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Personalize the experience.

Each member is unique. Their experience should be, too.

Personalized community surfing

Activity streams

Consume content you care about with your own individual activity streams. Each stream automatically populates a unique and updated series of content for the member, providing a curated, efficient and seamless experience throughout each visit.

  • All activity stream

    Shows latest activity across the community.

  • My activity stream

    Displays activity based on pre-set selections the user makes.

  • Unread content stream

    A member's very own "in case you missed it" stream in which content they haven't yet seen is populated in an easy-to-read list.

  • Traditional view
  • Grid view
  • Fluid view

Display your forums using our legacy format.

Add images for a visually rich display.

Replace hierarchical forum views with a sleek view that collates topics from across a selection of forums.

Member Profiles

Upload a profile picture add a cover photo as well as edit custom fields setup by the staff by visiting your profile.


Under Account Settings, you can adjust your notification settings to suit on your preferences.

Ignore Users

Do you love your community but not this one user? Ignoring the content of other users on the site can easily be done at the click of a button. You can choose to read specific posts from ignored members if you’re curious.

Screenshot of ignored member

Stay in the know

Members of a community can subscribe to any default or custom activity stream (minus the All Activity Stream) and receive either daily or weekly email notifications with a roundup of content they may have missed.

Screenshot of email notification

Follow Users

Alternatively, the Follow feature is a great way to be notified, via the notification system or by email, when your closest friends post new content.

Your community, your experience

Utilize these additional tools to create an unique browsing experience.

  • Custom themes

    Allow members to choose between light and dark mode themes.

  • Attachments

    Search and re-use previously uploaded images based on a per-member basis.

  • Social media

    Encourage members to express their individuality across the net by including their social media profiles.

  • Messages

    Each member receives their unique inbox with custom sorting inboxes.

  • Search

    Members have an array of custom search functions to find what they're looking for.

  • Go-to comments

    Once clicking a previpusly-read topic with new comments, members see the most-recent unread reply.

Let's get personal.

Create individualized experiences for your members.

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