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  1. try .ta_NT #ta_webticker > li:before { color: #fff !important; }
  2. .ta_NT #ta_webticker > li:before { color: #cc0030; }
  3. So in case if someone wants to customize a tickers, for example haven images as ticker or whatever support is not provided for that you must know html and css css
  4. Check the other styles maybe? There are a couple of styles if I remember one of them is without a border color Sorry, I’m on my phone.
  5. I'm glad that you like it and thank you very much for such great review! cheers!
  6. Support topic for Advanced footer
  7. Sure, you can have a train of blocks
  8. Big update is coming soon This plugin is been converted to an application now and everything is been developed and designed from scratch with lots of new stuff You can now have forum topics, downloads, gallery images block all within this application settings you can have as many blocks/columns as you want If you have any suggestions before the update feel free to ask
  9. What theme do you use? can you check the default IPS theme and see if it works there? and have you created sliders? if there are no sliders created then nothing shows also, check permissions
  10. mmm Try to readd the blocks maybe ?
  11. Hello, Yes. Im not sure, depends on the plugin and what is it for, but only two templates of this theme is edited that means almost everything is same as default ips theme, so if the plugin works with default ips theme then it should work with this one too Yes. No you do not have to purchase again. You can have your own logo there is a setting to upload your logo No worries let me know if i can help on anything else have a good day.
  12. Have you edited the news ticker html? anyway, try to reinstall the plugin because it is totally fine here
  13. try to disable and re-enable the plugin if still same try to clear caches by going to ACP > System > Support
  14. Happy 16th Birthday To Us!

  15. Have you enabled the designer mode by any chance? If not then simply try to reupload the theme again, same thing happened to me too once that the language strings didn't import during installation
  16. If you update the application you would be able to leave the slider title empty i've sent you a message there was an update today you might not be aware of due to no version changes so re-download and update
  17. Hello, Sorry, do you mean you don't want to use the slider title? Go to settings > Effects & Colors tab and leave this empty Thank you.