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  1. Hi, i think its because your slider images are transparent!. also the images are already overlapped on each other on the Fade effect but still... on your side the slider has no background color! maybe its because of that if you have customized it? if you provide a link to check i can help 🙂
  2. Hello There are no issues with the slider If you have issues with it please explain it the way so I can check it out Sliders don't overlap on each other the images also sshow If you have customized the theme yourself please double check your customizations
  3. i cant reproduce the issue all sliders work fine here 😕 maybe try to clear caches or upload a different image!
  4. You're welcome! .ta_themeSlider .swiper-slide .slide-bg, .Ta_lazyPreloader { background-color: transparent; }
  5. Hi, sorry its not possible to make the logo bigger without making the header bigger but in the screenshot you can edit that logo image and remove the extra top and bottom spaces Userbar takes the background of the body background color in the theme settings palette tab ...If you want to change the userbar text colors, you need to go to the Header & Navigation tab there is Userbar font color option if you must change the userbar background due to the background image you use then you need to use custom.css this is for the background and the "grey shap" #elUserNav { background: #2e2b2b; padding: 0px 15px 0 20px; } .ta_sepLine { fill: #2e2b2b; display: none; }
  6. I think i removed it daring last update but its now readded in the demo site and will probably be re-added in another theme update.
  7. Hi, just add this to custom.css and replace the image link .cPost .cAuthorPane:before, .cPost .cAuthorPane:after { background-image: url(https://i.gyazo.com/3873bb5….png); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-size: cover; }
  8. Sorry try this #ipsLayout_contentWrapper { min-height: 600px; }
  9. sure just add this in custom.css template in a new line div#ipsLayout_mainArea{ height: 600px;} remove it when theres a new theme version 🙂
  10. Hi, This will be fixed on another theme update 🙂
  11. sorry for that. there was some color issues and a new update was released in marketplace. as soon as its approved by IPS you can update the plugin 🙂
  12. If you want to remove the start new topic on mobile, desktop forums list and forum index then simply set the user permissions. how are you as admin supposed to add a new topic if theres no button to add new topics? and if you hide the gap completely you would also hide other forum buttons like Table, Grid, Fluid view forums anyway if you still want to do that add this in custom.css it will hide the page header completely including anything inside and everywhere on forums body[data-pagemodule="forums"] .ipsPageHeader{display: none;}
  13. What i posted does not hide anything else besides the Start new topic and the forum title next to it on the same page maybe if you explain a little better what you want to do i can help 🙂
  14. just copy paste your customization's to the one in marketplace or... download the one from marketplace and update the customized theme with it thats the only solution
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