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  1. Check the user group setting If still doesn't work then send me a link so i can check
  2. The plugin made on ips 4.2 there are no issues and works fine
  3. Support topic for Advanced footer
  4. Hello, The only area i have capitalized the words by default is the navigation menus and it has an option to disable in theme Header settings
  5. About This File This is not a custom plugin or an application, This is a custom database templates and blocks created by Pages app ________________________________________________________________________________ These are the article styles been used in Magnum theme A beautiful design to show articles in one column or two columns, you can assign the styles for the main database page or as a block anywhere you want, Clean coded and the templates are entirely responsive, it can work anywhere you want, Sidebars, Main area, database page or blocks... requirements: Pages Features: Responsive and pixel-perfect design. Works on main database page and/or as blocks anywhere Auto-Matching colors to whatever theme your website is using, Clean coded and very easy to customize if needed. No manual installations are required. All you have to do is uploading the .xml file and then selecting templates while you create a block or editing a Pages database. Comes with a gift A News Feed block different than other styles, great to showcase articles as a mini block Installation: The file included with a readme.txt Please however it is really easy to install, all you have to do is adding a css to your custom.css and uploading the template
  6. mmmm I will have to download the copy in marketplace and test its totally fine in demo page tho
  7. I will take a look Edit. @zelgadis It looks totally fine on my side no issue and i double checked there could be a setting somewhere that your user group can not use reactions on replies maybe? im not quite sure
  8. I can see the reactions fine on my side
  9. Any link to check? also, are you using the latest version?
  10. No and i dont think that this plugin has anything to do with that Maybe try to do a re-install? Just delete the plugin completely and then install it fresh
  11. mmmm it doesnt happen on my side nor anyone else i believe you are the only one there could be something you doing god know what just let me know if you figure it out so i can check
  12. Not possible without editing the templates and its not recommended, sorry
  13. No just set one of the blocks a little bit smaller so there will be enough room for all for example the "about us" block and the last one on the right side set the width a little bit smaller and everything will be fine --- Nice colors and style i like it
  14. Yep you need to delete and then readd Thats not possible
  15. No sorry Unfortunately, thats not how the ips tags field works mmmm Im not sure about that, I will check it later
  16. oh! sorry i misunderstood I have 4 themes only and and im already bothered by the time it takes to enable designer mode haha
  17. Update your theme and then use "Sync from file system" Now you can disable designer mode without syncing
  18. Thats because your homepage is "Pages" and you are excluding it from pages Sorry, this has nothing to do with themes, you should ask in a separated topic
  19. You got it. Let me know if i can help on anything. Enjoy ----------- Thank you @Joel R