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  1. I'm sorry but I still can't see even the above Facebook videos on Win10 Firefox and Chrome.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/1080257644/videos/10220485485262063/
  3. Yes I did. The correct error is: "invalid property value" for element.style background-image: url(//www.abc.de/uploads/pages_media/) no-repeat;
  4. Didn't work. I get error "invalid property value" for element.style background-image: url(//www.xvc.bn/uploads/pages_media/<?php echo ; ?>) no-repeat;
  5. I came up with this but the background images do not show at all. Anyone kind enough to tell me what's wrong? <?php $bg = array('0_header2a.jpg', '0_IMG_20200928_120515.jpg?_cb=1611148998', '0_m_vengeance_lpx_ddr4_2400_2x8gb-1610717649-743-e.jpg?_cb=1611148998' ); // array of filenames $i = rand(0, count($bg)-1); // generate random number size of the array $selectedBg = "$bg[$i]"; // set variable equal to which random filename was chosen ?> <li class="ipsWidget ipsWidget_horizontal ipsBox ipsResponsive_block"> <div class="SuperBlocks_thumbImage SuperBlocks_thumbImag
  6. I wish... some html and css is as far as I can go. That's why I'm asking.😉
  7. I have created a custom block to promote my other page like this: <li class="ipsWidget ipsWidget_horizontal ipsBox ipsResponsive_block"> <div class="SuperBlocks_thumbImage SuperBlocks_thumbImage_low SuperBlocks_shadowContainer" style="background-image:url('//www.site.com/uploads/pages_media/0_header2a.jpg')"> <div class="SuperBlocks_imageContent ipsPad"> <h3 class="SuperBlocks_head SuperBlocks_headLarge ipsSpacer_bottom ipsSpacer_half" data-ipstruncate="" data-ipstruncate-type="remove" data-ipstruncate-size="3 lines" style="overflow-wrap: break-word;"><a hr
  8. Hello! Will it show tabs for databases I have created in Pages?
  9. Happy holidays everyone! Nathan, do you see the 4.5 update any time soon? I have an audio database section which depends on this player and I'm stuck to 4.4 because of it.
  10. How can I add Facebook videos on media sites? I am using v. 3.4.1 on IPS 4.4.10 Thanks.
  11. Thanks for the update but I think that the "post to videos" button is of no real use, unless member groups can be chosen to use it e.g. the moderators. What is the point of having double posts, at forum and videos? I am having trouble repeating to people in my forum there is a new section specifically for posting videos. Nowdays people add videos just to show something interesting not necessarily to discuss it. And to me Videos is a great gallery for that but until they understand and get the hang of it, the mods need to transfer videos being added to the forum.
  12. When in a category and the admin picks or ticks videos for mass move to another category, nothing happens. The option does not work. Videos can only be moved one by one.
  13. The ability to change package (upgrade or downgrade) when renewing an ad, is very important I think. Thanks.
  14. When a pinned (paid) Ad has expired, the only way to renew is as pinned again? If the owner wants to renew the same ad as a standard free ad, (that is another package) is it not possible? And vice versa. The Edit Package renewals section especially is a bit trial and error and not very self explanatory. Question 2: I have created a category for personnel ads (looking for people e.g. professionals) and therefore condition is not relevant so I did not choose an option. When trying to create an ad I get I think a more detailed manual would be very welco
  15. I see what you mean. Even though I have granted location permission to the application the "problem" exists. Never mind someone who uses a VPN also.
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