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The numbers don’t lie: Invision Community in 2021
2021 was a big year for Invision Community. 🎉 

Hump Day: shout-out to our Marketplace contributors!
Thank you so much for all your hard work and creativity. It's greatly appreciated!

Merry Christmas Everyone
It's that time of the year again when we all hope to enjoy the festivities of the season...
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How are you using Zapier? Zapier Examples
I am curious how those utilizing Zapier are using this integration. I'm looking for ideas myself.
  • 18 replies

What successful communities do
The holy trinity of successful communities intertwines cause, experiences and value together.
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5 ways to show your community members you are thankful for them
One of the most powerful emotions is gratitude. It helps foster meaningful connections, expands awareness and, well, it just feels good!
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HumpDay: Similar Content, ActivityStreams uses Elasticsearch
We've been wanting to improve our search capabilities within the platform.
  • 23 replies

How do you act in case of GDPR complaint?
Hello everyone. So I have an old member with 10k+ topics and posts who...
  • 11 replies

Hump Day: how do you nurture your existing community?
Oftentimes, we're so focused on getting new members and subscribers that we forget to show gratitude for members who are already contributing/visiting.
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SEO: Improving crawling efficiency
No matter how good your content is, how accurate your keywords are or how precise your microdata is, inefficient crawling reduces the number of pages Google will read and store from your site.

Achievements just became even more powerful
Earlier this year, Invision Community launched a native gamification system called Achievements. We added significant improvements to Achievements in our new release, 4.6.8, out now!  🎉 
  • 13 replies

Maximize community growth with our new reporting metrics
Gathering information, then understanding what to do with it, is essential for sustainability.
  • 9 replies

Hump Day: Facebook name-change may be on the horizon
On the horizon: Facebook considers a name change.
  • 19 replies

Editor Stock Replies
Wouldn't it be nice if the Invision Community editor could re-use whole replies, text snippets, and even reply templates?

As we get ready to welcome more customers into our staffed community support area, this feature idea has become a reality to help form personalized replies.
  • 42 replies

Welcome to Invision Community's Health Club!
Welcome to Invision Community's Health Club!
  • 19 replies

Bring it back, Bring it back...
Enough of this forward looking/thinking...
  • 14 replies

Zapier available for ALL!
We found solution that WILL allow self-hosted clients to include the Zapier integration! 

Proud to Present: An interview with Invision Community President Charles Warner
Nearly two decades ago, Invision Community President, Charles , set out to make a leading online community platform. Around that time, Charles also met his now-husband of 18-years and hasn't looked back since. Until now. 
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Hump Day: 4.6.0 soft launch 🤫
*Says in a whisper* We've officially soft launched 4.6 🤫 🎉 

Hump Day: 4.6 Beta 3 is live!
Welcome back to another fine edition of Hump Day, the best day, and today's is a doozy. 

Hump Day: 4.6 Beta 2 is live!
4.6 Beta 2 is now live! 🎉 
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We want to feature your community!
We want to feature your community!

First attempt for a task management / Bug tracker :)
Made some updates today, and it's starting to look ok I think?
  • 45 replies

Hump Day: A Refresh Has Arrived!
After 4.6 rolls out, we're focusing on freshening up our homepage/subsequent pages.

3 Improvements to Spam Management in 4.6
Spam is as much a part of life on the internet as emoji overuse, serial GIF abuse and regretful tweeting.

But I'm not here to talk about how I conduct myself online; I wanted to talk about three spam improvements coming to Invision Community 4.6.

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