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  1. I found out from old post, that there is no bulk delete, so you can delete this post, I didn't find a place from where delete this by myself.
  2. Hi! We are going to 'restart' our very old forum, which has been open but not managed during last few years. We have thousands of spam members and we would like to get rid of them. Is there any way how to bulk delete them, as taking them off one by one will take too much time?
  3. Thank you all very much! As I personally know about these server things as much as a pig knows about deep sea diving, we'll let professionals to do it 😁 But as we started this project only today, we'll have some issues to resolve before we can go to this far. Now the main question seems to be, that if, for some reason, we are not able to go to the old admin panel via browser, is it still possible to update our old forum?
  4. Yes, we'll do full update, but just wondering, if we do it via admin panel, or just install new version over the old one totally. We do not have access to the old forum admin panel, as there has been 'double password' system and when we moved forum two years ago to the new server, it must have gone 'broken'. But this we are working on, I try to reach this person who made this system 11 years ago, maybe he is able to fix it and we can go to the admin panel again.
  5. Hi all, long time no see 🙂 We have an old forum, lasti time updated around 6 years ago, which we want to 'restart'. Now we do not have access to the admin panel so we cannot see the present version, but it is at least 6-7 years outdated version. Most of the things will change, but as forum is over 15 years old with thousands indexed pages, we would like to keep them still indexed. Also, even we haven't updated this forum in years, lot's of members has been there all these years. So we would like to save our members too. What would you say, would it be wiser to just update whole forum 'normally', or start from clean table, and only take members and posts from the old one, if you know what I mean? If we do not get access to the old admin center, what can we do? Can we still take old posts and members from the server, and put them to the new clean forum? We would be grateful if you would have some opinions.
  6. Hi @TAMAN, does this template allow all inbuild IPB banners to show just like they are showing in origal template?
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