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  1. Not really If you want more you should use the pages articles option you can get infinite sliders with it
  2. oops! My bad indeed never measured what will happen if a user change the logo height anyways, it is just a matter of simple css solution, I just upgraded the theme file in marketplace without adding any version number, So just go ahead and re-download the theme and use "Upload a new version" method, you dont lose any customization's in theme settings or custom.css Sorry.
  3. Sorry, colonizer WILL be back in next version not soon tho for now you have to manually change colors lol Open theme settings in a new tab for both old and the new version, and then copy paste colors? really simple and easy mate
  4. Please delete that duplicated block template and then recreate the block 07_26_17_pages_footer_articles in the same page expand the "Database Templates" and check for any duplicated templates and delete. Duplicated templates always starts with a date numbers just like this 07_26_17_ then recreate the block and let me know of the result
  5. Hello, Can you take a screenshot of this place please ACP > Pages > Templates > Block Plugin Templates also did you use the latest version from marketplace right?
  6. I cant check without a link or knowing what is a custom iframe block This theme needs to be installed fresh on IPS 4.2 version it does NOT work properly if used "Upload a new version" method from 4.1 to 4.2. the theme must be reinstalled.
  7. How do I change this element? I cannot find the option to change this color anywhere.


    1. TAMAN


      Please read the update channel log

      Important: You must install this version on ips 4.2 as a fresh new theme, Don't use "Upload a new version" method 

  8. No it does not but what i know is if you install it as a fresh theme everything is alright for the third time mate
  9. Important: You must install this version on ips 4.2 as a fresh new theme, Don't use "Upload a new version" method
  10. This is a bug with IPS codemirror fields, it has already been fixed in IPS 4.2 version tho For now if you are still on ips 4.1 version then you have to open the plugin editing page in a new tab otherwise none of codemirror fields would save in modal version Again, If you upgrade your website to ips 4.2 version this bug has already been fixed
  11. you need to press F12 in your browser and then navigate to menu elements
  12. what i meant is the elNavSecondary_1-2-3-4 is that it is your menu element id, you cant order the number by 1-2-3-4 and hope to chnage menus you need to know the menu element number by browsing your menu elements in browser hit F12 on any browser and then navigate to your menus and check the menu numbers
  13. You need to use it like this now .ipsNavBar_primary > ul > li#elNavSecondary_1 > a:before { content: "\f0c0"; } where the elNavSecondary_1 is the menu element id number elNavSecondary_1 elNavSecondary_2 elNavSecondary_3
  14. I will consider it for the next version, but no promises the twitter block mainly supposed to show a couple tweets like 2-3 top 4-6 which are all just a raw text values and i dont think that could cause any speed trouble if you are concerned about that
  15. been using this plugin since i created https://github.com/jasonmayes/Twitter-Post-Fetcher javascript only and simpler to just get latest raw tweets and customize the output