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  1. Nice suggestion! We were thinking of possibly implementing tags somehow. This would be a great thing to discuss in its own dedicated topic 🥲 Appreciate the feedback!
  2. Nice post, @Matt! (Not a stock reply)
  3. Lol the polaroid featured photo, the 1.5 star rating. That is quite a recap embed 😳
  4. Appreciate you showing us some love!!
  5. Hello! Sorry if it appears like we ignored ya. That is definitely not our intention :] I'd like to think we listen to feedback then decide how to proceed. I see there's a plugin included above. I know it's an added expense. I personally like the abbreviation, but I do agree it could be cool to give the community leader the choice. Could be something we look at in the future. 🙏
  6. I know this all too well. Sorry about the foot injury, @Marc Stridgen! Back when I was a competitive gymnast, there were too many instances I would be injured and would push through. Ended up being injured longer because I didn't listen to my body. It's a lesson I've been learning as an adult with CrossFit as well. I tend to be like this: Give your foot some tlc until the big day. You got this!
  7. Btw, did anyone catch all my food-related mentions in our latest blog post 😏
  8. Hey team, Nutrition is one of the most important components to living your best life. It not only affects your physicality, but also your mentality. There is a direct connection between the food you put in your body and your mindset. That's why they say, you are what you eat. With that said, life is all about balance. We can't eat chicken and broccoli every day; some times it's nice to indulge. What dish or food is your guilty pleasure? It's worth mentioning I don't love the term "guilty pleasure" because there is no need to feel guilty for eating ice cream or pizza if it's planned around a healthy diet. I just revealed mine - ice cream and pizza. HBU? This is the kind of content we know you signed up for 😉 🍕 Spill it in the comments.
  9. Was waiting for some good news to hit. BAM Britney Spears' father files petition to end conservatorship after 13 years at helm of pop star's estate
  10. Group fitness works so much better for me than flying solo. Earlier this year, in between switching CrossFit gyms, I worked out solo and it was a struggle for me to get to the gym (and I love working out). When I rejoined CrossFit (at a different box) it was such a game changer. Been going 5-6x a week. Nice post @Olivia Clark! 👌
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