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  1. Please file a ticket to IPS maybe you have the same issue on other themes or plugins/apps i just tested and i didnt have any problem installing it from marketplace in latest ips version I can send you a copy of the theme to install it manually, however this issue will have to be fixed otherwise its not appropriate to always send you a copy of new versions i release in ips marketplace i hope this makes sense 🙂
  2. mmm this should not happen! you dont need to install it manually its difficult for updates Try to run the support tools here ACP > System > Support > Something isn't working correctly.
  3. Do you install it manually or from IPS Marketplace in ACP?
  4. Hi, Please add the below code to custom.css to fix it .ipsLayout_minimal .ipsLayout_container { max-width: var(--layout-width) } You can remove this when next theme update is available 🙂 Thanks for reporting
  5. Hi, i just instilled the update on my website and everything is fine with the slider. including the "go back to top" button. If you have modified templates then during theme updating you should be getting a window popup indicating that you have modified templates. you will need to select the newer version of templates during theme update. if you haven't done that and you choose to select your customized templates during theme update then this is probably why the slider doesnt work or the back to top button a re installation will fix the issue. if you dont want t
  6. Hi, To be honest I'm lost too I haven't changed anything regarding user profiles EVERYTHING in user profile images MUST be same as default IPS theme. Not a bit of code is changed or modified on my side. If things were different before or if I have provided you with some css to customize the profile pictures years ago or something like that then you might need to update the code again. let me know how do you want your user profile pictures to be so I can provide you some css code to put in custom.css 🙂
  7. Hi, I don't think it's normal 😕I If you have already bought it then you should be able to pay the renewal term without purchasing it again But still I can't help you anyhow You need to contact IPS about this
  8. Weird! it doesn't happen in localhost but live site i will probably need to update the theme for that.. thanks Edit: @Sethhh. i just uploaded a new version fixing the issue You should be able to update the theme in marketplace after it gets approved
  9. Hello, You can download the latest installed theme version (in your case the draft one ) and btw you can also use the dark/light mode setting in palette tab with that users can use 5 different theme colors just like if you have made 5 copies of the same theme for multiple color selection 🙂
  10. Hello, You can disable it in Palette tab in Theme settings
  11. Hi, 🙂 sorry but i dont understand clearly Do you mean this plugin https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7609-nb40-secondary-group-icons/ it doesn't work on Dreadnought theme and you want to update it on your website?
  12. I just checked on chrome and i still cant reproduce any fast issues please either use the Auto speed setting or if you are disabling it then use a number higher than 50 not 3
  13. the news ticker is using css web animation method and the speed of animation is in ms if you put something like 5 in the news ticker manual speed im sure it makes it rocket fast you should add something bigger like 50 🙂 or just enabled the auto speed. it works fine here when i checked it out i cant reproduce any issues! 2 - Sorry its not possible. 3 - i will check the style settings and fix it for the next update thank you
  14. You need to use it in the slider template then 🙂
  15. I dont know what is advertisement tag but if this is a php code then you cant paste it in Slider Editor field However, you can edit the slider template and add it manually in the html 🙂
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