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  1. Sorry, No idea when and i haven't had time for new updates. unless there are issues with the application there wont be any updates soon unfortunately
  2. No. The current version works with ips 4.4.x no need updates.
  3. Check the swiper slider app admin permissions under Member > Administrators
  4. Check if it is same on default IPS theme, if its same, then try to disable all apps and plugins to see if one of them causes the issue, If no hope then you need to contact IPS. if it only happens on my theme, again disable all apps,plugins to check. If no hope then you need to reinstall the theme or revert your edited templates back to default If you cant do that, then send me a login info with access to themes page only, and explain the issue with screenshots, I will check it out for you when i have time 🙂
  5. Yea i will keep it in mind for next version 🙂
  6. Sorry, I forgot Its this font color Important button font not the primary button 🙂
  7. Change the Primary button font color not the other one 🙂 I could have forgot to change that color setting for the light version of the theme in the palette, not a big deal tho, but i will check it out and use another color if it happens on my side
  8. Yes i have a few suggestions. For example the top heading "Incompatible Themes" could be replaced with "There are modified theme templates" or "Your custom themes" "Check your themes", "Confirm modified theme templates" or whatever you think its best, just not the "incompatible themes" modified themes are not always incompatible, most of the time templates does not even need to be updated. Then the second line under the heading could also be replaced and start by saying something like ""Some of your theme templates are modified" instead of "Some of your themes are not compatible" then finally this one the last line from here could be replaced with something like "If you obtained the effected themes from a designer you should contact them to ask if a new version of the themes are available for this version. If you have already updated the themes or planing to update later then proceed to update "
  9. Have you deleted all the clan wars templates? there should be only one clan wars template and not any other duplicated ones like for example 2323433_clan wars You can send me a login info with access to pages app, i will check it out.
  10. Exactly and yes for example in the screenshot above the updater states that the theme is incompatible, but it is NOT incompatible it is modified to be compatible. The updater should not state modified templates incompatible, the templates could be modified to support the new version or it might not even need to be updated. thats why using the "incompatible" word here is incorrect and wrong it really causes confessions for everyone instead of helping
  11. No! Look, You could update the theme before updating the site. and the theme will be completely compatible for the new IPS version. because the modified templates that the updater states it is incompatible is modified to be compatible 😄 Another example, In my themes only 2 templates are modified and %98 of the times i don't need to update my themes to support new ips version because these templates don't need to be updated and the updater always states that it is incompatible in every versions. it is only modified and don't need to be updated
  12. The "Incompatible" word itself is incorrect to be used there, the theme could be completely compatible but just because it is modified it always states that it is incompatible and this confuses clients, for example in the image above, this guy have already updated the theme before updating the site, and it is totally okay to do that. but then during the site update the updater states that the theme is incompatible,
  13. This confirmation step in the site upgrading is really not okay to say that your themes are incompatible, Just because the theme templates are modified it does not mean that they are incompatible. Whenever IPS releases a new update I get a bunch of messages from clients saying like"Hey, i want to update my site but IPS says that your theme is incompatible" This "incompatible themes" is really wrong to be used here. Could this sentence be improved any how?
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