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  1. I think we all need to keep in mind that the view from the top is always best. I’m willing to bet there are good reasons SES hasn’t been implemented via API.
  2. Ah, I didn't think about this with the new marketplace. I just looked in my old downloads for the previous versions and I don't have the PDF, otherwise I would have uploaded it for you. On the other hand, no install instructions are needed with the marketplace method. @mutley Click on the additional information tab on this page it has all the instructions. https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/9062-pages-superreviews/
  3. The issue must be with the plugin if manual changes don't work and you're issuing a fix for the plugin. Correct?
  4. Thanks for looking. I agree that it doesn't seem like it, but it's really similar to the last issue and disabling this app was the resolution last time and has worked this time.
  5. Seeing some registration errors again. New users can register but are presented with an error after submitting a new registration. When I disable this app, it all works without error. Here is the error in AdminCP: TypeError: Argument 1 passed to IPS\Member\_Device::loadOrCreate() must be an instance of IPS\Member, null given, called in /xxxxxx/xxxxxx/xxxxx/audiophilestyle.com/applications/core/modules/front/system/register.php on line 243 (0) #0 /xxxxxx/xxxxxx/xxxxx/audiophilestyle.com/applications/core/modules/front/system/register.php(243): IPS\Member\_Device::loadOrCreate() #
  6. As a follow up, the "don't want to inform my country" option works for everyone.
  7. I'm running version 1.3.3 and I have all selected for Groups allowed to change/omit the country. However, only people in the Admin group can change their country and have it stay. Members can change it, but it changes back to the United States automatically.
  8. An amazing feature that would save me tons of time would be to see the country flag in the New registration admin notification email. Here’s why: For every user that signs up, we have to check the profile page for spam. Several times per day spammers complete their profiles with spam. To do this, we click the link in the new registration email. We’ve noticed 99% of this profile spam is from a handful of countries. If we saw the flag in our email, it would be one additional data point we could use to determine if a manual check is necessary.
  9. Hi Guys, this is a small nit pick type thing, but it's real. When a temp IPS admin account is created, it uses the email address nobody@invisionpower.com. Given that it's in the admin group, the account receives email notifications for that group. Because that account doesn't exist, all sites with an active IPS temp admin account will get bounce notifications like the one below. I've had this account enabled for a couple weeks while IPS support was helping me (thanks a ton by the way!), and I've received many of these bounce emails. I go through all of them to keep my email server in good stan
  10. I just installed this on 4.5.2 through the marketplace. I can't get the "Display country flags only in" setting to work. I currently have it enabled only in commerce but my flag is showing everywhere. Here are the settings i have enabled before launching it for every user.
  11. On 4.5.2 using Classifieds 2.2.0 Beta 2, the link to a member's store in their profile pages is gone.
  12. I have it disabled but can't install the app because it says it's already installed. If I remove it, will my members lose their ignored topic settings?
  13. This plugin is causing an issue with new member registration. When people try to register they receive the following error and can't register. IPS support said it's the Ignore Topics plugin and I confirmed this by disabling it. I have version 2.2.1 installed but I can't install version 2.3. Marketplace says it's already installed.
  14. I upgraded to 4.5.2 yesterday and Classifieds 2.2.0 Beta 2, but now nobody can register as a new member of my site. It appears that Classifieds is the issue. Please help. EDIT: I disabled classifieds and still have the issue. Sorry, not you :~)
  15. I just upgraded to 4.5 today, from 4.4.10, and believe I had to find the match manually. Once I did that it worked perfect.
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