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  1. After a long break from working on new themes, Now i'm back and its been a couple days working on a new theme design This theme will come with multiple color schemes. Header, Widgets, Author panels and some other areas will be controlled with gradient color settings Heres some screenshots of what im working on, If you have any suggestions or questions please let me know!
  2. mmmm, I had no problem on updating :/ the theme should be fine on 4.2.7
  3. Sure, any link so i can check?
  4. I have provided screenshots on how to open custom.css above. Pages templates has nothing to do with this, custom.css is a theme CSS template you can use it for your manual customization's to open custom.css you need to go to Admin Control Panel > Customization > Themes and then follow these two screenshots below
  5. Add it in custom.css Yes it is compatible. All of my themes are compatible with almost all ips updates because only two templates are customized, and i usually update the themes same day its not compatible. Its connected with some other menus but if you only want to change the emoticons panel background then add this to custom.css and change the color value .ipsMenu[data-controller="core.global.editor.emoticons"] { background-color: cadetblue; }
  6. Thank you @Adlago @SardiniaNET I just tested the default IPS theme with Italian language and same issue happens, its due to the login handler column dev added between a <strong> tag when switching to italian language. I already asked to check if same thing happens on default ips theme which you said no, but it does happen there, its just the background colors and the login box have same colors on default theme and you cant see the issue, you should contact the italian language pack provider to fix I can provide a quick css solution Add this in custom.css [data-role="registerForm"] .ipsColumns>strong{ display: table-cell; position: relative; vertical-align: top; padding: 0 7px; width: 280px; }
  7. sure, on same display resolution
  8. I did test on chrome and it looks totally fine whats your display resolution?
  9. any link to check?
  10. I answered your pm
  11. I appreciate your kind words, thank you Cheers!
  12. I'm so sorry, I thought its just a quick and simple answer to say that it has nothing to do with with the theme i have made and you should report to ips. thats all, i meant no disrespect or being rude Believe me i'm still learning English, i will surly check and think before posting this time and again so sorry. Let me know if i can help on anything else Have a good day and happy new year.
  13. Not my problem then you should file a ticket but don't mention anything about custom themes in the ticket
  14. Does it happen to default theme? i haven't edited "widgetContainer" template at all