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  1. Please send as message there is a new version of the plugin which you need to update to remove the copyright notice
  2. Good thing honestly i did not manually add all these colors thats why they might be messy in ordering! i have created 5 color schemes thats almost a thousand color variables its just too much. i used scripts to get all the colors settings in the theme and then adding them to color scheme boxes lol
  3. Hello, If you have Pages app You can create a database and show the records inside swiper slider by creating a feed block How to do that is all explained in swiper slider settings ^^
  4. I just installed it from my demo site and i have to say you are correct the theme version installed as 1.0.5 but the version number is 1.0.6 from marketplace 😕 and everything is updated correctly its just the theme version number not updated, i dont know if this is a mistake by ips staff because they usually have to check the version number and approve anyway keep using it its all good.
  5. I just checked it from marketplace and my localhost the version is 1.0.6
  6. weird! i have already changed the version number on the theme side and in ips marketplace plus if there was something wrong in the version number the update would have been rejected by IPS also, the current version of gamozilla theme in ips marketplace is 1.0.6 and not 1.0.5 maybe try it another time? if no hope then i have to send you the theme file so you can install it manually otherwise i dont know what else to do
  7. I just checked and there is no gap the bottom of the page is the place for bottom advertisements, social profiles and copyright notice and there is some 30px of padding applied. if thats what you mean by the gap then you can remove it with custom css. i can help but you need to provide a full screenshot or a link
  8. I just uploaded a new theme version in IPS marketplace and forgot to change the version number filed in IPS marketplace now i have to wait until its rejection by IP, getting a ridiculous email about it reminding me that the version number is not same and this whole process might now take more than 4 days because i forgot to change a version number this is a headache for both sides and takes so much time Please there should be a button to cancel the uploaded version that needs to be approved so we can fix mistakes.
  9. Good idea But there isn't much I can do in themes side this isn't a plugin or application to hook into users table. This is just theme. Plus the cookie save is simple and better in my opinion and I wouldn't change that .. You could make a copy of the theme and change the color scheme for example dark theme Then your users can select the theme it will be across all devises
  10. Hello, Do you mean the online users widget that you manually have to add in your website widgets?
  11. This will be fixed on next theme update. If you want to temporary fix the issue with custom.css add this to custom.css @media screen and (max-width: 979px){.taP_Container {left: 80px;}}
  12. Hello, sorry there seem to be a color mix heres how you can change the toolbar icon color Go to the behemoth theme editing page change the Editor Toolbar Icon from white to something darker --- about the palette.. In the current theme version if you go to the palette tab you have a dark/light mode button to enable/disable If enabled, a brush icon will be added next to Userbar for users with permissions to select a Color Preset or a background image if you have uploaded. its totally optional, users can select or deselect to use the
  13. I will check it out and fix as soon as possible 🙂 thank you
  14. The colors? No. 😬 I was working on it while on acp dark mode. I will fix the colors of the fields on another theme update Or... Try out the ACP dark mode 🤫
  15. Sorry i cant add any option for user specific selection in palette if you want to do that, try to create a new user group and then add it as a secondary user group for your specific users. after that select this secondary group you created in the palette permissions. 🙂
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