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  1. pinned topics has no class or specific ids you will need to check the topic number and then change it with custom css like this #comments[data-feedid="topic-1"] #elComment_1, #comments[data-feedid="topic-54458"] #elComment_54458 { background: #000; } you can see the topic number from the address bar 🙂
  2. ME! 😅 btw i edited my post with more info ^^
  3. not so much stuff but the same setting from the screenshot above used for custom google fonts. you can add a google font name and then apply on specific places like navigation, titles footer... again for the footer if you have pages app you can add any of the default blocks in footer like recent topics gallery feed... you also dont need to install any templates any more. all the default ips styles will work just perfect there is also a setting added to import export theme colors. you can simply edit your theme colors and then make a copy of it or importing it in another theme 🙂 the messy and complicated palette 5 color schemes has also been deleted. there is now only a dark mode with one color scheme and you can easily customize the codes with color import/exporter without touching any color codes manually. swiper slider is also deleted in the theme. it will be a free app in ips marketplace to use also everything has either been deleted or renamed including templates in this update so a complete reinstall of the theme is a must. and its not a problem because you have the theme color importer 😉
  4. No but behemoth theme is the second one in line to be updated after magnum theme 😉
  5. Could be cache issues if it's just one user Tell them to clear all browser data or tell to use another browser or login somewhere else to test 🙂
  6. it used to be within 24 hours sometimes a couple days now days... a couple weeks and i dont care tbh 😄
  7. Theres a new theme update coming and then after that i will update the copyright removal
  8. Do you have any error logs to check? it cant be a theme issue tho unless you have modified the templates or maybe a plugin/app causes the issue 🙂
  9. Sorry for the late reply i didnt check the front-end side as there were no changes big mistake lol i uploaded a new version now and fixed the share button. --- last time it took more than 2 weeks for another plugin to be accepted in marketplace for now just add this in custom.css and it will be fixed as its just style issues. 🙂 .tapas-ashare { height: auto!important;background: none!important; display: inline-block!important;} .tapas-ashare > ul {background: var(--ta-sharer-bg); } you can remove it when you update the plugin
  10. You should be able to renew it! keep me updated 🙂
  11. I only selected the new ips version as supported. the file was not reuploaded the version supposed to be the same because there was no changes. whats the problem exactly? 🙂
  12. Hi, the custom news ticker has its own location option in the plugin settings, you also have some other options to setup 🙂
  13. You can disable that in the palette Tab. you dont need any css to hide it 🙂 and I agree with you it doesn't make any sense to supply 5 different customizable color schemes as a dark/light color scheme 😄 In the new version i have removed all of this, there will be only a toggle to enable/disable a darkmode feature and you will have a dark mode color scheme box to edit, and it will be provided with a default dark mode color scheme.
  14. All is perfect now 🙂 i moved options and color settings to front-end side so its easily customizable like the news ticker widgets ^^ the only difference is the custom news ticker has no translatable fields but with the widgets news ticker you can add translatable news tickers
  15. sure just check the theme settings in the palette tab 🙂
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