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  1. I appreciate your understandin, and thank you for your kind words!
  2. The theme works fine here even on the page you posted I can see your news ticker as well as for the footer article block please check if you have enabled the setting in the theme settings. and double check the block template key here ACP > PAGES > BLOCKS check the block permissions as well.
  3. Match color setting should take colors from whatever the theme is on view and not only the default one. you could be using custom color settings on blocks or rows thats why its always same color on other themes
  4. What is messed up here? i dont know
  5. No updates. I checked the pages the footer and news ticker was ok just like any other pages take a screenshot and let me know what browser you're using
  6. All footer blocks get an automatic unique ID which you can easily target by CSS. so I can't help like this unless if I check it with browser But still I only have access to my phone here and I can't help on any kind of customizations. Please do. thanks also, I'm sorry for everything I know it's been long time I'm away. soon i will be back hopfully. if not, I will have to give away all my marketplace resource for someone else to take over Life is sad. Thank you so very much Pete. I appreciate your help. I will let you know if I needed 🙂 Regards
  7. A simple css can do the job but i only have access to my phone now i dont think i have arrow icons on any of default blocks, do you have any custom blocks? could be related to that
  8. Before clocks were inveted means there was probably no other machines or any kind of digital technology. so, the heck would you do stay up late at night? 🐴
  9. Enjoy everyone! Cheers!
  10. Hello, Check the swiper slider settings you have some options for that But If it is a page in Pages application then it is not possible
  11. Hello, You can't update it yourself. IPS should update font awesome if it is out dated.
  12. Hello, Sorry, I'm not sure if I understand correctly but this is a simple customized pages database and templates. it's not related to user groups.
  13. With css maybe. Sorry, i cant help customizations now, try to post this as a new topic. its same style on all themes 🙂
  14. Add to custom.css .ta_Logo #elLogo img { max-height: 150px: }
  15. Hello, Sorry, not possible.