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  1. Its global and it shows everywhere but with css yo can hide it everywhere and show on homepage only, quite easy and i can help with that ^^
  2. Hi, This is a footer plugin not home pages
  3. In "Header & Navigation" tab In "Body" tab ------------ No clue sorry, This is a theme not a plugin but comes with a free copy of Pages templates https://invisioncommunity.com/contributors/files/8328-a-different-article-styles/
  4. mmmm This has been removed decades ago! the search is in navbar only
  5. Hi, This is probably the sharer element, but it is either disabled or your user group can not share the records anyways, if you enable the sharing option in the database all will be fine
  6. Listing template is not styled.
  7. Please contact IPS with ticket so they can help you BUT again remove my templates before you do that because the problem is your upload path not the templates
  8. Someone else also reported this with a message and when i checked the problem on his website the issue was with his article images upload path, this is not a problem with my templates it works fine but If you want to file a ticket about this please remove my templates first and then set one of the "Pages" templates as default and then report so they can check
  9. This is due to the sidebar width on ips theme uses max width and min width by default not a bug tho
  10. It means you have created another block with the same key which is named Pages_slider_articles so either delete that one or edit from it P.S Template key is the block key.
  11. No idea what you talking about brother if you have pages app then use it for the slider thats all
  12. <a class="ipsButton ipsButton_medium ipsButton_important" target="_blank" href=" LINK IN HERE">Buy Now</a>
  13. <a class="ipsButton ipsButton_medium ipsButton_important" href=" LINK IN HERE">Buy Now</a>
  14. Hello, You cant use videos in the slider and whatever translation is you talking about it has nothing to do with themes have a good day