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  1. Hello, You might need to customize your ads then make them smaller with css 🙂 Sorry, this is not a theme problem, I cant help you out customizing ads
  2. Just ignore the warning by IPS updater simply update your site and install or update to the latest theme version in marketplace 🙂
  3. It should reapear, if not then just use the inspector to see where is it and bring it back 😁 That's the only solution unforuntly, what iframe was that anyway, why would it mess with your style it's just not possible p.s I can try and help if you provide a login info with access to widget manager 🙂
  4. What codes did you use? Do you mean you can't open the widget manager because the design is messed? If so then try to delete the widget with the web inspector first then open the widget manager and delete it otherwise, as what Christforums said, just delete the pluhin and reinstall 🙂
  5. Hello, You seem to have modified Userlink template you need to either revert the template back to default or reinstall the theme. If you haven't modified that template and it is already with default contents, then you probably have a plugin or app causes the issue, in this case you need to disable each plugin/app one by one to check which one
  6. So is it fixed now? was that the issue?
  7. Sorry but I dont understand 😕 If your website frontpage is made by Pages application and it doesnt use the theme you have selected in bottom of your site, then go to the ACP > Pages > Pages > Edit your frontpage and select the "default theme"
  8. Hi, Check your front page settings in Pages app there is a setting you can choose a theme for the pages so you might have selected one theme for the page 🙂
  9. Do you mean it replaces your logo image with your community name? There are no logos by default just the site name as a text anyway, try to revert the changes you have made to your logo in the theme templates.
  10. .. 4.2.6 is the latest version of the theme and works with current IPS version Do you have any problems so i can help you out? 🙂
  11. I just updated the Advanced Footer in marketplace, Please re download and update. Sorry for the delay, and thanks for reporting 🙂
  12. Have you installed any editor skins? or any customization's to it? if no then try to update the theme 🙂
  13. Custom css in custom.cc template is way easier and cleaner for you and the theme 🙂
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