do instead is make a resource un-purchasable, so that any customer that has paid for it continues to have access to it.
  8. You can enable Twitter cards by going to AdminCP > System > Settings> General Configuration and enter your sites Twitter handle in the box
  9. That depends on the file compatibility. If it's compatible with 4.4 or earlier we'll still provide a way to download it via a new interface (which is already live here). If the file is compatible with 4.5 or newer only, it can only be installed via the AdminCP Marketplace. There isn't really much need to keep a copy of the resource, if you were to install it manually, you would not get any of the Marketplace benefits such as update notices or the ability to update via Marketplace.
  10. Yes, but there does appear to be an issue with showing it if you're using a mobile phone. I have opened a bug report for that.
  11. Those will still be shown, but they'll display a message (just like the normal Marketplace here). We still need to give those that have purchased the resources access to them.
  12. You will only see resources that are marked compatible with your current version of Invision Community.
  13. Almost ten years ago we launched the Marketplace; a place to connect Invision Community owners with talented developers creating new functionality. Over the decade, the Marketplace has grown to hold thousands of applications, large and small. For many Invision Community owners, the Marketplace has become an essential resource. Our aim was always to have the Marketplace available inside your Admin Control Panel to make it even easier to purchase and install extra functionality. I'm pleased to say that as of Invision Community 4.5, this is now a reality. You can browse the Marketpla
  14. Yes, we're aware, we'll be getting that fixed soon. Thanks!
  15. Unless you have account credit, you will need to manually pay any renewal invoice generated. We do not (at this time) utilize automatic billing for the marketplace. When a resource is due for renewal, you will be emailed an invoice, you can also see if you have any pending invoices here: https://invisioncommunity.com/clients/purchases/
  16. Language strings can be used in both the front end and the back end, we don't keep them separate for this reason.
  17. The Nvidia Geforce community is not using Invision Community.
  18. Your ticket is assigned to management and they will reply as soon as they can (please bear with us, but you will get a response). If a plugin/application has been deprecated the author needs to let us know by submitting a ticket, I haven't personally seen any requests from @InvisionHQ asking for us to prevent purchases of the plugin but we've just made that change.
  19. The 'author' element in RSS2 is an email address. For obvious privacy reasons we cannot include an email address of who created a post. https://validator.w3.org/feed/docs/rss2.html#ltauthorgtSubelementOfLtitemgt
  20. Don't forget to try some of your local shops too, we've found that they have things that supermarkets may not.
  21. There are changes that encompass both the front-end code and the back-end code, you will be able to profile this when we start the beta process. Lighthouse is explicitly pointing out that framework.css has unused CSS, which is expected with how we currently use and structure CSS. There are rules that won't get used on an index page for example, but will get used on a content page and of course this greatly varies depending on which widgets you have on the page, whether you use a Pages page with your own customisations, whether you use 3rd party plugins or applications etc. It isn't a
  22. You're welcome to submit a ticket if you think there's a platform performance issue that's causing problems for you. However, I would also recommend seeing if you can reproduce the issue without any 3rd party themes, plugins or applications to rule those out as causing the issue. I did take a brief look at your site, which was loading fairly quickly (and complete) as a guest, your custom theme was adding more overhead with the effects. One thing that you can implement quickly to improve performance is a cache policy for your static files (such as images, javascript, css). This is som
  23. We profile and refine our code for major releases, 4.5 is no exception and does contain performance related changes.
  24. We have published a patch to change how the email sharer works, it will now open the senders email client instead of sending email via Invision Community. This patch effectively backports the functionality from 4.5. If you're affected by this you can obtain it from AdminCP > Support > Something isn't Working > Click 'apply patch'.
  25. Hi, @Andy Millne replied to you on Thursday to confirm that your message had been received and the site in question had been cancelled at the end of the current renewal period. Andy also asked for further information about the error you were seeing. - So to confirm, renewals were removed on your community so it will expire at the end of the period. I'm sorry that you haven't received our reply, please feel free to send me a PM directly on here with a screenshot of the error page you're seeing (please make sure the screenshot includes the URL in the browser). Kind Regards
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