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  1. Submit a ticket and we'll take a look. I haven't seen this happen before.
  2. I did. I suspect your user has created 2690 topics/content items? Reputation points were not part of the calculation of member ranks in older versions, it was purely content count.
  3. If you select to keep your existing ranks during upgrade, we insert two rules to keep the functionality the same New comment item is posted Comment/reply is posted
  4. It sound like this may be the same as this issue? If so, we already have an internal bug report open for this
  5. Thank you, I have created an internal bug report for this and we'll review it soon.
  6. Thank you, I have created an internal bug report for this.
  7. 4.6 added support for native web sharing, so if you have WeChat installed on your device, it will automatically be an available option for sharing
  8. Our reply was asking you to use the email address tied to your license, so you won't see the response in the client area. It should be in the email inbox you used to send the request though. We will need to look further at this via ticket. To save time, feel free to go ahead and create a new one from the client area 🙂
  9. Hi, Go to <url>/admin/upgrade and see if anything is available to upgrade. It sounds like this process hasn't been ran. p.s. I just checked our tickets and it looks like we replied to you about 4 hours ago.
  10. Patches are always included in the client area download and upgrade via the client area. As usual over holidays, our support agents will be available for any urgent issues but response for other general requests may be delayed. The PayPal error is very clearly an issue on their side, other customers have been using the marketplace successfully both before you tried and after you tried.
  11. This exception suggests you have notification data in your database for a notification that no longer exists (or the application no longer exists)
  12. Thank you, I have created an internal bug report for this.
  13. You're absolutely right, I was using the same terminology the health dashboard uses. We have pushed out a bulletin to those affected but it may take a few hours to display (depending on when the community checks for new bulletins).
  14. We've made an optional patch available to address this (and issues with the admincp upgrade when PHP 8 is used), go to AdminCP > Support > and click optional update in the 'Invision Community' block. The captcha issue did only affect specific configurations of the registration form where the full form was in use (instead of quick registration).
  15. There are many legitimate reasons why you would still want the payments to go to the gateway when using test gateways. A big one is that we wouldn't be able to test issues customers reports or work on bug fixes/features with out it, it is extensively used through our development process and by customers who provide development and support to other users of Commerce. The thing is, the constant will change most gateways to send data to their sandbox/test environments instead of their live environment but Stripe does not work in the same way. Stripe relies on the API Key provided to determine if the data is for a live transaction or a test transaction. If you're using a live API key on your test site then Stripe is going to interpret the data as live data. TLDR, Generate a test api key and use that on your test site instead.
  16. This issue appears to be caused by invisible recaptcha, switching to recaptcha 2 will fix the issue. We're still looking into the issue of whether it's a Google problem or something we need to fix.
  17. Yes, the language string you're looking for is 'notification__new_mention_title'. There are also others that start with notification__ that are used in push notifications
  18. It's working for me, you may find that your device has cached the old manifest so it hasn't seen your new updates yet.
  19. If your GD/ImageMagick libraries (whichever one you may be using) support WebP you will see webp listed on the allowed extensions when uploading images.
  20. The issue OP was facing wasn't software related, but we had it fixed fairly quickly. This kind of thing could be anything from a permissions issue not allowing an extracted file to overwrite an existing one or maybe your specific PHP install being unable to extract the archive. Unless you submit a ticket, we simply won't know and won't be able to do anything to correct it if it is a genuine issue.
  21. The placeholder applies to the plain text field (and it's applied to the textarea) that's hidden by the autocomplete Javascript. However, the value displayed in the autocomplete itself is not customisable at this time (it's set in a JS template).
  22. Thank you, I have created an internal bug report for this.
  23. Thank you, I have created an internal bug report for this.
  24. Thank you, I have created an internal bug report for this.
  25. WebP has the correct file extension in 4.6.3
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