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  1. Maybe try to provide the code how you have added the field! 🙂
  2. if you want someone to take a look and help then copy paste the errors within your post here 🙂 otherwise file a ticket not a forum post
  3. Hi, you just have to drop me a message so i can give a version that works 🙂 i cant update the plugin in marketplace unless a new app named ipskit addons is available. which comes soon hopefully i know i keep saying this but it will be worth the wait the app will be required to install in order for my themes to work, it will be free and it will come with some addons for example swiper slider, footer blocks, background picker. the app will also apply all the theme styles for Dreadnought theme and other themes, and you no longer need to worry about ips updates breaking your custom theme. 0 templates are modified in the upcoming update
  4. yes its safe. there are no template changes in globalTemplate which is modified in behemoth theme
  5. Looks like its fixed in the latest version 🙂 https://invisioncommunity.com/release-notes/
  6. can you please take a screenshot or tell me how to reproducer the issue to check 🙂
  7. In the theme settings > footer tab you have a truncate setting to set how many lines to show in the editor field 🙂 so just set a number or disable truncate setting
  8. sure find this $record->record_image change to $record->_record_image_thumb
  9. I thought you were waiting for the swiper slider! if so don't worry, as soon as the first theme is updated then the ipskit addons app will be released in marketplace and it will be free to install and works with any themes not just my themes, it will come with swiper slider, footer blocks and background picker 🙂
  10. oh yes its going to be a great update for all of my themes but... first theme update is magnum theme not behemoth 😅 whats new in short theres new ipskit addons app it will be free to install from ips marketplace and it comes with free swiper slider, footer blocks, background picker and if you own one of my latest theme updates then news ticker too themes are completely redesigned from scratch and comes with 0 template modifications! 😉 it means you never need to worry about the theme when you update your website because nothing is modified to cause any issues and it will show with "default" tag in themes list and not "customized" some images
  11. Hi, maybe you need to reinstall it? simply make a copy of the current theme you have which has the "marketplace" tag on it and then delete it and reinstall the latest version from marketplace then if you have some color customizations you can copy paste it from the one you copied 🙂 P.S there are big updates coming for all of my themes so many new features including ipskit addons applications which comes with background picker, darkmode, bitColors, news ticker, sliders and footer blocks in the next theme update you also no longer have to worry about ips updates breaking my themes because it will have no template customizations therefore it will always work ^^ join my club here https://invisioncommunity.com/clubs/2-theme-followers/ i will make announcements about all the new changes soon
  12. ACP > System > Clear Cache!
  13. the plugin only installs some templates in IPS Pages app they are here ACP > Pages > Templates basically any template starts with "Pas" delete it and then try to reinstall the plugin the older version of templates were named "adas" if you see templates with these names delete them too 🙂 if that doesnt help and you still see the plugin says installed and up to date in ips marketplace while its not even installed then please file a ticket you seem to have a problem on your website its not this plugin
  14. I created a club long time ago and i dont remember which one of you guys told me not to use it because it will be deleted at some point but im going to use it from now on 😄
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