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  1. Thanks for the update but I think that the "post to videos" button is of no real use, unless member groups can be chosen to use it e.g. the moderators. What is the point of having double posts, at forum and videos? I am having trouble repeating to people in my forum there is a new section specifically for posting videos. Nowdays people add videos just to show something interesting not necessarily to discuss it. And to me Videos is a great gallery for that but until they understand and get the hang of it, the mods need to transfer videos being added to the forum.
  2. When in a category and the admin picks or ticks videos for mass move to another category, nothing happens. The option does not work. Videos can only be moved one by one.
  3. The ability to change package (upgrade or downgrade) when renewing an ad, is very important I think. Thanks.
  4. When a pinned (paid) Ad has expired, the only way to renew is as pinned again? If the owner wants to renew the same ad as a standard free ad, (that is another package) is it not possible? And vice versa. The Edit Package renewals section especially is a bit trial and error and not very self explanatory. Question 2: I have created a category for personnel ads (looking for people e.g. professionals) and therefore condition is not relevant so I did not choose an option. When trying to create an ad I get I think a more detailed manual would be very welco
  5. I see what you mean. Even though I have granted location permission to the application the "problem" exists. Never mind someone who uses a VPN also.
  6. If someone chooses to have their browser in English (like me for example and many other people do for many reasons, including bad translation of technical terms), then it is useless. 30% of my forum members choose to use English. As far as Google maps autocomplete information is concerned, I am sure there are many webmasters (including me again) who have converted from another platform, thus bringing in thousands of members with no such initial choice. Unless I have missed something. Anyway a webmasters job is to make members feel welcome and make their visit as easy as possible, instead
  7. Isn't it strange in a forum with a non English language, located on the other side of the Atlantic to have the US as default country when trying to add a venue on the Calendar? Having to search for his specific country among hundreds, just to add an address next door? And that's not only for the calendar of course. It would be far easier for the members if there was an option on the settings for the admin to choose the default country of the site, as well as those other countries which are relevant to his visitors, e.g. neighboring countries. I would definitely appreciate i
  8. That would be great! Yes, a single Youtube embed with a comment.
  9. Great app! My main problem is not being able to move a video posted as a topic in the forum to the Videos application. It takes a while for members used to a forum, to learn now that there is a new place to post video stuff and discuss it there, even if it is in the main menu. As it is now, videos are spread allover with no distinct place. Any ideas?
  10. Hi! I've just installed the latest version of Videos and it looks great. First thing I noticed is that when adding a video within a category, besides not opening the pop-up to add video as a Quick add, the application will not load the title/description automatically from the url (from Youtube at least). Also __defart_videos is missing from the language file and shows as is, in feeds.
  11. That worked fine, except the player shows no matter what. To elaborate: the database I've made in Pages aims to make an audio - video gallery. When adding something it can be a Youtube or Soundcloud link or a direct upload. When an mp3 is uploaded the player works fine with your tip. But... the audio player shows even if there is no uploaded audio record and under or above the Youtube video if one is linked. Please see attached. I think I understand that this is probably not the plugins fault but since you were kind enough to help I thought I would mention that the above is not
  12. I have sent you the link on a message. Thanks.
  13. Hi there. I've just added your plugin (1.2.3 (10203)) to my site v4.3.6 and though it seems to work fine in forums, it will not convert uploaded audio records in a database I've made in Pages. I tried it with latest Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Any ideas?
  14. I think it would be nice to have a working demo to see what can be done and how, instead of you trying to politely explain to everyone, one by one. Is there such a possibility?
  15. Any news on this? e.g. for any member to upload audio to his artist profile, which is connected to his standard profile or not. If we allow all members to create their own artist profile, if I understood right, they will be able to edit ALL artists, which is not something we want. Actually I need this for a musicians' site. All members create their own music and they should be able to upload and manage or sell it.
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