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Automate with Zapier

Don't leave organic growth on the table

Create automated workflows between Invision Community and over 3,000 other apps, including Google Documents, MailChimp, Facebook and Twitter. This has the potential to elevate your community (and bottom line).

  • Triggers

    A “trigger” takes place when there’s a specified signal in your community. For instance, a member registering or a topic being posted. A trigger can be sent to Zapier to then run actions in other apps.

  • Actions

    An “action” is similar to a “trigger” in that there’s movement, but it happens by setting up an action in Zapier first which then tells your community to perform X action.

  • Self-integrated

    The "self-integrated" option allows community owners to connect a trigger to an action from within their community.

Screenshot of Zapier integration

Example integrations

  • Mailing lists

    When a member registers, automatically add their email to a Mailchimp list.

  • Social media

    When a moderator posts a topic in a news forum, automatically share it on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms.

  • Messaging

    When a member posts something that requires moderator approval, automatically send a message to a Slack channel for your moderators.

  • Calendar

    When you add an event in a Google Calendar, automatically create a Calendar Event in your community.

  • Projects

    When you create a task in Trello, automatically add a record to a Pages Database in your community.

  • Feedback

    When you receive an email to a feedback email address, automatically create a topic in your community in a forum for moderators.



A full REST API is included to enable third-party data posting/fetching to and from the community from authorized applications. Since it's integrated with our oAuth2 functionality, endpoints can return data within the context of specific members; the possibilities are endless.


More community enhancements

  • Spam defense

    Stop spammers in their tracks by remotely assessing their threat level and taking automated action.

  • Facebook Pixel

    Maximize advertising revenue on Facebook.

  • GoogleMaps & MapBox

    Displays a user's geolocation (with their permission).

  • Pixabay

    Over 1 million stock photo options.

  • Giphy

    Animate member's posts with an updated GIF library.

  • EasyPost

    Direct API access to shipping and logistics.

  • Third-party

    Niche items made by our Community developers.

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