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  1. I just updated The files in marketplace, Please redownload and update, it should be fixed Thank you for letting me know 🙂
  2. does it appear same on default IPS theme? if no, have you changed theme colors? if still no, then what is settings area and where is it so i can check it out?
  3. Hi, Add in custom.css .cGalleryDialog.cGalleryDialog_uploadStep .cGallerySubmit_imageDetails { padding-bottom: 75px; } Please report this to IPS so they can fix it. :)
  4. No idea without a link and checking the slide 😕 Is the image uploaded? do you see it in the setting? and is the slide permissions correct?
  5. Hello, title This is <span style="text-shadow: 0 0 40px #4a4a4a, 2px 2px 3px rgba(3, 3, 72, 0.93);">mdPanel</span> theme slider button <a class="ta_sliderButton" href="#">Buy now<i class="fa fa-arrow-right" aria-hidden="true"></i></a> thats all i guess
  6. can not do that with a theme. but there is News ticker plugin available which you can add/edit tickers without going to ACP 🙂 This does not happen here What browser do you use and what is your screen resolution? Also, do you have a link so i can check it out? Sorry, the menu style designed to be on top only. 🙂
  7. You can do that with js and css customizations. But i cant help you with that. sorry, I only provide small css customization's here 🙂
  8. Sorry, no idea what you want to change a screenshot can always help faster ^^
  9. You're welcome. and there shouldn't be anything wrong, just read the documentation file because its not just a plugin to install 🙂
  10. Sorry for the late reply You should now be able to purchase this if you want it 🙂
  11. Got it, Doesn't look like that on my side Can you check if you have the same thing on default IPS theme?
  12. @AlexWright so where is that widget "Recent activity in my clubs" so i can check it out?
  13. Weird I never touched anything else lol I will check it out later 🙂
  14. Oh I thought i fixed it You can re download the theme and update now 🙂 Thank you
  15. pfff I have no idea what you talking about no problems on my side If the color setting locations are changed then there is really nothing i can do about that as it has something to do with ips theme upgrading
  16. Yes, You can upload the font in your website for example in theme resources page then with css font-face you can load the custom font and use it anywhere you want /*Load the custom font*/ @font-face { font-family: myFirstFont; src: url(sansation_light.woff); } /*Use the custom font anywhere you want for example on body*/ body{ font-family: "myFirstFont", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; }
  17. Just fixed and reuploaded the files in marketplace again 🙂 Thank you. So is it fixed for you or not? there are absolutely no capital copy right texts in footer in my side
  18. Hello, Is the header a plain text or you have added html tags? if you are using html then double check your code you might have missed the closing tag and causes what you mention above. You can post me a screenshot of the sliders tab and copy paste what you have here so i can check it out. is this your website? https://www.tfneptune.com/ i do not see any issues and you dont have any slider button on the sliders 😕 Hi, I have triple checked now and with a fresh install of the theme The footer copyright text is not in capital - Do you have a plugin maybe? or some custom css somewhere?
  19. I just double checked with extra footer enabled or disabled. the footer copyright text is not appearcase with latest version in marketplace. Please download the latest theme version and if you have edited theme templates then during the theme upgrade you might need to select the new version of templates when asked
  20. Doesnt happen here what is that? Do you have a link to check? The demo page uses the latest version https://ipskit.com/index.php?/theme/&id=2 if you want to compare things
  21. Oh i thought you talking about the theme changer I have removed the appearcased on copyright text now Re-download and update again 🙂 also, the gift icon works fine here, let mew know if it doesnt work Yea looks like you have some custom css somewhere or maybe again its just due to copy pasted text. when you copy paste a text usually all the text styles comes with it so you need to remove it I can check it out if you post your website link 🙂
  22. oops sorry for that Please re-download and update 🙂 The text appearcase is intentional in footer actually what appears broken? Hello, Check if you have copy pasted the redish style with the text there are no background colors used in the slider text 🙂
  23. @Excalibur You can now update the theme 🙂
  24. Oh I never checked all the toolbar icons to be honest i thought they are all the same I will fix the color by tomorrow with a theme patch I will let you know when to update the theme and If you have edited the theme with theme settings and custom.css then you wont lose any customization's
  25. Hello, mmmm, maybe you were using a plugin for that? Sorry, i don't remember anything like that its not a theme related. maybe there used to be by default and now removed by IPS, because i wouldn't remove if there was such a feature 🙂 anyway, you could ask this question in a new topic here https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/forum/497-peer-to-peer-technical-support/ im sure someone knows something about that
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