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We're getting some great feedback on Invision Community 4.2 already. Reports of increased user sign-ups, doubling of traffic and a good speed increase. How are you finding our latest release?
  • 8 replies

Reactions +2 reputation? Join the discussion and give feedback on how you would use flexible reputation options.
  • 19 replies

We are working hard to get Invision Community 4.2 ready to go - only a few weeks left!

Sometimes things go wrong but we are always ready to assist. Invision Community support really takes pride in making sure your Community runs as well as it can.
  • 15 replies

Convert Forums to Clubs? Yes! Take advantage of the new Clubs features.
  • 25 replies

Invision Community 4.2: resistance is futile

What Reactions are you going to use (include icon ideas)
  • 47 replies

Support Page Congrats (sometimes it's the little things)
  • 8 replies

Twitch.tv embed support coming soon. Suggest new embed options - we love adding them!
  • 7 replies

Lots of excitement about new Clubs feature and great ideas for the future. Let us know how you plan to use Clubs!
  • 42 replies

Don't forget to read all about what's new in Invision Community 4.2!