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Allow users to create their own individual or group blogs within your community, to share their ideas, thoughts and insights.

Group blogs

Encourage collaboration with Group Blogs, which allow members from specified groups to post entries.

Screenshot of group collaborators


If permissions allow, members can respond to blog entries using reactions or the comment system with optional annonymous posting.

Screenshot of comment
  • Grid view
  • List view
  • Sidebar widgets

A vibrant grid view showcases your latest blog entries alongside a dominant cover photo.

The list view provides detailed information about each blog category, with a long excerpt of the latest entry.

Display helpful widgets in the sidebar, such as Latest Entries or Blog Statistics.

Public & Invite-Only Blogs

Whether it's a public diary or invite-only, members control who can and can't see their Blogs.

Screenshot of private blog settings


Share the love by promoting blog content throughout the community and on social media.


Members can import their existing entries automatically using Atom or RSS.

Screenshot of import dialog

Keen to learn more?

  • RSS Exports

    RSS feeds allow your members to add your blog feed to their favorite RSS reader.

  • Cover Photos

    Customize your blog categories and blog entries with their own cover photos.

  • Import Gallery Albums

    Associating gallery albums when submitting your blog entry will display images alongside your entry content.

  • Schedule Publish Times

    Need to schedule a blog post to automatically publish on a certain date and time? No problem.

  • Follow Blogs

    Be notified as soon as new content is posted on your favorite blog by following blog categories and entries.

  • Sorting and Filtering

    Interested in viewing your entries by the most comments or most views? That's simple using our filters.

Conversation is king

Put it in the blog

Promote self and group reflection.

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