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  1. .ipsApp.ipsApp_front #ipsLayout_contentArea { background-color: {hextorgb="area_background" opacity="0.80"}; }
  2. large db. not a lot of traffic but ok Please do 🙂 otherwise i can check it out if you send me a login info with access to Plugins pages
  3. Do you have a link to check your website? And do you have any kind of custom blocks? with html, js...etc codes in it? No one reported something like that and im personally using the advanced footer with most of the app feeds, no problems at all. also, the gallery feed block are not full sized images in footer block, you can check them out. -- Sorry for the late reply, Please mention my name when post somethin in my topics because i do not get any notifications unless my name is mentioned or quoted
  4. Add this in custom.css #ipsLayout_footer { background: {hextorgb="footer_crbackground" opacity="0.80"}; } Sorry for the late reply Just mention my name when post in my topics otherwise i get no notifications of new posts 😕
  5. Yea this happens because as i said the file storage on your site is different, files you upload are not uploaded in your site and i have no idea if it is a bug with custom image upload filed in pages because it should automatically set the correct uploaded file path 😕 Anyway, you will need to edit the clan logo field and edit the code to set the uploaded images path manually. if you cant do it then send me a login info with access to pages databases and fields page i will do it for you when i have time. Sorry for the late reply, i never get any notification when someone posts in my topics unless my name is mentioned or quoted Thanks 🙂
  6. Hello, Check the widget tab in the theme settings
  7. Hello, It does not look like this by default have you changed colors? Try to revert what you have changed. Some of the the code quote colors are located in Topics tab in the theme settings 🙂
  8. Hello, You buy it once and then in the settings go to the palette tab and switch to dark,light...etc color schemes 🙂 not sure if thats what you wanted to know
  9. Hello, Disable all your applications and plugins to check which one causes this error because its not from themes. Please download latest version of Pages Article Styles and install it again. Remember to delete the old version, Check the documentation file on how to update or install everything is nicely explained with screenshots
  10. Yea so there has been so many changes now 🙂
  11. This was removed more than one year ago sorry not possible anymore where did you even get that screenshot? 🙂
  12. Sorry, No idea when and i haven't had time for new updates. unless there are issues with the application there wont be any updates soon unfortunately
  13. No. The current version works with ips 4.4.x no need updates.
  14. Check the swiper slider app admin permissions under Member > Administrators
  15. Check if it is same on default IPS theme, if its same, then try to disable all apps and plugins to see if one of them causes the issue, If no hope then you need to contact IPS. if it only happens on my theme, again disable all apps,plugins to check. If no hope then you need to reinstall the theme or revert your edited templates back to default If you cant do that, then send me a login info with access to themes page only, and explain the issue with screenshots, I will check it out for you when i have time 🙂
  16. Yea i will keep it in mind for next version 🙂
  17. Sorry, I forgot Its this font color Important button font not the primary button 🙂
  18. Change the Primary button font color not the other one 🙂 I could have forgot to change that color setting for the light version of the theme in the palette, not a big deal tho, but i will check it out and use another color if it happens on my side
  19. Yes i have a few suggestions. For example the top heading "Incompatible Themes" could be replaced with "There are modified theme templates" or "Your custom themes" "Check your themes", "Confirm modified theme templates" or whatever you think its best, just not the "incompatible themes" modified themes are not always incompatible, most of the time templates does not even need to be updated. Then the second line under the heading could also be replaced and start by saying something like ""Some of your theme templates are modified" instead of "Some of your themes are not compatible" then finally this one the last line from here could be replaced with something like "If you obtained the effected themes from a designer you should contact them to ask if a new version of the themes are available for this version. If you have already updated the themes or planing to update later then proceed to update "
  20. Have you deleted all the clan wars templates? there should be only one clan wars template and not any other duplicated ones like for example 2323433_clan wars You can send me a login info with access to pages app, i will check it out.
  21. Exactly and yes for example in the screenshot above the updater states that the theme is incompatible, but it is NOT incompatible it is modified to be compatible. The updater should not state modified templates incompatible, the templates could be modified to support the new version or it might not even need to be updated. thats why using the "incompatible" word here is incorrect and wrong it really causes confessions for everyone instead of helping
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