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  1. Hi Rikki - It looks like that's a single top post. It would be treat to display the top posts (plural) because there are often several.
  2. I would really love to see popular comments in addition to or rather than things like popular days or top posters in this topic. What matters most to my community is finding the information that's most valuable and that's usually the comments that have the most reactions (thanks, like, heart, etc...) Popular days doesn't really mean much and neither does top posters in terms of finding the best information in my community. Thanks for the update / improvement. The work is very much appreciated.
  3. Adblock Plus is now blocking content with "data-role=sidebarAd" Please work your magic on this as well. I'm very thankful of what's been done already concerning this overall issue.
  4. Here is what I enabled for them so they could make changes to their first posts. But they also need to change comments right after posting if there is a spelling error etc...
  5. A couple users who I’ve given topic mod rights to, now report they can’t edit their own regular posts after publishing them. We allow users 30 minutes to edit their own comments to a topic, but these guys say that is gone after I have the mod rights to the topic.
  6. No worries. I have a feeling it’s a core thing but I have to switch templates to check.
  7. Hi Ralf - Do this work on your demo site? It seems like it doesn't.
  8. I don't believe your sort works on the demo either. Unless I don't understand how highest rated is calculated.
  9. Hi Ralf - Question 1: Any idea why the Sort By function doesn't work if adjusted via the front end, but works when I adjust it in the database settings? Question 2: Any idea why the Sort By menu shows two items in bold when I select something like Price in the database settings?
  10. I’d love this option for my users as well. GDPR says unsubscribing needs to be easy. One button for this seems easy. Navigating through pages And options isn’t. When I want to stop emails from a site, I want one button. Thus, I want this for my users.
  11. Please at me to your list as current customer who needs access to new clubs enhancements.
  12. OK. I'll just use the code above that I got from purchasing SuperDirectory.
  13. Hi Ralf - I added the following to the category listing template. Is this how you recommend doing it? Is it even correct? <form class="ipsSpacer_top ipsSpacer_double" accept-charset='utf-8' action='/search/?do=quicksearch' method='post'> <input type="hidden" name="type" value="cms_records{$database->id}" checked> <input type='search' id='elSearchField' placeholder='{lang="search_placeholder"}' name='q' autocomplete='off'> <br><button class='ipsButton ipsButton_important SuDi_searchButton' type="submit">{lang="search_content"}</button> </form>
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