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File Sharing

Build a digital marketplace. Upload, share and sell digital files.

Generate revenue

Users can sell digital files for a set price (with the ability for your community taking a cut).

Screenshot of Install and Buy Now buttons


Members can rate and review digital items they downloaded or purchased.

Screenshot of review

Built-in Revisioning

Files automatically keep a revision history, allowing staff to roll back or users to download older versions of the file.

Screenshot of revisions


Promote digital downloads throughout the community and on social media.


Search and discovery is easy with custom sorting by category.

Screenshot of categories

Custom sorting

Display digital downloads in a multitide of ways.

Screenshot of sorting options

Forums Topic Creation

Downloads can automatically create a new topic in the Forums.

Screenshot of topic

Want to learn more?

  • Custom Fields

    Create custom fields that can be required (or optional) when users submit files.

  • File Information

    Track how many times an item was viewed, downloaded or updated.

  • Follow

    Members can follow digital downloads so they never miss an update.

  • Change Author

    If a member wants to pass along their work to another member, simply use the "change author" tool.

  • Custom blocks

    Include recent file updates in a block on the side-bar

  • Sorting and Filtering

    Sort by popular applications, highest rated submissions, new uploads and more.

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