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  1. Hello, Sorry, not possible.
  2. It should automatically adjust the images. Try to reinstall the plugin, it should fix the styles
  3. Yes it's possible to make it transparent but with custom CSS, I could help but I'm on phone and probably for one more week ;( You could however post in a new topic so someone can help if you can't wait. -- You can change the title color but its global. And I agree, it's a good idea for the title to have to have optional color setting for title just like it has for the background And i will try to add that option for next update 😉 As for the font awesome icons If you mean to add it in the quick links then I'm not quite sure. Never tested. but you could ignore the quick links block and create a custom html block however you want for links, if you look in the reviews, someone has posted a nice screenshot of custom html block for links and with font awesome icons. So try to message him to get the codes. It's simple structure I believe I helped him on that but I cant find the conversation. 🙂
  4. I can't reproduce that Can you check if it happens again? If yes then create a new quick links block and check on the new one To me it's all ok
  5. TAMAN

    65th Birthday Sale

    Happy birthday! 🙂
  6. So just caching issue! It's okay 🙂
  7. What was the problem when running support tool?
  8. Not yet. Im sorry for the delay. I hope I can get to my pc this week.
  9. Please only post if you have issues with dreadnought theme If you have a problem with pages app then contact ips so they can help 🙂
  10. Hello, Hello, Sorry for the delay. Sorry, the autoplay is global it can only be turned off/on and it cant be mixed with the slider permssions, like for example turning it off for one slider .
  11. Hello, It should work fine with latest ips version. Do you have any issue with the theme on latest ips version? 🙂
  12. Hello, Go to swiper slider tab and sliders tab in theme settings From there 're check the permmsion settings
  13. Hello, Have you checked if its same by default without any of your color customizations? Also, the color settings for that located Forms & Toggles tab under the names like SelectTree font... select tree background...etc
  14. Hello, Have you modified any html templates? If yes then you need to revert it back to default. Nothing of the topics and forums part modified by me which means everything should and must be same as default ips theme, so if the plugin works on default ips theme then it should work on this theme as well. Also, try to do a fresh install of the theme and test the plugin 🙂