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  1. A few questions about the Magnum Theme:

    1) There are 3 "pages templates" in the Magnum Theme folder. 

    • What are they for?
    • How do you use them?

    2) What is the "Pages Article Styles folder for? How do you use it (for example, where and how do I upload the XML files)?

    3) The image on my second slider frame is not showing. How do I fix that?



  2. That's weird 😬 It does not exist on the demo page https://ipskit.com I will check it out tonight. I probably have made a mistake with copy pasting because this little triangles are in a new theme I'm developing called "Gamozilla" and the codes should not be in base framework template lol That was a bug in IPS marketplace and i need to re-upload the images all over again. I'm too lazy tho 😅 but ipskit.com shows a live demo of each theme so everything should be good for now
  3. Sorry I can't promise anything as it's not on my plan to convert all the theme settings into a multilabguage forms any time soon
  4. Hello, Yea I would do it but it is really not a button to click and convert all the theme settings to multilanguage forms especially when i have to convert all the settings to a custom code. ;( I just wish that IPS used multilanguage form for text fields in themes just like all other IPS areas.
  5. mmm, No these codes does not appear on my side at lest not on the latest version in marketplace, so if you want to fix it i suggest you to download and use the latest version 🙂
  6. the theme does not have any issues like this by default if you have issues with it then please download the latest version and update 🙂
  7. Weird! anyway, Sometimes i make changes in the theme without adding any version number. right now the theme does not have anything like this https://ipskit.com/index.php?/theme/&id=12 So try to download again and update your theme 🙂
  8. I like it 🙂 btw, what are these little two creepy triangles in the bottom? 😄 You can update the theme to fix it, because the theme does not have anything like this by default 🙂 If your modifications are all in custom.css and theme settings then you don't need to worry about losing any of the customizations. unless, if you have made edits in the default IPS or Infraskew css/html then you will lose the edits
  9. please use what i have posted in my first reply to you. 🙂 I have no clue what you are trying to do here If you are trying to hide the slider from everywhere BUT your forums first page. The index then use this code below This will hide the slider everywhere but your forums index page .ipsApp[data-pageapp="forums"][data-pagecontroller="index"] .ta_Slider {display:block} .ta_Slider {display:none}
  10. thats not what i have posted PLEASE copy paste my code 🤨
  11. When you add a slider you can only select which application to show the slider for, but with css you can hide from other places for example select the forums so it only shows in forums app and then add this to your theme custom.css this will hide the slider from showing on topics page .ipsApp[data-pageapp="forums"][data-pagecontroller="topic"] .ta_Slider {display:none} What template change? for what? why do you need to edit the app templates? anyway, I cant really provide support or help you with template edits Check the "Who can see?" setting in the main Swiper slider settings. and when you add a slider, there is also another "Who can see?" setting to check it out 🙂
  12. I just updated The files in marketplace, Please redownload and update, it should be fixed Thank you for letting me know 🙂
  13. does it appear same on default IPS theme? if no, have you changed theme colors? if still no, then what is settings area and where is it so i can check it out?
  14. Hi, Add in custom.css .cGalleryDialog.cGalleryDialog_uploadStep .cGallerySubmit_imageDetails { padding-bottom: 75px; } Please report this to IPS so they can fix it. :)
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