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  1. Sorry i cant provide support for customizations
  2. Yea it can be done through theme template customizations and I dont intend to do any unnecessary and extra template edits, because this is more like an issue for me than doing anything good the default styles by ips is totally fine
  3. It is automatic, menus will fit in navigation if there is enough space if not then they will be moved to "More" link anyways it shows like this on my side and it is perfect
  4. Which custom block exactly? i tested with both html and editor and both works fine to me, have you edited any plugin templates? maybe send me a login info with access to plugins page i can check and see whats the problem
  5. I will improve that on next update hopfuly, i hate it too to be honest haha i couldn't notice because working on localhost is fast you can barely feel the loading's especially for images
  6. I just installed advanced footer on latest version 4.2.4 and everything works fine Maybe double check of settings you are using
  7. Hi, Sorry this is not related to my theme. Are you using pages application? if so, then post a topic about what you want to do in forums here maybe someone else can help
  8. Thanks, I added a body background color and moved the remove body backgrounds to configuration tab Update 1.0.1 Adding Body background color setting. Changing position of Remove body backgrounds setting to configurations.
  9. No sorry not yet maybe next update but no promises
  10. That's on purpose Manually change the color with custom.css @media screen and (max-width: 979px){.ipsApp.ipsApp_front #ipsLayout_header header { background: #ffffff!important; }} this will make it white on mobiles and tablets
  11. I have set the background picker on this page http://hellshammers.net/tit/index.php?/background-slideshow/ I put the edit link by mistake LOL Thank you.
  12. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Great! Your suggestions are always welcome!
  13. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Very nice Are you using one of the palette colors?