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  1. Hi Please use a div, li, span or something else otherthan <font> element
  2. you can only hide that with a custom css add in custom.css .slide-contents {display:none} =
  3. A screenshot can help 🙂 Sorry I have no idea what u mean I can always help and underestand better with Screenshots otherwise I don't know what this "text box" is
  4. Hello, Have you updated the theme to latest version? If you have updated your theme to latest version but still looks like this... Then this means u have selected to use old template versions during theme upgrade. In this case u need to reinstall the theme to fix it. If you don't want to reinstall the theme because of customizations... You can make a copy of the theme and then delete it ( you need to delete the one with IPS Marketplace tag on it) After that reinstall the theme from ips marketplace and if u have any customizations u don't want to lose simply
  5. Hi, By default this is how the mobile version designed in IPS 4.5.x Mobile version of the theme is not modified in this theme which means the shape is the same Sorry I have no idea what color u mean Post a link and explain which color u mean Or post a Screenshot that points to the element color 🙂
  6. Hi, Please be patient this plugin will be updated for ips 4.5.x soon 🙂
  7. sorry this should work .ta_back-to-top { left: auto; right: 25px; }
  8. sure add in custom.css .ta_back-to-top { right: 25px; }
  9. Hi, Yes this means you haven't updated the templates globalTemplate and navBar template needs to be updated for the theme to work properly. This two templates are the only ones modified by me if you have any other modified templates you will need to check them manually. But there are also a bunch of custom templates in Magnum Theme they also need to be updated A quick solution to save u the headache Make a copy of your current theme Then delete the original theme. (The one with ips marketplace tag on it.) After that reinstall Magnum Theme f
  10. Sorry i forgot to reply to this one The white area is the section title bar background
  11. Hi, yes its compatible once you buy it for first time then the renewal is (optionally) $15 every 6 months
  12. Hi, This is Section Title Bar color located in widgets & titles tab @zelgadis I can not reproduce the issue on my side. try to delete the template ta_themes_pages_slider ACP > Pages > Templates then re-download it from magnum theme in marketplace upload it again and reset the block
  13. I do not think this is an issue with theme! The logo was always centered on top of the theme shape I will be happy to help with small css customizations if you explain what you want to do with the logo exactly
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