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  1. Change the font-weight then 🙂 add in custom.css and change the value between 400,600 depends on the font anyways .ipsApp .ipsButton_fullWidth { font-weight: 400; }
  2. ah, sorry i misunderstood but, yea the same answer. it could be due to the font. try another font?
  3. If you mean the custom font you're using is bold then yes it could be default property for the font you're using. each font is different from another, some are bold by default some are very thin or maybe bigger than the normal font sizes you usually set...etc
  4. Just tested and it works fine Are you using latest theme version? if no, then please update.
  5. None of this screenshots look like this by default https://gyazo.com/49b5758279103df69420a65dd18ca559 have you customized colors?
  6. mmm, Have you contacted Kevin about this?
  7. Version 1.2.0 Check the UPDATE CHANGELOG folder to know how to update to this version. there are some steps you need to follow. ( Don't worry, its a simple 2 steps 😉 ) This is a big update. if you haven't customized anything, then you don't need to follow on how to update. simply, install this version as a new theme. CHANGELOG -1.2.0: Refreshed color schemes (Dark, Light, Dark Purple) (if you haven't customized colors. then, after the update go to the palette tab and click on the color schemes you want) -1.2.0: Redesigned Toggles/Forms/Checkbox styles. -1.2.0: Redesigned Palette tab. -1.2.0: Rearranging navigation colors settings. -1.2.0: Moved Editor color customization to Forms & Toggles tab. Moved all ipsMenu settings to Header & Navigation tab. -1.2.0: Deleted settings, ( Icon shadows, News ticker border separator, quick search border color & border radius, widget padding, sidebar widget background ). -1.2.0: Updated Swiper Slider to latest version. -1.2.0: Minor fixes.
  8. Sorry, Not possible, the logo is designed to be on top. :)
  9. You dont need to copy paste from the default theme, this is actually a very idea Because if you do that, this means that you still have this template marked as “Edited” template. Edited templates will never be automatically updated when you update your IPS version, which means, on every IPS version you will always need to check if this template is updated/modified by IPS so to do same copy paste again otherwise another error. as i mentioned before, you MUST “revert” the edited templates. clicking on revert button on the edited templates will automatically revert the content back to default and it removes the “Edited” label as well 🙂
  10. Hello, If you have made html edits then you MUST revert the templates back to default. forums/front/topics/postContainer template is not modified by me, which means you have either edited it manually or a plugin/application causes the template throwing errors so open the postContainer and click on revert, if it doesnt work then try to disable all apps/plugins to check which one causes the error
  11. No need settings. Just add this to custom.css 🙂 #elUserNav .cUserNav_icon .cShareLink,#ipsLayout_footer #elFooterSocialLinks > li > a {display: none;}
  12. If you mean "Pages" application pages then Yes. 🙂
  13. Yes 🙂 For example when you create a custom slider and when you add contents in the editor field, you can paste the link i posted above inside at the end as an html and the link shows as a nice button like this
  14. Sorry, Not possible. you can add a link along with the editor as a button like this for example <a class="ta_sliderButton" href="LINK HERE">Buy now<i class="fa fa-arrow-right" aria-hidden="true"></i></a>
  15. The header image is removed in the latest version. due to some reasons, it is mentioned in the update changelog 🙂 during theme update only templates will be updated, deleted settings on your side will remain same even if it is removed and it is normal behavior they will be removed on a fresh install only so, just ignore the deleted settings 🙂