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Team Talk: Which job would you be terrible at?
In between complaining about the temperature of the United Kingdom, a hot topic in staff chat was what jobs we've done in the past, and which jobs we'd be terrible at.

Mark said that Matt would be terrible at being a software engineer. Once all the laughter and clearing desks and leaving the building immediately had finished, we settled on these answers.
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Gamification for your community
Applying game mechanics to your community can have a powerful effect on member retention and engagement on your site.

There are three main areas we can use gamification for: onboarding, driving engagement and encouraging positive behavior.

Let's look at these areas in more detail.
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Video Tip: ACP Tips and Tricks
Work smarter, not harder is a motto we hear a lot of in our modern age.

This is of course great advice. Invision Community's Admin CP is packed full of tools and settings to help you configure your community to your needs.

In this short video we show you how you can work smarter in the Admin CP.
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Video Tip: Create a homepage in under 5 minutes with Pages
We often get asked how to create a portal-like home page for a community.

A homepage has many benefits including showing your best content first, displaying multiple areas of the suite and reducing confusion.

In this short video, we show you how to create a homepage in under 5 minutes using the Pages app.
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Team Talk: What's on your bookshelf?
The Invision Community team are a smart bunch. When they're not being support heroes, fixing code or writing cool new features, they occasionally like to pick up a book.

Take a look at what is on the team's bookshelf.
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How to cultivate a positive community
A positive community is a wonderful thing. It's fun to read and almost irresistible to join. You instantly feel welcomed and quickly make new friends.

Carefully managed communities tend to be respectful. Individuals may occasionally argue and disagree, but these are short term incidences that do not affect the community.

Is this by chance or by design?
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Video Tip: Set up a curated video gallery in 5 minutes with Pages
Pages is one our most flexible applications.

The most common use for Pages is as a simple articles database. With its built in templates, you can create interesting and engaging pages in just a few minutes. This is how we have it configured for this news blog.

In this entry, we'll be looking at something a little out of the ordinary.

In just five minutes, you can create a simple curated YouTube video gallery on your website using Pages. All of this functionality is built in. You won't need to learn code, or install any plug-ins.
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Team Talk: Show us your workstation
You have probably spoken to us in support tickets and on our community forums, and you've likely seen our photos.

But what about our workstations? What do they reveal about our personalities? Do none of our team have lights in their office?
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How to successfully convert your platform and breathe new life into your community
Do you have a community but are looking to move to a more modern and feature rich platform?

There's a lot of ways Invision Community can breathe new life into your community. With our engagement features, advanced promotion features and mobile ready responsive themes, your members are going to love the changes.

We look at how to plan a successful migration.
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GDPR updates for Invision Community 4.3.3
Unless you've been living under a rock, or forgot to opt-in to the memo, GDPR is just around the corner.

Last week to wrote a blog answering your questions on becoming GDPR compliant with Invision Community.

We took away a few good points from that discussion and have the following updates coming up for Invision Community 4.3.3 due early next week.
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Your GDPR questions answered
You've no doubt heard about GDPR by now. It's a very hot topic in many circles. Lots of experts are weighing in on the best approach to take before the May 25th deadline.

We tackle your questions and explain how Invision Community can help with your GDPR compliance.
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How to use Invision Community content in Wordpress in under 5 minutes
If you've already got a Wordpress website, and have recently added an Invision Community, you might want to show recent posts or topics right on your Wordpress site.

You might think this involves complex programming and custom themes, but thanks to some Pages magic, it's a very simple task that you can do in under 5 minutes.

This very short video walks you through the process.
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Team Talk: Who is your celebrity look-alike?
For most of us, at some point in our lives we've been told we look like someone famous. Maybe it's an actor from a favourite movie, or a member of a popular band.

It's come up a few times over the years for us at Invision Community, so we thought we'd share more in this month's Team Talk.

Invision Community 4.3 Now Available!
We're thrilled to announce that Invision Community 4.3 is available to download now.

After months of development, over 2500 separate code commits and quite a few mugs of coffee you can now get your hands on the final release.
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5 ways to monetize your community
Can you and should you monetize your community? Absolutely!

Brandon shows us 5 simple ways to start making money from your community in our latest blog entry.
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10 years! Thank you Invision!
"10 years I've been using Invision Community.  

I just wanted to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the whole Invision team.

Your software allowed me to build an awesome community, honestly the best in the French poker world: Club Poker.

Everybody at your team is so prompt to answer, and this is really reassuring to know that we can count on your team when developing a project."

LaCollision from Club Poker shares his experience with using Invision Community for the past 10 years.

Team Talk: How did you first come across Invision Community?
Invision Community has been going strong for over sixteen years now. Many of those who work for us were customers first before they signed away their souls and became staff. This month, we part the mists of time and ask:

How did you first come across Invision Community?
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Invision Community 4.3 Beta Released!
We're thrilled to announce that Invision Community 4.3 Beta is available to download now.

After months of development, over 2500 separate code commits and quite a few mugs of coffee you can now get your hands on the beta release!

We're now using Invision Community 4.3!
Cue the music; switch on the dramatic lighting, we've got fantastic news!

We're now running Invision Community 4.3 on our own forums for some advanced testing before we unleash the first beta release.
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Team Talk: What is the geekiest thing you do in your spare time?
We, at Invision Community, love nothing more after a relaxing day writing PHP code, making commits in git and fighting with jQuery to indulge in a little therapeutic "me time".

Given that we've all chosen to work in a nerdy industry (nerds are cool now, we checked) it's no surprise that our down time is spent on nerdy pursuits.

Here's how our team spent their free time.

7 ways to nurture new members and encourage more participation
There are many different reasons to build a community. It might be based on your business or a hobby. It may be to talk about your favourite sports team. Whatever the content, the key to success is to engage your community.

We've been helping successful communities for over 15 years. During that time, we've picked up a handful of tips that we are going to share with you today.
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4.3: Engagement Improvements
As we come close to wrapping up development of Invision Community 4.3, we wanted to let you know of a few smaller improvements we've made to increase engagement to your community.

We've got news on tweaks to emails, reviews and another little addition.

4.3: Commerce Subscription Manager
We've recently spoken about how we've brought our Gallery and Blog apps bang up to date with interface overhauls to bring them inline with the high standards our customers expect.

Keeping this in mind, we're thrilled to announce that we've taken Commerce right back to 2009.

This needs an explanation.
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Happy 16th Birthday To Us!
Happy 16th Birthday To Us!

This month we turn 16! It's hard to believe that we started a handful of years after Google was founded and we pre-date Facebook and Youtube.

Come and celebrate with us.

4.3: Announcements
There are times where you need to get the attention of your visitors. You might be closed on certain days of the year, performing server maintenance (if you are consider our Cloud Plans, they're excellent) or running a competition.

Invision Community 4.3 builds on the existing announcement feature to add a some new cool features.

Stuart has the details.
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