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  1. Edit your article and add an image? this has nothing to do with instructions Each of your articles can have an image when you create it or edit
  2. This is links colors link and link hover color in "Text" tab
  3. you cant, as i answered your message the demo page shows a feed from pages database and the icons are showing pinned and featured records i haven't added any icons. you can also enable this setting in news ticker
  4. changing the news ticker title icon? just replace the icon in the theme setting with any icon you want
  5. You're welcome If you like it, then a quick rating is appreciated Cheers
  6. I have added only a few pages to exclude the slider but i will expand it in new updates
  7. No need any plugin for that just a simple css to hide #elUserNav>#cCreate{display: none}
  8. I dont think so and if i ever plan to do that i would go for a plugin instead
  9. No sorry, there is only pages records option for now
  10. Add this to custom.css .cForumRow .ipsDataItem_subList { -webkit-column-count: 2; -moz-column-count: 2; column-count: 2; } this is pure css3 columns it works on almost all modern browsers
  11. version 4.0.0 is for ips 4.2 only, you must update your website to ips 4.2
  12. When there is a new version I will change the version number the current version is still 1.0.0 and i didnt change the number If you are getting notifications of changes in this file in marketplace it doesn't always mean that there is a new version, sometimes i only change some text in the marketplace file, fixing my faecesty grammar adding some more info, and when i do that you get a notifications of updates because you are following the file in marketplace but as i said it does not mean that there is a new version, So always look in the version number and the update channel log. Sometimes i also update the theme file without adding any version number for example changing a setting color, fixing a setting language maybe or any sort of things like this and you do not need to update the theme you ONLY need to update the theme if there is a new version, so when you get a notifications of updates, check if the version number has changed, otherwise just ignore it Also, If there is a new version you will get an update badge in your website like this
  13. You're welcome And thank you for your review ^^ Have a good day.
  14. This is sections and widgets title colors in the Widgets & Titles tab right here