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Engaged members generate value.

Create pathways for your members to follow and contribute.

A community that shares is a community that cares

Grow brand awareness, revenue and engagement

People want transparency and connection with their favorite brands! Use our innovative tools to help you achieve visibility within your community.


Members control what types of notifications they receive, including when another member quotes them, reacts to their post, receieves a follow and many more.

Screenshot of notification menu

@ Mentions

Members keep each other in the know by tagging others' community usernames.


Categorize content with tags so it's easily discoverable and searchable.


Reward and empower your users for participating

  • Badges

    Congratulate your members with manually awarded Badges.

  • Points

    Members earn points for contributing, like posting a comment or starting a topic.

  • Rules

    Specific Rules decide what actions earn Badges automatically or manually.

  • Reactions

    Members make their mark by creating engaging content other members want to react to.

  • Ranks

    A members’ perceived value based on the accumulation of Points. The higher a member's Rank, the greater their influence.

  • ... and more

    If there is a unique scenario specific to you, we'll work together to ensure your needs are met.


Promote your community's content

Easily engage and interact.

Our Picks

Highlight the community's best content onto a dedicated page.

Screenshot of Our Picks

Activity Streams

Members can experience a tailored timeline of interests based on criteria of their choosing.

Screenshot of Activity Stream

Following Content

Follow content you care about and sideline the rest.


Express your thoughts and feelings with status updates. They appear in your member profile as well as designated sidebar blocks throughout the community.

Screenshot of Statuses


Project value onto a content item with our star rating system.


Replies are the bread and butter of a community. Our platform intentionally includes spots for member-contribution in every app.


Directly respond to members' posts, maintain a meaningful dialogue and open the door for others to weigh in.


Upload then share photos & videos and other attachment formats from your device directly into the community.


Convey positive or negative emotion by reacting to members' posts.

Social Media Sharing

Easily share community content onto social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

A little friendly competition never hurt

Members earn Reputation for creating engaging content other members can react to. Show them off on the community Leaderboard.

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